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REQUEST: Headcanon Bidders Cheater (Angst/Smut)

alexacutie8 said:How do you think the bidders would react to MC cheating? Or it can be the other way around           

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Fandom: Kissed by the baddest bidders
Category: Angst, Smut
Character: Eisuke, Soryu, Mamoru, Baba & BONUS guy
Notes: I was gonna do both bidders and MC, by the time I finished plotting the bidders one, I gave up. However, as usual, I may or may not turn one of these into one shots or mini series ;) Enjoy if you like angst or wanna see bidders as CHEATERSSSS

My readers know how important plots mean to me and this fic contains touchy subject- What IS cheating?! I will leave you to answer yourself as the definition varies so widely.

PS: I am not happy with Mamo’s one, something is off but meh….


You’ve heard rumors about Eisuke’s affairs but you decide to trust him until the day you finish work early for a surprise visit.

Surprise, surprise. Your man sits on his Italian couch with two blondes kneeling on the floor licking his shaft. “Eisuke!” His brows frown a little at your scream but his hands hold the women still, “Keep going.” He demands, his cold eyes lay on you. “You can join us or leave but do not interrupt.”

Hell, you want to leave but you demand a reason, looking back and forth between the door and his couch. Your feet begin to move on their own and slowly take a seat opposite them, watching them closely. Eisuke smirks and pulls the girls up, whispering his next order.

The blondes sit next to you and begin touching you, “What are you…” One girl slams her lips on you while the other plays with your breasts and thighs, you’re filled with range, embarrassed and yet turned on with Eisuke’s preying eyes on you.

Next, the girls are on his bed, one on top the other, grinding each other. Their moans make your core ache, your eyes dart around and sneak a glance at your man. His hands on your shoulders and spins you around in a second, the warmth of his chest behind your back doesn’t last as he pushes you down onto the couch.

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HEADCANON- Cuddling With RFA Members

Requested by anon. “ Hello! Glad to see this blog >u< Could I ask for cuddling headcanons for the main RFA characters? Thanks!”

A/N: Lmao I wrote half of this in school. It was really fun to write, I hope you enjoy!

Yoosung- You would cuddle all the time, doing anything. Sometimes it’d be you gently stroking his blond hair while he would let out stress from school, or he’d be comforting you on your bad days. Sometimes you’d be cuddling while you’re eating, laughing about your day. You’d cuddle while watching a cute movie together. (Or he’d be clinging on to you for his life when you picked a horror movie.) Sometimes he’d have his arms around you while he played LOLOL, with his head over your shoulder. You’d constantly tease him about how much time he spent on video games. Sometimes he’d be studying, with a book in his hands and his head in your lap. You’d try to occasionally distract him and braid his short hair. It was always fun for him to see what you’d done with his blond locks afterwards. You cuddled 24/7, and you both loved it.

Jaehee- You would hold her in your arms and soothingly stroke her soft, chocolate hair after a hard day. Jumin probably made her work extra hours on some useless project for Elizabeth III. You would let her vent about her day and you would (jokingly) threaten to kill Jumin for overworking her so much. She’s very thankful that you’re always there every night to comfort her with open arms. You’re equally as thankful to make her day a little better.

707- Holds you tight and never lets go. He would squeeze you until you’re out of breath and shake you until you were dizzy. Basically he would cuddle with you like you were his Elly. He’d tell you how perfect you are and little things he found cute about you in a teasing voice. You always pretended to hate it and constantly whine about how he cuddles with you, but you both know that you love it.

Zen- The two of you don’t cuddle for long, because you always end up in a make out session. However, in the short time when you do cuddle (before eating each other’s faces off) he would have you sit in his lap, locked in a warm embrace. He’d kiss you on your cheek, down your neck, on your jawline, nibble on your earlobe, and constantly tell you how amazing you are. You can only take so much before taking his lips in yours.

Jumin- Cuddling is one of the few things he can admit to enjoying. He loves it when you lay with your side pressed up against his chest, while you have a nice conversation on his Italian leather couch or his king-sized mattress with silk sheets. You’d talk about simple things about your day while his arms were around you, laying in his sweet embrace. He’d be smiling as you softly ruffled his raven hair. Sometimes his adorable boyfriend stealer Elizabeth would join you as you both stroked her soft, ivory fur. However, he would always make sure that the two of you always had some time alone.

Take Me Home, 3/?

A/N: I really don’t like this chapter, I’m so sorry.

Slender fingers unlocked the door to the apartment with precision. The keys slipping back in her jacket pocket, she held the door open for Beca.

