ita bros


My Kara and Totty ita bag! (with some tag along bros and an outsider XD)

I did it TT_TT and this was way harder to do than I thought it would be? 

I might follow some tips I picked up from youtube and redo this with a piece of stiff felt that way I can pin everything to that  and not have to pin the back to the top of the bag to keep it up (it folds in otherwise).

Also sorry for garbage photos I literally have no light in my room…(1st one is pretty clear thanks to flash! And only thanks to flash :U)

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zoseaplier  asked:

Italy brothers reactions to their s/o touching their curls for the first time.

((Happy birthday! :DDDDD I hope you have a good trip around the sun my friend! -Mod Shady))

North Italy/Feliciano Vargas: Feliciano would squeak in surprise, involuntarily taking a gasping, moaning breath that would be almost shocked sounding. Practically begging you to let go of the curl, he would stumble over his words to explain to you what exactly the curl was, face bright red as he squirmed in his seat, even if you were no longer touching it. It was odd, but you understood. Hey, at least it was a new gateway to doing… Other things…

South Italy/Lovino Vargas: Lovino would sputter indignantly, pulling away with a quick tug before asking you what exactly the hell you were thinking when you did that, assuming you had no idea what the hair curl did. Cursing and swearing, he would be bright red beyond possible reason and when you asked what was up, he would adamantly refuse to tell you. It would take you asking Spain or maybe even North Italy for you to find out the truth.

so i know ievan polkka wasn’t originally a vocaloid song but theres a car commercial that keeps coming on that has the fucking version with miku singing and this day and age is starting to fuck me up bro