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Italian ice cream really is the best. The man in the Armchair Kitchen remembers family holidays in Glasgow where they went for cones and wafers to the Queen’s Cafe - proprietor Mr. Jaconelli. Presumably the Scots couldn’t get their minds round the pronunciation of Giaconelli. In those days there was no choice - there was only one flavour: vanilla. Maybe it’s those memories that make him choose vanilla over the huge range on offer wherever he goes.

Faced with the vast choice in Italy I think of the ice cream experience as a dessert and go for crème caramel or woodland fruits (but not together). My friend always looks for nocciola (hazelnut) but none of us had a problem resisting the bright blue one. They don’t mention what flavour it is - calling it simply by its colour azzurro - blue..

Each house as a city

Griffindor: Rome; warm bright sun, late nights, pizza, the best summer, ice cream, italian spirit, driving with a motobike, hair in the wind, laughter

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Hufflepuff: Paris; sweets everyhwere, crêpe, maccarons, ice cream, etc., the eifel tower, making cute photos infront of it, french boys

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Ravenclaw: Berlin; interesting museums, history everywhere, cool urban spots, different/punk/gothic/hipster people => you will only meet individuals there, no one looks the same, Döner

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Slytherin: Prague, drugs, alcohol, early fresh mornings, near a river, old buildings, great language, weird intellectual individual people, old curches, small streets, good coffee, big beautiful gardens

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There is a Italian Ice Cream Company that creates ice cream of every flavour known to wizard. They make ice cream from strawberry flavoured to the less popular gillyweed flavoured and ship globally. In fact it is them that supplied Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour up until it closed during the war.