italian ice cream


General vocabulary:
Gelateria: ice cream parlour
Gelato: ice cream
Granita: slush (usually with syrups on top)
Gusto: (plural: gusti) flavor
Cono: cone
Coppetta: paper cup
Cucchiaino: tiny spoon
Scontrino: receipt

Types of ice cream:
Creme: creamy icecream
Alla frutta: fruity flavored

Most popular flavors:
Stracciatella: vanilla and chocolate chips
Bacio: (literally: kiss) hazelnut and chocolate cream from this very famous Italian chocolate
Zuppa Inglese: (literally: English soup) a dessert based icecream on sponge cake. Recipes vary but the main ingredients are milk, cream, egg yolks, sugar, a dash of Alchermes and bits of sponge cake.
Crema: Italian crema is a pale yellow colour and more like custard than cream. This is the frozen version
Nocciola: hazelnut
Caffè: coffee
Menta: mint
Cioccolato: chocolate. Sometimes this comes in two versions,  milk chocolate (cioccolato/cioccolato al latte) and extra dark chocolate (cioccolato fondente)
Nutella: the very famous Italian hazelnut cream
Tiramisù: simply tiramisù flavour
Pistacchio: just pistachios and it is usally green
Fragola: strawberries
Limone: lemon.

How to order an ice cream:
In Italy you can order an ice cream in a cone or a cup, which come in different sizes and prices.
You can order it by number of flavors you want on your cone/cup or by the price:

“Un/una cono/coppetta da un gusto / due/tre gusti, per favore”:
A cone / cup with one flavor, two/three flavors, please.
“Un/una cono/coppetta da 2, 3 euro, per favore”
A cone / cup that is worth 2, 3 euros, please.
(we don’t have a plural for euros)
“Un/una cono/coppetta piccolo/medio/grande, per favore”:

A small/medium/big cone/cup, please.

 After ordering the server will ask you if you’d also like whipped cream (panna) and ice cream wafers on your cone (cialda), just saying:
“Vuole anche la panna?”:
Would you like some whipped cream too?

“Ice cream wafers?”

In some ice cream parlours (gelaterie) you have to pay for the ice cream first and then you can order, so you need to show the receipt (scontrino) when you order your flavors, but in others you can order and then pay after you get your ice cream. It is important to keep the receipt in the first case and to show it to the server because otherwise you won’t be able to order your ice cream. Do not be afraid to speak up and hold your receipt very high so the servers can see you because other people might skip ahead of you if you don’t.

In most ice cream parlours you can also order slushes (granite) and french style crêpes, or frozen yogurt.

 Other common phrases:
 “Dimmi”: (literally: tell me) It is used by servers to indicate they’re ready to take your order.
“Prego”: (literally: please) It is used by servers to indicate they’re ready to take your order.
“Da quanti gusti?”:
“how many flavors would you like?
“Posso ordinare?”
: “could I order now?”
“Vorrei…”: “I would like…”
“…Con panna”: “…with whipped cream”
“…Senza panna”: “…without whipped cream”
“…Con cialda”: “ “…with ice cream wafer”
“…Senza cialda”
: “ …without ice cream wafer”
“Cosa sta bene con…”: “what tastes good with this (flavor)?”

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Ice cream vocabulary - Polish

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Loosely based on @languageoclock‘s POST.


  • chocolate curls – wiórki czekoladowe (pl.)
  • chocolate sprinkles – posypka czekoladowa f
  • cone – wafelek m
  • cream – śmietana f / śmietanka f
  • cup – kubeczek m
  • flavour/taste - smak m
  • freezer – zamrażalnik m / zamrażarka f
  • ice – lód m
  • ice block – kostka lodu f
  • ice cream – lody (pl.) [sometimes also lód m]
  • ice cream cake – tort lodowy m
  • ice cream carton – lody w pudełku (pl.)
  • ice cream kiosk – budka z lodami f
  • ice cream parlour – lodziarnia f
  • ice cream (plastic) spoon – (plastikowa) łyżeczka do lodów f
  • ice cream sandwich – kanapka lodowa f
  • ice cream scoop – łyżka do lodów f / gałkownica f
  • ice cream truck – samochód m / ciężarówka f / furgonetka f z lodami
  • ice (cream) on a stick – lód na patyku m
  • icy pole – pałeczka lodowa f
  • sauce – polewa f
  • scoop of ice cream – gałka lodów f
  • soft ice cream/soft serve – lody włoskie (pl.) or lody amerykańskie (pl.) / świderek m *
  • sorbet – sorbet m
  • sprinkles – posypka f
  • sugar sprinkles – posypka cukrowa f
  • waffle cone – wafelek m
  • whipped cream – bita śmietana f


