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Grocery Shopping

Dojutsu Bunch #1

“Toilet paper, toilet paper,” Itachi murmured to himself as he clutched the wrinkled grocery list in one hand and pushed the cart with the other. “Already got the ketchup… and eggs… Oh yeah, I can’t forget the bubble bath–hush, Hanabi, it’s okay.  Don’t cry,” he prodded the two year old toddler who began to bawl in the front seat of the cart. “We’re almost done, almost done.”  He handed her a bottle of milk and she quieted her fussing.

“Alright, got the milk and grape juice,” Neji announced, placing the items in the cart with a thunk.

Itachi scanned the items on the shelves to his left without looking up. “Tomato juice for Sasuke?”

“Done,” Neji replied, patting Hanabi on the head, who had begun to reach one chubby arm out for him.

“Cinnamon buns for Hinata?”

“Got it.”

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awesomeerazouniverse  asked:

I am honestly curious if it was just hisana who was in the narutoverse and itachi got over the whole. 'Reproduction' bit and if he falls for hisana how would he go about trying to woo her, because honestly i can see him being such an awkward potato once he tries to woo her. Honestly though i can see him accepting his feelings with relative ease like 'huh, so thats new' and just go on his way but then when he's near her he's like 'damn, was she always this beautiful?' or 1/2

‘i am in love with a stiletto wearing nutjob and that is ok’. As well as him just being like ‘its only natural we are betrothed’ Hisana’s just amused by this awkward nugget as he tries to woo her ½

Trying to woo Uchiha Hisana is 100% the hardest thing Itachi’s ever done because there is like a 2% chance of success and also there are like stages, okay:

First of all, there is the ‘Hisana thinks he secretly has a crush on someone else and is just using her to practice’ stage. To be fair, this is mostly due to the fact that Itachi accidentally got her flowers she was allergic to, and so naturally she assumed he’d had someone else in mind when he bought them.

Second, once he finally gets her to accept that he’d just made a mistake and the flowers actually were intended for her, he has to pass the ‘Hisana thinks he’s just doing this to please his parents’ stage. This ends badly because Hisana actually gets really pissed at Fugaku and Mikoto for “pressuring poor Itachi-kun into doing something he doesn’t want” before he manages to convince her otherwise. 

The third stage is the one where Hisana thinks this is just a temporary crush resulting from the fact that she’s the only female his age that he’s close to, and that he’ll grow out of it (spoiler alert, he doesn’t). 

After several years have passed and she’s finally accepted that he’s not going anywhere, he has to pass the ‘Hisana still thinks of him as a child’ stage. This is made more difficult by the fact that she literally has photographic memories of him still in diapers. Anko, Kakashi, and Shisui all offer tips on how to get Hisana to ‘see him as a man.’ Absolutely none of it works (in a fit of desperation, he actually tried Anko’s advice to “show some skin.” Not only did the partial nudity completely fail to faze her, he also caught a cold). In terms of sheer embarrassment involved, this stage was by far the worst for Itachi (there’s something deeply humiliating about being twenty years old and still having your crush-since-age-twelve coo over you and declare how adorable you are). 

Stage five is the one where he has to convince Hisana to actually give him a chance (alternatively, the one where Itachi unknowingly competes against the memories of a dead man) and it is unquestionably the hardest stage. To the shock of the entire village, Uchiha Itachi–quiet, serious, and dedicated prodigy of the Uchiha clan– decides to follow Maito Gai’s example and declares Uchiha Hisana his ‘eternal rival.’ 

“If I beat you in a race, you have to go on a date with me,” he informs her solemnly. 

“Uh sure, whatever you say,” Hisana says, eyeing him oddly, and promptly leaves him behind in the dust. 126 challenges later he finally wins and Hisana agrees to go out with him, to the excitement of Konoha (and the other hidden villages because gossip in the ninja world travels at light speed). It’s…anti-climatic.

“This is literally like every other dinner we’ve had together. Except there’s candles,” Hisana says flatly. 

“For romantic effect,” Itachi agrees. “But it’s nice, yes?” 

Hisana doesn’t say anything for a long moment but when she looks back at him, there’s a small, tentative smile playing around the corners of her mouth.

