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Were the original multiracial skinheads mixing jamaican culture by invitation, or was it just glorified cultural appropriation?

Great question!  

(above: skinheads in the UK, circa 1969)

In the late 1950s/early 1960s there was a wave of immigration from Jamaica to England to fill job vacancies there.  The Jamaican immigrants were solidly working-class and tended to settle in working-class neighbourhoods throughout England.

At the time, the English mod subculture was splitting along class lines.  Working-class kids could not keep up with the latest Italian suits and scooters and American R&B records (and amphetamines!) coveted by mods and soon splintered off into their own “hard mod” subculture, which emphasized more working-class style & values.  These hard mods began hanging out with the new kids from Jamaica, who had brought over elements of the Jamaican “rude boy” subculture.

Things took their course and skinhead emerged as a mixture of elements of both the hard mod & rude boy subcultures.  From hard mod came the cropped hair, Doc Martens, donkey jackets, etc.  From rude boy came the short trousers, pork pie hats, and (most importantly!) ska & reggae, etc.

So it was neither “by invitation” nor “cultural appropriation” but rather a natural mixing of the elements of style from two subcultures originating 2700 kms apart from each other that gave us what was possibly the first truly multicultural youth subculture.  

If you’re interested in knowing more about this, we’d recommend having a look at sections of this academic paper as well as Dick Hebdige’s Subculture: The Meaning Of Style.


Vespa 150 TAP (Troupes Aéroportées)

a modified Italian Vespa scooter, manufactured in France to carry an American M20 75mm recoilless rifle for use by French paratroopers against light armored positions or vehicles.
Although the reinforced frame could easily withstand the rifle being fired while still mounted on the scooter, it was designed for it to be taken out on a tripod also carried by the vehicle. This kind of armament was designed during the thick of the Indochina war (1946-1954) and arrived on the front in time for the Algerian War (1954-1962).

“Il Volo” on Radio RTL102.5, on February 15th, 2017

Translation of the interview to Il volo, on Radio RTL102.5, on February 15th, 2017

With Federico Vespa and Federica Gentile. The program name is Protagonisti, which means Protagonists.

 I want to say some things first:

1-Federico Vespa is son of Bruno Vespa, the presenter that often hosted the boys on his TV program even before Sanremo, when they when mostly unknown in Italy;

2-Vespa is the surname, but in Italian it means “wasp”, but it’s also the name of a famous Italian brand of scooter.

3-…just so you know Gentile means kind. So the presenters name sounds for us like Federico Wasp and Federica Kind. (LOL)  She, Federica, is really a joyful person, I can’t write “laugh” every row but more or less you should imagine it.

4-If Piero seems a little sleepy here you should have seen him that morning, on Radio2 Social Club XD

5-they talk a little about Sanremo and I want to point out that Gian guessed the podium, writing on his twitter “not necessarily in this order: Ermal Meta –who came 3th- Fiorella Mannoia –who came 2th- and Francesco Gabbani –who came 1th” so he obviously likes all the three of them. He even post a good luck post for Alessio Bernabei, Bianca Atzei, and Ermal Meta, before the show.

6-Ignazio is a Big Sweet Grumpy Bear and I love him just the way he is XD

So, there are two microphone in studio, one for the two presenter, the other for the three boys.

FG: And “Protagonisti” start now, 9 minutes after 19:00  Generally we are in two, but today we are more… Here is Vespino [literally “Little Wasp”]

FV: Hi, Federica Gentile, but mostly-

FG: Hi to Il Volo!

GG: Ciao al volo. [it’s a joke: in Italy we use “al volo” to say that something is done fast. “ciao al volo” means more or less “fast greeting” but literally is “hi at flight”]

FG: Ciao al volo.…ok… Done.

FV: Hi youth

FG: so how are you, guys?

GG: good thanks


FG: Ignazio, Piero how are you?

IB: good


GG: always travelling-

FG: always on flight (=in Volo)

GG: exactly, always on flight

FV: you (three) live on airplane

GG: a little.

PB: (say something but doesn’t speak on the microphone, I couldn’t hear him)

GG: yea, you can do a lot of jokes… “The flight of the Wasp” [there is a musical piece called more or less “Il volo del calabrone” which means “The flight of the Hornet”]

FG: we have a lot of time to pass together so you (audience)  can asks questions or just write us on (contact) and meanwhile we are going to talk about this album that start as a live performance, than it become a CD, and now will be back at live performance, in a tour that is going to be hard

IB: there are s lot of date

FG: We are going to see them and we’ll listen to a lot of music

FV: yes and I think we should start with “Grande Amore”

FG: three years ago-

GG: Two. 2015

FG: yes, this year is the 3th Sanremo presented by Carlo Conti and you were in the first, winning it.

FV: yesterday it was two years

FG: that’s true. Grande Amore by Il Volo


FG: it was two years ago, but three Sanremo ago, because there have been other two winner since then.

GG: Gli Stadio and Gabbani

FG: Do you watch it, this year?

GG: yes, we …we…we…we…we

PB: we….we..we…we..we

GG: I’m sorry, I’m blabbing!

PB: buy a vowel [we had this TV program in which you had to guess some words and you could “buy” the letters]

GG: personally, I cheered  a lot for Ermal Meta [3th place]

FG: He was so good!

Meanwhile you see Ignazio doing something on the screens in front of them

GG: he is a friend and he’s so great!

FG: he is a great

IB: How can I watch the messages here?

GG: you have to touch this blue button here.

FG: there you go, he know it.

IB: ah! this blue one?

GG: it’s touch

IB: ok, stop it, there is the mouse too.

FG: So… Una Notte Magica!


GG: yes.

FG: then let’s start from the beginning. It’s been 26 years since that night, the Night of the Three Tenors concert. It was 25 years when you did the concert so it’s 26 now.

PB: Notte Magica it’s a tribute to our great idols. We decide to go on with this project just after the OK from the Three Tenors, Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo and Josè Carreras. Now I explain how.

FG: of course.

PB: Placido Domingo was on stage with us and escorted us in this wonderful adventure conducting the orchestra and singing a song together-
FG: he is with you in the CD
PB: Yes. From Josè Carreras we received his “Good luck”. And above all there is the support of the Luciano Pavarotti Foundation, thanks to Nicoletta Mantovani [Luciano’s widow]
FG: then you had the consent of all three, and obviously you launched into the adventure
IB (not into the microphone): there is someone that wants help to study Philosophy
FG: What? What do they write?
IB (into the microphone): There is this one who wants a help to study Philosophy …since Piero has the philosophical mood, with this glasses.
PB: Only the eyeglass
FG: the rest is not philosophical?
PB: Huh ….
FG: Ignazio, then you can give her a help!
IG: Me? Me and Philosophy (sign with his hand as if to say “that’s bullshit”)
FG: Out of three there is no one a little philosopher?
GG: Piero’s brother is the intellectual. Great scholar and a great mind. We sent each other some messages, because it was my birthday and he wish me-
FG: Auguri!
GG: Thank you. 22 years! …And I took advantage of it a little, I asked him tips. I bought the books: two by Schopenhauer …he told me… It’s not what you would call a light reading… rightly so. But I want to start! I am also reading a book by a French writer, a psychologist, is titled “Too smart to be happy”
FG: ooh! What a title!
GG: yes.
FG: This is a title that opens up a world
GG: opens a world, that’s right.
IB: I’m on the simple side. I go on the thriller. Michael Connelly whole my life.
FG: Beautiful! We are talking about the readings! Piero?
PB: Two days ago, Ignazio was also reading Mickey Mouse.
FG: from Mickey Mouse to Michael Connelly. It’s good.
IB: When  we are around we have a this rivalry. Because… what do we do? We read books on planes, and we compete to see who finishes first.
FG: what if someone is reading a book of 20 pages?!