  • cold - zimny
  • creamy – śmietankowy
  • crisp/crunchy – chrupki / chrupiący
  • dairy free – bez mleka / bezmleczny
  • frozen – zmrożony
  • gluten free – bez glutenu / bezglutenowy
  • lactose free – bez laktozy
  • melting – roztapiający się
  • sugar free – bez curku / bezcukrowy
  • sweet - słodki
  • tart – cierpki / kwaśny
  • vegan - wegański


  • to go for an ice cream – pójść (pf.) / iść (impf.) / chodzić (impf.) na lody
  • to scoop ice cream/to make scoops of ice cream – nałożyć (pf.) / nakładać (impf.) gałkę lodów (gałki lodów – pl.)
  • to store something in the freezer – trzymać (impf.) coś w zamrażarce / zamrażalniku
  • to taste like something – smakować (impf.) jak coś
  • I would like to order… – chciałbym zamówić
  • two scoops of (strawberry) ice cream, please - poproszę dwie gałki lodów (truskawkowych)


If you want to order a particular flavor, you’ve got three ways of how to say it:

  • Poproszę czekoladę i cytrynę – Chocolate and lemon ice cream, please (usually used while ordering scoops of ice cream)
  • Poproszę lody czekoladowe i cytrynowe – Chocolate and lemon ice cream, please (used while buying ice cream at the shop/supermarket etc. or while ordering scoops of ice cream)
  • Poproszę lody o smaku czekoladowym i cytrynowym (used while buying ice cream at the shop/supermarket etc. or while ordering scoops of ice cream)

  • banana – lody bananowe - lody o smaku bananowym / banana banan m
  • caramel – lody karmelowe - lody o smaku karmelowym / karmela karmel m
  • cherry – lody wiśniowe - lody o smaku wiśniowym / wiśni wiśnia f
  • coconut – lody kokosowe - lody o smaku kokosowym / kokosa kokos m
  • coffee – lody kawowe - lody o smaku kawowym / kawy kawa f
  • cookie/biscuit – lody ciasteczkowe - lody o smaku ciasteczkowym / ciasteczek ciasteczko n
  • creamy – lody śmietankowe lody o smaku śmietankowym / śmietanki śmietanka f
  • currant – lody porzeczkowe lody o smaku porzeczkowym / porzeczki porzeczka f
  • grapefruit – lody grejpfrutowe lody o smaku grejpfrutowym / grejpfruta grejpfrut m
  • hazelnut – lody orzechowe - lody o smaku orzechowym / orzecha orzech m
  • kiwi – lody kiwi lody o smaku kiwi kiwi n
  • lemon – lody cytrynowe - lody o maku cytrynowym / cytryny cytryna f
  • mango – lody mango - lody o smaku mangomango n
  • Nutella – lody o smaku NutelliNutella f
  • peach – lody brzoskwiniowe lody o smaku brzoskwiniowym / brzoskwini brzoskwinia f
  • pear – lody gruszkowe lody o smaku gruszkowym / gruszki gruszka f
  • peppermint – lody miętowe - lody o smaku miętowym / mięty mięta f
  • pineapple – lody ananasowelody o smaku ananasowym / ananasa ananas m
  • pistachio – lody pistacjowe - lody o smaku pistacjowym / pistacji pistacja f
  • raspberry – lody malinowe - lody o smaku malinowym / maliny malina f
  • stracciatella – lody stracciatellalody o smaku stracciatella / stracciatelli stracciatella f
  • strawberry – lody truskawkowe - lody o smaku truskawkowym / truskawki truskawka f
  • vanilla – lody waniliowe - lody o smaku waniliowym / wanilii wanilia f
  • with dried fruts and nuts – lody bakaliowe lody o smaku bakaliowym  / bakalii bakalie (pl.)
  • zabaglione – lody zabajonelody o smaku zabajone zabajone n

* We’ve got two versions of soft ice cream:

  • lody włoskie (Italian ice cream)
  • lody amerykańskie (American ice cream) / świderki 

** There is also another thing you should be aware of…
Please, do not say zrobić (pf.) / robić (impf.) loda (literal translation: to make an ice cream) - it means to give a blowjob. And lodziara f is a woman who gives a lot of blowjobs. If you ask sb Zrobisz mi loda? (Will you make me an ice cream?), this person may think about sth NSFW.



