italian brutalism


It took 10 seconds for Ruslan (White Rex Team) to finish his Italian opponent by a brutal liver KO. Quite impressive! (don’t forget to turn on the sound)

Gas mask and cross made of barbed wire, found on Cresta Croce, a 3,000-meter-high Adamello ridge where Italian and Austrian troops were fighting during I world war. 

Working in brutal conditions, Italians and Austro-Hungarians alike leveled peaks, opened roads, dug tunnels, built cableways, laid telephone lines, and transported tons of material to lofty heights—for combat, but also for the everyday needs of the thousands of soldiers who were living year-round at altitudes where only shepherds, wild herb hunters, and mountain climbers had ever ventured. One-third of the 150,000 men who died on the Alpine front were victims of battle. The rest were killed by avalanches, landslides, frostbite, and illnesses caused by the extreme cold.