italian breaded chicken

hiedaakyuu  asked:

What's YOUR favorite sandwich then?

I said the Kebab, but that’s just a treat.

My favourite sandwich will forever be that one subway sandwich combo: italian bread, teriyaki chicken, cheese, lettuce, peppers, onions. Sauce is either ranch, chipotle, caesar, or mayonnaise.

It’s the epitome of Maria. This is the catalyst you need to summon me.

Chapter 6


I woke up tired as a bitch this morning. I didn’t get in till one because august and I went out but then he said he had to go handle “business” and then I stayed on the phone till about 3 , like I didn’t have to get up at 6.

Sluggishly making my way to the bathroom I cut the water in the sink on before taking my morning piss.

After wiping myself and washing my hands I applied tooth paste to my tooth brush then began brushing my teeth.Rinsing my mouth out with some mint listerine mouth wash, I licked over my bottom row of teeth .

I didn’t feel up to getting in the shower this morning, I was just that worn out. throwing my hair in a bun , I Walked into my closet .

Shuffling through my racks of clothes ,I decided to throw on my pink scrubs.Looking over my outfit in the mirror ,I was satisfied .

Walking down the stairs I saw jay sitting at the counter.” You didn’t cook? “She pouted.

“ No but here ” I said handing her a twenty to go get herself some food.

“ Thanks ” she said taking it.

” I gotta go ” I said kissing her cheek. Looking at my garage full of cars , I decided to take my black 745 BMW .Getting in I cut on some sevyn streeter . Her ep “call me crazy just dropped” & B.A.N.S has become my favorite .

Pulling up outside the hospital I parked in my reserved spot. Hopping out I made my way inside. Walking straight to the elevator I pushed for the 5th floor.

Feeling the elevator come to a stop I quickly got off and went to clock in. Time to work.

“Alexis , we need you to prep for Mrs.Alexanders delivery in room 212 Right now ” my coworker rasheeda said with a fake ass smile .

Flipping her off, I waltzed to room 212 to get this shit started . Knocking on the door twice , I walked inside to see her getting ready to push .

“ Hello ” I said being polite . Walking over to my station , I made sure the scissors were out & the baby bed was ready . Putting gloves on my hands , I waited in anticipation for mrs. Alexander to have her baby .

Watching from the back of the room as she pushed , I smiled in awe at that being me some day . My smile soon faded when I thought about my ex and what he did .

Wiping my eyes from the few tears that escaped , I turned my back so no one could see I was crying . ” Alexis what are you doing. ?” dr. Anderson asked .

“ oh shit , I’m so sorry ” I apologized rushing to take that beautiful baby girl out of his hands . Laying her down on the table , I quickly wiped her body , trying to get rid of the blood .

Passing her back to Dr.Anderson , he asked the father if he wanted to cut the umbilical cord , which he gladly did . Smiling , my job was done .

Looking up at the clock it was 7:45 , god can this time speed the fuck up .” Come Alexis , room 118 ” Dr.Anderson said grabbing a hold of my attention .

Wanting to slap him at the back of his head for making me handle yet another baby , I didn’t because I knew I would lose my job . Don’t get me wrong , I love what I do but when I have to wake up early to do it , I just want to pull my hair out .

“ what’s the patients name ? ” I asked as we walked down the stairs .

“ Rolanda ” He mumbled. I couldn’t stand this fucking man , I swear i just wanna claw his fucking eyes out .

“ you know what to do ” he said once we entered the room . Mimicking his annoying ass voice , I once again prepared for the baby’s arrival .

Picking up the clipboard , she was actually having twins . Throwing it down on the table , I ran to get another baby bed from the baby room .

“ watch where the fuck you’re going ” rasheeda spat .

“ look bitch , I’m tired and I’m not in the mood for your shit . I would have your ass in the ER , play with me ” I warned getting in her face . Walking away , she never turned back around .

That’s what the fuck I thought . Pushing the baby bed back inside the delivery room , the lady still wasn’t ready to push causing me to roll my eyes .

Taking a seat on the stool , I stared at nothing in particular causing my eyes to get heavy . Laying my head against the cold table , I thought I could get a short nap in but I thought wrong when I heard an ear piercing scream .

“ get this fucking baby out of me ” she yelled . Sluggishly making my way over to the table , I waited in anticipation for these children to come .


Finally it’s time for my lunch break . deciding I would get some subway, I made my way to the elevator.

“ What floor? ” This lady in the elevator asked .

“ The first floor "I said to the lady.

” 1st floor it is then “ she said pressing the button.

” Thank you “I said resting my head on the wall.

” I’m so tired “ I mumbled to myself.
Just as I was about to drift off to sleep the elevator stopped causing my eyes to pop open.Walking off the elevator I made my way to subway.
Walking in I was so glad that they didn’t have a line.

” What can I get for you today?” This boy asked smiling at me as I walked up to the counter .

” Umm can I get the Italian bread,the buffalo chicken footlong with a sprite and a chocolate chip cookie ?“ I asked .

"What all do you want on your sandwich?” He asked prepping the bread .

“ I want jalapeños,shredded cheese, and some lettuce. ” I informed .

“ Coming right up ” he said as he began preparing my sandwich .

“ You want the cheese melted or unmelted?” He asked stoping for a quick second .

“ Melted ” please I said with slight attitude. All these damn questions .

” You new here? ” He asked sparking up conversation .

” Yea kind of. I’ve been here for two weeks now so I don’t know if you consider that new or not” I stated.

” Two weeks and I’ve never seen you. Something isn’t right. ” He mumbled .

“ What do you mean ” I asked curiously .

“ Well I mean. Look how beautiful you are and I haven’t noticed for TWO weeks. Either you been hiding or I just been blind lately” He chuckled .

” well thank you ” I said Laughing at him. His effort was cute .

” It’s true tho. But what’s ya name ” he said laying my sandwich down , wrapping it up so I could go.

” Alexis ” I said sticking my hand out for him to shake .

“ Desmond "he said bringing my hand to his lips and kissing it. If August was here , I would be dead .

Quickly pulling it away ” how much? ” I asked.

” Uhh it’s free” he said with a slight smile .

