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[Mark] 60 inches & 0.76 seconds

Series: Remember when…

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In the midst of the pit black, you felt electricity rushing down your spines when somebody took a hold of your hand, his touch was soft and his thin fingers fitted perfectly into yours. And before you could make out the situation, you had felt another flush of warmth hit you ever so lovingly, not on your hand anymore but your lips. The identical softness to your lips came and went like a wind, and you couldn’t help but missing it against your lips. Everything happened in less than one second, too short for you to figure out who, but the way he looked at you when the candle was lit up told you what he really meant behind those vast-ocean-like eyes of his.

He liked you, just as much as you did.

60 inches.

In such distance, Mark didn’t get to see much of you, only your gorgeous hair and a cute grey beanie on top, an over-sized hoodie than covered up your shorts, also your backpack with number 626 imprinted on the side. However, that wasn’t the thing that attracted his eyes, but your being. The way you put your hands in your hoodie’s pockets while tapping your feet, shifting your weight from your toes to the your heels and vice versa; the way you took a glance at the traffic light, the expression on your face wondered when it would turn green for you to cross the road. Mark smiled, he didn’t know why he wanted to come close to you so bad, but he decided to stay in his van, and the vehicle soon turned to the direction opposite to you. You were just one of many people he met in his life and he would forget you, one way or another.

He couldn’t.

Turned out you were a trainee under JYP Entertainment, who had earned yourself a special dancing course in the US, that explained Mark had never seen you before. That day was the day you came back to form a group with other girls and prepare for your debut. Since then , Mark saw you more often, still the same dressing style with beanie, hoodie, a pair of shorts and number 626 at the side of your backpack, still the same distance of 60 inches. The distance between him at the reception and you in front of the vocal training room, or between your dance practice rooms, or even when you stopped by his practice room to observe the boys, the respective distance remained unchanged.

The good thing was Mark now had the opportunity to learn more about you, your every angle from front profile, side profile to back profile, your pride coming from L.A imprinted on your backpack, your love for singing and rapping, even your four dimensional personality that made him chuckle anytime he looked at you. The more you stayed around, the deeper he was into you. He wanted to start a conversation with you and not just any regular eye contact, but he was clueless. Why did it so hard when it came to you? Hadn’t he always been the hot boy who trapped girls into his net with just one gaze?

Mark found himself voluntarily becoming a fish in your trap. A too good-looking fish.

0.76 seconds.

Courtesy of Jackson and his extra-outgoing self, Mark had been able to decrease the distance at least six times. The red head’s eyes immediately shot up as he saw you shyly standing behind your group members, the 4D side of your was temporarily hidden for the official first met with the boys next practice room.

“Ladies! Welcome to the party after monthly evaluation!”, Jackson greeted in his sexy husky voice, but before he could make any sexier impression on you girls, Youngjae ruined it all.

“Guys! Hannah brought food!”, the Mokpo boy cheered as the other four grinned sheepishly at Hannah. She rolled her eyes before handing the boys boxes of midnight snacks.

“It’s Y/N’s idea by the way! She seems to know you guys well!”, your friend added while stepping aside to let the boys see their new favorite girl. Bambam proceeded to grab your wrist to pull you sit down with them while Jinyoung and Jaebum invited the rest. You all gathered around in a circle, and to Mark’s satisfaction, you both happened to sit next to each other. Mark smiled dimply at Bambam’s wink.

During the night, Mark’s attention was totally on you, despite how loud and annoyed the others were. He casually offered you a slice of spicy rice cake while smile-urging, causing you to blush a little before opening your mouth to receive his treat. You beamed incoherently, not noticing some sauce was smeared at the corner of your lips. As you awkwardly looked down to the floor, Mark gently used a tissue to remove the thick red liquid off, which made you jumped in your seat, staring at him in an awe.

“So.. I’m I’m Mark!”, the red head blurted out of nowhere and regretted right after. Of course you knew his name. Everyone in this company knew his name. Think Mark, think! The L.A boy sighed, how he wished he was smooth at talking with girls like his best friend, Jackson, how he wished his heart didn’t pound this erratic in front of you, it would have been much easier. Feeling unsure, Mark started to play with the hem of his shirt before reaching over to a bunch of snacks in the center of the circle to stuff his mouth with food.

“Korean food seems to suit your appetite, huh?”

Mark coughed at your question, his eyes searching for his reflection in your irises, which looked much like a cute, stuffy three-year-old kid, rather than a handsome man in his twenty. The red head almost choked on his food, making you to bring your hand up to caress his back up and down while scooting closer to him. Mark quickly gulped down the water handed by you, praying you didn’t notice how flustered he had become.

“Ye-yeah. Don’t you?”, he finally replied.

“Some are too spicy, you know”, you said while laughing, waving your hand in front of your face as the gesture of a fan. “I don’t usually eat spicy food back in the State”

“Oh sorry, I should have fed you rice roll instead of spicy rice cake! Here you go!”, Mark quickly used his chopsticks to pick a slice of rice roll up to feed you as you opened your mouth widely.

“Actually, spicy rice cake is fine! I just couldn’t handle spicy seafood noodle!”, you commented while chewing.

“Me neither! Just one bite and…”, you both  scrunched up your noses in disgust, making hissing sound and got surprised by your same reaction. And just like that, Mark realized that wasn’t the only thing which looked the same. You two coincidentally handpicked a white beanie each, also the long-sleeves jean shirt he wore and the one whose sleeves you tied around your waist definitely from the same brand. People who didn’t know you two would probably think you two were dating or at least had sort of ‘some’ relationship. Mark chuckled at the thought, leaving an examining look on your face.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”, Mark asked, a hint of amusement on his cheeks.

