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a/n: honestly jeno makes me so angry,,,, how can one be so beautiful??

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  • eye smile eye smile eye smile eye smile eye smile
  • jawline jawline jawline jawline jawline
  • shall we start now?
  • ya first meet him somehow idk help i’m running out of ideas and you get to know each other then bOom– chemistry right there
  • but tbh i don’t see him asking out a girl who he just met
  • maybe not until bffs cause that could possibly ruin the relationship but maybe knowing each other for a good couple weeks???
  • he’s a pretty simple guy
  • like yeah he was probably nervous and took time to plan everything out
  • but he wouldn’t go like ‘italian-resturant-fancy-clothes’ over the top to ask you out
  • it’s just pretty easy and smooth
  • he shows up at your doorsteps
  • with flowers and such
  • then he’s all mushy with his perfect, angelic smile and all
  • ‘y/n, would you make me the happiest guy ever and go on a date with me?’
  • omg kill me bc how c u t e
  • early into the relationship he’d be pretty comfortable; well at least he’d try to make it comfortable
  • but when you actually get comfortable with each other get ready for him to just go wildt
  • alright
  • yanno how this boy loves photography
  • well
  • most of his photos are going to be aesthetic photos of you, cute photos of you, random photos of you, and a lotta photos when you,,;; just,;; weren’t ready ffs
  • you = his photography
  • he likes to keep those photos safe to go through them when he’s away on tour or when he’s just missin you
  • sigh
  • the boy and his guitar
  • god dammit jeno
  • but can we just take a moment?? imagine him just whippIN out his guitar and singing for you,,, i’m emo suddenly
  • sm give him lines pls
  • he likes playing with your hair
  • he also likes it when you lay on his lap so he can stare at your pretty face
  • smiling most of the time
  • especially when he’s with you
  • whenever you aren’t together he skypes/facetimes you as often as possible
  • he doesn’t do aegyo but he’s just naturally cute ffjfjdfhfsjdfjsdj
  • he really appreciates it when you guys can just sit down and talk about each other’s internal problems, goals in life, and overall just be serious and honest with each other
  • i feel like he’d look for a partner he can be completely truthful and loyal with- same going for them
  • he loves it so so so much when you get along with the other members!!! and when the members love u because of course they do!!!!!!
  • more than quick hugs or kisses, he prefers loonnnngggg cuddle sessions
  • complete silence and just taking in the moment of happiness
  • you know those cheesy ass boyfriends who post stuff of their s/o on sns and caption it liKE ‘the view was beautiful but i thought she was breathtaking 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍’
  • deal with it mate
  • but appreciate him please
  • because genuinely,,,, lee jeno is one of those few people you will find in this generation that will fully love you to the deepest of his heart and soul who will honest to flipping goodness just be happy by the simple presence of you ❤︎

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for that cryptid thing: i was once in this italian resturant. and this old man came in. he was so distressed. more distressed than i've ever seen a man. he comes up to the counter, and he asks them desperately if they have any mustard. they say no. this is an italian restaurant. he wasnt exactly a cryptid, i just have never seen a person so heartbroken in my life. i hope he found his mustard

ok i know this isnt rly the part i should b focusing on but the idea that italian restaurants just. dont have any mustard is really making me laugh rn i dont get it sdgsjddf

my demon hunter oc is taking arcanist valtrois out on a nice dinner date to a fancy elf-italian resturant in aszuna. they order spaghetti with a nice arcwine reduction sauce & ancient mana crystals instead of meat balls. a sea skrog plays the accordion and sings emotionally while my demon hunter and arcanist valtrois do the spaghetti kiss thing from lady and the tramp. later valtrois spends the entire rest of the meal loudly complaining about the lack of cell service in the restaurant. gee i love her 

Sorry its so long, its sort of a two parter but hope you enjoy!


An: before u read this, this was dead ass a dream i had and i had ti write it out and make it a one shot because it was so beautiful. Hope you enjoy!
If you want more, I’ll be glad too, because I really enjoy writing one shots. Send me prompts if you want.

Basically Connor and Troye are coming out as a couple, and I just imagine( and dreamed) it being so cute. Here we go!

Connors POV

I turned on the camera, ready to film the video. I was quite excited, but also felt my heart beat through my chest.
I heard Troye whisper from the hall, “We can do this. We’re ready. You’re ready.” I replied with a nod, and turned on the camera. I took a deep breathe, and for the put a big, and actually real, smile on my face.