” No you don’t have to do that ” I said getting my wallet out.

” I want to tho “ he said pushing my hands back down to my sides .

” But—" I tried to protest but he cut me off .

“ Don’t worry bout it I gotcha this time ” he assured with a cute smile and a thumbs up .

” Well I guess I’ll see you around ” I said Taking him up on his offer. Grabbing my stuff I headed for the door .Going back to the 5th floor I walked to the lounge room ready to devour my sandwich.

Sitting down I unwrapped my sandwich and begin demolishing it only to be interrupted .

“ Umm Alexis?” My coworker destiny called out.

“ Hmm” I hummed with a mouth full of food.

“You have someone here to see you ” she informed. Raising my eyebrow. “ Who is it? ” I asked .I wasn’t expecting anyone so who could that be.

” he wouldn’t tell me his name” she shrugged .

“Send him in ” I said sitting my sandwich down reaching for my drink.

“ Do you ever stop eating? ” This familiar voice asked causing me to look at the door.

” Nope not at all ” I said smiling widely at the sight of my baby cousin .

” Fatass ” he mumbled taking a seat next to me.

“ Why you here? ” I asked curiously.

” I can’t come see my favorite cousin? Dewayne asked

“No you can’t ” I stated causing his smile to drop. Nigga only came around when he needed me .

“ Why not?” He asked with a frown .

“ Because every time you come here I never know you’re Coming in town and you always wanna stay at my house” I said nonchalantly .

“ You haven’t even been living out here that long ” He responded smartly.

“ I know that but I mean everywhere I stay. Your ass always pops up and then wanna stay at my house” I said downing some more of my drink .

” So ” I can’t he pouted.

“ That shit don’t work. You can come over but you gotta go to a hotel or sum cause– wait how long you staying out here?” I asked with a little change of heart.

“ Like a week ” he mumbled looking down at his phone

Sighing” I’ll think about it ” i said causing him to smile.

” Thank you Lexi ” he said picking me up and spinning me around.

“ Okay okay now put me down so I can clock out” I said pushing his body away . I felt a attitude coming on and I would take it out on him if I had to .

“ I thought you were on break? ” He asked cocking his head to the side.

“I am but I’m tired and I wanna go home ” I pouted. Bagging up my food , I tied a not on the bag so nothing would fall out .

” Aight hurry up ima ride with you ” he said rubbing the side of his face up and down .

“ How did you get here?” I questioned walking in front of him .

“ One of my hoes ” he simply stated like it was all cool .

Scoffing “you sickening you know that”

“ But you love me ” he smiled “ now run along ” he waved me off to the counter where I clock out at . Narrowing my eyes at him , he thought I loved him .

“ You ready ?” I asked returning five minutes later.

“ Yea let’s go” he said walking behind me. Walking to the elevator they had these girls walking by and this niggas eyes was glued to their asses.

“ Bring ya ass "I said as the elevator doors opened.

” Cock blocker" he mumbled smacking his lips.

” You need to keep it in your pants before you catch something from one of these trifling ass hoes” I said opening my car door .

” Man whatever ” he said with attitude . throwing my bags in the backseat, I waited for him to get in . Once he buckled up , I put the radio on blast and started driving off.

Turning into my neighborhood this nigga decided to turn the radio down just as trilla than a bitch by webbie started to play . That was my muhfucking song and for him to cut it off made me want to slice his neck .

“ Really? ” I asked mugging him

“ Why you gotta be so ghetto? "He asked with a light chuckle .

” I’m not at all ” I said flipping my hair.

” Yes the fuck you is ” he tried to argue with me on how I act .

” Whatever “ I said waving him off as I pulled in the drive way. Dewayne was a child .

” This you?” He questioned obviously shocked.

” Yea ” I smiled widely getting out the car , walking to the door. I was so happy to be home.

” Why you so shocked?“ I asked after a moment of silence .

” Cause you– I don’t know. I guess I forgot who yo daddy was for a sec. “ He said as we were walking in

” Make yourself at home im gonna go take a shower. “

” Aight ” he said laying across the couch.

Jogging up the stairs I quickly stripped out of my clothes.Cutting the shower on i decided i needed to wash my hair so I combed it out before getting inside .

Making sure all the naps were out I hopped in , letting the hot water hit my body & soothe all of my pressure points .

Grabbing my Towel , I squirted some of my dark kiss body wash on it before washing my body. After repeating this three times in a row , I proceeded to wash this stinky hair of mine .

Getting my Maine and tail shampoo I squeezed some in my hand. Rubbing my hands together I applied it to my hair scrubbing and scratching all over my scalp. I finally rinsed the shampoo out applying some leave in conditioner.

It didn’t take long to comb my hair out since I combed it before I got in the shower. Sticking my head under the shower head , I let the suds run down my already wet body .

Once I felt that all of the substance was gone , I turned the water off and dried off . Walking in my room I put on my red thong with a matching lace bra. Walking to my dresser I grabbed my love spell lotion and applied it to my legs , stomach & arms .Getting up , I searched for something comfortable To throw on . After rummaging around for a bit , I threw on a tank top and some booty shorts.

Walking down the stairs I seen Dewayne laying down watching tv in his previous spot . “Aheem ” I cleared my throat , letting presence be known .

” I was falling asleep. You was up there forever son ” he said rubbing his eyes.

” I could have sworn I said I was going take a shower ” I shouted . I swear he act like he have amnesia . You either have to repeat yourself or remind him . Shit is annoying , forreal .

” Well you have guest “ he pointed to his self .

” So you need to learn how to cut that shit short I need some entertainment “ he continued .

” I’m not finna stay down here that long I’m tired and need a nap. That’s the point of me leaving work early ” I said with my hands on my hips .

” Well then ima prolly go by one of my hoes houses who stay out here" he said as a matter of fact .

“Why you can’t never stay with one of them?” I asked with much more attitude .

“ Because they’re MY HOES . can’t have them thinking I want a relationship with they asses.” He said with a mug .

“ You need help” I said Shaking my head from side to side. Hearing a knock at the door he waved me off.

“ Go answer yo door” he mumbled. Walking to the door , however was behind it kept beating. “This ain’t nobody but August”. I mumbled to myself .Swinging the door open and it was none other than august himself , just like I said .


