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Holy shit I’m sorry but like. I started as an 18 year old weeb who cooked since the age of 9. And then I got a job at this fine dining Italian place, and I was so bad they wanted to fire me for like the first 3 months.

And then I got better and I learned all the stations and 2.5 years later I peace and start to work at the 3rd best restaurant in the world. And that’s just unbelievable to me to begin with. Like I’ve been working there for over half a year, I’m in charge of making all the bread and doughs, like my shit actually really matters, and I still can’t believe I got the job in the first place

And now we just became the Best Restaurant in the world. And I was a part of that. And that just fucking baffles me. This place that I didn’t even think I could ever work at is, due to the work of me and all my cooks and chefs and foh people, now the #1 REstaurant in the entire fucking WORLD.

honestly I have no fucking words. This is fucking wild.

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It's Regina and Emma's third date and Regina is freaking out because she's heard all about the third date rule and she's not ready to be intimate yet, but Emma has already realized that reassures Regina that she won't rush her

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Emma frowns as she sees Regina fidgeting in the passenger seat. It’s their third date tonight and ever since Emma picked her up Regina has been antsy and jumpy. 

“Are you okay?” Emma asks worriedly. Their first two dates went…well better than any date Emma has ever had.and she was hoping their third would be just as good. Yet, Regina is a bundle of nerves which is the opposite of what Emma wants. She wants relaxed and happy not stress. 

“Fine,” Regina replies quietly. 

Emma frowns once more before pulling the car over to a stop. She turns to face the brunette looking her in the eyes as she asks, “What’s wrong?” 

Regina sighs, “It’s our third date.” 

“Yeah…are you not happy about that? I thought we were connecting Regina…do you not want to go out anymore?” 

“No…I mean…yes, I still want to date you Emma, I really do…I…I know what a third date typically entails…what’s expected…”

“Oh,” Emma says realisation hitting in an instant. She reaches across to take Regina’s hand in her own as she promises, “I wasn’t expecting anything of tonight, just you, me and some fine Italian dining.”

“Really? You weren’t hoping for…”

“No,” Emma tells her, “We don’t have to do hard and fast rules Regina. Let’s face it when have we ever done anything conventionally? We will have sex when we’re ready to Regina, when we’re both ready to.” 

Regina smiles, “Okay…thank you for being so understanding.” 

“Anytime, you know I’d never force you into anything right?” 

“i know,” Regina promises. They continue to hold hands for a moment before Regina lets out a sigh of relief, “You said something about fine Italian dining?” 

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Thanks to Ask For Luigi for sharing this delicious photograph.
Photo by Christopher Flett.

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Merci à Ask For Luigi d'avoir partagé cette délicieuse photo, et à Christopher Flett qui l'a prise!

Old Friends, Bitter Enemies | Closed RP

Italian fine dining, Thor thought, was a brilliant invention. Upscale enough to require relatively formal dress, but not so upscale as to prevent him ordering an entire large pizza all to himself. 

He took another savoury bite of his dinner, humming to himself as he chewed. Date night had been a brilliant idea. Darcy had pushed it on them, of course, but Thor found that it was a nice break in an otherwise repetitive system of days. Jane working on her machine, Thor keeping house for something to do, or hovering over her shoulder and making suggestions.

Part of him had wondered if he weren’t starting to drive Jane a little mad with all of the hovering. 

She was patient, of course. Loving, and kind. All of the things he knew her to be and more. He hated to take her away from her work, however, but outings on his own were somewhat melancholy. What he needed was to find something else to do. But this, at least, afforded them some time together that was just for them. He would be content with that.

“Would you like to try some of mine, Jane?” he offered a slice to her with a sauce-covered grin, reaching up to wipe at his face with a napkin.