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Leone Jacovacci (1902 - 1983) was an Italian boxing champion. Born to an Italian father and a Congolese mother, this Afro-Italian tried to hide his identity by posing as an Indian from Calcutta, an American named “Jack Walker” and actually became a British subject under the name “John Douglas Walker” in an attempt to counter the racism levelled at him.

Although the premier boxer in the nation, he was of course never fully accepted by Mussolini’s fascist government. Injuries put an end to his boxing career and after the war, he worked for the newly formed UN assisting refugees in Italy. He later did some acting but ended his days as a janitor, dying of heart disease in 1983.

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The argument "she's the 1st world all-around american medalist" is very weak, considering that, for example, Vanessa Ferrari is the 1st italian all-around world champion and medalist. The difference is that I'm not claiming her induction in the Hall of Fame.

That’s true. Those were both historical moments for their countries’ gymnastics histories. I would definitely say that Kim deserves to be in the gymnastics HOF, #1 because I’m biased and idolized her growing up, but also #2 for the reasons that @whygfcwhy mentioned in their post: “ the woman is a three time World champion, an Olympic medalist, and one of only four gymnasts to win the US senior title three years in a row (and Simone is one of the other three, to put that in context). Her accomplishments are fairly comparable with Shaposhnikova. She’s also one of a very small number of individuals to have major success as both an athlete and a coach.“

Dani Alves Confirms Juventus Departure
Turin: Juventus full-back Dani Alves has confirmed that he is leaving the Italian champions after a season in Turin in a posting on his Instagram account on Tuesday.

“Today our professional relationship ends and I will carry away with me all those who truly make Juve a great club,” said the 34-year-old Brazilian in a lengthy post.

Alves, who joined Juve from Barcelona a year ago, has been tipped to team up with his former coach Pep Guardiola at Manchester City but he did not give any indication as to where he will go next.

However, he did add: “I don’t play football for money. I play football because I love this profession and I respect those involved in it…money will never keep me somewhere.”

9ri/Pat’s List of Skaters to Watch in Sochi Olympics

Carolina Kostner (Team Italy)
Sochi would be her 3rd Olympics. She is the 2012 World champion, a 5-time European champion, and the 2011 Grand Prix Final champion. She is also a medalist at 4 other World Championships, 4 other European Championships, and 3 other Grand Prix Finals, the 2003 World Junior bronze medalist, and a 7-time Italian national champion.

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