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Name: Eliza Tea
Age: 14
Country: Philippines


Hi! I’m Tea, Roman Catholic, born from the Pisces constellation (turned 14 last March 2017), and from the islands of the Philippines. I am very friendly, jolly, and really excited when talking to new people, although I get nervous when face to face. I’m getting over that shyness slowly though! 

First off, I am a HUGE bookworm. I am a fan of Harry Potter (JK Rowling), Rick Riordan’s books (PJO/HOO/MCGA/TKC/TOA), The Ascendance Trilogy and The Mark of the Thief Trilogy (J Nielsen), A Series of Unfortunate Events (L Snicket), Divergent (V Roth), and Zodiac (R Russell) to name a few. I love mythology/fiction/thriller books usually. If you become my pal, the first thing I might ask you is if you’ve read *insert books here* hahaha, but if you don’t know them, I don’t mind of course!

Next, I love to sing. I like to say I am good, and I’m growing out of my shyness and stage fright-and I can sing in front of people now! I love to sing to Dodie Clark, Tessa Violet, etc. But I also like bands, the usual, 1D/5SOS/TØP/FOB/P!ATD, but I absolutely love Adele, Lady Gaga, Melanie Martinez and more. OH AND MUSICALS! I really love Hamilton, Heathers, Dear Evan Hansen, In The Heights, Jekyll and Hyde, 21CS, and Waitress. Ii also play the guitar, the recorder, and a little violin. By the way, I hope you’re up for little singing sessions and whatnot!

Lastly, I’m so sorry this is so long, I love space! Anything about the stars, the planets, anything out of this world, I am definitely interested in. I love Chemistry and Biology too! You could say I’m a nerd, and I love studying when I feel like it, but my best subject is English.

I’m currently learning Spanish and Italian (via Duolingo) and will take up French in school this coming school season. I can speak fluent English and Tagalog, and *very* basic Spanish and Italian.

Well, that’s all. I’m excited to talk to anyone willing to be friends with a 14-yo with a vast range of interest. I can do Gmail, Discord, or Skype! I would love snail mail but my school schedule would limit my time for handwriting instead of typing. I would prefer a guy Pal, since I grew up in an all-girls grade school and there aren’t really nice guys at my high school that I can talk to. But! If you’re female or part of the LGBTQ+ community, I am absolutely fine with that!

-between ages 13 to 20
-any gender! (a guy would be prefered though)
-any religion!
-loves music, books, and science
-willing to lend a shoulder to cry on
-willing to talk about anything random/interests/deep stuff
-willing to be friends with a silly singing 14-yo goofball like me!
-not racist, Islamophobic, etc. As long as you’re a nice and decent person, that’s fine with me :)

Harry Potter Books in Italian

Hi everyone! I’ve seen several posts about Harry Potter books in several languages and, since I have all the seven books, I wanted to share them with you. I wanted to point out that these are the new edition books (which means that the translation is updated compared to the first edition, so for all Italian readers, these books may be different from the ones you know. Also: the covers are different) Have fun!

  1. Harry Potter e la Pietra Filosofale
  2. Harry Potter e la Camera dei Segreti
  3. Harry Potter e il Prigioniero di Azkaban
  4. Harry Potter e il Calice di Fuoco
  5. Harry Potter e l’Ordine della Fenice
  6. Harry Potter e il Principe Mezzosangue
  7. Harry Potter e i Doni della Morte
Versioni di Greco e Latino in classe

Leggi la versione

Rileggi quello che hai scritto, che recita più o meno così: “Non anche le case vicino il giorno discutiamo camminando?”

Pensavi di aver capito tutto ma una parola smonta tutta la tua teoria

Improvvisamente, dopo dieci minuti passati a fissare la frase e il vocabolario con le mani tra i capelli, capisci come si traduce

Trovi la frase fatta sul vocabolario

Manca mezz’ora e hai tradotto appena tre righe (sbagliate)

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Name: Cate
Age: 17 (July 13)
Country: Argentina

Hey, I’m Cate, I live in Argentina, so spanish is my first language, but I’m also fluent in italian and english. I’d really like someone who speaks english, so that I get to practice a bit more.
I really like getting to know people with different cultures, and I’d like to make a lasting and meaningful friendship. I’m a good advice giver, or at least that’s what people say.
I’m a huge music enthusiast, and tv show addict, it’s pretty bad. (Arctic Monkeys, The last shadow puppets, the strokes, ed sheeran, vampire weekend, the xx, two door cinema club, etcc) (Harry potter, PJO, doctor who, sense8, skam, marvel, sherlock, criminal minds, supernatural, etc)
It’d be really cool to find someone with whom I can fangirl with and with whom I can share my fanfic ideas (which I never finish) and headcanons.
I absolutely LOVE cats, drawing and creative activities in general.