Italian ice cream really is the best. The man in the Armchair Kitchen remembers family holidays in Glasgow where they went for cones and wafers to the Queen’s Cafe - proprietor Mr. Jaconelli. Presumably the Scots couldn’t get their minds round the pronunciation of Giaconelli. In those days there was no choice - there was only one flavour: vanilla. Maybe it’s those memories that make him choose vanilla over the huge range on offer wherever he goes.

Faced with the vast choice in Italy I think of the ice cream experience as a dessert and go for crème caramel or woodland fruits (but not together). My friend always looks for nocciola (hazelnut) but none of us had a problem resisting the bright blue one. They don’t mention what flavour it is - calling it simply by its colour azzurro - blue..

Moments from Jack and the Cuckoo Clock Heart that actually happened
  • the weirdly sexual lyrics of Flamme A Lunettes
  •  “Do you often sprout Italian ice cream cones?” “Only when I’ve snacked on spaghetti after midnight.”
  • All of Jack’s chest shots
  • Madeleine going to bed without taking out her huge updo
  • Jack the Ripper just randomly showing up about a quarter of the way through
  • Melies and Jack’s sick skateboarding
  • clock boner
  • Joe’s rapping and accompaniment beatboxing
  • The implication that Melies was fucking the conjoined twins
  • Miss Acacia floating away while Jack holds onto her ankle and tries not look up her skirt 
  • The rock music numbers
  • The entire Ghost Train sequence
  • Jack rapidly falling love with Miss Acacia during her flamenco
  • Everyone’s sparkly skin and impeccable fashion sense
  • Melies, a French character created by French people in France, being a walking French stereotype
  • Joe getting his eye stabbed out and wearing eyepatch, which makes him look even more Edgy™
  • Madeleine drinking literal tears
  • A face with legs getting launched out a cannon
  • Melies calling Jack’s freckles “succulent” 
  • Accordion Train
  • Mathias Malzieu being the living embodiment of the “when you do all of the work in the group project” meme
  • Jack walking in and sadly saying “She’s in love with me”
  • A moon with Miss Acacia’s face eating the accordion train
  • Jack carrying Miss Acacia to her room and accidentally bumping her head on a pole
  • “I was practicing kissing you while you were sleeping”
  • Jack getting struck by lightning and no one questions it
  • Madeleine holding a stethoscope up to a man’s crotch
  • Jack’s mother showing up on Madeleine’s doorstep with a frozen dead bird in her hair
  • Everyone’s varying levels of angst
  • Joe showing up in an automobile that looks like a boat

This movie is fuckin wild


Year in Review: August 2016

Shot Afro Punk street style portraits and some more restaurants for

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mattjostensbutt  asked:

Andriel? :)

Who said “I love you” first

Neil. I’m not too confident it would be him but he’s more likely to say it out loud (what with that big mouth he’s got) even though I feel like Andrew’s a tad crazier for him than he is for Andrew

Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background

Definitely Andrew. I think he’s the SO-as-wallpaper type. Imagine him trying to hide a smile every time he opens his phone. Oh cutie (Their phones are ancient though! Haha) Neil’s wallpaper is probs Exy related or something

Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror

Andrew. They’re not necessarily the sweetest notes though. It would be like ‘Out of hot water, dickhead’ or something

Who buys the other cheesy gifts

Andrew. He’s so the gifting type, no question bout that. He probably gives Neil little action figures and other Exy related merch

Who initiated the first kiss

Heh. We both know who that is

Who kisses the other awake in the morning

Neil. Even though he sometimes suffers for it given Andrew’s thing when he’s woken up. And Andrew never apologizes but Neil thinks it’s worth it. Bruises heal anyway

Who starts tickle fights

Neil. He does it when Andrew’s lounging barefoot on the bean bag chair

Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower

Either of them?? Consent is so important to them (AND I FUCKING LOVE IT.)

Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch

Andrew. He brings all kinds of food from Chinese to Italian. And ice cream, always ice cream, for dessert

Who was nervous and shy on the first date

Neil. Bc that boy is an overthinker.

Who kills/takes out the spiders

Neil. I feel like Andrew’s one of those people who aren’t afraid of snakes or big cats or whatnot but freak the fuck out over a roach or a spider

Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk

Andrew. Bc he so rarely tells Neil he loves him. All those pent up feels in his small body have to get out one way or another.