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!! It finally happened !!

Ho FINALMENTE completato il mio inventario ed ho maxato tutte le cose trovabili in esplorazione!! (ovviamente sulla versione Italiana ci sono meno luoghi di esplorazione) | I FINALLY completed my inventory and I maxed every single droppable item in exploration!! (obviously on the Italian version there are less exploration points) \_(♥‿♥)_/

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anonymous asked:

Could you do “i think i’m in love with you, and that terrifies me” for andreil pls? xxx (I don't know how well it'll fit...) ly

THIS HAS BEEN IN MY INBOX FOR SO LONG I AM SORRY ANON i’ve been on tumblr so little but here we go!! a writer!neil au if that’s okay with you all :) 

  • alright work with me on this one
  • the story is all the same, runaway neil who can’t fight himself and ends up in PSU and has a gay realization
  • only that in this one neil writes
  • he writes all the time about everything
  • it is the one thing he’d been able to keep away from his mother and the one thing no one has ever been able to take away from him 
  • he arrives at PSU and, of course, keeps writing, but he doesn’t let anyone on the team find out about this
  • he has never shown what he writes to anyone and doesn’t intend to
  • anyways when he finds out that andrew hates likes him, his head is all over the place 
  • he gets really confused and doesn’t know what the fuck he should do so he does the one thing he does best besides exy
  • he writes

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holyshitimkawaii  asked:

When i go to a lolita meet up i have to dress in bodyline, mainly because i cant afford brand, and the other lolitas look down on me. I even got called an ita. Did this happen to you? If so, what do i do? And I LOVE YOU SUPER, DUPER, MUCH!!!!! ESPECIALLY YOUR VIDEOS! YOHR SOOOOOO COOOL!!!!

I’ve been in full on brand and people have called me an ita before. If they can’t poke fun at what I’m wearing than they’ll comment on my wig, makeup, my nose or something else. There will always be people out there who may put you down and for different reasons too. You shouldn’t let it stop you from anything. If you like the way you are dressed, then that’s all that matters <3 There is no shame in bodyline, offbrand, taobao,handmade etc. You don’t have a to wear brand to be a lolita. If we all wore the same thing, it would get boring real fast… Celebrate your own individual style. There will be people who love you for it and those are the friends you need to find, make and keep around <3 

Thank you so much for all of your lovely compliments! Stay strong and support you <3