Preferences: I dont care about gender, or age, although someone closer to mine would be better. Someone with an open mind and supportive of the LGBT community.


I hope percival graves is still alive somewhere over the rainbow and I share the theories of a relationship between Credence and percival before Grindelwald comes and destroyed everything 💔
Credence is a cinnamon roll.
Percival is the new Mr Grey.

Non serve a niente rifugiarsi nei sogni, Harry, è dimenticarsi di vivere.
—  Albus Silente -Harry Potter e la pietra filosofale

anonymous asked:

Do you know of any place where there's links to harry Potter books in a lot of languages? (Sorry if my English isn't great, it's my first language but I haven't had to use it in about a month or two)

I just googled the names of each book in French hahaha and it was literally within the first 5 results

  • I know the entire German series can be found here on @langsandlit‘s dropbox post, as well as the first book in Italian and Swedish. :) 
  • After a bit of digging, I also found the Japanese versions for Books 1-5 (although book 5 is still being typed up). It’s in html format, so it’s super convenient for dictionary lookup! 
  • For Simplified Chinese [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7]
  • For Traditional Chinese [1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7] (I couldn’t find the fifth book for some reason)
  • Harry Potter in Korean (all 7 books): link (scroll down to the online book section)

I triple checked the Chinese and Japanese versions and they all seem to be very safe sites. Some links will be direct pdf downloads, others will lead you to a Baidu dropbox folder.

I think multilingual copies of Harry Potter are floating all over the Internet, you just really have to try to dig things up on google. Also, there are a ton of sketchy sites out there, so be careful!!

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Name: Beatrice
Age: 18
Country: Italy

Hello everyone, nice to meet you. I’d like to start a “penship” with someone english-speaking (?), but I can also help with Italian if someone wants to try it. I like reading (Harry Potter fan since 2009), watching tv series (Sherlock, DW and GoT for example), and, for the last couple of years, watching anime (rn I’m crazy for SnK, YoI, TG and many more (and Naruto, always Naruto)). I like drawing and chatting my friends’ ears away, and I’d really like to interact with someone from a different place, to widen my horizons.

Preferences: I’d like to talk with someone in my age group, so let’s say between 15 and 23? Younger or older I’d feel a little weirded out myself.

É normale, non farcela, delle volte. Anche quando sai di essere più forte, ma non puoi.
—  Federica M.
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Name: Alessia
Age: 17
Country: Italy

Yo guys! I’m a 17 years old from Italy and I’m looking forward to meeting new weirdo kids just like me.
I really love reading, expecially classical or fantasy books ( I’m in love with LOTR and HP, I’m a Gryffindor). At school I study Physics, Maths, Science but also Philosphy, Literature and History.
I speak English, Italian (of course..), and a little bit of Spanish and French ( actually, I’m deeply in love with France and its language).
I hope that in a couple of years I’ll be at university, studying Astronomy or Physics.
I love talking about almost everything, from stupid things to deep speeches.
Oh yes, of course I love TV series ( GOT, Friends, HIMYM, PLL, Twin Peaks, Bones, Dexter, Lost…).

-From 16 to 20
-No hate
-All kinds of gender, religion and nationality

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i love your italian remus hcs do you have more of them?? :)

oh boy DO I

  • remus BARELY understanding english wizard currency (I cannot believe that all wizards use the same currency - knut is a really English-sounding word) and having to do really ridiculous conversions in his head.
  • like: Italian wizard currency –> euros –> pounds sterling –> English wizard currency. oh my god.
  • he gets really nervous when he shops because he has literally NO IDEA how much anything costs ((( “twenty galleons?? is that a lot????”)))
  • ah after the summer holidays he comes back to school with a really thick accent so barely anyone but the other marauders (and lily, later on) can understand him
  • sometimes Sirius asks to look at his notes in class and starts making high pitched distressed noises because they are all Such a mishmash of language
  • not so much an italian remus one but just one in general: a lot of people think that remus just doesn’t get angry because he seems so chill all the time. truth is when he’s angry he gets sooo angry but it blows over in a couple of minutes and everyone’s like   w hat ju st happened……..
  • remus kissing his friends on the cheek!!! gosh!!!
  • he’s so tactile he always touches people when he’s talking without even realising and occasionally people will point it out him and he gets really embarrassed and tomato red
  • once remus was gesticulating so much he accidentally slapped lily in the face. james never forgave him