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I see no difference.

Justin Gatlin unexpectedly beats legend (and expected winner) Usain Bolt at World Athletics Championship 2017.
Francesco Gabbani unexpectedly beats legend (and expected winner) Fiorella Mannoia at Sanremo 2017.

how to prepare yourself for season 2
  1. Think of the thing/s you absolutely wish would happen in it
  2. As early as now, accept the likelihood that your wishes are probably never going to happen, and/or will be crushed one way or another
  3. Cry (optional)

Stolen art! (Again)

Some time ago there was a post floating around in the msa fandom about the amino app and stolen art, ita happened again in two new msa aminos.

The first one is espically bad with stolen art as ive seen art from @thepurpah @pixlokita @marshyoftheblobs @transientday @lottafandoms and more!

As you can see, the stolen art gets featured and they allow members to do whatever they want.

As for the second amino, they mostly steal from undertale and i dont know many artist from undertale here.

Please spread this around so people can stop stealing art!!!!

anonymous asked:

Could you do “i think i’m in love with you, and that terrifies me” for andreil pls? xxx (I don't know how well it'll fit...) ly

THIS HAS BEEN IN MY INBOX FOR SO LONG I AM SORRY ANON i’ve been on tumblr so little but here we go!! a writer!neil au if that’s okay with you all :) 

  • alright work with me on this one
  • the story is all the same, runaway neil who can’t fight himself and ends up in PSU and has a gay realization
  • only that in this one neil writes
  • he writes all the time about everything
  • it is the one thing he’d been able to keep away from his mother and the one thing no one has ever been able to take away from him 
  • he arrives at PSU and, of course, keeps writing, but he doesn’t let anyone on the team find out about this
  • he has never shown what he writes to anyone and doesn’t intend to
  • anyways when he finds out that andrew hates likes him, his head is all over the place 
  • he gets really confused and doesn’t know what the fuck he should do so he does the one thing he does best besides exy
  • he writes

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