Beating on Alexis door I swear this girl was taking years to open the door. After knocking for what felt like forever The door swung open .

“ Why you beating on my door like you the police?” She asked. Eyeing her choice of outfit , I wanted to slap her thighs numerous of times for feeling like it’s okay to answer the door that way .

“ Cause you was taking to long ” I mumbled kissing her lips , making sure to slip my tounge in.

“ My bad baby ” she said breaking the kiss.Walking In the house my smile fell just as quick as it came.
Alexis had some nigga laying on the couch chillin watching tv like he lived here or some shit. Walking in the kitchen I saw Alexis drinking a bottle of water.

” Who the fuck is that? ” I spat lowly with a lot of attitude .

” Dewayne ” she said rolling her eyes

” Why he here?” I asked as my nostrils flared .

” Cause he came to visit me ” she said lowly .

“For what? He don’t know you got a nigga?” I asked .

“ Actually he doesn’t but—” I cut her off .

“ Well you would wanna let him and all these other niggas out there know that you are MINE. ” I gritted .

” if you would have let me finish you would know that he’s my cousin “she said putting her water in the refrigerator .

“ Ion give a fuck he still need to know and all these other niggas out here” I said not wanting to here that “ cousin ” shit .

” I wish you lose this fuckkng attitude cause you pissing me off ” she said walking out the kitchen. I was gone go after her but deciding against it, I made my way upstairs to her room. Stripping out my clothes. I was left in only my boxers before jumping in the bed.

Getting the remote I cut the television on putting it on espn.I missed the game last night so I need too see the scores and reviews .

My head snapped in the direction of the door as I heard it open and watched as she walked through .She quickly looked away and rolled her eyes when we made eye contact .

Smacking my lips I continued to watch tv when I felt the bed shift.She was all the way on the other end leaving a big ass space in between us.

” Why you so far?” I questioned .

“ Because ” she whined , wrapping her self tightly in the covers .

“Because what?” I ain’t have time for the whining shit .

“ I wanted to take a nap” she mumbled. Bullshit , she could have laid by me but I decided to be childish and go along with her childish antics .

” You don’t wanna lay by me? ” I pouted at her .

“ I thought you was mad ” she said scooting over.

“ Nah. I just want people to know you belong to me that’s all ” I said.

“ Well they will know I promise”.she said causing me to smile big .

“ And don’t be tripping like that no more cause I wanna be with you and only you ” she pointed her finger in my chest as she said it.

Nodding my head ” Can I explain about yesterday?” I asked.

“ Babe I ain’t trippen off that no more” She said smiling up at me. “Besides that ’ punishment’ you gave me was good enough to let me know you didn’t do anything wrong .” She continued .

“ I know but I still wanna explain. ”

“Ok ” She said while blowing air out of my mouth.

“ Why you doing all that” i asked with attitude.

“ Can you just explain ? ” She asked. Getting frustrated

” Anyways , that girl you saw was just a old hoe I use to fuck with . Shit was never serious between us ” i mumbled .

“ that’s it ?” She asked .

” No shut up , when you went to get your Gatorade she popped up out of no where on a nigga . Talking bout she just wanted to say hey . I told her hey and to move on , go bout her business . She ain’t want cooperate . That’s when she backed me up into the shelves and started doing that shit you saw ” i spat getting mad all over again .

” Calm down baby ” She muttered rubbing up and down my arm trying to get my body to relax .

“ I swear if I would have lost you over that dumb bitch I would have killed her ” I said in an Icy tone , Probably Making her scared cause She looked up at me wide eyes .

“ I’ve never heard anything like that leave Your mouth so this is shocking to me .” she said.

“ don’t say that August ” she added

“ it’s true deshay , let me would have lost you that hoe would be dead right now "I growled pulling her closer .


” August would you ever hurt me ? “ she mumbled

” hell no Alexis , I’ll hurt anybody expect for you and I can promise you that “ i assured hugging her waist tighter . It probably hurt but She didn’t say anything so ima assume it doesn’t.

” even though you just said some evil stuff a few minutes ago , I still feel safe as hell in your arms .” she said smiling at me.

” wait let me tell you about your pimping ass sister “ I said clearing my throat .

” what ?“ She said looking up at me with questionable eyes.

* Flashback *

Pulling up to the warehouse I noticed Michael and Charles bugattis lined up next to each other by the entrance gate .

Good , I’m Trynna get in and get out . After that bomb ass pussy I got and that date I went on a nigga was tired and couldn’t wait to get back home.

” was good “ I said dapping up the security .

” Jason “ I yelled making my way through out the ginormous warehouse . Thinking of his possible where abouts, I jogged up the minimal steps .

Busting through his office doors , he looked at me with a mug before realizing who I was ” August , bout time your ass made it ”

” Yea yea shut that shit up “ I waved him off .

” anyways , what I rushed you down here for is because I got word on Carlos . He was spotted out here yesterday “ he said sparking my interest .

” oh yea ? Where at ? “ I hissed bawling up my fist .

” Not sure yet , all I know is he was on the other side of town . Some Hispanics saw him “ he shrugged propping his feet on his desk .

” good looking out “ I said dapping him up . I been on the hunt for Carlos ass and my hunt could possibly be over .

This nigga stole from my shit and thought he could get away with it ? That don’t fly here , maybe somewhere else but not here .

I also noticed pretty boy Mitchell disappeared but at the mean time I could give two fucks about his fake ass . He’ll get his sooner or later for running off at the mouth that day when I was granted the new founder of the cartel .

” oh wait , The Europeans dropped by today with their monthly supply . Gotta make that drop ASAP “ he said emphasizing ” ASAP “ .

Sighing ” I can never get a break ” I mumbled walking out of his office .

” Yo gotti , where Charles and Michael at ? “ I asked one of my body guards .

” Wassup boss , they in the back “ he nodded towards the double doors .Nodding my head , I made my way to the back room where Charles and Michael were .

” Wass poppin ?“ I asked , causing them to turn around .

” sup man “ Michael said dapping me off .

” what it do “ Charles nodded with a frown .

” hell wrong with you nigga ? “ I asked him .

