italian drink

Interesting facts about Italy

These facts that astonish my foreign friends and my boyfriend so I thought I might share them with you.
Most of them just relate to my experience, being born in the area of Rome, and having grown up here. In other parts of Italy these facts could be totally different.

We have pizza with nutella

Yes. It is real and everyone loves it. It is a pizza base with nutella on top and occasionally icing sugar over it too. Some people think it is extremely strange but once you try it once you just fall in love with it.

We are crazy drivers sometimes

This is a video from Colosseum square, in Rome.
You may think this was just a day there was some sort of emergency or something… but that’s not it. People drive like this all the time in the center of Rome, and you have to be very good to deal with the traffic there.
People have 0 patience when it comes to driving and everyone always tries to go first.

We drink coffee standing

When Italian people drink a coffe (un caffé) they usually refer to an espresso, which one can drink in one single sip, so when they go to a café (bar in Italian) they usually drink it standing at the counter.
Some people even drink up to 5 espressos a day so for them it is a sort of very short break and not a moment in which they have the time to sit down to enjoy it for a long time.

Everyone gets their on pizza

If an Italian person asks if you want to go eat pizza with him or her and you expect to share a pizza, you’re going to be very surprised.
Whenever you order pizza you order your own pizza, and not finishing it in a whole meal is considered a waste, because it is so good that while you eat it you might even feel like having a second one and eat pizza until you die from it. So if you feel too full you’d probably get a comment like this from your Italian friend: “You are not going to finish your pizza?” If he or she is brave enough they could even eat a couple of the slices you can’t finish.

Italian people are very superstitious

Italian people all over the country have different precautions and superstitions to fight bad luck.
An offshoot of the Evil Eye curse is the use of the Corno, or Devils horn amulet. These twisted red coral, gold or silver amulets are  often worn as necklaces by men to ward off curses on their  "manliness" - very similar to a Mojo. Although most men who wear one will say it represents one of the  horns of the devil, the Corno (also known as Cornuto or Cornicello) predates Christianity by thousands of years.

Family is very important in Italy

Most Italian people really love and care about their family, and they always feel supported by it, even when they grow up.
It is not very strange to still live with your parents even when you are around 30, if you can’t support yourself economically to have your own place, for instance if you have no job. Unfortunately this is a very common situation for many Italian people around that age nowadays.
Even when you grow up and you can support yourself you still don’t stop hanging out with your family because in Italian culture family plays a big role in your life.

SGROPPINO - a slushy combination of lemon sorbet, vodka, and prosecco, is common in Italy as a palate cleanser, a dessert, or a pre-dinner drink. 

⅓ cup lemon sorbet ~ 3 oz. prosecco ~ 1 oz. vodka

In a stainless steel bowl or cocktail shaker, whisk together the sorbet and a splash of the prosecco until fully incorporated. While whisking, slowly pour in the vodka and then the remainder of the prosecco. Serve in a martini glass or coupe.