italian champion

Leone Jacovacci (1902 - 1983) was an Italian boxing champion. Born to an Italian father and a Congolese mother, this Afro-Italian tried to hide his identity by posing as an Indian from Calcutta, an American named “Jack Walker” and actually became a British subject under the name “John Douglas Walker” in an attempt to counter the racism levelled at him.

Although the premier boxer in the nation, he was of course never fully accepted by Mussolini’s fascist government. Injuries put an end to his boxing career and after the war, he worked for the newly formed UN assisting refugees in Italy. He later did some acting but ended his days as a janitor, dying of heart disease in 1983.

Abgang eines großen Schalkers: Benedikt Höwedes wird in der Saison 2017/2018 für Juventus Turin spielen. Die Vereinbarung mit dem aktuellen italienischen Meister beinhaltet auch eine Kaufoption. Nach dem erfolgreich absolvierten Medizincheck und der Erledigung aller notwendigen Formalitäten ist der Wechsel des 29-Jährigen nun perfekt.

The departure of a big Schalker: Benedikt Höwedes will play for Juventus Turin in the 2017/2018 season. The agreement with the current Italian champion also includes a purchase option. After the successfully completed medical check and the completion of all necessary formalities, the change of the 29-year-old is perfect.