” nigga was finna get some pussy but had to come here “ he sighed . Michael and I busted out laughing at this nigga .

” let me find out you thirsting for the pussy “ I joked .

” whatever man let’s get down to it “ he laughed .

” Aight , y’all gotta make this drop Saturday “ I said looking at both of them .

” Saturday ? Nah man I got a date can it be earlier than that. ?“ Michael asked .

” Nah young blood , they ain’t gon be in town until Saturday “ I said looking at the computer screen .

” who you got a date with ? “ Charles nosey ass asked .

” this girl named Jaylin , this is a bad impression . How you miss the first date !“ He chuckled bitterly . The name he said caught my attention .

” Jaylin ?“ I questioned .

” that’s what I said niggah “ he said in a ‘duh ’ tone .

” Jaylin who ? “ I know I was being nosey but I was just looking out for my cousin .

” Carter niggah why ?“

” ain’t this some bullshit “ I mumbled as I walked out the warehouse and to my car .

” yo chris “ I said into the phone .

” wassup man ?“

” let me tell you about your lil friend “

* End Of Flashback *

” I’m pretty sure Jaylin don’t think of it as a date . Besides she only have eyes for your cousin Chris . “ she said patting my chest .

” I know one thing , you Better not try and pimp me “ I warned biting her ear lobe .

” I promise I Wont , now sleep “ she whined .

Pecking her lips a few times. We both drifted off to sleep and took a well needed nap.


Sitting here with my jaw clenched hella tight , I’m surprised the bitch ain’t snap in two yet . I’m pretty sure jaylin feel my nails sinking deep into her skin .

Either she doesn’t think that it hurts or she don’t wanna cause a scene in front her friends . Ima go with not wanting to cause a scene because I know for a fact this shit hurt .

I couldn’t help but feel some type of way behind what August had told me last night on the phone while I was at football practice .

* flash back *

” let me tell you something about your lil friend “ he said Into the phone .

” Who Jay ?“ I asked

” yea Jay “ he

” wassup ?“

” You know Michael right?“ August asked .

” yea I know that nigga why ?“ I asked confusingly.

” He suppose to be taking her out on a date Saturday ? “ I couldn’t believe what my ears were hearing .

” you sure it’s my Jaylin ?“ I growled .

” yes I’m sure ,we at the warehouse cause some shit went down & he said her name was Jaylin Carter “ he said . Shaking my head so she Trynna run game on me ? Iight

” iight good looking out “ I said hanging up the phone

* end of flashback *

” I can’t wait to have you to myself Friday “ I said with my face snuggled in Jay neck . She was sitting on top of the table while I sat in between her legs .

Emily , Jay , their new friend Brianna and I were currently sitting in the court yard . Some shit I wanted to say to her I couldn’t .

” why ?“ She questioned with a smile .

” Because ion like the idea of sharing you , especially with your lil girlfriends “ in my head , I was actually saying michaels name . I could careless about her friends .

” Chris go some where , we had her first “ Emily said sucking her teeth .

” Nah , I actually had her first “ I smiled remembering the night at the basketball game .

” sorry guys but he did have me first “ She giggled .

” Man whatever “ Bri laughed while looking at me . Shifting my body in Jaylins arms I turned my face the opposite way . I was starting to feel uncomfortable .

” what’s wrong ? “ she asked looking down at me .

” I told you what’s wrong , I want you to myself right now “ I mumbled . I wanted to ask her about this Michael situation .

” Y’all , ima see y’all later “ Jay smiled with a slight wave .

Sucking her teeth , Emily slapped me upside the head .” Bye brother ”

” Bye sis “ I laughed .

” Brianna come on “ Emily said getting ahold of her attention .

” now you have me to yourself “ Jay said poking me in the forehead .

” I sure do and now I can do what I’ve been wanting to do for the longest “ I mumbled as I latched my lips on to hers . We kissed for a good 5 minutes before she pulled away.

Giggling ,” your lips are soft ” she smiled down at me .

I felt deep down , I bring out the softness in Jay . She tried to act hard and hold her guard up when she can’t . Not when it comes down to me at least .

” feel free to kiss em when you want ” I smirked .

” shut up fool , where are you taking me Friday ?“ She asked changing the subject .

” I ain’t telling you “ I said with attitude .

Frowning ,” what did I do you ?” she asked .

I had to think about how I was gonna say this because August being a drug dealer had to be a secret .

” Word from a lil bird is you going out with Michael Saturday ? This true ?“ I asked looking her in the eye .

Putting her head down , ” it wasn’t like a date . He said just two friends hanging out ” she mumbled . At least she ain’t lie to a nigga .

” Ion want that nigga hugging you or kissing you Jay . “ I spat lowly . I wish Caden stop trying to work his way out .I understand he don’t want no type of male around Jaylin but damn , nigga be getting worked up for no reason .

” calm down , it ain’t nothing like that . Besides I just wanna be friends ” she said kissing my nose .

” stop with all that gay shit “ I said .

” that is not gay “ she pouted .

Huffing ” yes it is . Kissing my nose and shit . I ain’t no baby ” I mumbled .

” Prick “ she mumbled pulling on my curls jerking my head to the side .

” that’s how you gonna do me when I’m beating my pussy up ? “ I asked seriously .

Her eyes went wide ,” your pussy ?”

” yes my pussy and I dare you to give my shit away “ I growled wrapping my arms around her waist tightly not wanting to let go .

” last time I checked it was mine , and you my dear aren’t beating anything up “ she smiled kissing my nose once again .

” Jaylin didn’t I say stop that shit “

” Stop being mean to me “ she said rolling her eyes .

” you look fine today “ I stated causing her to cheese .

” really “ she asked with that same chessy smile still plastered across her face .

” hell yea “ I mumbled kissing her neck . Mushing my head , the bell had rang . Checking my watch , it was time for us to go since we had no more classes .

” lunch ? “ I asked as she picked up her binder .

” chipotle ? “ she questioned with a cute smile .

, Chuckling” yea ” I mumbled looking down at our intertwined fingers .

” I hope it’s okay to hold your hand “ she muttered loosening her grip , waiting for me yank away but I didn’t .

