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Sauer Castle, a 19th century Italianate mansion nestled on the top of a hill overlooking the Kansas River, was built in 1871 and is said to be the site of much paranormal activity. The first occupant was Anton Sauer, who moved to Kansas City following the death of his wife. He then began a relationship with 28-year-old widow, Mary Einhellig Messerschmidt. The couple married and Mary brought along her two daughters to live in the castle with Anton and his own five children. Mary went on to give birth to five more children, one of whom died in infancy and was buried on the grounds. Tragically, Anton died from tuberculosis the following month in the master bedroom.

A total of five generations of the Sauer family lived and died inside the castle, one of which was a suicide. It is said that every single member of the Sauer family is buried somewhere in the grounds of the castle. Today, the castle is shrouded in legends and rumours. They say that a woman hanged herself in the tower of the castle. Another legend says that a man murdered his entire family in the Sauer Castle before burying them on the grounds.

Whatever the truth may be, there have been a number of reports of ghastly and ghostly happenings in and around the castle. Neighbours often claim to witness floating lights and hear disembodied voices and laughter. They say that it’s quite common for folks to see the apparition of a man and woman dancing in the castle tower on Halloween and if you’re lucky, you can catch a glimpse of an apparition of a woman pacing back and forth throughout the gloomy nights.

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So I didn't get to hear the L drunk sex story or w/e but I love all the art of it? Can you explain pls

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Excuse me, pretend drunk sex story.

so there were two separate events here: soho and san francisco. soho was the drunk one.

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In order to gather information for a case taking place in London, I visited a bar in Soho. Aiber accompanied me for assistance. He was drinking, and after I had gathered the information I needed he encourage me to drink. I did so. I remember moving bars a few times, and eventually we entered Heaven. I do not recall much after this, though I had split knuckles and a stern Watari the next morning in the hotel we were staying at.

according to more recent revelations, this is not the whole truth, and he actually spent most of the evening drunkenly making out with aiber. (they posed as partners apparently)

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L,,,,,,,did you make out with aiber in soho
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Why do you think that?
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just asking
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anyway, san francisco was the sex story,,,,, L apparently decided that in order to solve a serial murder case he had to sleep with his suspect. twice. who turned out to be none other than Lind L Tailor. 

this is still the funniest story in the history of the case because,,how fukcing extra, he pretended to be drunk at a gay bar (apparently was wearing a leather jacket, too), tripped into Lind’s table, supposedly fell straight into the man’s lap, had half a drink that Lind bought him, then proceeded to get thoroughly fucked at Lind’s large Italian bayside mansion just to get access to this confidential file or something. AND THEN, because once wasn’t enough, after Lind fell asleep and L deleted the file that he could have deleted without all this extraneous business with getting dicked down, he decided to STAY THE NIGHT and they did it ALL OVER AGAIN in the shower that morning. fuck me sideways. i hate this man

My Father - Part Three


Prompt: Can you please do an imagine when you’re Negans daughter and you get taken by another group as revenge and Negan comes to save you?

Ships: None
Warnings: Violence, Curses

Negan had gotten out of his armoured car as the door slammed shut. Birds erupted form the trees overhead. The autumn leaves crunched underfoot and there was unmistakable tang of anticipation in the air. He sauntered toward a truck, Lucille dragging on the floor slightly. He climbed on top of the truck and looked out toward his people.

“You all know the plan?” Negan said in a commanding voice. There was a resounding chorus of ‘yes, sir’ and people nodding their head. Negan smiled a satisfied smile as he motioned to Dwight. “D, you take your group round the left side of the house. Simon, you take your group round the right side.”

“Yes, Sir.

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Farnam Mansion in Winter by Gerri Gray
Via Flickr:
Farnam Mansion - Oneida, New York. Circa 1862


New Orleans’ Garden District and Why You Need it in Your Life-

     My first time visiting New Orleans was when I was 20 years old in the middle of a national tour with only one day to experience and enjoy it as much as I could, and I did. I immediately immersed myself in the culture and fell madly in love, as if I just discovered who I was and what I truly loved. Typically when people think of New Orleans they think barbaric college kids, mardi gras beads, or a rundown urban ghetto… which in a sense is dead on if you have tunnel vision, but there is SO much more to this city.

