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16 - 17 - 18/01 // 6/100 days of productivity

I know I haven’t posted a lot these past few days, and I have a lame excuse *had to work*, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been productive! 

In a week I have my I.T exam and I’ve been preparing for that while studying for a bigger one, which is italian lit *insert scared emoji here*

13.01.17 [32/100]

Yeah, it’s kinda great being italian, BUT it entails that us, italian students, have to study ALL the writers/poets of our country and it is really interesting but they are A LOT and they’re complicated. 
So today i rewrited some notes about Verga during Italian’s class.
But I need to be positive, because it will help me. 
Have a nice day

Some general language goals/aspirations for 2017

I know - I’m late for the goal thing but who cares anyway.
So here are my goals when it comes to language learning in 2017:

  • read Harry Potter (first book, start slow)
  • learn Imperfetto & some future form
  • in generally more tenses and grammatical stuff because it’s a mess
  • do something for your studies every day
  • reactivate your vocabulary app
  • write one journal entry in Italian at the end of every month 
  • talk to the people on HelloTalk more
  • go to Italy
  • don’t lose your love for it, your motivation - you’re doing this for fun and yourself not anything or anyone else

Sounds like a plan …

27-28/01/17 || It seems like I keep posting every other day lately, anyway my exam was yesterday afternoon and it went so well, I’m so happy for everything I’ve achieved so far during this first semester, feeling super proud and motivated.

But today is a new day of studying, I have less than 20 days to get ready for my next exam so I’m already in full swing of reading and memorizing stuff. I can’t wait for this exam to be done as well (I also have another one after that but that’s ok).

I plan on reading half of my notes today and half of them tomorrow. I prepared a plan of action of how much I have to study every day. I have a lot of material to look at for this exam but I know I can do it 💪🏼.

Also forgot to mention it’s Italian literature this time and it’s always been one of my faves so I’m at least happy about that.


19.01 // 7/100 days of productivity

Tuesday I have my I.T. exam so today I worked on that. I also studied italian lit and I still have a lot to do!
While studying I use the pomodoro technique, I find that I study harder and stay focused more in those 25 minutes with 5 minutes break between each pomodoro!

so, medici was a flawed show. some things about it, particularly in episode 3 and 5, annoyed me and made me roll my eyes. but i’m not here to rant. in fact i’m here to take my mind off that orange talking std [cit] who just won the american elections and list some reasons why i’m happy i had medici. 