” it’s okay jaylin “ I assured tightening my grip around her hand . Them shits was small as fuck compared to mine .

Walking to the car , I seen Naomi standing by my drivers side with her foot plastered against the wheel . Squeezing jays hand tightly , she must have caught my drift because she started rubbing up and down my back .

” just keep calm “ she whispered .

” handle that “ I said because if I did I would kill her ass . Jay let go of my hand and walked closer to where Naomi stood .

” get lost “ jay barked pushing Naomi off my car . Naomi looked at jay with the ugliest mug while jay waited for her to buck . Smirking , jay was a definite ride or die .

” You’re going to regret this you little Bitch “ Naomi stomped off . On the other hand jay shrugged her shoulders and waited for me to unlock the door .

Hitting the button on my key , the doors flew up . Stepping inside my lambo , jay immediately reached out for my hand . With out hesitating I grabbed hers and closed the doors

” what would you like for lunch ? “
I asked as I drove on the highway .

” Didn’t I ask for Chipotle ? “ she mumbled playing on her phone .

” aye girl watch that slight attitude or ima have to slap your ass “ I said mushing her head .

” you wouldn’t dare “ she chuckled . Yea , only if she knew who she was really dealing with .


Im really pressed about having to cancel on jay. I really wanted to take her out. I wanna get to know her. I feel like me & her can go far & be more than friends.

In my mind , I wasn’t too worried about mark . Without me he doesn’t know shit so he won’t find this out . Even though liking her wasn’t apart of the plan , I can’t help who I have feelings for .

I swear when chris fuck up. Ima come to the rescue. I say when he do Because that nigga known as a hoe he can’t keep his dick in his pants for shit. I’m always hearing about this nigga.

My mind was racing a mile a minute and at any given moment I’m pretty sure I would start talking to myself unless I had a good distraction. Lemme call jay.

” Hello “ she said into the phone after it rang three times .

” Wassup. You busy “ I asked.

” uuhh No just laying here watching tv. “ she sighed

"Without me?” I asked chuckling a bit . That was probably mad corny .

“Don’t do that Mikeey "she whined .

Sighing loudly,” I’m just kidding jay “I said.

” Oh well what do you need? “ She asked. Rude ass

” Umm about Saturday–"

“ What about it ?” she asked nervously

Rubbing the back of my neck , ” Ima have to reschedule because something came up. ” I said saying it the best way I could with out letting it be known why .

“ Oh okay then ” she said sounding a little disappointed.

“ Don’t sound like that I’ll reschedule ”

“ I know it’s just I was looking forward to it ” she said. I could tell she was feeling some type of way .

“ me too jay , Me too ” I said sighing heavily .

” Well ima holla at you later” I said hanging up before recieving a response.I guess I’ll get shit together & ready for the drop Saturday .

Sitting my phone down , I picked it right back up due to pictures coming to it . Scrolling through them , I got heated.

One was of Jay and Chris hugging , the other he was kissing her and the last one was of her kissing his nose .

“ who the fuck took them ? ” I yelled .

“ I’m guessing you got the pictures ” Charles chuckled .

“ Yea I got the pictures , when the fuck did this happen ? ” I spat .

“ today , this morning at school ” he said . Mumbling some shit under my breath , I had to calm myself down .

“ This some fucked up shit cuh ” I gritted hanging up the phone . She is suppose to be mine , and I’m suppose to be the one kissing on her . Not him . I could tell this shit was gonna piss me off in the long run even though it was a mission .


“ I can come to your house Saturday ” I pouted into the camera as Emily and I facetimed .

“ How come ? ” she asked concerned even though a smile would break free across her face any second now .

“ something came up and Michael had to cancel ” I said rolling my eyes .

“ Awe it’s alright baby cakes . Did he say he would reschedule ?” She asked .

“ yea he did ”

“ well at least you know , he still wants to bring you some where . So stop frowning and smile because you spending the weekend with me , a true player ” she said popping her collar .

Laughing , ” Emily I’m so done with you ”

“ Whaaaatt I do ?” She smiled .

“ you’re so crazy ”

“ tell me something I don’t know , but look I gotta go Charles outside and he’s taking me to dinner ” she smiled standing up .

“ okay byeeee ”

“ love you best friend ” she chirped .

“ LOVEEE you tooo ” I cooed hanging up . Well that call made me feel a lil better .

” Jaaay dinners ready ” I heard Alexis yell .

“ Coming ” I called back . Pulling my socks back up to my knees , I made my tiny self down the steps .

I looked a hot mess , hair all over my head . Booty shorts on , a tank top & some socks . Oh and no makeup .

“ Sup August ” I said ruffling his hair up .

“ what’s good sis , fuck you going with them tiny ass shorts on ” he asked stepping into brother mode .

“ stop it , I’m just chilling around the house ” I reassured him , making my way into the kitchen .

“ what’s for dinner ? ” I asked . It smelled delicious up in here and my stomach was very upset with me right now .

“ Your favorite chicken quesadillas , and just for you French fries ” she smiled spreading the chicken around the wrap before wrapping it up .

“ Mmm ” I mumbled licking my lips .

“ you heard from Mariah lately ? Bitch has gone MIA on us ” I huffed grabbing a Gatorade out the fridge .

“ don’t get me started on that bitch right about now .” I have never heard Alexis talk about her in that way so I know what ever she did really pissed her off .

“ what happened ?”

“ we were suppose to go out for lunch TWICE not once but TWICE and she cancelled for Dom ” she spat bitterly . Taken back by what she said , I couldn’t Believe it .

“ What ? I don’t believe that ” I said shaking my head .

“ why not ? It’s true . Call her and ask her ” she shrugged .

“ I’m not gonna call her because if she doesn’t deny it I might blow the fuck up . But we Vowed that not 1 nigga could stop us from doing family activities and look at her ” I mumbled .

“ right , Jay . Unbelievable . I was so pissed when she said she’s canceling cause dom was taking her to lunch ”

“ you think he’s doing stuff on purpose ?” I asked.

“ who knows but I don’t care . As long as I got you I’m fine ” she shrugged causing a smile to break out across my face .

“ Aww sissy ” I cooed hugging her .

