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The Rome apartment of Italian architects Patrizio Romano Paris and Patrizia Pietrogrande features low slung custom furniture of the architect’s design mixed with pieces by Mies van der Rohe and Saarinen. Photographed by Carla de Benedetti, 1983. “Noble simplicity and quiet grandeur” – Winckelmann

Double interview with Seb and Hamilton (by Sky Italia)

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Alessandra Minini’s home, in Milan.

After living in a loft within a converted industrial space, Italian art-gallery owner Alessandra Minini wanted a bourgeois style apartment, typical of the early 900 buildings in Milan. So her friend, architect Luciano Giorgi, refurbished and gave new modernity to this stylish classic flat, using grey and black tones for the walls and the wooden floor, and vertical neon lights to play down the presence of historic chandeliers, Venini pieces and Sarfatti brass, while evoking the feel of an art gallery.

Going Away for Awhile (Lin x Reader) Part 1 of 2

Pairings: Lin x Reader

Prompt: Lin leaves to London for a while and the reader gets angry until he tells her that he got tickets with him and put lots of fluff after that maybe. ~ @myfriendruineddeathnoteforme

Warnings: Language and angst, although not really in this part.

Word Count: 1,922 Words… This is the longest fic I’ve ever written and I’m not even done with it yet.

AN: So I was a little worried that this would be lost in the crowd of write-a-thon fics, but I decided to post it anyway.

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Your relationship with Lin over the past few months was strained. The lack of time you two had spent together had been drastically decreased between Hamilton rehearsals and performances and the many interviews and photo shoots that came with being the biggest thing on Broadway.

The last time you had spent more than two hours with your boyfriend while he was awake had been a little over a week ago when he had persuaded Javi to take his place as Hamilton in that evening’s performance so he could take you out on a well-needed date.

He had taken you on a walk through Central Park after which he had taken you out to eat at the new Italian restaurant near your apartment. He seemed to want to give you what you had missed out on for the last couple of months due to his hectic life.

He had been jittery, almost nervous all evening and your first thought was that he was going to break up with you. Why wouldn’t he?

“I think it’s time for me to think of doing other things. I mean Hamilton is great, and it will always be one of my babies, but Javi deserves the chance to get to play Hamilton. And I’ve received so many offers for other projects that I think it’s time.”

“I wasn’t expecting you to say that,” You replied exhaling with relief. “I was expecting so much worse.”

“Oh sweetheart, no. Why would you think that?” He slid into the chair next to you, pulling yours as close to his as he could before he pulled you into his arms. “I love you, and I wouldn’t leave you for anything. If I go anywhere, you’re coming with me.”

Lin’s last night as Hamilton was bittersweet. It would be one of your last nights backstage at the Richard Rodgers unless Lin wrote another smash hit, and you could feel the emotions of the cast in the air.

Pippa smiled at you from across the hall in her dressing room where she was putting on her makeup. She waved you over, and you happily obliged, knowing that this would be the last time you’d see her dressed like Eliza. After all, it was her last night as well.

“How are you feeling?” You asked noticing the flowers and cards in front of the mirror.

“I’m okay, a little nervous, like always. But I’m also kind of sad, I’ve been Eliza for such a long time.”

“Pippa,” you whispered, blinking away tears. “I feel like our lives are changing right before our eyes. Today you’re Eliza and tomorrow you’re probably going to be the biggest thing on Broadway. Everyone will know your name.” She gave you a watery smile before pulling you into a hug.

“What are you girls doing in here?” Lin’s voice popped in through the open door. “Everyone else is in Javi’s getting a Cafecito. I’ve been looking for you two everywhere.”

“We’re literally in Pippa’s dressing room, though,” you said incredulously.

“I may or may not have just started looking for you, but that’s beside the point. You need to come and spend time with the rest of us. It’s the last Cafecito we’re ever going to have all together.” Lin grabbed your arm, pulling you out the door. You waved a quick goodbye to Pippa as you turned the before Lin attacked you with a kiss. “I’ve been waiting all night to do that,” he whispered against your lips.

“We really should go get Cafecito with the others.”