     The Garden District/Uptown area is my absolute favorite neighborhood of anywhere I have ever been. The area was originally developed between 1832 and 1900 and is considered one of the best-preserved collections of historic Southern mansions in the United States. What initially took my breath away was the architecture. I have always had a profound love for opulent, mid-1800′s architecture including Greek Revival, Colonial, and Victorian styles such as Italianate, and Queen Anne, but had never seen them so vast in person. The second showstopper was how the foliage abounds far and wide; from the tree lined streets, to the lush gardens nearly every home possessed. It is positively one of the most visually appealing places in the United States.

     Below I have comprised a list of 10 places you MUST enjoy during your next visit to New Orleans in order of how they appear above. Enjoy:

1. The Wedding Cake House
This ostentatious Victorian, Georgian revival mansion is one of the most prominent and recognizable historical residences along St. Charles Ave. Can you imagine an entire neighborhood of these?
Built in 1896-Located at 5809 St. Charles Ave.

2. The Carroll-Crawford House
The elegant, but dark Italianate design with the fine cast-iron double galleries will always remind me of the first time I saw this type of architecture… Disneyland’s Haunted House; it was surreal.
Built in 1869-Located at 1315 First Street.

3. St. Charles Street Car
You can hop on at several locations along St Charles and Carrollton and jump off at the French Quarter On Carondelet/Canal St. or vice versa AND it’s only $3 for a day pass.

4. Lafayette Cemetery
Known for its old, often crumbling, and occasionally open, above ground tombs, Lafayette is easily one of the most fascinating cemeteries you will ever visit. Although St. Louis Cemetery is generally the first sought after by tourists due to it’s location in the French Quarter and the graves of more celebrities, Lafayette is much more serene and picturesque cemetery that you could probably spend hours in.
Established in 1833-Located at: 2010 Washington Ave.

Tips: There are gates on each of the roads around the cemetery, but only the Washington and Sixth St are unlocked. Also, there is an awesome coffee shop across the street called Still Perkin’.

5. Blue Phoenix
This is a wonderful place to acquire metaphysical and new age supplies including: herbs, oils, incense, amulets, cool candles, crystals, voodoo dolls and other spiritual supplies.
Located at: 4304 Magazine St.

6. Sucre
An Uptown sweet boutique that features an assortment of handcrafted, luscious chocolates, fresh gelato, one-of-a-kind pastry masterpieces and super-premium coffees.                       
Located at: 3025 Magazine St.

7. Audubon Park
This is a beautiful Uptown park that borders both the Mississippi River and St. Charles Ave. with a great set of walking/bike paths and plenty of benches near the lake, under the overgrown, live oak trees, also adjacent to the Audubon Zoo.
Located at: 6500 Magazine St.

8. Commander’s Palace
You will find this place at the top of every “Where to Eat in New Orleans” list. Located just across the street from the Lafayette Cemetery, this large, but intimate Victorian house is the perfect place to get some of the best Southern food New Orleans has to offer.
Located at: 1403 Washington Ave. Established in 1880

9. Dos Jefes Cigar Bar
If you’re interested in a more relaxed, but entertaining place to enjoy your evening, Dos Jefes features live jazz with great top shelf liquor and there is never a cover charge.
Located at: 5535 Tchoupitoulas St.

10. Hubbard Mansion B&B
This is an exquisite family owned business located in the heart of the Garden District that offers five exquisitely furnished suites in the Main House, and two executive apartments. The beautiful rooms recall the grandeur of 19th century New Orleans. The St Charles Street Car stops right out front for a convenient, quick ride to the French Quarter.
Located at: 3535 St. Charles Ave.

Ex-Jock: Epilogue

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The second I agreed to get fatter with Justin, he created a gainer profile for me on all social media and mapped out a history of my weight gain. I knew I had gained around 35 pounds when I was living with Austin, but after I moved out my fat ass hadn’t once stepped on a scale. We discovered that between the time I moved out of Austin’s and when Justin and I became official, I had gained a little over 20 pounds. This was the first moment in my life when I took a step back and realized, “wow, I’ve gained over 50 pounds. I’m fat.” I could grab two meaty handfuls of belly fat. Even my butt was soft and dimpled now.  