IB: No, no, because they’re all like 400, 500 pages. For example, The Girl on the Train [by Paula Hawkins], Gianluca had read it and then made me get passionate about it. I read it in two days.
FG: Two days really?
GG: It is true! We were in Mexico. Two days, think about it!
FG: Gianluca how much time did you take instead?
GG: It took me some more.
IB: Just because if not [was fast], he would tell me the ending!
FV: I am embarrassed that the only time-
FG: that you read a book?
PV: no no! The only time I read fast it took 10-12 days to finish the book. They take two days.
FG: Because they have time while moving.
GG: oh yes. During flights! Twelve hours of flight: you can sleep, or watch a movie or read. For us it is easier.
FG: So for the next tour we can do an exchange: I’ll take Bruno (Bruno Vespa) and send Vespino with you, maybe it will be the time that he read.
FV: You know that they told me an amazing thing… That when they went to America with my father, he, my father, at 7 am went running in Central Park. If I had to go running in Central Park at 7am they had to call the coroner.
PB: There are some stories to tell about your father. But a big advice he gave us was “Guys read the newspaper every day”
FG: and did you?
PB: I like to read the newspaper in the morning-
IB: to me, it brings sadness.
FG: the news?
PB: I am obsessed with the news-
IB: But I think she has something to say..? (she Federica, had to send a song)
GG: But excuse me a moment, it is a normal thing to read the newspaper… It is, Isn’t it?
FG: I would say so! When we come back we are going to start from the newspaper, from the news, from Vespa-dad’s advice, but now let’s listen to “Nessun dorma”
GG: I recommend it especially if you are driving [it’s a joke: “nessun dorma” it’s an order that means “nobody sleep”]
FG laughs.
Nessun dorma

Back again. The boys changed places. Piero in the middle.
FG: “Nessun dorma” live, from the album Notte Magica, with Placido Domingo. It’s platino, isn’t it?
PB: no-
Ignazio looks puzzled at Piero, like to say “what are you saying?”
GG: yes, it’s platinum
PB: Platino Domingo [Placido – Platino…. Piero’s joke]
FG: laughs
GG: That’s unusual. After three months, platinum, an Opera album- [I think he meant a CD with Opera aria]
PB: It is not an Opera album, it’s a classical album with traditional songs… yes it still has three opera arias.
GG: and in any case a classic CD.
FG: and that get first place in the classic billboard chart, it is not small stuff.
PV: But may I ask when did you understand that you could do something no one else had done yet?

PB: Never.

FV: Seriously! To bring a musical genre, at this age is a genre so difficult to do, at this level…
PB: -start a letter but Ignazio stops him
IB: (to Piero) I’ll let you speak later. (to everyone) A bit we were chosen by this music. Because we started listening to it since little, and then, singing together, we saw that we all have three a voices that tends toward the tenor [Poor Gianluca! He doesn’t have a tenor voice], or better that tends toward the classical… so why don’t we do a tribute to the greatest? And, as Piero said, thanks to the contribution of Pavarotti Foundation and Placido Domingo, we did this project to remember those who have been…
FV: Masters
IB: Masters in music and even in life.
FV: Let’s say they always had it in them.

[sorry, have to point out that that morning, on Radio2 Social Club, Gianluca, instead, said that he doesn’t feel comfortable at all when they call him “tenor” or even “baritone”, cause he just feel like a “singer”]
FG: We want to say that behind all this there is always Michele Torpedine.
IB: eh yes!
PB: The idea was his.
FG: We salute him!
PB: Ciao Michael
FG: Hello Michael!
IB: in America they call him Michel Torpedine (read with English pronunciation, that sounds to us like Torpedain)
FG: Here, on the messages, I see a lot of people that write “I come to this concert” “I to that other”, a lot of people saying that they will be in London!
IB: Do you know that there will be a great friend of ours in London?
FG: Do we say who is he?
IB: riddle! Let’s do a riddle.
FG: I’m saying that he has several children: seven children!
PB: He is tall but, at the same time, short [sorry, it was “basso” and in Italian has a double meaning: “deep” like deep voice, but also “short”. Don’t know how translate it.]
IB: He has a beard, quite long-
PB: has no hair.
IB: has no hair!
PV: Hi’s nicknamed “the White Berry White”
PB (imitating the deep voice): Ladies and gentlemen, Mario Biondi.

PB: We will sing on May 23th at the Royal in London
FG: You have important locations… let’s start with the international ones.
GG (pulls out the list on the phone): we will start-
PB: You can’t say all the dates!
GG: I’m not going to tell them all. We will begin –[he does a short list]
FG: and now Pubblicità! [reclame]


back again. They changed the place again: Ignazio and Piero are near each other and Gian is more or less behind them in the middle.
FG: It’s 19:34, the guys are still here… they [the audience] are asking for dates. The date zero is?
PB: For the Italian tour the date-zero is in Roccaraso
FG: in Abruzzo… eh Gianluca, are you happy?
GG: yes. It was right. Giving support to our land, in this case mine, in this bad time… And we would also like to organize something, an event, to give a more targeted support… the project is still in an early stages but we are doing everything we can do to be able to help people in the center-Italy
FG: Rightly so. Roccaraso on May 3th!
PB: We have to say that Italy is giving us great satisfaction…
FG: You have doubled Roma! Two in Rome, on May 12th and 13th! In which one are we going to go? [RTL102.5 is partner of the tour] Both?!
PB: joking- The 15th
FG: laugh- We will take brooms and get busy [to clean after the two concerts]
FV: you fell in love with Taormina! Because you’ll do three concerts in Taormina!
PB: eh… three and half-
IB: three!
FG: Ooooh!
Il Volo: Nooo…
IB: Let’s say three!
PB: they were two, then three, now…
IB: Now let’s stay on three.
PV: One of them must have the woman in Taormina, that’s must be the reason.
FG: For now June 1th, 3th, 4th… for now.
IB: We are trying to do a concert for Piero’s relatives, which are many.
PB: And one for Ignazio’s relatives.
FG: Many here [on message] are saying “See you in Taormina”, so it’s going like hot cakes!
GG: Yes, it is going very well.
PB: It will be a tour a little heavy. We will travel daily between Italy and Europe-
FG: lots of books to read!
PB: -but we are ready, we get some rest in January and February.
FG: because before that you were travelling

GG: (excited) But think that this year we will go to places where we have never been!! Such as Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria… so not only France, Spain and England-
FV: But guys excuse me,  not to fall into banality, but how do you live the family?
IB: We can see our family when we want to see it. It is worse for those who are forced to seek work abroad and must be gone 3-4-5-6-7 months, or one year or two years. Away from family… that’s a situation…
FG: Do you know many like it?
IB: Yes.
GG: This is a country which, unfortunately, forced to leave the young minds [we know for sure that two of Gian’s friend are working abroad, one in USA and one in Dubai], this is a sad truth.
PB: I must say that I was surprised, it made me emotional, on this Sanremo festival, the interpretation by Ermal-Metal-
GG: softly laughing  Ermal-Meta, no Metal
PB: -when he sang “Amara terra mia” [which means “My bitter land”, on the evening dedicated to cover]
FG: It was very good!
PB: He has left us all…
IB: speechless.
FG: It is a song that today takes on yet another meaning.
PB: We are living it.
FV: Do you think he should had won?
surprised silence
PB: no, no.
FG: (to FV) leave the victories out of it!
GG: no, no, but I say: he’s my favorite!
FG: and this can be said!
GG: I say it! Ermal is… sure also Fiorella Mannoia, her song was beautiful-
IB: and Gabbani instead, no?
GG: no, no! I’m not saying this! Gabbani is innovative, fun, absolutely revolutionary: he deserved it! Absolutely! It’s just that everyone has his preferences, his tastes.
FG: and do you know which international artist came back these days… you find it written there… First we said [about Mario Biondi] he has a lot of children, instead he has a lot of machines…
Chorus: Jamiroquai!
FG: Do you know him? [IDK who are they talking about… maybe Jay Kay?]
IB: No, not him.
GG: (joking) Sure, we sang Granada with him.
song by Jamiroquai
and news on traffics