“Hey guys it’s Connor. So I’ve been keeping a secret from you guys for a long time.” I said, nerves flying around my body.
“It is, I have a…. bo-boyfriend.” I said, feeling myself blush, and begin to hide myself behind my hands.
Then I continued.
“And, my boyfriend is here, now, so, you if you will come please.” I said, already laughing and smiling at him. He was wearing socks, so he slid in the room, almost falling but stopped himself. He yelled out “It me!”, after regaining his balance. I was laughing my face off.

“Yes, Troye Sivan is my boyfriend.” I said laughing, as Troye raised his eyebrows up and down, trying to make it sexual.

“Yskssvsu.” I heard Troye mumble. I didn’t undsrstand anything he said, and laughed at his cuteness.

“What?” I said, laughing.

“Youtube Couples are bae.” He said. I laughed. For some reason, thid was the funniest thing ever to us.

“Anyways,” I said still laugjing, “Ya, he’s my boyfriend. This isnt- this-” I said, as Troye put his arm around my shoulder and I dug my head into his chest. “This isn’t a joke, it’s real.” I said, blushing at our cuteness.

“Yes it is. And if you don’t believe us, well..” He said, then grabbing my face unexpectedly with one hand, and kissing my lips. He did it repeatedly, with little pecks each time.

After releasing, I blushed even more.
“After that, I think it’s pretty obvious that this isn’t fake.” I said as Troye intertwined our fingers and held it out to the camera.
“LOOK AT IT.” He said, as I died of laughter in the back. He was ready from the beggining to reveal our relationship, but I wasn’t out yet, not being able to come out so easily. Then, we got closer after I came out in December, and finally, on our one year anniversary, May 24th, I was ready.

“Well, you guys probably jave a billion questions, which is why on my channel, we did the Couple tag!(an: dont know if that’s true)He said, as our fingers were still intertwined. 

"Ya, go see his video, and every question will be anwered. So guys, I thunk that’s it. Subscribe to this cutie, his channel with be in the description below.” I said, then kissing his cheek. He giggled.

“So that’s it. See you next monday. Troye, do you know my outro?” I said smiling.

“Of course, but why dont we do a mix of both of ours.” He said. Right away, I knew what he meant, siNc e we practiced it before.

“Okay, ready? 1, 2, 3..” I said, and then we both saod in sync, “Make sure to subscribe, click on my links below asgdhdjsjs, *wink* BYEEE!” We said, as I then turned off the camera.

I uploaded it later, about 2 hours later, and the feedback was very big. Fangirls were freaking out, Tumblr was exploding, and bascially everyone was going insane.
Me and Troye cuddled in bed, watching Tumblr explode into flames, and laughed a couple times. One post got to us, where it was a drawing, of us two, laying in bed, exactly like we were, Troye digged into my chest, and us looking at my conputer. We looked at eachother, and gave eachother a soft kiss.
I loved him, More than anything.
*troyes couple tag video*
Troyes POV
Connor was laying on my lap, trying to hide from the camera, and we then started the video, in laughter.
“Hi guys! So, I’ve said I have a boyfriend before, but never really, announced it, or said who he was. But today, I welcome you, my amazing boyfriend, Connor Franta!” I said as Connor came up from my lap.

“Hi.” He said, in a really cute way.

“Yes my boyfriend, and since this my channel, it will be explicit, you guys probably libe explicit.” I said, earning a shoxked face from Connor.

“Troye.” He said laughing.

“Here’s a kiss to prove it.” I said, rapidly, catchung Connor offguard, and before he could progress what I said, I jumped on him, making us fall to the floor, kissing him, heavily, off the screen. He muffled, and then kissed back with tounge. We almost forgot that the camera was on, and agreed to edit out that little scene. But I knew I was going to leave most of that in.

“Told you it’d be explicit.” I said, as me and Connor fixed our hair and straighten our shirts. 

“Stop.” He said playfully pushing me.

“Well, today, we will be doing the Couples Tag!” I said then kissing him on the cheek.

“Lets do this!” Connor said, as I took out my phone, getting ready to begin reading the question.

Where did you guys meet?

“Um, Vidcon 2013.” (Im not sure when they met) Connor said.

“Oh yes, memories.”

Who asked who out and how?

“Troye asked me out, as we were all hanging out at Tyler’s, and Tyler had been pushing me, to ask him out, because I had a crush on him, but he beat me to it.” He said, making me blush. I grabbed both his cheeks, directed them towards me, and kissed him, French Style, infront of the camera.

First Kiss?
“Ooooo. I know, we were in Italy, we had just started going out, and you were really shy, because not many people knew you were gay. But then, I grab your hand, when no one was watching, and you blushed, I laughed, and couldn’t deal with cuteness, so I kissed you, on the lips.” I said, Connor nodding the whole way through, smiling.

