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what do u think about people say that the forehead poke has a bad meaning like (stay away or leave me alone) and that's why the last time itachi meet sasuke he give him the head pump which hold another meaning (lol I couldn't even believe them then)

The forehead poke was always done as a sign of affection, that’s literally the only thing about it that’s never changed throughout every iteration in the series; in terms of Itachi and Sasuke, it was used to illustrate their affection towards the receiver despite their need to be away at the moment in time. I go into more detail in this post.

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Itachi is very confusing to me. Like, I don't blame him for massacre, because he was a victim too (and he was 13), but then I start thinking about how Itachi manipulated Sasuke and lied to him just so he won't grow up hating Konoha and will chase Itachi, who wasn't exactly at fault for Uchiha's massacre. It feels like even after what Leaf did to his clan, he still wanted to protect them, even from the truth. (Why didn't he at least kill Danzo?) I'm not sure if I actually love him or hate him :)

Maybe you’re talking to the wrong person because from I can’t help but see Itachi through Sasuke’s eyes so I can’t feel anything negative towards him~

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