italian frame

I was tagged by @magikofinsanity​ and @duranie100theunionofthesnake. Thank you so much. 😊✌️

  • Five things you’ll find in my bag: Keys, the 2nd phone, wallet, phone case and friendship bracelets.
  • Five things in my room: I don’t have my own room, but in my place you can find some photos in frames, computer, italian flag, 2 wind chimes and a cup with stuffs.
  • Five things I want to do with my life: Oh… Leave a lot of people I know in this moment, leave my country, find one person [I just don’t know does he exist or not], …
  • Five things that make me happy: Conversations with one important person, my favourite music, buying the threads, … Yep, not too much.
  • Five things I’m currently into: Music, native americans, hand-made, …
  • Five things on my to-do list: To learn english! Damn!
  • Five things you may not know about me: When I’m cold, I have a white spot on my nose; I don’t like some bands which everyone likes [even more I can’t understand why people like that]; I can’t understand how people of country I live in can be the patriots [I don’t support them in it]; I wanted to stopped listening to Bring Me the Horizon, but sometimes I secretly listen to them and I’m in depression 4 years already [no, I didn’t try to kill or cut myself yet].

Yeaaahhh! The main event arrived! 

All the way from Hungary and in the grand scheme, it arrived pretty darn quickly too. The seller packaged it up really well and it looks as awesome as it did in the pictures. A few minor marks and blemishes in the paint, but I expected that. 

The first thing I noticed was how light it was. Far out! And the paintwork is beautiful, truly a work of art. Any loss of paint only reveals the chrome undercoat anyway, which is a really nice touch. 

This bike is going to look amazing!