“Yes,” she says quietly, and her eyes are warm. “It’s nice.” 

(I just want to make it clear that during this whole process, Hisana never actually flat-out rejected him. If she’d been seriously against the idea of getting romantically involved, Itachi would’ve backed off, parents’ wishes be damned. Luckily for Itachi though, she didn’t take him seriously enough to give him a concrete ‘no’ during stages 1-4–it’s like if a 6 year old said they wanted to marry you, you’re not going to tell them ‘haha sorry kid but you’re not my type.’)

So yeah. Basically the answer to the question ‘how does Uchiha Itachi go about wooing Hisana’ is ‘by being very, very, very persistent.’ Unfortunately, the result of this is that half the upcoming generation of ninja (Sasuke included) decides that ‘declaring your crush as your eternal rival’ is an acceptable wooing method, which causes a lot of headaches (particularly for Kakashi. If he has to tell one more person no, he and Maito Gai are not romantically or sexually involved, he’s going to raikiri someone). It’s particularly confusing for any visiting foreign ninja. 


Not my gif! Gif credit goes to it’s rightful and amazing creator

Anonymous said:Hello! Can I request an Itachi scenario where he doesn’t know how to admit he likes a girl, so he just do cute and devoted things to show her his interest instead? Sorry but I’m a sucker for shy Itachi ;-;

A/N: Yes of course you can, lovely! Omg! Shy Itachi is such a Sunshine! thank you for your request, anon! Please enjoy what I’ve come up with. :3 I am terribly sorry if I’ve gotten Itachi completely out of context, even if he’s being super shy. Forgive me! /-\

Imagine: Itachi not knowing how to confess his feelings to you, so he does cute and devoted things for you.

You had noticed some peculiar changes in Itachi, to which only perplexed you all the more. There was no doubting that you felt strongly for this Rogue Ninja, but by him acting weird, it sort of brought you on edge.

It was around noon and you and Itachi had been assigned to make lunch for everybody. You had washed your hands, prepared all of the ingredients only to find a blushing Itachi cutting onions at a feverish pace. The fact that he was blushing caused a brow to furrow. “Itachi-kun, are you okay?” your voice was like sweet silky honey against his eardrums.

“Yes, I am, (Y/N)-chan.” he smiled meekly at you before returning to his task.

“How weird.” you mumbled underneath your breath, completely inaudible to Itachi.

While cutting leaks, your attention was firmly upon Itachi. You hardly even noticed the knife slice your fingers. The pain shot up your arm as though you’d been burnt with hot oil. “Ow!” you winced.

Itachi was by your side, careful not to touch you, still aloof, though he handed you a clean dish towel. A small smile spread across his complexion as he silently urged you to take it. “Thank you.” you breathed, hurriedly rushing to put your fingers beneath some running water before applying pressure to the wound.

It was a deep cut which was clearly more of a hassle. “Looks like I’ll have to go see Kakuzu.” you groaned, loathing the idea of having to see the greedy man.

“I’m sure that I can handle things in the kitchen.” Itachi reassured you, the pink tint never leaving his face.

“Are you positive?”

“Yes.” he gave you a determined nod before turning back to his previous task.

As your foot hit the threshold of the door, Itachi turned his head towards you. “Oh, and (Y/N)-chan?”

“Yes, Itachi?” you stopped your walking to turn to look at him.

“I hope that your fingers aren’t too bad. Pay attention next time. Also, don’t worry about the tasks ahead of you today, I spoke to leader-sama, and he’s let you off for the day.” Itachi’s eyes closed, forming into kindhearted slits.

“Oh!” your face reddened substantially. “W-why would you d-d-do that?” you gulped nervously.

“You work very hard and you’re injured.” Itachi mumbled nervously, rubbing the back of his head before he shooed you off.

“Oh! Well in that case, thank you.” you beamed at him before leaving the kitchen.

Itachi turned around towards what had been taking up his attention and sighed a long deep sigh. “That was close.” he murmured to himself before going back to being stoic and placid as ever.

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Not To Be

Hey, everyone! I actually wrote something for the first time in forever, omg. I’m back with a oneshot based on the Itachi Shinden novels. Yep, this is Itachi/Izumi. I hope you guys like it!