Back again. In studio there are only Gianluca and Federica
FG: Here we are, back with Il Volo, with Gianluca… you do not care about traffics, because you have not the driving license.
GG: no I have not take my license, I’m ashamed because I’m 22..and this is something that can’t be heard! [it’a a way of saying that “to horrible to be heard”]
FG: Well for each his times! You make someone drive you around in the meantime?
GG: That… yes… I have many drivers [his parents and friend LOL]
FG: laugh- but now: Reclame!

GG: Reclame!


Back again. They are all back. Gianluca in the middle, Piero and Ignazio at his sides
FG: welcome back! It’s 19:52 and the boy’s are reading yours messages [she give the contacts].
FV: Boys, recently you have been involved in controversies related to social, we don’t want remember… but before you [“tu” like one of them, idk who] told me that social  should be used differently. That you find out that, unfortunately, there is so many haters in socials, instead they should have a different function… somehow this is what upsets you more..
PB: Right now we are experiencing a very special time, because there are many haters on social. They were born to keep in touch with relatives and friends not seen for a lifetime, but now they have changed a bit. But I do not take it bad when they write badly to me on social, because I think it’s all fake-
FG: the nice stuff and the ugly one?
PB: no, no: the insult. Because if when you accuse me or offend me, if when we meet in private you tell me what you think then you are coherent and so I believe in what you’re telling me. If not… In fact I do not waste time reading the negative comments.
FV: But you said that sometimes the person who insults you on social then, on the street, do selfies with you-
PB: Yes! They write “I hate you!” or “You must do this, not do this” “you suck!” and then at the airport they asks a selfie with you.
FG: (sarcastic) how nice.
GG: Social are  also made of this.
FG: Here,  instead they claim you, take notes, from Puglia…. They are asking you to come in Puglia-
GG: on vacation.
PB: no, maybe a concert-
IB: If I get there I want the Taralli (food from Puglia)
FG: Good! You are right!
PB: Ignazio, you are on diet!
IB: dietary taralli then, please…. vegans.
FG: sounds amazing. Then they are calling you from Belgium and… wait that I read -
IB: Poland!
FG: Poland!
GG: ah! I heard Bologna [Poland in Italian is Polonia, which sounds a little like Bologna]
IB: Poland!
FG: What can you do with Poland?
GG: We’ll go there… at the end of June I think.
FG: oh so, they are coming, you see! Now, boys, before you said something about Dad Bruno [Bruno Vespa, dad of Federico Vespa, the presenter]
FV: and you have to talk about it!
FG: here we have the Vespino, but with Vespone you went far away [-ino is used to say “little” –one is used to say “big”]
IB: Do you know that I am a lover of Vespa? [Vespa the famous Italian brand of scooter]
FV: seriously?
IB: I like them a lot! I have a 50special and 125 PX
FV: ah you are talking about  those vintage ones. They are cool.
PB: (to Ignazio) the questions was another…
GG: it was a nice experience.
FV: Where do you brought my father the evening?
GG: We have been these 2-3 days in New York to record this special, which was aired after Sanremo… we met Woody Allen… We had dinner at Le Cirque in New York with him, with Bruno, your father…
FV: Has he brought you to enjoy wine?
GG: For sure.

IB: we also have this in common
GG: eh,  we can be proud of Montepulciano d'Abruzzo-
IB: Maria! Each time he advertise Abruzzo!
GG: Sorry, I love my land.
FG: That’s perfect, then, we just talked about wine, and so… Libiamo…i calici [from Traviata, it means more or less “let’s drink our glasses”]
GG: perfect.
FG: it is. A toast! Go with Traviata

Back again
FG: while the disc was on they sing it for us a little!
IB: only sung
FG: only sung… if you want we can even dance it.
Ignazio facepalm
FG: quit –laugh- Okay now let’s go with the news, but stay tuned because until the beginning of the game they will be here with us! [there was a football match after this]
IB: ah! Because tonight… Can I talk now?
GG: there is no time.
FG: After!
IB: After.
FG: stay tuned!

Back in the studio there are only the conductors and Ignazio.
FG: Ignatius, was singing the jingle[the jingle of Radio RTL102.5]
FV: has remained only him the other two-
IB: eliminated.
FV: we bet them [idk how translate it: “ce li siamo giocati” it’s a way of saying that you lost them on a bet like you lost money]… come here, come here, come in, if you want! (to someone outside the study that you can’t see… for now)
FG: They boys of Il Volo today at RTL102.5 (contacts) now complete again!

Gianluca and Piero enter
FG: but now we must start “Canzone per te”, but do not worry, cause  we’ll start the talk just after that.

FV: I was talking and I was wondering, how great are the musical limits of this country? Because this group has been known first abroad and then in Italy. Instead of starting from Italy, they ended up in Italy.
IB: Always better late than never!
GG: but it’s an understandable thing. Ours was a success [he saidsuccess” making quotation-marks with his fingers, a way for saying that the word is maybe not the most correct] made after a children’s program, it was not even been released a single. We start, as many can remembered, with “’O sole mio”, so it was a more classic things more…. also funny because we were little, a bit clumsy a little funny-
PB: No, we were three losers!
FV: But they are an example of young minds that go away, that we talked before-
FG: but then they come back!
FV: then they come back! Came back as winners.
GG: We wanted to… Let’s say that after Sanremo a lot has changed, because we wanted, above all, a new song… Grande amore. (joking) Cause if we go on with the cover they’ll come to an end.

Ignazio looks like he want to say something but stops

GG: So it’s normal that we have to expand our repertoire also with our songs, unreleased, and we are working on a new album-
FG: Ooooh! attention! When will it get out? 2018?
PB: when it’s ready.
GG: we are always working.
IB: however it must be said that the notes are always just seven.

PB: I wanted to tell to Federico, not because you are here in front of us, that before Sanremo the person who helped us, and contributed to our success in Italy, was your father, Bruno. Bruno Vespa believed in us at the beginning, when we did concerts only in America and South America, and nothing in Italy. After the four hosted we did in “Porta a Porta” (Bruno Vespa’s TV program) we started with a small Italian tour… in Taormina and then 5-6 dates.
FV: He really fell in love.
PB: eh, in fact in New York, with Bruno, we made so many things…
FV: ah!
FG: Helicopter!
FV: Helicopter?
FG: (to FV) Don’t you know? (to the boys) Tell him then!
PB: Don’t you know about your father?
FV: He never tell me details
IB: He has contacted a policeman there, that was a helicopter driver, and made us go around a zone of Manahattan -
FG: no fly zone
IB: -where commercial helicopters can’t go.
PB: (joking) But can we say it? It was legal?
IB: Of course! We had permits and everything in order!
FG: In fact, there is also some video.
IB: It was beautiful and exciting. We flew above Ground Zero, where there were the Twin Towers…. the pools-
GG: (low voice) Don’t call them the pools…
FG: Anyway Dad Vespa is funny, isn’t he?
PB: He is
GG: and he is from Abruzzo!

