i just found another reason why sasuke loves his big brother.

sasuke is clearly afraid of fugaku after he yelled but itachi keeps talking softly to defend the interests of his younger brother.

through sasuke’s child eyes, his father seems strong and intimidating but itachi is brave and confronts him so easily.

itachi really was sasuke’s personal hero, someone who was always there for him to keep him safe, even when he was away. they were everything to each other.

“Forcing my way through the shadows, for Konoha, for my clan, to be their cornerstone, I’m moving towards my own death, yet you, Kisame, want and need someone to affirm your existence as the man called Hoshigaki Kisame, and while you carry the burden of killing your comrades in the shadows, you look like one who will keep waiting and wishing to be touched by the light.”

Uchiha Itachi  (Akatsuki Hiden)

I got inspired by the work of @not-so-terrible​, who translated Akatsuki Hiden and had the kindness of posting a version of Itachi’s thoughts from his POV. You must read it, seriously, it’s too beautiful (the text above is from her)

So I ended up doing a fanart about it :)


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