Not To Be

Rated T



It was just past dinnertime when Izumi heard a quiet but firm knock at her door. A pretty smile immediately graced the young girls’ features as she sensed a familiar chakra signature. For a moment, she had an internal freak out. This was so sudden! She certainly hadn’t expected Itachi to show up out of the blue, not that she was complaining. What if she looked like a hot mess? Untying her apron and tossing it aside, she quickly made her way to the living room mirror. She examined herself thoroughly, making sure that there was nothing in her teeth and that she looked presentable. Deciding she shouldn’t keep Itachi waiting any longer, she ran her fingers through her long hair and smoothed out her clothes, before going to answer the door.

“Itachi-kun! What brings you- Wait, are you okay?”

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Itachi knows what his parents are up to. The play dates, the training sessions together, the way his mother makes sure to invite Hisana over to dinner at least once a week–it isn’t that hard to figure out. He doesn’t mind doing his part for the clan; besides, in comparison to becoming a ninja, entering into a marriage of convenience is a relatively light commitment, and he finds her company pleasant enough. Ultimately, Uchiha Hisana is intelligent, intuitive, and incredibly skilled, and while his cousin’s actions are…puzzling at times, no one can deny that she’s the strongest female of their generation. 

One day he will marry Uchiha Hisana, fellow prodigy of the Uchiha clan. It’s a fact he’s accepted since the moment he was old enough to understand what marriage was. 

Of course, Hisana has different ideas. 

“Marriage? To you? Yeah no, not gonna happen,” she snorts, absently tossing a kunai in the air. 

“We are sufficiently compatible,” Itachi points out reasonably. “Any children we have will have a heightened chance of awakening the Sharingan, and experience has proved that we work well together. Out of everyone in our age group, we are the closest in skill and intellect and we are familiar with each other. Why shouldn’t we marry someday?” Hisana just stares at him for a moment.

“Wow, you’ve really thought this through, haven’t you,” she mutters. “Still, there’s more to a marriage than just what looks good on paper, you know.”

“For civilians, perhaps,” Itachi allows. “But we are ninja.”

“Nice try. Still not marrying you,” Hisana says flatly.

“Why not?” Itachi asks, honestly curious. “We would make a good match.”

“Would we though, Itachi-kun?” Hisana asks, and there’s something tired and sad in her voice, like an old wound rubbed raw. Itachi decides that he doesn’t like it. She looks at him, a crooked smile twisting her mouth. “If I told you I was broken, that my greatest wish is to finally rest, would you still want to marry me?”

Itachi doesn’t say anything for a moment. Then–

“We can be broken together, then,” he says finally. Hisana just shakes her head in response before standing up.

“Find someone who can love you, Itachi-kun. You deserve that much.” 

Alternatively, the crack version:

“Itachi-kun, would you care to explain why every girl in our class is currently glaring daggers at me.” 

“Ah. I may have told them that we were engaged.” 

“See, stuff like this is exactly why I refuse to marry you.” 


“You would break my mother’s heart, Hisana-san? She already thinks of you as a daughter.”

“It’s partly her fault why I won’t marry you. Like heck I’m gonna end up with a guy named weasel.” 


“Have you changed your mind yet?”

“And risk getting killed by your rabid troupe of fangirls? Heck no. Dying is such a hassle.” 

“…you consider dying a hassle?”

“Yeah, I don’t recommend it.”


“I’ll cook for you every day.”

“Tempting, but no. You’re a Gemini and I’m a Virgo– the signs just don’t work out. Can’t go against the stars.”


“What is your excuse this time?”

“I’m too old for you.”

“…Hisana-san, you are three months younger than me.”

“I’m an old soul, Itachi-kun. An old soul.”

“I see. Is that why you used to act like an infant whenever my father was around up until we were four years old?” 

“Hey now, watch the sass, weasel-boy.” 

(In which Hisana feels vaguely like a cradle-robber despite technically being like 6 years old.)