FV: and yes, even he is very attached to his land. But he often told me how in love with these guys he was. Because they make a music that he likes very much.
PB: And also, your father, when you talk about Opera, is to attention!
FG: he is a buongustaio [“someone with good taste” but in refer to food]. Let’s go with “Granada”? Who  presents it?
PB: Ladies… no, in Italian: signore-
GG: or in Spanish
IB: but we have 20 seconds!
FG: bravo! look there!
PB: from our new album, a tribute to the three tenors-
FG: of which you can see the cover (she shows it)
PB: a tribute to the three tenors Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo e Josè Carreras…. Uhm… in ten seconds-
IB: (sarcastic) You can work on radio.
FG: (sarcastic) true, isn’t?
PB: you’ll start listening to Granada….

Back Again!
FG: Nobody sing the last acute?
PB: you
IB (reads a message): “Hello guys I’ll see you in Rome, Verona and Naples”. Have you done a subscription?
FG: Who have bought more than one ticket?
PB: there are some fans who have taken all tickets!
FG: then remember (other dates)
FV (read): “Ignazio, you’re beautiful”, tells you Roberta
PB: Roberta is a half an hour that is writing you
FV: greets her!
IB: hello Robertina!
GG: (joking) Roberta, change your glasses!
IB: …idiot. (he get grumpy! little Grumpy funny Bear!)
FV: Since the 80-70 percent of the messages are from females… How are you with women? Do you have fun, do you have stable relationships?
All: Ehm, eh? (Like pretending to not understand)
FG: laugh
FV: oh well he (pointing Ignazio), I know is half married
PB: (sarcastic) eh, married and with daughters and grandchildren.
IB: (grumpy) I have a child: I have a dog!
FV: nice! What breed?

IB: Is a black cocker spaniel
FG: cute!
PB: (sarcastic) I so love that dog
IB: He is allergic to dogs and can’t see it. I’ll show you a video!
GG: (a little out from the microphone) Do you know what’s the beautiful thing about a friendship-
FG: Turn the microphone otherwise we can’t hear you
GG: With dear friends, when-
Ignazio comes close to the conductors with the phone
FG: What a cutie… maybe they can see it with cameras…
GG: Can you take it with the cameras?
Ignazio looks around like “where?”
GG: and those in the car, they can’t watch Ignazio’s beautiful dog…. Well imagine it, it’s a black cocker…
FG to GG: We were talking about the nice things with friendships
GG: That between friends when one… for example, before I was joking but Ignazio-
Ignazio get closer again to Federica with the phone
GG: (perplex) Ignazio what are you doing now?
IB: Go on speaking, you are talking for yourself!
GG: ok, let’s talk about something else.
FG: no, no!
GG: no, no! It’s ok!
FG: Today is the day of singles
GG: ah, yes, San Faustino.
IB: (looking at Piero) Piero …
FG: Who celebrates it?
The conductors and Piero raise their hands
FG: Ooh! Only Piero raised his hand…(look at Gian)
GG: these are private things… I don’t want… it’s not the right time…
FG: laughs
FV: Even he doesn’t know! One of those situations where even you don’t know where you are.
IB: Can I come near you with the microphone? They are selfish.
He moves but actually,  Federico Vespa has to step back from the microphone.
FG: Come here, you. …Gianluca, what were we saying before we  interrupted you with pictures of Ignazio’s dog?
GG: That the beauty side in a friendship is that you can get along with everything, you never take anything as an offense. Cause you know that in a friendship stuff are means are jokes! And we are been together since eight years-
PB: and he is saying it now!
FG: and it’s recorded! Do you know (to Gian) that you are recorded?
GG: eh, because sometimes people feel offended easily here…
FG: Ooh, and who is that feels offended most easily?
GG: Ignazio. That’s why I said it. Ignazio is like this..
FG: (to Ignazio) You are like that?
IB: (grumpy) … no…
GG: uh, uh. Ignazio is touchy.
FG: he’s grunting a little
PB: cause he’s angry [I think he feels offended for Gian’s joke, but Little bear how can you believe that he was serious? He write row after row in that autobiographic book about how he noticed you from the start and how amazing you are…. Can’t you see you are beautiful?]
IB: Is that I let it pass 1 time, 2 times, 3 times, then stop.
FG: ha, and with a Sicilian accent! But who is the one who makes more jokes?
Pero and Gian are looking at Ignazio

FG: always him!
IB: You look, the situation here is… we are a bit strange  the three of us. Because there are the three of us, with Barbara, our tour manager-
PB: Road manager
IB: -road manager, and in practice we are always around alone, so we have to entertain each other in some way, we make jokes at each other.
PB: many

FG: Like what? The last one you made.
IB and PB: ehhh. Boh!
PB: Who remembers it? A little while ago… boh
FG: Tonight then
PB: I have one ready for tonight!
FV: I think he is it! [that makes more jokes, I suppose]
IB: in any case I wanted to say one thing. I’m a great sportsman. I love all sports… I’m Juventino, hate me, but that’s what I am. But I sympathize for many teams-
GG: Napoli!
IB: -not in campionato!! but tonight, in the champion league, W Napoli! Because Italian teams must go on in champions league, and not just in campionato.
GG: It’s nice to be great fans but even better is to have a great sporting attitude! This is the most important thing. And (getting angry)  don’t fight for the football teams! What’s the use of it?!
FV: Oh, yes, that’s really true.
FG: Bravo.
GG: What’s the use of it?! At Pescara something ugly happened to Sebastiani, president of Pescara Calcio [someone burned his car in the garden]… This things make me so angry!
FG: Rightly so, and you are right to say it.
GG: There are suffering people, who die, and then you burn the cars. Really…
FV: and in Foggia someone fired a shot… we have mental illnesses!
GG: It must be mental illness.
PB: I am sure that the problem in Italy would end if it would suspend- [IDK how to translate this: there is a horrible grammatical error here. He said “si risolverebbe se si sospenderebbe” instead of “si risolverebbe se si sospendesse” the tense should be congiuntivo but he got it wrong]
GG: sospendesse! sospendesse! Sos-pen-des-se!
Laughs [he is doing a little imitation here, of an Italian critic… read below]
PB: -if you suspend the championship for two months. This could resolve some things in Italy.
GG: You do as Bernabei… at Sanremo he said “se vorrei” [another grammatical error. Don’t get angry, Bernabei’s fans, Gian has often show his support to Bernabi, even Piero didn’t get angry)
FG: it’s the emotion
GG: it’s the emotion. He don’t do many mistakes. Even because his brother made certain lessons to him!
IB: Sgarbi, I give you the opportunity to scold him! , I tell you that you can do it here [Sgarbi is the critic who heavily and unjustifiably offended the guys on the web, with foul language and fake news, and behind who, sadly, went a lot of people, raising a fuss out of proportion. One of his habits, for which he is famous, is to repeat the same word over and over again –even 13 times on repeat]
FG: Poor Piero! We break the discussion with reclame, so in the meantime we can study a bit! And we’ll continue to chat with Il Volo, waiting for the game tonight Real Madrid-Naples!