It wasn’t long before I had before and after photos of my gain posted, alongside videos of Justin shaking and slapping my gut online. I was shocked by how many followers I accrued in a short amount of time. I never had people admire my body to such a high degree, and I must admit- it was addicting.

Within three months of Justin introducing me to Grommr, I had gained 30 pounds. Realizing you’re fat is one thing, but with all that new weight on me I felt positively massive. My love handles bounced with every step, and threatened to make an appearance every time I moved my body. Stretch marks ran up and down my thighs which rubbed holes in all my underwear. Large shirts now clung to the fat rolls filling my lap. My stomach was getting in the way of just about everything. Lifting crates at work had become harder, bus seats were a struggle, and restaurant booths were starting to become my enemy.  I documented all of this online, and my followers were salivating at their keyboards.

At first, my newfound flab was doing wonders for mine and Justin’s sex life. We would stuff each other silly before fucking, sometimes even incorporating food in the bedroom. Justin had gained some weight too, but I was the one that was really blowing up. We were both getting so fat that lovemaking became a logistical puzzle, often requiring me to lift my stomach to allow easy access to my cock.

Unfortunately, once I got plump enough for Justin’s taste, he turned his attention to a new muscled stud who was packing on the pounds. We had an open relationship, but Justin’s infatuation with this other man eventually drove us apart. Of course, I was upset about the break up. Although I did take it as an opportunity to comfort eat to my belly’s desire. Furthermore, I still had an internet presence. I had made friendships with many guys online, and frankly there was no shortage of chubby chasing men who wanted a taste of me in Seattle.  

Working at the brewery became increasingly awkward after the break up, and eventually I found a new job at a grocery store. It paid well, but I was on my feet a lot. This was killer now that I was hefting almost 100 pounds of extra blubber around. However, the benefit of discount groceries was certainly good for my waistline.

I felt confident in my chubby body even after breaking up with Justin, and I didn’t want to give up on my newfound curves or fame. As I grew, so did my online following, and for a while this provided enough encouragement for me to forge ahead with getting fatter. I continued to hit the gym as well, and was becoming positively massive. I’d waddle from machine to machine with a crescent of underbelly wobbling out of the bottom of my shirt. I reveled in the stares I received from the fit and lean gym goers. I even had a couple of the employees suggest I try cardio once in awhile. I would always politely inform them: “I love food so much there’s no hope I’ll ever lose this belly.”

Eventually my weight did plateau. I had finally reached the point that I was almost always the “fat guy” in the room. I still wanted more, though. For two months my weight never fluctuated more than a few pounds. One day, I discovered a documentary about gaining on TV. I quickly opened my laptop to do some research and found something truly fantastic. Two gainers in Italy, Grasello and Nicoli, were opening their countryside estate to the public in an effort to start a literal “Fat Farm.” Admission was dependent upon an application which required a written weight gain history, future goals, and links to your social media presence. The Fat Farm guaranteed you would meet or exceed your goal weight or your money back. Plus, you got to lounge in a beautiful Italian mansion and eat gourmet food prepared by a chef whenever you wanted. It seemed like a gainer’s fantasy come to life, and it wasn’t that expensive. I immediately began filling out an application.


Kingston Onatraio ~ Canada ~ Penitentiary Museum ~ Historic Buiding ~ Cedarhedge by Onasill ~ Bill Badzo
Via Flickr:
Built entirely by convict labour under the supervision of staff Trade Instructors, the house took nearly 3 years to build. The cost? Approximately $ 9,000.00 (in 1873 dollars). Designed in the Italianate Vernacular style by Acting Penitentiary Architect, Henry H. Horsey, it was constructed using a combination of local Kingston limestone quarried on the penitentiary reserve, with Ohio Sandstone accents. In the late 19th century, the residence became known as “Cedarhedge” in reference to the extensive manicured cedar hedges that once lined the driveway.

