italian dancer

The Dance of the Veils. Francesco Ballesio (Italian, 1860-1923). Watercolor over pencil heightened with gum arabic on paper.

Ballesio first attended the academy in Turin and then moved to Rome , where he completed his studies and where he settled permanently. He mainly painted oriental themes, starting from photographs, since he himself was never in the Orient . Through his paintings he acquired a modest international reputation, including exhibiting at the international exhibition in Rome in 1883.

A Pair of Dancing Women. Antonio Zucchi (Italian, 1726-1795). Oil on canvas. Hartwell House. 

Zucchi and Angelica Kauffmann married in 1781, a few months after Jean-Paul Marat began boasting that he had seduced Angelica. She denied the allegation. Some speculate that the marriage was one of friendship and convenience whereby Kauffmann provided much of the financial support and Zucchi offered her an end to the speculation around her supposed liaisons.

From our stacks: Title page detail from La Danza in Italia 1500-1900. Raffaele Carrieri. Milano: Editoriale Domus, n.d. “Di Questa Opera Sono State Stampate 6 Copie Fuori Commercio Contrassegnate Dalle Lettere A-B-C-D-E-F, 194 Copie con Rilegatura Speciale Numerate Dall’1 al 194 800 Copie Numerate dal 195 al 994 Esemplare N.62″