Itachi x Izumi Moments in Itachi Shinden #1 Translation

The first part of all the moments between Itachi and Izumi in Itachi Shinden. It begins with Izumi meeting Itachi for the first time, when they were six years old, right after entering the Academy. Read More now will not work on this post.

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So, Sasuke-kun feels the need to poke himself, in order to feel a lot better. This gesture reminds him of how close he felt to his brother when Itachi poked his forehead.


Then, Itachi pokes Sasuke-kun once again, before his death, revealing the truth behind him and showing that he was, in fact, a hero, who loved Sasuke-kun very, very much, and not the enemy that Sasuke-kun had always seen him as. I consider that this is the first moment when Sasuke-kun truly realized how important the forehead poke was to Itachi and that it was “the ultimate expression of love”. 


Just imagine how much this amazing gesture means to him and how important the person he does this to must be! He decided to poke Sakura-chan’s forehead, in order to show her how much she means to him! And this gesture is perfect, as Sakura-chan’s biggest appearance problem was, in her opinion, her big forehead. After Sasuke-kun poked her forehead, I believe that she finally understood how beautiful it was and that she started to love it.


Itachi: Have you seen Sakura-chan yet?

Kisame:The girls are getting dressed now. Why? Do you want to see Sakura in her gym clothes?

Itachi: No! I just wanted to make sure she would stay with us during calisthenics!

Deidara: You don’t have to lie, Itachi-kun. We’re all excited to see her in those small bloomers.

Hidan: Yeah, that loose-fitting top… We’ll be able to see her boobs bounce!

Kakuzu: Why do you always say things like that? You’re making us all think about it!

Sasori: Hey, there she is – over by the steps.

Just wanted to do some doodles and came up with this. Sorry about the sloppiness. I didn’t have everything I needed and the only stuff I had to draw with were cheap markers. Still, I think it speaks for itself.

Underneath the Underneath

Summary: There was this girl in his class who keeps getting higher scores than him. [five-shot]
Featuring: mini!Sasuke and Sakura in their academy days! Did I mention Itachi? :)

“Congratulations, Sakura-chan!” Iruka cheerfully announces to the whole class. “You earned your sixth perfect score.” Sasuke watches as his teacher walks over to the desk right beside him, and hands his seatmate a test paper with a blaringly large red A on it, with a matching purple star.

The class breaks into a polite applause.

Sasuke frowns. He is second highest again, for more times than he could count. He only has one perfect score, but this girl. He looks to his left, wanting to peer at her test paper again. But she notices and quickly turns it over, hiding it from his disgruntled eyes.

So Sasuke stares down at his test score, demanding the number to change. 93, he thinks. You did well Sasuke, I’m proud of you! He could hear his mother say, just as she had said in his last exam, and the one before that, and the one before that…

He hears his teacher dismiss the class, but he couldn’t care less. Maybe if his nii-san helped him study, he would have a purple star too.

He looks to his right, and sees the frail girl sling a bag over her shoulder. Her bangs covered her forehead, so long that it touched her eyes, and her expression… The young Uchiha doesn’t know what to make of it, but it wasn’t the face of someone who just got their sixth perfect score.

He scowls.

“How do you do it?” Sasuke demanded, a little harshly, though he had not intended to.

He heard the girl give a small squeak, trembling slightly, her eyes widened.

“I–I’m…” she looks at her feet, refusing to meet his eyes.”I’m sorry!” Abruptly, she flees the suffocating room.

“H-Hey!” Sasuke blurts out in surprise, and he watches her retreating form. What’s up with her? He sighs in his seat. His gaze travels back to the upper right corner of the paper he still holds in his hand, his grip forming mild creases at the edges. The sight mocks him.

Sasuke lets out a snort, and shoves his pathetic test paper inside his bag. Many of his classmates are still in the room, chatting with one another. He hears someone call out his name. Too displeased at the unfortunate turn of events of today’s grading, he pretends not to notice and storms off.

Outside the academy, he spots a familiar figure leaning against a tree, arms crossed over his chest, exuding an air of silent power.

Sasuke brightens in an instant, momentarily forgetting the test paper tucked in his bag.

“Nii-san!” He runs up to his older brother, and tackles him into a hug. “I didn’t know you were picking me up today!”