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TYL Vongola + Dino reacting to being sent several nsfw photos or texts from their s/o while being tied up at the office or with a meeting or something of the sort

Tsuna: A small gasp made it’s way out of his mouth.  Gokudera turned to ask what was wrong, ready to attack something.  “N-nothing,” Tsuna said calming the man before turning to look back at the picture you had sent him.  You clearly had just gone shopping for new lingerie. 

He looked up to the rest of the members pooled into the office, taking their seats.  He turned his phone on silent and slipped it back into his pocket.  But all through the meeting he could see the light flashing on his phone, saying he had more alerts.  Luckily it was a short day.  After this he could go home and see your new outfits in person. 

Gokudera: “Shit,” the man muttered.  He had just looked at the first picture and realized that for the rest of the day, he would not be able to concentrate at all.  Blood was already going south.  He glared at the stack of paperwork that kept him tied to his office with hatred.  He glanced at the phone and saw another text.  Another amazing picture and less blood going to his brain.  He growled in anger about not being able to do anything about his.  Eventually he just turned his phone off and locked it in his desk drawer.  You would definitely pay for distracting him later. 

Yamamoto: He had just sat down at his desk when his phone chimed, indicating a text from you.  He looked at it and grinned.  This wasn’t like you, sexting wasn’t your style your thing.  Not that he was complaining.  The picture was quite nice.  It combine two of his favorite things, you and baseball, his old uniform to be specific.  The one that barely covered anything on you.  He grinned again when the next text came in, you saying what you wanted him to do to you.  Then the realization hit him.  He couldn’t do shit about it.  He had three meetings today and none of them could he afford to miss.  He let out a loud sigh and replied, promising to help you out after work. 

Lambo: He let out a groan.  That was his favorite outfit on you.  And a winky face emoji too.  Dammit.  Why did today have to be a busy day.  If only he hadn’t pissed of Gokudera and got stuck with all this extra paperwork.  He read the text that came in.  A groan this time as he let his head fall to his desk, a solid thump echoing.  He wasn’t going to get any paperwork done today, not if you kept sending pictures and messages like that.  He looked back at his phone, willing himself to put it on silent or something.  But he couldn’t, mostly because he was also expecting a call from Tsuna.  So he had to suffer through all the little rings as you sent him more messages as he waited for Tsuna to call.  You’d pay for this suffering later. 

Ryohei: He smiled wide, this was nice.  A nice outfit for him to come home to, a promise of sex.  He was A okay with this.  But not with the meeting that he was in, one that had been going on for an hour already and showed no sign of ending.  His smile dropped at that.  He looked around at all the older gentlemen prattling on about god knows what.  Why they did this meeting have to be today?  He glanced at his phone again, keeping it close to him so the men on either side of him didn’t sneak a peak.  He made a promise to fuck you silly later, and he was not known for breaking promises. 

Hibari: He raised an eyebrow at the text.  This pleased him.  The situation on a whole did not though.  He was stuck in a meeting with people he did not like while you were taunting and teasing him.  And damn, did you know his weaknesses.  What he liked to see you in, what angles for the pictures, even the words attached to them, the teasing, the promises.  Maybe you weren't a herbivore after all.  You couldn’t be, you were too good at bringing him to his knees.  He growled in frustration, the men around him eyeing him with scared looks.  Later. 

Chrome: The girl nearly dropped her phone.  She was not expecting a message like that from you and not while she was at work.  Somehow she got stuck with Mukuro’s paperwork too and while she wasn’t complaining really, it wasn’t the funnest way to spend the day.  She grabbed her phone and held it close to her chest, as if someone else was in the office, reading it over her shoulder.  She would be lying if she said she wasn’t a little turned on.  Putting the phone down, she tried to concentrate on her paperwork.  The quicker she got it done, the sooner she could leave. 

