italian renaissance au

Jon x Sansa fandom: Has an Italian Renaissance AU been done yet?

Because I have an idea for one floating around in my head. Ned as a Northern Duke (of somewhere like Milan or Savoy) who was known for piety and loyalty to the Papal throne. His bastard son Jon was known as the only mark against his honor (secretly, of course, Jon is Lyanna’s, and Ned covers for this for similar reasons as in ASOIAF) until he is brought up on false charges by a corrupt pope (I’m thinking of actually having it be Joffrey. Pope Benedict IX was somewhere between eleven and twenty when he was elected, and I’m aging everyone up anyways), with the Lannisters being a Medici parallel. I think I’m going to have the Targaryens involved with Naples, and have that be a central conflict. I might possibly have a history where Robert Baratheon usurped the Neopolitan throne, have it so Tommen is his heir (with Joffrey having been passed off as Jaime’s son prior to Cersei and Robert’s marriage, and all of the “Baratheon” kids of course being Jaime’s. I think I’m going to place Jaime as a cardinal), and basically the Lannisters trying to keep control. Tyrion is a Machiavelli-like figure, Petyr Baelish is the corrupt Chancellor, and Jon Arryn as the dead, decent former Pope. I thought of also throwing Stannis in as a deposed Gonfalienier/Chief General of the Papal Armies. In the middle of it all are Jon and Sansa, who are involved in the conspiracy. I might make it partly epistolatory, too. But basically the framing device would be that this huge Lannister conspiracy to seize lasting control of Naples, the Papacy (in addition to being the biggest bankers in Europe), and possibly creating an entire Italian Empire (and even going beyond Italy, eventually), with Littlefinger trying to achieve the same ends by creating (and ruling) from the background. I don’t have it all mapped out, but I do know that Jon and Sansa would be the central pairing of the thing and be under-the-radar opponents of the conspiracy.

Has something like this been done yet?

His father would have had him a banker, holed up with Medici gold in the back of a Medici palazzo, never closer to art than when he tallied up the price of commission. As a boy, he’d botched his sums on purpose and borne the boxed ears, sent no less than three tutors running, and finally been sent to apprentice in a studio at ten years old.

That he had botched that too, in time, is of no consequence. 

“At least you’ll come out no fool under him,” his father said of da Vinci, able to admit that the man kept himself provided for, as they arranged the apprenticeship through a thousand pulled favors. “You’re damned lucky you’re not my eldest, boy.” They’re the last words his father ever says to him, and he never finds himself missing the man.

His master never lets him slack in his science and arithmetic and philosophy, but it’s not until long after he leaves that studio that he learns exactly the ratio between powerful shoulders and slender waist, from hand to forearm to shoulder, between the knuckles of slender fingers and the features of a face. He knows without ever measuring with tape or stained fingers, without even coming as close as the moon to its earth, because there could be no form so perfect. 

Drawn like a ship’s compass, he makes himself content as a satellite, a spaniel, grateful for the purpose he’s been given.

He cannot write the equation, but finally he can believe that there are beings who sing in harmony with the fibers of the universe, who give meaning to the lines and the learning and whose words ring true in all God’s wonders. For a moment, he even thinks he might paint again, if he could but paint such a creature.

He contents himself to look upon him, knowing himself as both Icarus and Daedalus, to wish so desperately to fly close to the gods, and yet to know it will be his undoing.

Machiavelli was actually tortured and exiled from Florence by the Medici family and the Pope under the pretense of sedition due to his ties to the previous democratic government of Florence and the fact that his work threatened to expose the true nature of their power base and they wished to discredit him. The Florentines drove out the Medici for a second time and re-established a republic on May 16, 1527.


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  • micaela: leonardo da vinci having a hardcore boner for enjolras's hair
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  • micaela: boys somewhat-illegally exploring the domus aurea
  • micaela: to look at the frescos
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if someone does one of those six-or-eight-piece photosets for the renaissance au i will literally write them like 500 words of whatever they want

there are no official casts just like avoid faces or something idk i just

love the renaissance

go crazy with the tudors and borgias caps ok please pleASE