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Part Two of “The Holiday”

Happy Holidays everyone! Hope you have a chance to read!

Summary: Two women, unlucky in love, decide to swap homes and lives for the holiday season. What happens next is nothing short of a Christmas miracle. Based on the movie of the same name, “The Holiday”.

Part One can be found here.

The Holiday

Part Two

When he was properly clothed, Finnick returned to the living room in a pair of nicely-fitted jeans and a hand-knitted burgundy cardigan. Annie sat on the couch, feet curled up and drinking a cup of hot chocolate—with some rum mixed in.

“Oh, good. Now I can focus on your face,” she remarked as he sat down on the opposite end of the couch.

“Are you always this snarky? Or, is this the façade that you like to put up for potential love interests?” Finnick retorted as he sat back. “It’s so not like Katniss to just up and leave like this. I know that I’ve been busy lately, but I really should’ve checked up on her. Some big brother I am.”

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