“ I love you lit mama ” she said rocking our bodies back and forth .

Kissing her cheek ” I love you too chica ” Hearing the door bell ring , August stood up and said he would get it .

“ Jay some ones at the door for you ” August smiled goofily , standing behind Alexis as she continued to stuff the wraps .

“ Who ? ” I asked confusingly .

“ go see ” he still had that goofy smile on his face .Huffing , I jumped down off the stool and pranced to the front door .

“ Chris ” I squealed hugging him , as he sat on his Lambo .

“ What’s good ” he chuckled still holding me tight .

Cheesing ” Nothing , you came here to eat dinner with me ? ”

“ Yea you know I had to come spend time with my shorty ” he said licking his lips .

Blushing, I pulled my phone out ,” take a picture for me ”

“ Come on Jay , Ion feel like snapping it up right now ” he chuckled putting his head down .

Shrugging my shoulders , I took it off guard .

@JaylinMarie My lil thug 😘

” come on Jay really ” he whined , I’m guessing he seen the picture on my insta .

“ you look cute tho ” I said throwing my hands around his neck .

Pecking my lips , ” you right but where the fuck you going with these lil ass shorts on ?” He growled squeezing my ass.

“ well I didn’t know you were coming see me so I was just lounging around the house in the most comfortable clothing I could find ” I stated .

Chuckling ” these shorts got me wanting to poke you with something ” he whispered huskily in my ear .

Clearing my throat ” come on dinner is ready ” I said pulling him inside the house .


After dinner we had little small talk with Alexis and August . For the most part we were laughing and the other half consisted of me trying to rap .

I discovered August and Chris could sing , and boy could they sing good . Alexis and I could sing too but we never spoke on it . We simply keep quiet as if we were talentless .

Helping Lexii with the dishes , I washed while she dried and put away . Huffing , happy that I was done I looked around in awe as the kitchen was sparkling clean .

Frowning , ” I’m going upstairs ” I said not seeing Chris around . I guess he left .

“ wait , you didn’t eat no cake ” Lexi pouted pointing to her triple fudge cake . Rolling my eyes play fully , I grabbed a knife from the knife holder .

Cutting right down the middle , I placed the big slice of cake on a bounty napkin . ” thanks lex ” I smiled .

Walking slowly up the steps , I stopped at the bathroom to take a well needed piss . Before walking in I sat my cake on the table that sat in the hall . That would have been disgusting , bringing my cake where it’s full of germs .

Sitting on the toilet , I twiddled with my fingers as I swung my feet back and Forth . Rolling toilet paper on my hand , I gently wiped my self .

Washing my hands , I used a drying towel to dry them off . Closing the bathroom door , I grabbed my cake and opened my bedroom .

“ I thought you left ” I said looking at
Chris , who was laying in the middle of my bed .

“ now why would I leave with out saying bye to my lil shorty ?” He asked looking at me with a mug .

Shrugging ,” ion know ” I said sounding like new new .

” Come here ” he said sitting up . Lifting my leg to cross across his body he pulled me down on top of him .

“ you can sit right here ” he mumbled slamming me down on his private area . Letting out a low moan , he smirked .

“ don’t do that again ” I mumbled taking a bite out of my cake . Licking over my lips , I closed my eyes as the chocolate hit my taste buds .

“ yea yea , I ain’t Trynna hear all lat right now ” he grumbled kissing my neck .

“ I’m trying to eat my ca- Heeeyy ” I whined as he took the cake out of my hand and sat it on my nightstand . Ignoring my whines , he continued to search for my spot .

Trying to stifle my moans ,” stop ” I mumbled once he found it .

“ you really want me to stop ” he whispered in my ear rubbing my clit through my shorts .

“ huh ?” He awaited an answer .

“ no ” I moaned .

“ fuck Jaylin you wet ” he groaned slipping his finger inside of me .

“ chriis ” I moaned in his ear . I was not trying to let Alexis hear me up here .

“ your shit tight as fuck girl ” he mumbled attacking my neck , continuing to pump his thick fingers in and out of me .

“ ima cum ” I moaned rotating my hips on his fingers .

Thrusting his fingers faster than before ” cum on daddy fingers ” he encouraged curving his finger in a ’ come’ere ’ motion .

Letting my cum ease on to his fingers,” Fuck baby ” I whimpered .

“ Mmm you so sweet ” he mumbled licking his fingers . Turning my head I blushed in embarrassment . I haven’t had any type of sexual action since mark and I’ve been together .

“ don’t be embarrassed baby ” he said sucking on my neck .

Sighing loudly he pulled away , ” looks like I’m taking a cold shower tonight ”

Looking down his dick was standing at full attention . Thinking I should help him out , I got off of him and reached for my lotion on my nightstand .

“ pull it out ” I said squirting some lotion in my hand .

“ nah Jay you do-” I cut him off by pulling it out myself with my free hand. Rubbing my hands together I made sure the lotion was nice and warm before latching my hand onto his hard member .

“ Ohh shit Jay ” he grunted as I moved my hand slowly up and down his shaft .

“ Faster ” he groaned closing his eyes . Wanting to please him just as much as he pleased me I sped up .

Feeling his erect member expand in my hand , his vein popped out signaling he was going to bust any second now .

Eyes rolling to the back of his head ,” Jay ” he moaned as my speed increased even more .

“ I’m finna bust ” he grunted loudly grinding his hips . Squeezing his balls gently pushed him over the edge . Chris came all in my hand as I continued to move my tiny hands up and down .

“ fuck , I can’t wait for that to be your pussy ” he breathed opening up his eyes . Smiling I kissed his lips .

“ you’re welcome ” I said standing up to wash my hands .

“ best hand job ever ” he mumbled with a pleased look on his face . Laughing quietly to myself , I was shocked at the stunt I just pulled .

Who would have thought that I would have did that to Chris , out of all people . Cheesing while drying my hands , Chris busted through the doors .

“ I’m sleeping here tonight ” he informed closing the bathroom door . Nodding my head , I tried to walk past him but he yanked me back forcefully .

“ whhaaat ? ” I asked looking up at him . Smiling down at me , he pecked my forehead lightly .