Itachi catches him. “Hello, Sasuke.” He ruffles his younger brother’s hair, his lips tilting to an almost smile.

A flood of aspiring shinobi and kunoichi pour out the academy doors, greeting patient mothers, fathers, and siblings who have come to take them home. At the corner of the lot, near the road, a tiny girl with pink locks scattered across almost half of her face observes the scene before her, paying particular attention to the group of students laughing, immersed in an enthusiastic conversation underneath a tree. Then she takes a step home, disappearing from the academy, as invisible as a ghost.

Sasuke asks Itachi stories about his latest mission as they stroll towards the family compound. Things were going well until the older Uchiha touches on a forbidden topic, “How was school today?”

Sasuke freezes mid-step and grumbles, “I got 93 on my test.”

Itachi ponders on his brother’s reaction, lifting a curious brow. “That’s higher than your last one, is it not?”

“Not high enough!” The younger Uchiha looks away bitterly. They arrive at the gates of the Uchiha compound. A relative acknowledges them with a nod, to which Itachi responds. Sasuke disregards him completely, and continues plodding, earning questioning glances from their relatives. They all spare him a biting look, wordlessly reprimanding him for his brother’s rudeness.

“Sasuke,” Itachi calls out to gain his attention, following him. As much as he likes seeing his dear little brother pout, it would do him no good to remain impolite just because he was dissatisfied about something in his life. He can’t let his precious otouto grow up this way.

He offers, “You’re getting good scores. You even had a perfect test once, remember?”

“It doesn’t matter!” Sasuke spats at him. “There’s this girl in my class, and she has six!”

Oh? Itachi briefly reminisces his time in the academy. That’s impressive. Even he doesn’t remember getting so many perfect scores in such a short time. It had only been a couple of months since his younger brother started attending the academy after all.

“I wanna be the smartest!” Finally, his little brother looks at him. His large, pleading, doe eyes stops the prodigy in his tracks. “Won’t you help me study?”

Itachi stoops down to meet him. For a moment, Sasuke thought he succeeded, but two fingers press against his forehead in a flash. He winces, and the next thing he sees is his brother’s impassive face which aggravates him further.

“Come now, Sasuke. Everybody has their own things they’re very good at–”

He cuts him off. “Not you! You’re great at everything!”

“Getting a 93 doesn’t mean you’re bad at tests.”

“But I want to be the best at anything. Like you!” Itachi can’t help but chuckle at his brother’s hero-worship of him.

So he tells him, sincerely. “You have a natural talent, Sasuke.”

He’s beaming, and Itachi thinks he likes seeing his brother like this the most, even more than his sulky pouts. “You really think so?”

Itachi adds, “But this girl obviously has potential too.”

Sasuke huffs, and speeds up his pace, intending to leave his no-good, unhelpful brother behind.

Itachi catches up to him right in front of their house. Sasuke slides the door open, goes inside and shuts it in his face. Itachi almost laughs.

He comes in and finds his brother in the living room, sitting on the tatami mat by the table, a hand resting upon his cheek. Itachi takes a seat across him.

“You will encounter geniuses.” He states as a matter-of-factly. “You want to know your nii-san’s secret?”

Sasuke perks up, and eyes his older brother, anticipating his next words.

“I worked harder, and I beat them.” Itachi watches his brother blink once, twice, his back straight and his hand curled on the table. He lets his words to sink into the young boy before he continues,

“Effort will never betray you, Sasuke.”

His little brother’s eyes widens in the realization of an imparted wisdom.

Sasuke exclaims, loud enough to gain the attention of their mother who peers at them from the kitchen. “I won’t fail you, nii-san! I will work hard and beat her! You’ll see in my next exam!”

“Now what’s this, Itachi-kun?” Mikoto watches her youngest child enthusiastically prop books on their living room table.

“Nothing, ka-san.” her eldest chuckles. “Sasuke has found healthy competition.”

Note: So this will be my take on SasuSaku in their academy days. I have the next scenes written out but I decided to end it here.

This chapter is a setting up of the things to come. As you may have guessed, this story will be an exploration of SasuSaku dynamics before things took a dark turn for the Uchihas. We never got to see this on panel so yeah, I’m excited!