Back again. In studio disappeared Piero, Ignazio has moved back near Gianluca.
FG: It’s almost closed this appointment because soon we will give the line to the game… but there it comes Piero with a basket, a composition of red roses and other flowers …?
PB: I received this…
FG: Just now, at the RTL venue.
PB: Yes. (he take out the note and read it out loud) “Roses and tulips, flowers so different linked by the same simple and intense meaning. I will not tell you who I am, because if you ever want to know it you  just have to ask. I would just like to know that these flowers haven’t traveled for nothing, perhaps through social" (Piero raises the flowers to the camera). I’m showing it to you through RTL… Thanks, I do not know who you are…
GG: Maybe it’s also a beautiful girl, and then you are set
PB: that’s all you think about.
GG: I? No! You! For you! I was talking for you.
PB: (watching the camera) I send you a kiss wherever and whoever you are.
FG: Is even more beautiful that they are anonymous
GG: yes.
PB: ….interesting
FG: It leave you with the doubt “Who sent them?”
GG: exactly

IB: It can be love at first blunder [it’s a joke take from a title of a movie: “amore a prima svista” instead of “a prima vista”, because “a prima vista” means “a first sight” and “svista” means “blunder”]
FG: If I get a bunch of anonymous flower-
FV: I would be quite curious
FG: -until I could reveal the sender. Soon we’ll have to say goodbye, should we remember the date of the tour?
PB: and that RTL will accompany us throughout the tour
FG: (again: dates)
IB: and then there will be more surprises about which we will keep you updated.
PB: follow us on social and we will keep you updated.
FG: also those of RTL partner of your tour and so, we will follow you closely. And then there will be the new album…
PB: and when it will be ready you will be the first to know it.
FG: Can we greet an exceptional fan?
GG: Greet our biggest fans, who is active on social like a fifteen years old… it is grandma Maura! A round of applause for grandma Maura!
FV: great woman.
FG: applause for grandma Maura who will come to see you around the Italy.
Piero goes away and everyone looks towards the door
FV: she embodies youthfulness!
Enter Grandma Maura accompanied by Piero
GG: Here she is!
GM: Hello, hello!
FG: grandma Maura, 86 years!
PB: (joking) president ad honorem of our fan club
GG: (embracing the lady) Do you wants to say something?
GM: You are  making sure that half the world hate me! I can think of just that… I greet all my friends, and I say that tonight I was lucky.
FG: Bye to grandma Maura!
GM: (sends a kiss) Bye
IB: (shouting) BECAUSE I’M ME, AND YOU-
Laughter, with the grandma making a shushing-sign
[In reference of the fact that the lady said that she was lucky to meet them: Sgarbi is also famous for this mantra of his “I’m me, and you are just shit!” used to say that he can do everything and other can’t. Literally is “tu non sei un cazzo” more or less “you are not even a dick”].
Grandma Maura gets out.
FG: She knows everything! She knows everything about Il Volo!
PB: (impressed) she made three floors without lift
FG: She is great!
PV: She is also opening a door that weighs ten kilos.

FG: And she was telling us that she bought the ticket for the date of Verona in July of last year!
IB: She was also telling us that she got her driving license in 1955 (looks at Gianluca)
Laughter, also of Gian
IB: For Gianluca 55 are the years that must pass before he take the license.
FG: Thanks guys! Thanks Piero, Ignazio, Gianluca, we will meet again on stages, around the world, and here when you want to! on RTL 102.5
IB: Thanks we look forward to meet you on tour.
Some Goodbye and some W Naples (which lost the match!)


And this is it guys! Sorry for my mistakes.

You can find the video here:

There is also a video on instagram made by Piero, on instastory, in which you can see Ignazio asking to Grandma Maura if Gianluca would ever get a driving license, and she said to Gian “I’ve a Grandson of your age and even he doesn’t have it… I think you to are the only ones” LOL!!

Also…someone please make our Grumpy Sweet Bear realize that Gian is just one of the great lot that get big heart-eyes for him.

Translation of the long interview to IL VOLO on “Domenica live”

Il Volo at “Domenica live” on October 2th 2016

Presenter: Barbara d'Urso

 in the studio
the boy enter, Barbara hugs Gianluca first, so Ignazio hugs Piero, and then Barbara and Gianluca join Piero and Ignazio for a group hug.
They approach their chairs (the chair of Barbara and, in front, a sofa for three)

GG: Me on the left
B: As you wish.
Audience: Il Volo! Il Volo!
B: Who wants to stand in front of me?

They sit. Ignazio in the middle, Gianluca on the right of Ignazio,  Piero to his left.
IB: (to Barbara) I see you’re dressed (referred to an earlier interview when Barbara ask “How should I dress?” and Piero joked saying “you should wear nothing”)
GG: (to Ignazio) Enough! Come on.
Audience screams
the boys greet them.

B: Piero you sit just in front of me… I do not want to say anything, but you’re sitting right in front of me.
Audience screams
B: How are you? Are you ok? I’m cooled.
PB: you are cooled!?
GG: we’re fine thanks.
B: Do you feel what beautiful energy there is in this studio?
PB: wait (adjusts the microphone attached to the shirt)
IB: (to Piero) Why you have this microphone and I  this other? (Ignazio and Gian have those that go from ear to mouth, like a pilot)
PB: (to Barbara) You are definitely treated well, the sofa with swarovski -
IB: - I seem Robocoop!
GG: Let’s say we are a bit tired because this morning we woke up early … we were in Berlin
B: Oh!
PB: And there was the stuart on plane, he saw us, sleeping like this (turns his head back and opens his mouth) and he didn’t even ask us to raise the backrests.
GG: But we’re really happy to be here with you today.
B: I’m happy too! Let’s start with a presentation of how the world is crazy about you. Let’s see.

Video about their successes, with pieces of their performances and videos where they are around the world, with commentary. It’s pointed out how they managed to bring under the spotlight the Italian bel canto.

GG: Beautiful!
IB:  it’s impressive like this!
GG: Really nice report!
PB: compliments to the authors!
GG: Porca miseria! (something like “Holy cow!” but not literally)

B: (to Piero) Do you changed the glasses?!
PB: I have to tell you something. Today, after seven years, since Il Volo, is the first time I go on TV with low hair. (he means that he has hair flattened on the head, and not as usual) It seems that I arrived in Vespa (a famous Italian scooter)
B: But you know:  you are very pretty like this.
PB: Thanks!
audience screams
B: (to the audience) Isn’t he?
PB: (to the audience) What does the madam say? Do I look well?
Lady from the audience: you are always nice!
IB: Now let’s not exaggerate!
B: You are nice even with these glasses. You were settled with the red ones (here he has a brown pair)
PB: Yes .. I just threw them. (I do not know if he’s joking)
B: (to Ignazio) And you? Do you changed or your look the same?
IB: (takes off and puts on his glasses. Cause today he has glasses)
B: And Gianluca, the dark and handsome? (she say “bel tenebroso” so this is the literal translation, but the sense is more like “mysterious and handsome”)
IB: Two for the price of one (taking off and putting on his glasses)
B: (to Ignazio) Where are you from? Tell me again.
IB: Me? Marsala. I was born in Bologna, then we moved with my family-
B: in Bologna? Just for a minute!
IB: No! I’ve been there for ten years!
B: We would not have said it.
IB: Then I moved to Sicily and now I live again in Bologna. But let’s say that Sicily has remained in my heart.
B: Instead Gianluca is from Roseto.
GG: Bologna was left not just in his heart but also in his language, expressions-
B: but it is very thin!
(I don’t understand the connection here! Someone explain it to me. I don’t think there is one.)
PB: Can I say one thing? How much rumor do you do here ?! (in “domenica live” studio). When we arrived, the screams could be heard from outside!
B: Here there was a bit ‘of everything! (She lists a few things), debates. I must entertain for 5 hours.
PB: How can you do it?
B: People like it!
IB: Can I tell you something serious?
B: Serious?
IB: Looking at my face it seems strange that is something serious… However, about last topic, food is a complicated thing. I went through it. You have to be careful. Parents, stay close to your children cause it takes little to take a disease.