“ take this off ” he mumbled tugging at his jean button . Placing my hand on the him of his pants , he nodded at me to continue . He was horny , I could tell .

Pulling his pants down , I could see his dick was getting excited . Sliding his boxers down slowly , I hadn’t realized how big he was until now . Funny now I just gave him a hand-job and I didn’t notice .

“ stop staring at him before he getchu ” Chris smirked . Laughing , I lifted up his shirt and pulled it over his head .

Picking me up , he sat me on top of the counter . While he pulled down my shorts , I took a minute to admire all the tattoos he had covering his beautiful body .

This one little tattoo stood out the most to me for some reason , his stars . Three of them decorated the right side of his neck , behind his ear . I was staring so hard , I didn’t notice that he had started the shower .

“ you don’t think we are moving too fast ?” I asked as we stepped into the shower . My heart was beating fast & I had butterflies out the ass .

“ no , you’re gonna be mine Forever so nothing we do is moving to fast .I own you ” he said with so much bass in his voice while pushing my back against the tile wall .

Hiking my legs up , I wrapped them tightly around his waist . With his member poking at me , a low moan slipped through my lips .I won’t lie , his aggressive side turned me on .

“ You don’t know how bad I wanna fuck the shit out of you right now ” he grunted in my ear . Placing my hands down below , I rubbed my self in a circular motion .

I remember mark and our first sexual intercourse . Mark actually was the one to take my virginity , I have no idea on why I lied to Chris . Oh wait yes I do , but I rather not say . It’s a stupid reason . But sooner or later he would find out I’m lying and the way things are going right now , he’ll find out soon. Real soon .

” put me down ” I ordered . Unwrapping my legs , I kneeled down on my knees .

Gripping Chris dick in my hands , I stared at it before attaching my lips onto his head . ” oh fuck ” he groaned as his knees went weak .

“ sit ” I said pointing to the small sitting area that sat in the shower . Obeying what I said , he sat down and waited for my next move .

Stuffing his dick back inside my mouth , I gagged a little at it hitting the back of my throat. Bringing my mouth back up to the tip , I slammed back down taking all of him inside of me .

“ shit baby just like that ” he moaned . I must have been doing something right since he didn’t have to force my head down and his toes were curling .

Working my hands up and down his shaft , I sucked on his balls ” Mmm ” I hummed causing his body to jerk .

Wrapping his hand around my hair he guided my head back to his dick , looking up at him with lustful eyes he licked his lips .

” shit jay ima cum ” he yelled pushing my head down harder . With watery eyes , he busted deep inside my mouth . Closing them , I tried my best to swallow it all .

“ it was hard for you to swallow ?” He asked still out of breath .

“ yes ” I mumbled wiping my mouth with the back side of my hand . That was my first time ever sucking dick and if Chris and I were to ever go our separate ways , I wouldn’t do it to anyone else .

“ it’s okay ” he said pulling me on top of him .

“ it tasted kinda good tho ” I muttered with my head down. I could tell he was smiling but I didn’t wanna look up at him .

“ Don’t be embarrassed , was that your first time ? ” he asked .

Nodding my head ” yea ”

“ You did a good job . But see if I ever find out you wrapped what’s mine around someone else , I promise I would kill you ” his voice came out icy and promising .

Scratching at my arm , ” yes ” I said letting him know that I understood . I was scared of Chris so I didn’t want to say or do anything to make him angry .

Picking me up gently , I immediately wrapped my legs around his waist as he carried me under the shower head . Kissing my lips , he pulled back to catch his breath . Going in for another kiss , he muttered the three words I tried to avoid .

“ I want you ”


“ I want you ” I breathed holding her face in my hands . Everything . I wanted everything . Knowing her she might say it’s too early but I can’t control myself and I would hate to have to force her but I ain’t gonna hesitate to do so .

I’m not even sure Chris know I slipped out & I honestly don’t care . I couldn’t let him have sex with jaylin , I would be angry at the fact he’s loving what’s MINE !

Rubbing her hands up and down my chest , she licked her lips .” You can have me ” she mumbled a little above a whisper with scared eyes .

Staring at her shocked , I smiled a little at her giving in to me . Kissing her lips , she pulled away and started kissing on my neck .

Letting a low grunt slip through my lips , she had found my spot . She must have known since she kept staring earlier . As she sucked harder , making sure to leave her mark ,the want I had for her turned into a need .

Slamming her up against the wall , I forcefully sucked on her neck , slipping lower to her breast .” Oo ” she moaned out In pleasure .

Propping her legs on my shoulders , I came face to face with her second set of lips. Licking over mine I took one more look at her before kissing her inner thigh .

Kissing her lips , her legs shook for a quick second around my neck. Spreading her lips , I dug my tongue deep inside her love box .

“ Fuck yea Chris ” she moaned causing me to smack tf out of her thigh . I’m not Chris .

Hissing in pain , another beautiful moan slipped out enticing my speed to increase . Rubbing her clit with my thumb , I continued to pump my tongue in and out of her .

“ Ima cum ima cum ” she yelled cumming in my mouth . Licking it all up , her head was rested against the wall as she tried to catch her breath .

Lowering her legs back around my waist , I toyed with her opening with my dick . Getting ready to push it in , she stopped me ” Wait ” she said holding up her hand .

“ what’s wrong ? ” I questioned .

“ Did you forget that I’m a virgin ? ” she asked not wanting to look at me . This fucking bitch .

“ why you look so scared ? ” I questioned with a amused expression on my face . Shaking her head , she still wouldn’t make eye contact with me and I knew exactly why .

“ I’ll understand if you don’t wanna do this ” I said backing away from her . Pulling me back she kissed my lips .

“ no , you made me promise that when I was ready I’ll give my virginity to you and I-I’m ready ” she stuttered while looking me in the eye . I wanted to punch her in the face so bad .

“ you sure ? ” I asked . I didn’t care because I was gonna do what I wanted anyways but I still wanted to make her think I cared.

“ I’m positive ” she nodded . Spreading her pussy lips , I slid my dick up and down her opening .

I guess she got fed up with me teasing her because she guided my dick inside her ” Ouch ” she screeched as I slammed myself inside her .