Mukuro: It was payback time.  The last time you had a busy day at work, he had sexted you and got you all worked up, making it hard for you to concentrate.  Now it was his turn to get all worked up.  You sent him a couple texts first, begging him to take you.  Then you sent him a couple pictures, each one showing more and more.  Mukuro looked at the latest picture and growled.  This meeting was torture.  Three more hours at least of this then paperwork.  It would be a long day, and you were not helping, but he did like this side of you.  Payback is a bitch though.  Too bad Tsuna would see through any illusion he would throw up in order to escape.  

Dino: A strange, almost unhuman like noise croaked out of his mouth as he looked at the picture you sent.  The perks of being with him was the Italian beach front mansion that came with a private beach.  And you liked to tan.  But you hated tan lines.  He looked at the picture one more time before shoving his phone in his pocket as the rest of the family bosses walked into the meeting room.  You had an evil side, and normally he loved it.  But this was torture. 


Jeremiah E. Reeves Victorian Home and Carriage House Museum
325 E. Iron Ave.
Dover, OH 44622
The Jeremiah Reeves House and Carriage House is located at 325 East Iron Avenue in Dover, Tuscarawas County, Ohio. The house is also alternatively known as the Dover Historical Museum and the J.E. Reeves Victorian Home and Carriage House Museum. The house was built in 1870 by Valentine Wills as a two-story farmhouse. The brick house had large spacious rooms with high ceilings. When Jeremiah E. Reeves, an industrialist and banker, purchased the house in 1898 he extensively remodeled the house to meet his high standards of living. The house was transformed into a 17-room Italianate mansion house, equipped with a ballroom, drawing room, and a large dining room, to name a few. The Reeves family moved into the home in 1901 and within a short time the area came to be known as Reeves Heights. The house was situated on a small hill overlooking the river and was close to the rolling mills Reeves had purchased for his steel business. The area grew as more and more Reeves relatives built homes around the original property. Jeremiah Reeves died in the house in 1920, and the house remained occupied until the death of his wife, Jane, in 1926. The house was vacant save for a few times of sporadic inhabitation by the Reeves family and underwent a “modernization” in the 1940s. The Dover Historical Society (DHS) obtained title to the property when the last remaining child of Jeremiah Reeves died. The DHS restored the home with the help of Samuel Reeves, Jr. until his death in 1977. The property was listed on the National Register on July 15, 1982, is maintained today as a museum by the DHS, and showcases life during the Victorian Era.


Kingston Ontario ~ Bellevue House National Historic Site of Canada by Onasill ~ Bill Badzo
Via Flickr:
Bellevue House was constructed around 1840 by Charles Hales, a wealthy Kingston merchant who profited greatly from the prosperous decade of the 1830s. Bellevue House, located at 35 Centre St. between Union and King streets in Kingston, Ontario, is one of the first and finest examples of Italian Villa architecture in Canada. Sir John A. Macdonald moved into the house with his wife Isabella Clark and their son John Alexander in 1848.


Ames Mansion by Marc Belanger
Via Flickr:
North Easton, Massachusetts Built in 1862 for Oliver Ames, Jr. (It’s For Sale)


City Hall, Warren, OH by Joseph


“Home Means The World To Me” (INDOORS)

Costing $13.9 million, Whitley Mansion as 14000 SQ feet to explore your heart’s deepest desires. It is built of Italian stone, mahogany doors, walnut floors, iron and glass doors, bronze-coloured vaulted ceilings, custom glazed walls, hand-blown glass chandelier, hand carved cabinetry, and an impeccable sound system fit to fill the house with music for those famous parties and events of his. It features a game room, library, larger-than-life wine cellar, game room, and much more. As well as this, there is an outdoor kitchen with pizza oven, dining area, and fireplace for those cozy nights out. The 4.5 acres of hardscape artistically outline the pool, spa, landscaping, and 6 car garage.

Get lost on the Whitley Estate where dreams come true.


“Home Means The World To Me” (OUTDOORS)

Costing $13.9 million, Whitley Mansion as 14000 SQ feet to explore your heart’s deepest desires. It is built of Italian stone, mahogany doors, walnut floors, iron and glass doors, bronze-coloured vaulted ceilings, custom glazed walls, hand-blown glass chandelier, hand carved cabinetry, and an impeccable sound system fit to fill the house with music for those famous parties and events of his. It features a game room, library, larger-than-life wine cellar, game room, and much more. As well as this, there is an outdoor kitchen with pizza oven, dining area, and fireplace for those cozy nights out. The 4.5 acres of hardscape artistically outline the pool, spa, landscaping, and 6 car garage.

