Ok so this edition of “lyrics and gifs” will be a little different because the song is in Mandarin, not English, but it just fits Itachi so beautifully I had to share it. 

First off, the title, “烏雲”, literally means “dark cloud”, but the first character also means “crow.” Crows, clouds, we’re off to A++ Itachi territory already. And there’s just… so many parallels it’s a bit spooky? 

I like Itachi as a character as long as people don’t fall for the mistake of thinking he made all the right decisions or that he’s 100% heroic. He made a lot of horrendously bad decisions, and I would characterize his desire to have Sasuke hate and kill him as at least partly masochistically selfish, but his intentions were overall good and a lot of culpability lies on other shoulders, not least of which the Narutoverse culture of merciless child soldiers in the first place.

Ok, lyrics and gifs powers ACTIVATE.

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人海中呼吸著 愛與恨和痛 
it seems like there’s another me watching myself rush through a black rain
breathing love, hate and pain in the middle of a sea of people
I’ll occasionally look up at the sky

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我不要回想 它卻放不過我
those people who forgot my name
who wants to look at the lonely under a dark cloud?
I don’t want to remember, but it won’t let me go
my dream awaits the north wind

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I’ve gone too far

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聽不見聲音 但是它吸引我
the cloud that floats past the roof
in the blink of an eye vanishes and can’t be seen
it can’t be heard, but it attracts me
because it symbolizes me

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不要害怕 沒有用 
on the road of life, who loves me?
I’m a person who can’t cry a single tear
don’t be afraid, it’s useless
go forward without looking back

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喜怒悲歡 沒什麼
永恆流浪 沒話說
happiness, anger, and sadness… never mind
I’m a person who can’t cry a single tear
an eternal nomad with nothing to say
go forward without looking back

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I’ve gone too far

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Itachi Hobby Headcanons: Part 1

desalona said: Baking. Partially because I adore him and cookies. Also because baking is peaceful and systematic.

AYE I like the added reason that it’s systematic, Like, following directions with a clear path IS peaceful. I can totally see it. I bet he uses cookie-cutters and those corny seasonal ready-to-bake cookies with the jack-o-lanterns and snowflakes. Damn nerd.

waterddown said: Not really a hobby for Itachi but more of a habit. He keeps old boxes of tea and stores small objects in them. Senbon, paper clips, smol shiny pieces of junk his crows gift to him, hair ties for his ponytail, etc. Just think of a cardboard box under his bed that’s full of tinier boxes holding all these things things. He organizes the contents based on the flavor listed on the tea packages. (Green tea boxes hold ponytail ties for examp)

That’s really cute. HC accepted he keeps the shiny bits his crows bring to him. He sounds so damn sentimental it’s really cute. I can totally image this for pre-massacre Itachi.

gracefulleopard said: I feel like Itachi does some sort of sewing. He learned it from his mom, from watching her (sometimes with the Sharingan) and used it often while in the Akatsuki because they’d get tears in their cloaks and either him or Kisame had to fix it, and Kisame wasn’t going to.

Itachi picking up the practical domestic hobbies is A+. I think this is a pretty good necessity for all Ninja too. Plus I want to see a high class S ranked criminal try to go get a decent dry cleaning service. RIP


Sasuke: KumaQui ( KumaQi熊祁)

Itachi:  coser天狼

Btw Sasuke (KumaQui) was like:  Itachi is beautiful ~  , and Itachi replied:”Baby brother, people are looking at your chest and your face…” ( 弟弟,他们眼里只要是在看你的胸和脸啊!!)

|太多的羁绊只会让自己迷惘,强烈的想法和珍惜的思念,只会让自己变弱 …. (这二柱子全程一脸看智障的看着鼬好嘛!!)||