” That’s what the fuck get for lying to me ” I shouted . Yea I heard her talking to Alexis about lying and saying she was a virgin. All she had to do was keep it real .

” Ch-Chris I’m sorry ” she croaked out . Bucking my eyes , I slammed her head up against the wall .

“ you’re sorry for making me think that this shit here was mine ? ” I questioned slamming her head once again .

Letting out a loud screech ” you better shut the fuck up ” I warned .

“ I’m so sorry ” she apologized over and over . The thought of another nigga inside what I claim makes me furious .

“ you promised you would let me take it , but you fucking lied ” I roared hammering her pussy .

Wrapping my hand around her hair , I pulled as tight as I could . Through her painful faces , she still remained to be the beautiful girl I fell in love with .

“ who was it ? Was it that mark nigga ? ” I asked . Squeezing her eyes shut , she tried to seize the tears but it wasn’t working .

“ Answer me bitch ” I demanded .

“ Yes ” she cried trying to back away from me .

“ I don’t know where the fuck you think you’re going ” I gritted .

Popping her left nipple in my mouth , I sucked , licked and bit as if my life depended on it . Admiring the purple and blue bruise , I gave her right nipple the same amount of attention .

“ That hurts ” she whimpered .

“ I don’t give a fuck ” I hissed biting her neck as hard as I could . By the time I was done with my biting phase , her neck , collar bone & breast were decorated in pretty little bruises .

” oh god it hurts so fucking bad ” she whimpered as a tear slipped out of her right eye . Kissing it away , I started thrusting a little faster .

Looking down at my dick , her blood covered it letting me know that I either hit something I wasn’t suppose to hit or I was fucking her just that hard .

“ you okay baby ?” I questioned through a choppy breath . She directed her gaze to my dick , noticing her blood her face turned pale .

“ what baby ? That shouldn’t scare ya . The blood from your first time didn’t scare you or did it ? ” I mumbled in her ear , making my strokes a little slower ,

“ it did ” she admitted looking me deep in my eyes . Burying my face in her neck , she began to claw her acrylics into my back and sides .

” Faster ” she moaned as I decided her punishment was now over . The excruciating pain I was putting her through , turned into pleasure . Placing my hands on the wall behind her head , I began to pump faster .

Trying to hold in my moans , I couldn’t . Her pussy was just that good .” jaylin ” I grunted in her ear .

Carrying her over to the sitting area , I laid her down . Propping one of her legs on my shoulder , I entered he again .

“ Fuck baby ” she yelled as I pushed myself all the way inside her .

“ I can feel you in my stomach ” she moaned closing her eyes . Leaning forward , I kissed her lips then her neck , lingering my lips on my territory mark .

Slamming into her my strokes became deeper and longer .” Fuck yes ” she screamed . By now I’m knowing her sister and August could hear us but I don’t give a fuck .

Hitting her G-spot , she clenched her walls around my shaft ” shit jay ” I moaned . Switching positions , she was now on top while I was on the bottom .

“ jaayliin ” I moaned once again . I felt like a little bitch moaning this much . Bouncing up and down , she made sure to keep her eyes open and on me .

” yea baby bounce just like that ” I grunted tilting my head to the back . Squeezing her walls around me , my legs vibrated .

“ You’re gonna make me cum ” she whimpered . Sitting up , I slammed her body down making sure I was balls deep . I felt my cum building up as well and I wanted us to cum at the same time .

” slow down ” She moaned . Ignoring her request , I continued to go fast . Scratching at my back , moans rolled off her tongue .

I was biting my tongue trying not to let those three words slip out of my mouth . ’ I love you ’

“ im cumming ” she screamed . Her sex faces were everything and more and it only brung my orgasm closer .

“ Cum with me baby ” I grunted . Letting her juices ease out on my dick , she quickly hopped off of me and allowed my sperm to squirt all over her stomach . Wiping it off , she sat with her back up against the wall.

With both of our chest heaving up and down , I picked her up and carried her to the room . Laying her on the bed her eyes were low .

“ you tired baby ? ” I asked getting into her bed , neither of us bothering to put on some clothes .

“ tired and in pain ” she spoke softly looking down at her fingers .

“ don’t you ever fucking lie to me again, you hear me ? ” I asked before kissing her lips .

” that wasn’t my intention . I didn’t wanna lie to you , I was just idk scared I guess . Scared that if I wasn’t a virgin , you would no longer want me ” she sobbed into her hands .

“ I could never not want you ” I stated. It was true, as much as I hate to admit it , I’m mentally & emotionally attached to this young woman even tho I never told her that .

“ Hold me ” her voice sounded so… so helpless . Pulling her close I left kisses on her neck . Turning over she pulled my body closer into hers . Resting her head on my chest , she slowly drifted off to sleep .

Watching her sleep for a good hour or two , my vision finally started to get heavy . Kissing her nose , I mumbled the three words I’ve been Trynna hold in all night.” I love you “

The door busting open caused my eyes to pop back open as soon as I finally got comfortable enough to let myself rest . Looking towards the door I saw Alexis standing there looking like she just saw a ghost.

” The fuck wrong with you? ” I asked .

“ You uhh , you gotta get out this room like now” she stuttered handing me my clothes .

“ Wait why what’s going on? ” I asked grabbing my clothes from her , making sure not to hit jay upside the head on accident .

“ I will explain later but you just gotta get out of here .you can go home or either go to a guess room ” she rushed out.

Sighing I sat up. ” Where’s a guest room?” I questioned with major attitude . I wasn’t trying to sleep alone , I got tired of doing that .

“ Thank you so much I owe you” she said showing me to a guest room two doors down from jays room. Damn right she owe me , a nigga wanted to sleep with Jaylin in his arms tonight .

“ Wait can you tell me why I have to sleep in here?” I asked curiously, she act like she got something to hide .

“ I’ll explain in the morning or you’ll see what I mean ” she said closing the door behind her before I could respond.

I wonder what she mean by ” you’ll see what I mean ” .

natterz  asked:

We just got a new cast iron dutch oven for Christmas. and are looking for some great recipes to try out! Any suggestions?

Jealous! ;) You can make so many hearty winter dishes with a Dutch oven, like…

Happy cooking!