itaewon murder case

Just watched "The Case of Itaewon Homicide"

I like the movie, but it left me hanging.. I didn’t know who the murder was, maybe because the real story itself has not yet proved the real murder? Right?

I hate how they just let the two of them leave. There’s supposed to be a murderer. It’s not fair. 

Anyways, Pearson (Sukkie) is still hot, even though he’s the bad guy lol. He’s fckng sexyyyy :D Especially with this cornrows hairstyle \m/ He did great with speaking English too, but the accent isn’t like he really is half American.

It sucks that in real life, they still don’t know who the murder was. My theory is, PATTERSON AND LEE killed the poor 23 year old guy together. It’s horrible, really. How could an innocent person get killed FOR FUN?!? Wow, the murderer, should rot in hell.

Screw the law. Screw SOFA. 

Jang Geun Suk did great <3 <3 I watched the film because he was in the movie LOL.