  • it’s a rai (italian public tv) production. this in itself is a huge point because rai so far has produced, with few exceptions, mediocre fiction for barely literate old people (aka its average target). producing medici means, at least i hope, that this is going to change. it also breaks a seemingly never ending tradition of miniseries about the risorgimento and 20th century popes and nuns. i don’t mean to say my (beloved) grandmother should have nothing left to watch, but i wouldn’t mind watching something on raiuno as well, since we all pay for it. to put it shortly, it’s a step ahead. and i’ll seldom shut up about how unlike rai this show is in the following points.
  • cosimo is an anti-hero. rai made some, if few, co-productions about far-from-perfect characters before (see nero starring hans matheson) but they shamelessly whitewashed them by throwing other people under the bus and stretching history far more than it’s intelligent. here, cosimo is depicted as an essentially decent but also very deeply flawed person, a liar, an unfaithful husband and a somewhat cold father. he’s brooding and unreadable most of the time and while it’s impossible to hate him (at least for me, madden’s eyes make me weak in my knees) he’s not the shiny, stainless, misunderstood poor soul rai usually showcases.
  • contessina. cosimo’s wife is the strong female character™ you don’t expect. she doesn’t kick ass, she’s not cool as ice, she doesn’t go around poisoning people and claiming her right to sleep around as our modern age seems to want strong female characters™ to always do. she is strong as fuck, she is an iron lady, but she gets to be so even if she cries for her husband, if she’s desperate for his love, if she shouts hysterically at him (SO HAVE I is my favourite quote from the entire show, know it) and yes, wants some dick from him even if that’s just angry sex (ON RAIUNO). even if she’s petty to her husband’s mistress, if she endures, if she forgives him time and again and stays. not gonna lie, i would have ripped his balls and added them to the medici insignia, i wanted her to leave. but because feminism is about allowing a woman her choice and not judge her for it, whichever that is, long live contessina and her choice to stay and raise carlo as her own child.
  • the women. none of the girls from this show are entirely forgettable. bianca was a touching figure, if a bit vanilla. contessina’s what i just said. lucrezia is very sweet, but also growing into a formidable woman. maddalena isn’t just ‘the slut’ and even gets to shade the medici for their disrespect of her. emilia is gossipy but loyal.
  • renaissance in fiction. most italians know very little of the renaissance. ours being a relatively young political entity, we study and celebrate the risorgimento a lot, we produce a lot of fiction about it, we’re time and again told the story of the two WW and the holocaust. which is also great, we should do that. but we forget about the rest too much. we read the da vinci code but we hardly know what da vinci did and we still think napoleon stole the monna lisa because we don’t know leonardo died in freaking france. when medici was announced a lot of people had no idea who cosimo was. the renaissance is sometimes explored in documentaries, though not nearly as many as i see are made on the 20th century and the risorgimento; and it certainly hadn’t been explored in home-made fiction for at least some 30 years. to see brunelleschi (and with preziosi’s face) on tv, well that was special. personally i was really proud. that was florence, montepulciano, tuscany, lazio, finally celebrated. and not much cgi.i hate cgi.
  • the story. again i should remark how rare it is for rai to make a show like medici. we produce a lot of historical fiction, as we should because we have excellent costumes, but we usually make it about fictional characters or we whitewash historical ones, overromanticizing their lives, erasing their ambitions and their flaws and their gray areas. if we’d done cosimo’s story some ten years ago we’d probably have written of a goody-goody guy ending up with a huge bank because he was fundraising to feed the poor and buy his wife some flowers and then just happened to have a fortune to share with a saintly pope. this story wasn’t romanticized, in fact it’s much less romanticized than it was, say, on the borgias, where cesare was only ever driven by his love for lucrezia.
  • the bad guys. antagonists in fiction are usually ugly and just plain mean. albizzi, on the other hand, was a very handsome man and even an ex boyfriend of cosimo’s, which created a nice, interesting dynamic between the two of them. i’m afraid that won’t be the case with the pazzi next year.
  • the flashbacks. they were kind of poorly made because the characters all looked exactly the same when supposedly 20 years younger, but flashbacks were a peculiarity of this show and i missed them when they stopped coming. following two plans of the story would leave me wondering just how the hell we’d ended up there.
  • the music. seriously i’m addicted to this ost, praise paolo buonvino. sometimes i even think i wouldn’t like the show this much if it wasn’t for its soundtrack. i feel so dramatic walking around the city with renaissance in my ears and i absolutely adore how the theme is kind of broken into pieces and spammed in various tracks throughout the series.

so yeah this is way too long but i’m happy i had medici and i forgot about trump for about 30 minutes. thanks. 

Italian Baking Vocabulary

Inspired by this list in German

  • Cucinare (v): to cook *
  • Cuocere (v): to cook *
  • La cucina/le cucine (n.f.): kitchen
  • La ricetta/le ricette (n.f.): recipe
  • Il forno/i forni (n.m.): oven
  • Il fornello/i fornelli (n.m.): stove
  • La bilancia/le bilance (n.f.): scale
  • La frusta/le fruste (n.f.) whisk
  • Il mixer/i mixer (n.m.): mixer
  • La ciotola/le ciotole (n.f.): mixing bowl
  • La carta da forno (n.f.): baking paper
  • La carta di alluminio/carta stagnola (n.f.): paper aluminium
  • La teglia/le teglie (n.f.): baking tray
  • Mescolare (v): mix
  • Aggiungere (v): add
  • Versare (v): pour
  • Impastare (v): knead