First Date?
“Also in italy.” I said, then Connor came in.
“Ya! Ya! I remember, I loved it so much!” I was laughing st his adorableness.
“We were in this really cute Italian resturant, and we, did, stuff, there.” Connornsaid blushing, implying that we played footsie there.
“There means footsie.” I said, making Connor hide beind his face. We both laughed.

First fight?
“Oo, tough one. We never fight though, so we-” Connor cut me off.
“Oops, hold up, um, What is Gasoline based on?” He said putting his finger on my lip.

“Oh ya, we won’t share that catastrophe.” I said, covering things up.

Are you in love?
We both looked at each other, smiled and said in sync, “Yes.” We then kissed once again.

“Well, the Tronnor fandom delcares and lives by the rules that our song is ILYSB BY Lany, so ya, we love that song, so I guess it is.” Connor said, then starting the song on his phone. We both then started singing to each other, which I thought was the cutest thing ever. He told me to edit it out, but I knew I wasn’t. Every cute moment he wanted to edit out, I kept.

My eyes widen at the next question. Connor then looked at it too, widening his eyes too.

Have you had sex?
“Um. Um. Well, footsie led to some things after, so, um may-” Connor said, but I interrupted him with, “MY MOTHER WATCHES THESE!”, obviously showing the whole world, we yes, have had sex.
Connor laughed, and I blushed, only being 19, and was kind of embarrased.

“Last question.” I said. Connor nodded.

Plans for marriage and Kids?
“Well, I think we both think marriage is too early now, ands Kids is too, but I think, actually, wait no, I know, we will live on happily.” I said, hugging Connor, he smiled and I felt so happy to have him.
We did our new Tronnor Outro, and then he helped me edit it and put it up.

After, we cuddled, and watched the Tronnor fandom freak out.
I knew that I would be with Connor forever, I needed him, and I loved him.
He was my everything, and I loved him more than anything.

Cameron/Nash Imagine Part 9

Side note: I’ve been sitting here for two hours and didn’t know what to write so I’m sorry! Ps there are few imagines back maybe 1-3 back I’m not sure, but I’m not so good at making long stories.  Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

There was a knock on the door, Nash stood outside I was so sure, but it wasn’t, it was Cameron. He looked at me with big eyes “Wow” he said surprised,
“Where are you going?”
“I’m about to go on a date with Nash”, his eyes were filled with sadness when i said it.

“I just want to tell you that im sorry for that i sad and…”, “What Cameron i don’t have a lot of time her”,  “Nash may look cute, but he’s just using you (Y/N)”, “Ohh just shut up Cameron” i said.

I closed the door, there went about 5 minutes and where was again a knocked on the door, now I was sure it was Nash, and i was right it was Nash. Nash hugged me tight, i just love Nash’s hugs, “You look so beautiful tonight” he said whispering in my ear soft.
Just his voice, I got chills of.

His hand was right on my ass, I smiled into his chest, we went out and got some dinner at a Italian resturant, we talkt and laugh the hole time during the dinner. I haven’t had so much fun in long time, and it felt good.
After dinner we went in to a bar, Nash new a lot of people, so we got some drinks, and when i said got some drinks i mean’t Nash, i didn’t get any drink that night.
Nash was really drunk at the time, so i took him home, we came to the hotel, and i throw Nash at his bed, “(Y/N)” he says and taking my hand, “be with me tonight”,
“Nash i can’t you too drunk”
“Please” he said taking my waist and lumbar me forward along wherever he was, I leaned forward and landed down on his chest, my head was inches from his, his long and heavy breath flew into my mouth. I saw him looking at my lips several times, he bit his lower lip, his hand came up to my cheek and kisses me sweetly on my mouth.

I think he got bored of just kissing because his hand came up and grab my boob, i try to push his hand away, but he’s just to strong , he tightens his grip on my boob, in moand in his mouth. His other hand slides down at my pants to find my panties, he slid first her hand down to my ass and squeezed it. I wouldn’t do this anymore it had gone too far, I tried to push him away but then just out as if it amused him.
He pulls his hand from my ass to my pussy, there fell a tear down my cheek,“ Nash I don’t want to” I whispered, and with it he sticks two fingers into me, more tears came down my cheek this time. His hand goes farther into me, he hit my G-spot, fuck I thought.

I wanted to scream now but who should I scream for, it came to me Cameron,“ Cameron” I screamed and Nash’s wing up,“ if you scream again there will be consequences”, the door flew open and Cameron came in, god i was relieved, Cameron rips Nash from me and hits him right in the face, taking my hand and leading me away.

We entered his room, he takes his arms around me hard, I cried into Cameron’s chest, he carry me over to his bed and cuddles me to i sleep.

It is not so long, sorry..

Part 10?