B: Bravo Ignazio!
PB: (laughing) Ignazio today has a mission!
IB: I wanted to tell you one thing-
GG: I also wanted to tell you something.
IB: A moment! On Tuesday, October 11-
B: Tuesday we are going to be together! To see the concert! Don’t you remember?
IB: I did not know! (lie. They talked about it in a previous interview)
B: We will be in my house, to see your concert on channel 5-
IB: On October 11th, I recommend this!  There is the Florence concert. All of you in front of the TV!
PB: Channel 5!
B: Didn’t you know that you’ll dine with me seeing the concert?
PB: We knew it.
IB: Yes, but galantitudine (wrong way to say gallantry)
GG: Igna! It’s Gallantry! (Even in the previous “interview” she was saying “we had fun togheter the other night” and Gianluca, that time was him, “it was evening” but she “no no, it was very late at night” )
IB: It’s boschettiano (way to say “Boschetto language”)

GG: Is it your own vocabulary?
IB: But we let Piero come alone to your house, because is in love with you.
PB: Shut up. Or it will get up, my hair (the best translation I could find.. hope the joke is clear)
IB: However, what is on October 11th?
B: Wait!! (In dialect) a lot of things have to happen here. Now I have to send some reclame, while we do some pictures with the audience-

Happy scream

B: -and then we will immediately get back and we’ll spend 40 minutes with Il Volo!

in studio

Ignazio and Gianluca had exchanged places: now Gianlucais  in the middle, Ignazio on his right

B: I am Southerner! (she say “terrona” which is a word sometimes used in offensive way, but this is the meaning and she is using it in a  funny way). Then, on October 11th we will all be in my home to see the concert on Channel 5.
IB: on which channel?
GG: (exasperated) Channel5
IB: which day?
B: 11. Why? Where are we now?
GG: Channel 5.
B: Yes! And I stole a clip to the director of the Channel! A clip of the concert, to show a preview. Let’s see it.
IB: I’m curious.

Clip “Libiamo ne lieti calici”

We can also see some close-up of the boys in studio, joking with each other, jerking their head.

GG: (joking) this is our new single, super-Radio!

B: (to Piero) what were you doing?
PB: we joke between us because, as you know, this is a repertoire a lot more complicated of what we were doing-
B: Of course!
PB: -and since it has so many. ..
GG: virtuosity
PB: many virtuosity! it takes a lot of technique, and we move the head with “libiaaAa aAamor aAamore” (moving his head in little jerks)

B: Tell me your typical day
PB: by plane
GG: It depends. But yes, always in flight, to make a joke- (as you know Il Volo means The Flight)
PB: to stay on.
GG: (to Piero with murderous face) don’t interrupt me.

GG:  Laughs
PB: I’m leaving (kidding)
B: There is never a fight among you?
PB: No. just fists.
B: Who gets the most?
GG: Depends. .. They are more alike, being Sicilian, I am more from the north … I’m at the center-
PB: He is Abruzzese (from Abruzzo), for us is Swiss.
B: and so they, who are Sicilians, understand each other better?
GG: ..a bit-
PB: Why do you blame us??
IB: It is not that we are alike, it’s that you’re different! And that is different!
B: (to Gianluca) you’re different, is it?!
IB: that is, but we love him the same, eh! I’m not saying-
PB: It’s known that Abruzzesi are a bit stubborn.
B: But a beautiful race! (she uses this word… idk why, don’t think is the correct word but I’m keeping it)
IB: yes, and especially a beautiful region, if I can say it, because we see it.

GG: Because you turn to one side and there is the mountain, you turn the other and there is the sea
PB: oh well, even in Sicily’ there is Mount Etna, and then the sea!
(GG laughs)
IB: in Bologna, you turn and there is St. Luca, you turn and after a few km you are at Rimini.
B: At this point: also in Naples, you turn around and there is the Vesuvius, you turn around and there’s the sea. [She is from Naples]

GG: This is the beauty of  our country!

B: alright, first things first. Let’s tell some little anecdote, for example, about the dark and handsome...(to Gianluca) You pick up a lot? (of girl)
GG: Let’s not exaggerate!
B: You pick up a lot?
PB: He pays the insurance. (in Italian “to pick up a girl” is said “rimorchiare” which also  means “to tow a car”)
B: I think he go like hot cakes! Now let’s see some details about Gianluca. We start from Gianluca, let’s see.


Someone read 2 part of the book “Il Volo, un’avventura straordinaria”.

1-It’s said that when Gian was a kid he was the teacher’s favorite, cause he was the shy one, and that after hearing him sings a Bocelli’s song, the teacher give him a Bocelli’s album as a gift.

2-Gianluca, as a child, after having forgotten the words of a song during a performance, leaved the stage, not hiding but running away along the waterfront, forcing his father, who still remembers it, to run after him.

(I want to point out that the reader was really bad: with a really pathetic and monotone style. It’s important for later)


In studio:

GG: I’m an instinctive … I could do that now too (gets up as to go away)

GG: I’m joking
B: I should run after you! And I would run after you!
GG: You would run after me?!

GG: anyway, I was a bit like that, I still am. Maybe I am a bit matured, I’m 21-
B: and shy? Are you shy?
GG: Well …that maybe a little less. Because for years now we sing in front of many people… shyness passes a little.
B: and with a girl? If there’s a girl you like, are you shy?
GG: With a girl?
IB: (sings a love song)
GG: (hesitant) With a girl… (to Piero ad Ignazio) what do you say?
PB: You have to answer!
B: You have to tell it!

GG: (unable to sit still)
Well …. the first approach, I do it. That without a doubt.
B: I hope so! You are male!
GG: Of course … shy … not as I once was. About ten years ago I was ashamed to die.

IB: Ten years ago you were eleven!
GG: that’s so.
GG: I started a bit late, but since a couple of years I’m less shy.

[I think that Gian was back talking about shyness in general, and that Ignazio was thinking about shyness with girls]
B: I’ll ask it to you too, Ignazio, don’t laugh too much. Now, here is a piece, a premiere, about the concert that we will see Tuesday night on Channel5-
PB: October 11th! Not the day after tomorrow. Tuesday, October 11th
IB: Tuesday is my birthday!
B: 11th?
IB: Now! This Tuesday!
B: And how many years do you do?
IB: Who me? 22!
B: … eh …
IB: …and I don’t feel them.
B: you are elderly. (kidding)

B: Now we watch "Granada”

(Piece of “Granada”: Gianluca’s part, and we can see him, in the studio, frowning. Then Piero’s part, and we can see him, in the studio, looking proud. The clip ends with his long note.)

in studio:
B: (gesturing excited)
PB: (gesturing)  oooooooooh!
B: (gesturing)
IB: (kidding)
Are we at the fair?
GG: (jokingly) What with all this shouting?
PB: If you see someone at the fair you do “ooOoh!”

(in a very stereotypical Italian manner)

B: and you, Piero, how were you as a child?
IB: (evil-witch-laugh)
PB: a loser.

IB: in fact the scooter has adjusted many things, not just the hair (talking about Piero’s ears)
B: and your father had a car body shop (idk if the translation is right but I can’t find something else).
PB: Yes, he still has it. I started there in my father’s shop, but later, for some allergies I could no longer stay in the dust, and I moved to another garage, my uncle’s one, the mechanic.
GG: There was no dust in there?
B: In effect!
PB: No. At the mechanic’s there’s oil! So I put dirt on my jeans, to show that I worked… but I just cleaned the equipment.