Get lost on the Whitley Estate where dreams come true.


Johnston -Felton - Hay House by LT
Via Flickr:
Johnston-Felton-Hay House, often abbreviated Hay House, is a historic residence in Macon, Georgia. Built between 1855 and 1859 by William Butler Johnston and his wife Anne Tracy Johnston in the Italian Renaissance Revival style, the house has been called the “Palace of the South.” The mansion sits atop Coleman Hill on Georgia Avenue in downtown Macon, near the Walter F. George School of Law, part of Mercer University. The 18,000-square-foot (1,700 m2), 24-room home designed by the New York architect T. Thomas and Son has four levels and is crowned by a three-story cupola. Commissioned by imaginative owners and constructed by the most skillful workers of the time, its technological amenities were unsurpassed in the mid-nineteenth century: hot and cold running water, central heat, a speaker-tube system connecting 15 rooms, a French lift equivalent to today’s elevator, in-house kitchen, and an elaborate ventilation system. House history Two families lived in Hay House, the first over four generations. Most of the home’s present-day furnishings date from the Hay family’s occupancy (1926-1962). A few pieces are from the Johnston family (1860-1896), most notably the Eastlake-style dining room suite. The most notable piece in the collection may be the 1857 marble statue, “Ruth Gleaning,” by American expatriate sculptor Randolph Rogers. The home was a place of comfort for the Johnston family and their daughters until the late 1800s. In 1896 after the death of Mrs. Johnston, their daughter Mary Ellen Felton and her husband lived in the home. The Feltons updated the plumbing and electricity and stayed in the home until the time of their deaths in 1926. The Johnstons The Hay House living room William Butler Johnston obtained his substantial wealth through investments in banking, railroads and public utilities rather than from the agrarian cotton economy. In 1851, he married Anne Clark Tracy, 20 years his junior, and the couple embarked on an extended honeymoon in Europe from 1852 to 1855. During their trip, the Johnstons visited hundreds of museums, historic sites and art studios. They collected fine porcelains, sculptures and paintings as mementos during their grand tour. Inspired by the Italian architecture they observed, the Johnstons constructed the monumental Italian Renaissance Revival mansion in Macon upon their return to America.[1] Only two of the Johnstons’ six children survived to adulthood. Caroline and Mary Ellen Johnston were born in 1862 and 1864, respectively, and grew up in the house on Georgia Avenue. The Feltons After the death of Mrs. Johnston in 1896, daughter Mary Ellen and her husband, Judge William H. Felton, lived in the house. They remodeled and redecorated parts of the house, updated the plumbing and added electricity.[2] Their only child, William Hamilton Felton, Jr., was born in 1889. He married Luisa Macgill Gibson in 1915, and the newlywed couple soon moved in with the Feltons. They and their two sons, William Hamilton Felton III and George Gibson Felton, lived in the house until 1926. The Hays After the deaths of William Sr. and Mary Ellen Felton, the house was sold to Parks Lee Hay and his wife, Maude. After purchasing, the Hays redecorated the entire home, updating it to fit the new twentieth-century décor. The home was seen as a local landmark to all in middle Georgia. Mr. Hay died in 1957; when Mrs. Hay died in 1962, the home was turned into a house museum. In 1977, the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation took over ownership of the home and it is now a National Historic Landmark. [3] Present day Following Mrs. Hay’s death, her heirs established the P.L. Hay Foundation and operated the house as a private house museum. By virtue of its national significance, Hay House was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1974. In 1977, the ownership and operation of the house was formally transferred to The Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation to ensure its long-term preservation. In 2000, the White House Millennium Council designated Hay House an Official Project of Save America’s Treasures in 2000.[5] Today, Hay House is one of Macon’s most popular tourist attractions with 20,000 visitors each year.[5] The House is also a prominent rental venue for special events.