Guardian Angel Tutoring the Christian Child (1630s). Carlo Dolci (Italian, 1616-1687). Oil on canvas. Szépművészeti Múzeum, Budapest.

The angel holds a Bible and with his right hand points to a line therein. The child, hands clasped together in prayer, looks not at the book, but at the angel, showing with his rapt expression that he has understood the message of the Scriptures. In the 17th century the iconography of the guardian angel is generally close to the depiction of Tobias and the Angel.




1. out-of-doors; in the open air:
    to dine alfresco.


2. outdoor:
    an alfresco café.

Alfresco, also spelled al fresco, comes from the Italian term meaning “in the cool, in a cool place.” It entered English in the early 1700s.

“On this glorious day—temperature in the low 70s, blue sky overhead—they join the mobs dining alfresco, watching as the gondolas drift by.”
- Daniel Gross, “Leaving Las Vegas” Slate, October 27, 2007

While language learning apps and websites such as are plentiful online, places to practice are less easy to find! Here’s a few you can try out, none of which are limited to just one or two languages:


HelloTalk (iOS/Android): an app with 100+ languages that lets you chat with native speakers of your target language from around the world with voice + text. It’s the one most geared towards just conversation!

WeSpeke (iOS/Android): an app and website with probably the largest variety of languages at 130, with text, audio, and video chat.

Conversation Exchange: this one’s a little different, as it not only allows you to get a pen pal and has text, video, and voice, but it also lets you meet up with native speakers in your area to practice!

Speaky (iOS/Android): a web and mobile app which is pretty much social media for language learners! It has 110+ languages and you can make video/audio calls and message from your browser.

HiNative (iOS/Android): not exactly for chatting with people, but instead you can ask native speakers about their culture/language in your target language!


Duolingo Immersion: lets you translate articles from your target language into your native language, or vice versa.

Readlang: read articles, books, and other texts online, with vocab support, and it will create vocab lists and flashcards based on the words you needed help with.

All You Can Read: a selection of magazines and news websites from 200 countries, offered in a wide variety of languages.

Worldpress: a directory of worldwide newspapers and magazines, sorted by country, region, and also political affiliation.


Live-Radio: a collection of thousands of worldwide radio stations in a multitude of languages.

Every Tongue: 7,000+ recordings of all different languages, readily available online.

Omniglot: a massive listing of online radio stations in languages from A-Z!

Global Recordings Network: search by language or country to listen to any of a wide variety of online recordings.

An Italian ghost town is now home to the Hide-and-Seek World Championship. The village of Consonno, once known as the City of Toys, was abandoned after a 1976 landslide. Championship organizers loved its picturesque setup and ample hiding spots so much that they named it the new host of their event, which they hope to make an Olympic sport someday. Source