B: How old were you?
PB: twelve- thirteen years. I was ashamed to ask for the money to my father on Saturday night, for the fuel for the scooter. So I had to do something.
So when people tell us “don’t get a big head” “stay down-to-earth” we know-
B: yours roots
PB:- real life.
B: I know! In fact … I tell you one thing. There are some people that stop me like: “Il Volo? No! They have big heads!”, and I say “Look, I assure you, I know them, I have frequented them, we went out a few times together, they are kind, cute, simple, they know exactly where they come from.” And we must never forget where we come from.


PB: For many what we do, the kind of music we do, it’s wonderful. For others … it is intolerable that three boys of twenty years sing this kind of music, cause it takes so much experience, technique, study…  But with the experience we have, travelling … with this project, which is much more classic, we realized that every day is meant to be lived and to learn.
GG: We have to say-
IB: (pretends to cry)
GG: Are you crying? That’s makes you emotional, right?
IB: I cry Barbara d'Urso -style (imitating the way of weeping of the presenter)
B: (laughing)
you idiot!
IB: (laughs)
PB: No, Ignà … “Reclame!” (gets up and imitates the presenter)
(lot of laughs. From the audience full laughs, to the presenter laugh, from Ignazio’s evil-witch-laugh to Gian’s giggle )
PB: or… Close-up! … “they are coming!” (still imitating. Read below to find out why, if you don’t are Italian.)
IB: (getting up) Here they are!!
B: (laughing)Three idiots! You are three idiots!
PB: But wait, can I tell the truth? (to the audience) She say "They are coming!” and eventually makes you see a video of 10 seconds or two minutes…
PB: a three hours episode like “They are coming!” and then nobody comes! Today finally … Barbarina come here. (Gets up and hugs and kiss her. Then back to his place)

B: you idiot!
IB: anyway …
B: you have to tell me something serious?
IB: it is serious. Getting back… he put me in seritudine-mode (a wrong way to say serious)-

B: seritudine?!

IB: -from the Boschetto-vocabulary… it will coming soon don’t worry. I speech for all the artists, for  those that are in our world. It’s a complicated world, that seems a very beautiful world … you see the cars, television… But there are also many renunciations, giving up the life that maybe everybody can do. Because… it is normal that if someone sees a person known, then stops him and asks him for a photo. But for us, at some times, it is not simple, because there are moments in this world that are difficult to deal with. So, maybe something happens… it happens that maybe you see someone a little tense, is because it’s not easy to handle success at times. (to Barbara) you know that better than us.
GG: But-
IB: Especially for three boys.
PB: But-
IB: But (to the audience) you know that in our minds there is always a great gratitude to you because if we are sitting here, on this couch, is thanks to you.
B: And this is the main thing. It’s 40 years that I do this work and I’ve learned that no matter what, every sadness, illness or unhappiness I have, when there’s people that asks to take a photo, to shake my hand, I have to do it because I’m here for them. Everything else I have to forget it at that time.
IB: sometimes it’s not easy
B: oh, I know it’s not easy. Then maybe I lock myself in the bathroom and cry.
IB: and sings Grande Amore.

B: and sings-
PB: I do a simple comparison: a baker without customers could close the bakery. Without the fans we could not do one thing.
B: Well… We were talking about Piero. Let’s see how he was as a child.

(Someone read 2 part of the book “Il Volo, un’avventura straordinaria”.

1-It’s said that Piero’s grandfather found out about his voice, end show it to Piero’s dad. After that Piero became a priority for his father.

2-When Piero was in school he used to avoid school oral tests asking the professor opinion about  the news and beginning a debate about it)

in studio:
B: Che paravento! (literally means “wind-screen” but it’s used to refer to someone who avoid difficult situations with trickery)
PB: it was the professor Graccione! Today when I get home and I see her, it’s like seeing my second mother.
IB: Be careful or they withdraw your school qualification.

B: And are you shy with girls? For nothing, I’m right?
PB: I’m cheeky, but not just with girls. To me there is no president of the republic, there is no one, I go straight. I say “tu” to everyone.
(In Italian, as a mark of respect to older people or who you don’t know well, it’s used “Lei” and not “tu”)
IB: Because we are all equal-
PB: nooo! it is clear that you have to respect all categories. But if there is something to do I’m the first, out of the three of us, who go straight. Maybe doing a poor figure.
B: Do you remember the first time you met each other? all three of you?
IB: eh!
PB: Mamma mia! what a fright!
B: The time from which you become Il Volo
GG: I have a picture … I have it here (pulls out his cell phone)
IB: Piero looked like the cat of The Aristocats (idk why)
PB: Did you see yourself? You seemed an arancino with feet! (it’s a round kind of Sicilian food)
GG: (to the cameramen) Can you zoom in? (Lifting the mobile phone to the camera)
B: How lovely! look how cute you where! (to the cameraman) Can you do it?
(Zoom on Gianluca’s cell)
PB: Do not cycle through the other photos! Hold it right there!
GG: (Laugh at Piero)
B: So you were like this. But the first time you’ve seen each other what do you thought of each other?
GG: it’s already seven- almost eight years! In two and a half years it will be 10 years that we are together!
B: But what did you think? (to Piero) what are you pulling out?
(Piero puts away the phone that he had pulled out)
GG: Be careful that if you get any message (vocal message) is dangerous, we are live!
GG: Him (Ignazio) was thirty kilos more, I had the curls and I was chubby, he (Piero) had ears like this (pull his ears looking like Dumbo from Disney)
IB: The ride in scooter has fixed everything!
PB: the wind! From day to day … My father gave me the scooter and when I made the turn I said “madonna, what happened?” (flattening his ears)
IB: (to Barbara, with a strong accent)
Did I told you about the Tuesday, October 11?
PB: laugh
B: (with accent)
no, what happens?
IB: (with accent) Didn’t I told you?
B: (in dialect) You didn’t! What happen?
IB: There is a special about the concert in Florence
GG: (joking) Barbara, I would like to remind everyone once again that this guy sitting next to me (Ignazio) is from Bologna.
B: laugh
GG: Do you hear his accent?
B: (to Ignazio, in dialect) There is the concert?
IB: (a thing in Bolognese that I did not understand)
B: (silence)
IB: it was Bolognese. I don’t speak only one language.
B: In fact, I didn’t understand it.
PB: Barbara, what’s there on your chair?
B: (pats the chair and then lifts the album “una notte magica”) Oooooh! Nothing less! What a surprise!
B: They put it here secretly.
IB: Barbara, I have to say something! (To the audience), this is absolutely not a promotion! do not think bad!
B: (joking)
Absolutely! But I do want to say that you three are unleashed on social. The other night we had a evening together, real funny-
PB: For Dinner!
B: Well … yes! Dinner, let’s specify it, or they arrest me for pedophilia.
B: For Dinner! There we took photos, we were sending them. He (id k who) earlier told me “you saw the pictures I sent you?” -
PB: with clothes on.
B: … Piero, do not provoke me-
PB: Who provokes you?
B: -because I decided not to mention that you-
PB: (laughing embarrassed) No, no! shut up!
(I do not know what they were referring to, but perhaps still the fact that in an interview Ignazio had said that Barbara was in Piero’s erotic dream, and Piero  didn’t deny it. Or maybe they were talk about something we do not know)
B: So. They are very active in social. Then look at what they do on the internet.

