italian ice cream



Italian ice cream really is the best. The man in the Armchair Kitchen remembers family holidays in Glasgow where they went for cones and wafers to the Queen’s Cafe - proprietor Mr. Jaconelli. Presumably the Scots couldn’t get their minds round the pronunciation of Giaconelli. In those days there was no choice - there was only one flavour: vanilla. Maybe it’s those memories that make him choose vanilla over the huge range on offer wherever he goes.

Faced with the vast choice in Italy I think of the ice cream experience as a dessert and go for crème caramel or woodland fruits (but not together). My friend always looks for nocciola (hazelnut) but none of us had a problem resisting the bright blue one. They don’t mention what flavour it is - calling it simply by its colour azzurro - blue..

My husband and I went to get some Italian ice cream and once we got to the point where we had to pay, the owner says “cash only”. Man, so we were like dang we can’t get this. The owner says “there is an ATM next door” so we step outside and I noticed it was a bar. I was like yo um.. Im definitely not going in there. So my husband told the owner that it was a bar and we’re not going in there. The owner says. “there’s another ATM down the street, here, take these (the ice cream) and go to the ATM. I trust you guys to come back. You’re Muslim, I know you won’t steal from me”

I was like wow MashaAllah. He trusted us because we are Muslim. That is a reputation that we should be proud of.