italian bear

The Sausage Fic

The (not) long awaited sequel to The Pickle Fic is here. 

Oh God. Oh no. He was making it. He was making Italian sausage. Dan, henceforth referred to ONLY as Bear, was making sausages.

Not sausage patties. No. Da- Bear was making sausage links. Thick (aka thicc), porky, sausage links. Not the links that are about the size of a pinky or index finger.

No, these sausages looked like penis.

Beefy penis.

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anonymous asked:

preference for working at the BAU and being Rossi's God daughter

Working at the BAU and being Rossi’s God daughter :

  • Again, little child of the BAU must be protected
  • And boy do you hated
  • “Hey it’s the Little Italy” “I will shoot you and stab you at the same time if you call me that again Morgan”.
  • Rossi trying not to be protective, and failing miserably.
  • If anyone flirts with you on the case, he gets roasted and possibly threatened with a gun
  • He only lets you pair up with Hotch or Morgan cause he thinks they can protect you better.
  • Let’s just say that his stubbornness and temper brushed up on you and you both an extremely great fight
  • He gets pissed and gets Hotch to make you sit in with Garcia.
  • You and Garcia prank Rossi for revenge.
  • Prank wars, constantly cause this always occurs when there is a super scary dangerous case.
  • But there are the perks of having someone to talk to when things are hard, and if you are scared or if your tired and need coffee
  • Overall he is an over protective Italian cuddly bear, and you still love him, even if he tells your parents your pregnant just for the hell off it.