Start an instagram video of Piero in which he presents his grandfather; some pictures of all three;
a video by Gianluca where they say that he and Piero made a bet with Ignazio, who now has to drink a “shottino di limone”; some pictures of all three; a video from Abu Dhabi; a video of Piero on a camel saying “I’m afraid”; clips to various video, where they play football; and various photos.
Meanwhile, you can also see the faces of the boys in the studio (Gianluca sings on the soundtrack to the background, and they all have faces between amused and “I’m dying of shame”)


PB: From what we have seen we understand that I live on the seacoast (lots of Piero shirtless on that report)
GG: It has become a second job, the social. I want to say hi to Lorenzo Fragola who is a friend … there was #fuoric’èilsole (a song by Lorenzo Fragola, of which you could see the hashtag if you looked careful the report)
B: OK.  Let’s move on. When one is so successful is imitated: there are some hilarious parodies. Are you happy? I’m imitated and I’m happy.
GG: it is synonymous of success.
B: Of course! Also to be loved!

Report about various imitation and parodies.

In studio
GG: Great Cirilli! (Gabriele Cirilli, the one who sings for real and not bad when imitate them. All three of them)

B: Great Cirilli!

GG: he also is from Abruzzo!

PB: Cirilli number one!

B: But I hear that Gian was saying that Cirilli looked like Ignazio!

GG: Cirilli looked like Ignazio in that video! Same!

IB: (to Gianluca) for the dimension, I think -

GG: No, Cirilli is more large than you!

B: Ignazio lose a lot of weight!

IB: (gets up and pose)

GG: Yes he did.

B: Look how cute he is.


B: Ignazio, are you shy? With girls.

IB: (sitting) Why you ask this kind of questions?

B: They want to know this!

IB: So let me tell you: Tuesday, October 11th-

B: Oh, come on!

IB: On channel5, remember it

GG: (to the audience) and don’t be shy!

B: (to Ignazio) then, worse for you! Cause now we’ll see what you were like as child.


Start the report about Ignazio in which someone read 2 part of “un avventura straordinaria”

1-they read the part when he tells that he is born with only one kidney, but bigger than normal.

2- they read the part where he said that he always had to tell his mother where he was going and the time that he forgot to do it, his mom yelled a lot, cause she was worried.

(Let’s say again that the reader make all sound pathetic)


The boy don’t look amused.

B: (to Ignazio) You have friends that …. (to the audience) They are constantly  joking. When you see the reports, you see also the close-ups, and they look so serious but, actually, they’re always making jokes that I can’t tell-
GG: So let’s not tell them.
B: I didn’t… but they say things in each other ears-
PB: But it’s your fault! There is this narrator … Oh well let’s stay silent.
B: it is based on the book. It is written like this.
PB: It is not exactly written like this-
GG: (to Piero) Don’t say it (I think "don’t say how much this narrator sucks ”)
B: It is the text of the book.
PB: But it is not written like-
IB: ah! (to Barbara) Look how much patience it takes. Do you understand me now? Seven years with these two?!
B: I understand you.
PB: Can I-
B: Wait! I’ll Tuesday night I’ll cook for these guys, because there is their concert on TV. And I’ve got another preview of the concert, Let’s watch it. (I think, but it is my opinion, that she did not want to discuss with them live, so she sent the report at the right time. She can be a bitch, but she knows how to be a professional one.  In fact they have not insisted on ignazio life as they did for the firt 2 report about Gian and Piero. But it is just my opinion.)

Clip of “Nessun dorma”. The boys where great.

 Applause with standing ovation
B: there is all the audience standing for you
Audience: Bravi! Bravi!
IB: You know, for us this project was-
he stops because the public continues to scream loudly.
GG: that’s nice.
The boys thank the audience. They seems a little take aback.
And this is an audience that has chosen, cause they don’t get paid to stay here, to spend five hours on a Sunday afternoon with me and so they applaud when they want-
GG: (to the audience)
Thank you very much. (He seems about to cry. Again)
B: -
and only for things they like.
Applause and shouts
PB: Thanks
GG: You know what’s nice? It is just that, that-
PB: (to the audience)  
on exit-
GG: wait
PB: (to the audience)
on exit-
GG: (to the audience) He don’t let me talk
PB: (to the audience)
on exit 8 you can collect the money, okay?
GG: Let’s be serious. As we were taught by the great Pavarotti, Carreras and Domingo, on Caracalla concert of 1990, this is the answer to this musical genre. Because Pavarotti said that for Opera, for classical music, there are no barriers, everyone can listen to it, and he was the first to get it out from the barriers of theaters-
GG: -to get it to a big audience. What we’re trying to do is to take it to all the people, but especially to the younger because maybe you can reach out to young people if twenty years boys do this.
PB: Can I say one thing?
IB: Do odd and even (way to choose one thing by chance)
PB: Often this kind of music is associated with old, but we must look at the difference between Classic and fashion. Fashion has a beginning and an end. It can last a day, a month, a year… The classic, I went on internet to see what it means, and it means “timeless”, that is eternal, and what is eternal is always current.
PB: Do you know who said that? I have not invented it. He said Carmelo Bene and he was right (He was an Italian actor, director and dramatist).
B: Then you sang with Placido Domingo, with Barbra Streisand with the most great-
GG: ah! Do you know where we will be in November?
B: no.
GG: on tour with Mariah Carey, in Brazil.
Screams and cheers
IB: come on! (Laughing)
B: Tell me, Ignazio.
IB: this concert in Florence for us  was a big challenge. We find ourselves in the place where opera was born, and lirica…
PB: bel canto.
IB: bel canto. To face this great concert with Placido Domingo, and prepare it was not easy for us. We haven’t decided overnight, “Let’s do the repertoire of the three tenors”. Eighty percent was similar, however, we had to add on some aria
B: Excuse me for interrupting you, but now I’m seeing the booklet of your CD where there are, apart from the three of you all cool, beautiful photos with Placido Domingo
PB: they are pictures from live-
B: beautiful! I’ll show you (turn the booklet into the camera)
GG: It was beautiful what Placido Domingo said during the concert, and it’s written right there
B: and what he told you?
GG: it is the few first pages.
PB: Here… excuse me (gets up and takes the booklet).
Piero sit and Gianluca find the page
GG: here it is written in English, but I want to translate it. He says: “I’m really happy to be with Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, directing the orchestra in this magical night under the stars of Florence….” It’s like “here under the starry sky of Florence. Many people have started to listen to this music when Luciano, Jose and I, have formed the Three Tenors, and these guys are continuing our idea. ”
B: beautiful!
PB: Barbara can tell you one thing?
B: I have to close.
PB: we have to go away?
B: Yes. But if you want to stay with me, I have to show something about Gina Lollobrigida
PB: I have to say only one important thing -
GG: the concert.
PB: (to the audience)  We will start an Italian and world tour, and I want to clarify that we will sing in Italy on May and June, and we had planned to do a tour for 5 or 6 concerts. But we opened the sales and it went really well, really thanks, so we will continue with 10-15 concerts.
GG: and Tuesday, October 11, on Channel 5, “una notte magica”!
B: and I now, thank you and you come near me, (the boys go on her chair and Piero kisses her on the top of the head) I have to present this service on the great Gina Lollobrigida (etc.)

Meanwhile the public applause and screams.
And so, poor Ignazio did not finish what he was telling. Pity. It seems he was going to tell about how exhausting it was to add some aria to their repertoire. It is a subject that intrigues me, and they never speak in detail about it. That kids will interrupt each other is normal, but the presenter… But hey, it was still a not-bad interview, what do you think?