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AU in which Victor stays in Japan after Worlds to relax a little, cause he's been feeling kind of depressed lately and very uninspired to skate. He finds a local ice rink which reminds him a lot of the place he started to skate at and decides to go in and maybe skate a little just for fun which he hasn't done in years. But when he goes in, there is this very handsome local man skating and teaching little kids how to figure skate and Victor is immediately mesmerised... (you can take it from here)

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My favourite interpretation of '28' is that Louis promised Harry at 18 that in ten years everything would have worked out and they could be a normal couple and then he got it tattooed on this fingers because then it would be visible when he does the thumbs up and that was also part of their sign language and when Harry would see pictures of Louis with the casual thumbs up he would always be reminded that Louis loved him and he just had to hold on a bit until it all works out and now I can't...

WOw was this really necessary 

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What is your go to shit beer? As most know, mine is PBR. :)

this is an excellent question to help distract me

***rolls up beer-soaked sleeves***

i don’t really think of many beers as shit beer?

i really have a hard time with the concept in general. (especially american breweries because we did this to ourselves! prohibition fucked everything up & the only brewers that could stay afloat during it are now mass-producing super light lagers, because it was what the market demanded, pleasing the most palates at the time)

on the consumer end, super light, easy to drink beverages have a lot of appeal for a lot of people. & maybe they’ve had some bad experiences with different styles & have written them off completely.

& i hate the concept of craft beer being better just because it’s craft beer, or more ‘manly’ or  that the concept of having a palate for certain flavors makes you a ‘better’ ‘more sophisticated’ consumer

& i hate that it pits classes of people against each other, it is like a haves vs havenots fight that leaves me feeling shitty

different occasions & seasons call for different flavors for me, but not necessarily for others. 

if i am at a bar with a ceiling covered in dollar bills, three tv’s with the same local sports team playing on it & twelve people playing keno, i’m not gonna fucking ask what double ipas they have & you bet your ass i’m going to ask for a budweiser

now, do i like that budweiser is snatching up craft breweries all over the country, while at the same time making shitty commercials denouncing the craft beer movement (hint- it’s because they are rightfully afraid of the competition), no i hate that shit. but like the little sign in my bosses office “it’s not called the beer friends, it’s called the beer business”

& local breweries are doing some amazing things, keeping old recipes alive & being creative as fuck, & local generally means fresher which is really fucking important, & it supports local jobs & that is even more important

but, sometimes it’s like the little deli that you stop into & there is a clerk reading the newspaper behind the register who barely nods at you & a dog asleep in the corner & you’re like ‘man this is gonna be the best sandwich of my life’ & like, sometimes YUP hidden local gem & sometimes NOPE say goodbye to your intestines 

same with craft beer. yes, sometimes smaller batches leads to more attention to quality, but sometimes it leads to the beer being so infected that they try to sell it as a different style than they intended, because they can’t fucking afford to pour it down the drain (i can tell you specifically three batches of beer by breweries that shall remain nameless like this in CT alone in the last 5 years. i promise it’s not the one i work at.)

& the big breweries being able to make such huge fucking batches of things to such a precise level demands serious fucking respect. it is not easy to keep so many variables so consistent. like, where the malt & the hops come from, how the yields turned out, the softness or hardness of the water, how active the yeast is, head retention, carbonation, shelf life, aroma…

& light lagers are some of the hardest beers to brew. you can’t hide your mistakes. & if it sat on a shelf for too long, or at the wrong temp in a warehouse, or in the sunlight at the liquor store, that produces off flavors really fast too. so some of the beers that get a rap for being shit are sometimes just mistreated beers that started out lovely as hell.

all this is to say, my go-to mass-produced pilsner is probably miller high life. but who knows if that is also influenced by nostalgia.

except natural ice*, that shit can go fuck itself.

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I think we all know that jungkook is just generally obsessed with jimin's everything but there's just something about him holding jimin's waist that's just so heart warming and boyfriend-y and natural there's literally nothing cuter

Okay but…listen… really wanna know what’s cuter? Jimin loving Jk’s waist just as much

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