“Nope, now that I’ve got you here in my arms I’m not letting you go.” You could feel him smirking near your ear.

“No, we can’t do this now. You have a show to star in, and I have to be in the audience to watch you be the ‘sexier Hamilton’”

“Hey!” An angry voice yelled from the farthest dressing room while a multitude of voices laughed.

As you and Lin walked into Javi’s dressing room a smile on your face, you realized that no matter where you would be in a few years if Lin was by your side, you would be happy.
You fumbled with the keys in your hand as you tried to juggle the two bags of groceries on your hip because you were too lazy to make two trips. The sound of singing through the thick wooden door made you smile. But you stopped smiling when as you opened the door, the shifted weight of the bags in your arms caused the heavier bag to slip.

“Damn it!” You swore. The cans from the bag were rolling around on the floor haphazardly.

Suddenly Lin was on his knees on the floor beside you collecting the cans that were all over your living room. “You should have texted me you were coming up. I would have helped!”

You looked up sheepishly from the ground. The glimpse of Lin dancing through the apartment singing his favorite songs was something you wouldn’t interrupt to save your life even when you needed help with the groceries. “You were dancing and enjoying yourself way too much. I don’t think you would have heard your phone anyway.”

“I was dancing because something exciting happened today.” Leading you to the table, he instructed you to sit, before going to the piano and rifling through the stack of mail that had been there for at least two weeks.
“I know being an adult and going through your mail is exciting, but not everyone enjoys leaving their mail for weeks.”

Your sarcasm over mail couldn’t dull his enthusiasm, however.

“IwasaskedtobeinthenewestMaryPoppinsmoviewithEmilyBluntandMerylStreepandit’sareallylongshootbutit’sforMaryPoppins.YouknowhowmuchIloveMaryPoppins,” he mumbled, running his words together to get them all out at once. “Should I do it?”

“What? Oh my God, Lin!” You jumped up from the table, knocking the chair over with a clatter. Oops. You pulled him into an embrace and kept him there. “I can’t believe it, but of course you should do it. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime. Why wouldn’t you do it?”

Lin paled and seemed to hide his head in your shoulder. “Hey, what’s up” you whispered nudging him.

“It’s in London” he mumbled the word into your neck.

Oh, it was in London, as in across the ocean, as in not in the United States, as in a place Lin knew you couldn’t go to, because of your new job. “Oh wow, that’s amazing Lin. When do you start?” You tried so very hard not to let the smile on your face fall as you realized what was probably going to happen between you and Lin over the next couple of months if he took the job.

“I haven’t even decided to take it yet; I don’t want to move to London without you.” Lin looked so conflicted. “I love you and with your new job. I just don’t want to lose you.”

“Lin, you have to take it! I can’t be the one holding you back even if that means I’ll lose you.”

“Maybe I don’t want to lose you, had you thought about that. All I know is that you’re the love of my life, and if that means we only get to see each other in person every few months, I know we can do it because we’re supposed to be together.” Lin’s face crumbled, and he dissolved into tears. “I know this is awful timing because of your new job, but whenever I get off, I’ll fly all the way back here to you.”

“I love you,” You whispered. “So very much.” You kissed the tears off his cheeks and knew that you’d be okay. Lin wasn’t going to leave, not if he had any say in it anyway.

On the day that Lin was set to go to London, you awoke to the heavy weight of Lin’s arm on your abdomen and his head resting on your shoulder. He was still asleep. You couldn’t get up without waking him up and realizing that, you laid there for what felt like hours contemplating your life and relationship with Lin.

When Lin finally stirred awake and saw you watching him sleep, he smirked and murmured, “You aren’t going to be able to keep doing that you know. Sooner or later I’m going to have to get out of bed.”

“No,” you mumbled, snuggling into his side, “If we get up you’re going to have to leave, and I don’t want you to go.”

“Come on lazy. It’s time to start the day.” He pulled you up out of bed and dragged you to the kitchen. “What about pancakes for breakfast?”

“Pancakes and then I think your flight leaves pretty early so we should probably get you to the airport.” You and Lin whirled around the kitchen in the familiar dance that was making breakfast together.