“Sooo…” the brunette drew out, stepping through the doorway, “What’s your name anyway, Moose?” The blonde grunted, shutting the door behind her. Pieter was already headed for a different room, and the small girl raised a brow. “He’s going to his room,” the German stated simply, dropping her bag at the doorway. “You two aren’t a thing?” Beca asked, slightly surprised.

“What?! No?” the blonde chuckled, clearly amused; “My name is Luisa, he is Pieter. Now Maus, do I have the delight of knowing your name?” The two had wandered into the living area, Beca exploring and taking everything in. For an apartment, it was actually pretty large. Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a combined kitchen and dining area, along with a living area complete with a fireplace. The wooden floors clicked underneath her ratty shoes. Running her fingers along the furniture she realized that the material that the couches were made of was extremely soft.

A small fire crackled in the fireplace, and the smell made Beca remember…

“No, stop!” she begged, a small girl, maybe seven was backing into the corner. Trapped by walls, there was nowhere to run. “Please, I won’t ever do it again,” her voice was a wail now. “What. Did. I. TELL. YOU. ABOUT. STEALING?!” the man raged, holding up the half eaten chocolate bar in one hand and a steaming hot iron rod in the other.

In the background, the fire place could be heard crackling. “How fucking dare you eat this, you little cunt!” he screamed at her, raising the metal and striking her with it.

Beca flinched, rubbing her arms. The scars were still there, they hadn’t even taken her to the hospital for the burns, why would they? The ‘parents’ she had, were only taking care of her to feed off of the government’s money.

The blonde had been watching, not daring to interrupt as the brunette relived a moment that wasn’t pleasurable. Luisa had crept up behind her, and brushed smooth fingers across her face. Beca jumped, not expecting the touch, and definitely not expecting it to be so soft. Everything in her life had hurt, and then she crashes into this woman, and she starts to learn that everything isn’t so painful, so rough. “I-I’m Beca,” her voice was a whisper, eyes looking around the room uncomfortably.

Luisa softened, feeling like butter, around the tiny girl. “Beca…” the name slipped from her lips, causing the smaller girl to pull away. Luisa felt awkward and unsure. “I- uh, would you care for a warm shower?” she offered, pulling her hand back and scratching the back of her head. The brunette nodded, and shrugged her bag off, setting it next to one of the couches. “It is, uhm, down the hallway, into my room, and on the right. I promise you don’t want to use Pieter’s shower; the, uh, the towels are in the cabinet, feel free to use anything in there.”

Beca turned and headed that way, leaving Luisa by the warm fire. Since when did the business woman get flustered? This was nothing, she told herself, slipping out of the heels she was wearing, and setting herself down on the couch. The Italian leather was velvety, and warm against her skin, and she sighed contently.

Looking down she spotted the faint brown stain on her shirt. Grunting she stood from the couch, and walked to the sink in the kitchen. Grabbing a small cloth she wet it and tried scrubbing the stain out. Untucking her blouse she tried again, applying more pressure. It was no use, the blonde woman groaned, tilting her head back.

The water felt nice. Different from the swims she took in the pond, or that one time when she was able to sneak into the YMCA locker rooms. The pond was usually cold, and that one trip… well, that didn’t end so well either.

The dirt and grime was all washed away down the drain after about thirty minutes of steaming hot water running down her body. Turning the tap off she stepped out and grabbed the towel she had pulled from the cabinet earlier that evening. Her eyes took in the reflection that looked back at her in the mirror. Even though she was clean, her fingertips brushed the protruding cheek bones, and her sunken in eyes. She looked horrible.

To her surprise there were fresh clothes lying on the bathroom sink, and she felt suddenly self-conscious. What if the woman had seen her? It was doubtful; the curtain was thick, and Beca would have seen it move. Beca threw on a t-shirt far too large for her, and the sweatpants that had been lying there, and grabbed the nearest brush in an attempt to straighten out her hair. Huffing at the failed attempt she slowly returned back to the living area.

The tall blonde was fast asleep, the only thing lighting the area were the remaining embers of the fire pit, and one small desk lamp in the corner of the room. The German’s hair had been pulled from its tight bun, blonde locks falling against bare shoulders. The woman’s button up had been pulled from her skirt, and was wrinkled. Beca’s eyes soon noticed the smudged coffee stain and she felt still pretty bad about the incident from earlier that day.

The tiny girl moved quietly, climbing on to the other half of the couch, which she easily fit without disturbing the blonde. She didn’t dare wake her up, remembered what happened whenever she had awoken her foster parents. Curling up into a ball, she rested her head on one of the pillows and felt her eyes get heavy immediately. “Goodnight, Moose,” she mumbled, closing her eyelids.

Then came a soft whisper, making Beca feel more at home. “Goodnight Mäuschen.”