The Lamborghini Miura Is Still Untamed

Dennis Varni has owned this stunning Miura P400 S since 1979. He is an enthusiast with varied tastes, from Bonneville Salt Flats racers to a Fiat Topolino. But the Miura is in a league of its own. It’s also something that he’d lusted after since he first laid eyes upon one.

These things were $19,000 new… and I’d just bought a house with my wife for $11,000 in 1966, and I said, ‘I’ll never be able to own one of these’.”

But less than a decade later, he did. And as a long-time owner who was originally into hot rods, he’s enjoyed how the car has opened his eyes into a world of European sports cars.


Many of you have probably heard of the Medici’s, that illustrious Italian family who ruled over the political and artistic worlds from the late Medieval and into the Baroque period. This post on Ms. Codex 1332 depicts the front cover and fol. 2r of a 16th century Italian ledger book that may seem plain, that is until you learn that it was once the property of the Medici family! 

Turn to the manuscript’s page on OPenn and brush up on your paleography skills, you just might find something of interest;