  • L’ingrediente/gli ingredienti (n.m.): ingredient
  • Il dolce/i dolci (n.m): dessert
  • La torta/le torte (n.f.): cake
  • La crema/le creme (n.f.): cream
  • La farina/le farine (n.f.): flour
  • La farina integrale (n.f.): wholemeal flour
  • L’uovo (n.m.) /le uova (n.f.): egg
  • Il tuorlo/ i tuorli (n.m.): egg yolk **
  • L’albume/gli albumi (n.m.): egg white **
  • Lo zucchero (n.m.): sugar
  • Il lievito (n.m.): yeast/baking powder
  • Il burro (n.m): butter
  • La margarina (n.f.): margarine
  • La pasta/le paste (n.f.): pastry ***
  • Il pasticcino/i pasticcini (n.m.): pastry ***

  • Cuocere in forno per x minuti: bake in the oven for x minutes
  • Aggiungere x al composto : add x to the mixture
  • Versare il composto nella teglia: pour the mixture into the baking tray

* We have two verbs for “Cook”: Cucinare is the general activity of cooking whereas Cuocere involves either the stoves or the oven

** We have two nouns for the parts of the egg: Tuorlo is the yolk, but we also say “Il rosso dell’uovo” (the egg red) / Albume is the white P.S. Uovo at the singular is masculine, but its plural, Uova, is feminine!

*** If you are familiar with Italian, you will have noticed that the word Pasta can mean basically everything that has been kneaded. Another meaning is pastry, especially the kind of pastries who come from the Franch pâtisserie. Pasticcino means almost the same thing but it refers to smaller pastries, the kind you’d expect to have with tea or coffee

Feel free to message me if you want other words added or if you think I forgot something


🔹11 y 12/02/17🔹
Yesterday I forgot to write this post. Sorry. I did chemistry homework and I found a disc, it has a course of Italian language and it’s really interesting.
Today I started the Italian lessons and it’s so fun and cute. It’s a language that I always wanna learn.
Some advices for me…?
100 productivity days [6 y 7/100]



Today I worked all day on “Operette Morali” by Leopardi and I’m so tired! Hope to get the result I want in the end.

I passed my I.T exam *happy dance* and I’m still waiting for the results of the italian lang exam! Hope it went well!


Hey hey!

My name is Anne and I am from Saint Petersburg, a marvelous city in Russia. I created this langblr in order to somehow organize the learning process as well as to communicate with fellow language enthusiasts.

My target languages are Chinese (I’m learning Mandarin but I hope to get a chance to learn Cantonese one day as well), English, Japanese, Spanish and Italian.

I got Master in Economics in China, where I had been studying for three years, and since I feel quite confident about my Mandarin now, I’m going to post some tips about learning it and vocabulary lists here.

However, my current focus (and biggest passion) is Japanese. Although I’m still a beginner, I enjoy the process of learning it a lot, so I really hope to improve soon.

Also, I can help you with your Russian because you have no idea how excited I get when I meet someone who likes my native language and learns it since I love it deeply too.

So, I am looking for the blogs to follow! Please like|reblog this post if you are a langblr posting about my target languages, learning Russian or just a person who loves learning languages and don’t mind to talk about it sometimes~


(Oh truck, this didn’t get uploaded yesterday, my internet is horrible)

🔹17 y 18/02/17🔹
Yesterday I went to a concert (it was really, really good. Very excited) a rock band that is very popular in Mexico: Caifanes. But in the morning I had an study session at the library, we have to do a project with certain type of problematic.
Today I finished my Informatics homework and I studied Italian with my little partner (doggg).
100 productivity days [12 & 13/100]

20/100 || 21/01/16 || This is not my favourite subject if I have to be honest, but I have to do it so I’m trying to do it at my best. I can’t wait ‘till this exam is done, even if I have to wait a little less than a month. After this I will finally have two weeks of break after months of non-stop studying.

*98/100 days of productivity*

25.4.16// Dante, XXXIII Paradise.
This looks such a deja-vou to me.
It reminds me of my time at school, reading, tasting the most beautiful poetry.