Quote note: “Effort will never betray you.” I read it somewhere in this site. So credit goes to whoever said it. :)

a-pine-in-winter-deactivated201  asked:

Itachi/Sakura "Who died and made you Kami?"

so, some kakasaku snuck in as well? sort of? apologies!


Itachi fights a smile as he makes his way to the Hokage Tower, his young heart pitter pattering out of his chest.

He’s just completed a long mission in the Land of Water and he is excited to give his report. Not because of the Hokage, Uzumaki Naruto, who does happen to be amusing but because one of his most trusted Anbu guards.

Haruno Sakura.

The love of the young jōnin’s life.

She has always treated him with kindness, never looking upon his pedigree with awe or jealousy. He is enraptured by her, the way she rose from a civilian background to become a prodigy and war hero in her own right. She is wonderful.

Itachi stops fighting his smile as the Hokage Tower comes into sight and he makes his way inside, anticipation building.

He is more than a little alarmed to hear a loud voice exclaim, “Who died and made you kami?”

“Now Kakashi-kun—” Naruto begins.

“Don’t worry,” comes a quiet, light voice. This is, without a doubt, Sakura. “I can handle this. Hatake-san, I do not understand your question. Are you upset that I dare to call you out on your selfish actions? Without Rin-chan or my assistance, Uchiha-san would be dead,” she says frostily. “Your inability to lead nearly cost your teammates their lives. So, sure, call me kami for daring to call your promotion into question. The council will review your performance and decide if you should remain a jōnin at this time.”

Footsteps rapidly approach and Itachi watches with wide eyes as Sakura steps out, eyes bright with anger.

She relaxes when she sees him and smiles beatifically.

Itachi feels his face flush reflexively but he stares at her with concern. “Are you alright, Haruno-san?” he asks quietly, moving closer.

She sighs but nods. “I am well, Itachi-kun. Just dealing with Naruto’s team can be a little difficult.”

“Hatake-san’s son seems to be a handful,” Itachi replies tactfully.

“There’s an understatement,” she mutters, slumping into a chair. “Naruto’s going to be with them for a while; your report will have to wait.”

Itachi, rather tentatively, takes a seat beside her and musters his courage. “Would—would find it acceptable to join me for umeboshi? I have some free time before I give my report.”

Sakura glances at him in surprise and Itachi wonders if he has overstepped his bounds. She grins and nods. “That sounds wonderful, thank you Itachi-kun.”

Before he can reply, Sakura leans forward, bussing a kiss across the plane of his cheek.

She hops to her feet, looking at him expectantly.

Face tingling where she kissed him, Itachi stands and follows her out the door, heart buoyant with happiness.

Itachi Shiden - Capítulo 1.3

Capítulo 1
El polluelo joven en la noche oscura, demasiado pronto para dejar el nido.

6 años

Itachi por fin había logrado entrar a la Academia y no era que el haber podido entrar a la Academia lo hiciera feliz, era sólo una sensación más concreta; la sensación que él se estaba acercando a ser un shinobi.

Era completamente diferente a lo que hacía hasta ahora, entrenar con Shisui en secreto. El día a día en la escuela era el camino correcto para ser un shinobi y eso a Itachi lo hacía sentir muy feliz.

-         Bueno, junto con su auto presentación quisiera escuchar sus sueños.

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thinking about Itachi
  • Sakura: Sasuke-kun, what are you thinking about?
  • Sasuke: Hm, oh nothing.
  • Sakura: You have that far-off look in your eye again.
  • Sasuke: ... I was just thinking about Itachi.
  • Sakura: Do you miss him?
  • Sasuke: ..Ah..
  • Sakura: *sits down besides Sasuke* Tell me about him.
  • Sasuke: Huh?
  • Sakura: Tell me everything about him.
  • Sasuke: I wouldn't know where to begin.
  • Sakura: It's fine. I can wait. They say it's good to share things. It helps you sort out your feelings. It also keeps their memories alive.
  • Sasuke: *smiles and pokes her on the forehead*
  • Sakura: Hey! *rubs forehead*
  • Sasuke: I guess I'll start with the meaning behind that.