Lin smiled at you as he stirred the bowl of pancake batter a dollop on his nose. “What are you going to do without me?” you whispered, wiping it away with the dish towel hanging on the oven door. “I swear you’re going to go around with pancake batter all over your face in London because you didn’t have someone there to wipe it off for you.”

His sad smile almost brought you to tears, and you realized that this could be the last time you saw Lin in person in nearly a year unless he came home for Thanksgiving or Christmas. “I love you.”

Pushing your feelings to the side, you watched as Lin finished his pancakes and went to the bedroom grabbing his bags and moving them to the entryway. He came over to you sitting at the kitchen table and placed a kiss on your forehead. “Are you ready to go?”

“I don’t want to go. I’ll miss you.”

“We’ll still talk all the time, sweetheart. It’s not like we’re saying goodbye for forever. I’m just going away for a while.”

The drive to the airport was silent, the two of you contemplating life and what was going to happen within the next few months. Little did you know, Lin was trying to figure out how he was going to be able to sleep without you by his side, how was he going to avoid burning dinner without you.

“God I love you,” He stated on the walk to security at JFK, his hands shaking as he held onto his carry-on.  

“Lin,” you grabbed his arm pulling him into an embrace, trying to keep your feeling in check, but it wasn’t working. You could feel a wetness on your shirt and realized Lin was crying, which of course made you cry. 

“I’m going to miss you so very much,” he whispered into your ear as he broke the embrace, “I promise I’m going to call you as often as I can. You’re going to be sick of me.” he called as he walked through security. Away from you. Away from everything.



A refined apartment in Rome, designed by Quincoces Drago & Partners.

Italian architecture firm Quincoces Drago & Partners refurbished this Rome apartment. Preserving the historic elements of the building, such as the parquet flooring, the arched windows and the moderate moldings of the walls and ceiling, the architects revamped the spaces with the addition of custom details such as bronze inlay door handles, soft hues and understated modern furnishings and vintage accents. As with all their other projects, the result is definitely gorgeous, sophisticated and sober

Huge Bombardment Opens Tenth Battle of the Isonzo

A few British artillery pieces did help the Italians; here a howitzer crew rests in a camouflaged position two days before the battle.

May 12 1917, Plava–Initial plans for Italy in 1917 had featured an Italian offensive to be conducted early in the year, in conjunction with a renewed Allied push on the Somme.  These plans changed when Joffre was replaced by Nivelle, and despite proposals to lend the Italians artillery, completely fell apart by early February, when Cadorna informed Nivelle that any Italian attack would come after Nivelle’s planned offensive.

The Italians thus had over six months to prepare for a renewed push on the Isonzo.  Unlike the previous battles, which had mainly focused on the Karst plateau to the south of Gorizia, the initial drive in the Tenth Battle of the Isonzo would take place on the Bainsizza [Banjška] plateau to the north, with the attack on the Karst to come later once reserves had been diverted.  Unlike with previous offensives, the Italians were careful to hide their preparations: concealing troop movements, minimizing radio chatter, and taking advantage of the poor weather in April and early May.  The Austrians knew an Italian attack was coming at some point, but were unsure exactly when or where it would occur.  Around May 8, improving weather and an increased rate of Italian desertions meant the Austrians knew an offensive was imminent, though a lull in Italian activity on May 10 and 11 meant Boroević for a moment thought he had received a reprieve.

However, at dawn on May 12, Italian guns opened a massive barrage along a thirty-mile front–giving no indication of where the Italian infantry would attack, if at the expense of a concentration of firepower.  The Austrian guns, outnumbered nearly two-to-one, could not keep up without risking being knocked out themselves.  A Scottish volunteer in the area recalled:

…this extraordinary strip of hell, right down 2,000 feet below like a volcanic rift in the ground, full of noise and black smoke…the [Austrian] trench line stood out as the base of a continuous smoking wall of dirty black fumes.

Today in 1916: Executions of Easter Rising Leaders End
Today in 1915: South Africans Capture Capital of German South-West Africa

Sources include: John R. Schindler; Isonzo; Mark Thompson, The White War.