“That with these matching outfits, people may assume we’re dating?”, you answered without thinking one bit. The words just flowed out naturally, causing Mark’s lips to break into a smile.

“They should, because I’ve liked you already”

Before you could ever reply, suddenly  the electricity was cut off, leaving thirteen people in the complete darkness. Well it wasn’t that much of a sudden because the JYP building was designated to turn all the light off automatically at 2.30 sharp. None of you was surprised, and none had a phone with them.

Mark abruptly found his courage, and he drove in. With his heart still racing as insane as ever, in the midst of the pit black, his hand subconsciously took a hold of your hand, which had already stayed next to his when the light was still on. As if you two were meant to be, Mark had no difficulty in making his way to your lips. His lips pressed against yours, softly, gently, lovingly, affectionately but quickly, just 0.76 seconds. But just with that short amount of time, every fiber inside that handsome boy knew all those feelings he had had for you for months were real.

He liked you, a lot.

As soon as the dim light of candle was lit up, Mark was no longer hesitant, the tip of his nose touched yours while he trapped you in his vast-ocean-like eyes, his lips muttering those letters he had been keeping ever since he first saw you before they, again, pressed on yours.


De:Bug: When you see your own show, do you ever wonder in what way you could have had the chance to intervene? The light technology seemed adjusted and programmed, can you spontaneously intervene music-wise at all?

Thomas Bangalter: First, I want to make this clear: we are the creators of this show. The way we present ourselves in our performance is characterized in the same light as the music; they are of equivalence. So we see that our area of expertise is also located there.
This concept [that I speak of] is based more on a total experience - for us, it was mainly about developing a global event. More like a Broadway musical, for example. We also found it interesting that if you see a big event, such as ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ or 'CATS’, it is structurally the same thing every night, but the event does not decrease in its effect as a consequence. It is a spectacle; the show is very structured and precise. We’re the operators of the music system and we’re trying to deliver a constant result.

I think the show was not very ordinary. It has shown the future, but maintains a traditional aspect of entertainment. Entertainment, design and programming - and of course, opportunities for improvisation.

Thomas Bangalter, 2008 De:Bug Interview [German], being very insistent on correcting the mistaken perception that the Alive 2007 shows may have been of a fixed and non-autonomous nature with references to postmodernist spectacle and Gesamtkunstwerk

(currently being translated by kimbk)


True Skills 2012
Due giorni di Writing, Musica e Bboying.
Extended version con la finale della battle di Bboying vinta da Bboy Max!
Presto anche tutte le foto dei muri.
Cominciate ad affilare le Skills per il prossimo anno!!!
Un ringraziamento speciale a:
Bboy Matthew, Kid Cash, Bboy Ryos, Knef Crew, Seven Dollars, Dj Dynamike Freestyle Concept, Edo Paris, Graffiti Shop, Racoon Studio, Magagna, I-tal Sound, Shoulder Sound

A 40-minute mix featuring tracks from the radio show “Hip-Hop & Her Family” selected and mixed live by DJ Petra. Tune in Fridays at 10:30pm ET to WNYU 89.1fm / or check out the archives at



“I’m Glad You’re Mine” Al Green
“Brown Skin” Richie Spice
“We Buy Gold” 8Ball & MJG
“Bonsai” Tego Calderon
“Live Mi Life” Romain Virgo
“Numa Nice Numa Boa” DJ LK
“Masterplan (Illastrate Remix)” Boog Brown
“Revelations” Fugi
“Kings In This Jungle” Sizzla & Jah Cure
“Ghetto-Ology” Goodie Mob
“Brooklyn and Jamaica” Morgan Heritage
“The Enemy” Big L ft. Fat Joe
“Badder Dan Dem” Lone Ranger
“Jeeps, Lex Coups, Bimaz & Benz” Lost Boys
“Country Rap Tunes” Big K.R.I.T.
“We No Worry Bout Them” Konshens & Romain Virgo
“I’m Loaded” Droop-E ft. E-40
“Nakozonga” Didjak Munya
“Odd Ras” Chronixx
“Kali Yuga” Georgia Ann Muldrow
“This Is For” Baba Israel & Yako 440
“Nashia Tho Dhoor” Specialist & Tru-Skool
“Six Million Ways to Die” Cutty Ranks
“For The Love of Money” The O'Jays
“I Need A Dollar” Aloe Blacc
“Strange Fruit” Luck-One
“Redemption” Jesse Jagz
“The Dock of the Bay” Otis Redding

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Your faves are problematic


  • criticises my tea
  • literally has flawless hair that looks like the sunlight is shining on his locks artfully… even when there’s no/little light- what is that? magic?? 
  • makes the funniest cards against humanity cards 
  • is all about the aesthetic
  • I left some knickers and he was willing to post them to me because “they were nice” 
  • willing to write his vows on a napkin
  • when gets indignant his voice literally sounds how italics look it is amazing. 
  • met me at the train station.. but neither of us could see because we’re blind and weren’t willing to put on glasses because it wasn’t part of The Look. problematic… such problems..
  • v. passionate about everything. 
  • is literally the most middle-aged-dad in their twenties you will ever meet. 
  • taller than me. problematic plain and simple. 
  • laughed when i broke his and alexei’s chair… too chill… too chill…
  • drinks rose wine 
  • trusted me with his cat babies.