it;s more fun in the philippines


Tourism Philippines kindly asked me to show off their country’s assets, particularly the islands of Palawan and Cebu. I’d heard rumours of the Philippines’ natural beauty, so I couldn’t refuse the offer. What followed was 7 days of island hopping in some of the most stunning natural surroundings I have ever experienced (and I’ve been to some beautiful places). I’ve been snorkelling, kayaking and swimming before, but I can assure you it’s more fun in the Philippines. Mother nature turned it on, up, and went all out. In that one unforgettable week I shot 10800 photos and videos (608GB of data) to make this edit, which combines slow motion, timelapse and aerials to capture the jaw-dropping beauty and unique sense of escapism on offer in the Philippines. Thanks so much for watching!

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Oy! Kamusta ka? ako, okay lang. nandito sa bahay. nag-chichill at relaks lang sa buhay. may forever ba? diba wala! grabe ang bitter ko.! hahaha pinaglihi sa ampalaya.

[[trans: ‘Oy! How are you? Me, I’m fine. I’m just here in the house. Chilling and relaxing in life. Is there a forever? There’s none, right!? Damnn, I’m so bitter! hahaha]]

Hundred Islands, Alaminos Pangasinan

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Here in th Philippines, we don’t celebrate Halloween AS MUCH AS other countries does (like in the USA) and it’s such a bummer because it’s really fun dressing up a clever/crazy/funny/scary costume for one day, there are so many to choose from - characters from books, movies, series, cartoons to inanimate objects such a hotdog, water bottle, chair and so much more, just imagine the endless possibilities.

And since I find so many great, unusual stuff in the thrift store that I can’t use on a daily basis, I made this post to somehow show them off and also might help in case there is anyone need of ideas for halloween. I really made an effort on this so I hope you check em out!! There are a lot of surprises below! 

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Treasure Over Love (Rafe Adler x Reader)

Requested by: @xolovehyuna ! Thank you! I appreciate the idea! I had an enormous amount of fun writing this! I hope I didn’t let you down, haha.

- - - - -

The sun boils my hair while beads of sweat drips down my neck making my clothes stick onto my skin like peanut butter on a bread. They said that it’s more fun in the Philippines, but dear Lord, is it more hot. I haven’t imagined that a country like this can look utterly beautiful and yet feel hot and humid.

The birds sings around us and if I weren’t scavenging for the treasure I wanted so badly, I would be enjoying their beautiful chorus. I stop at a nearby tree, taking deep breaths while grabbing my water bottle that’s resting on my side and taking a swig out of it. “It’s been hours, Rafe! Don’t you think we can take a break?” I ask him, panting afterwards from hiking this mountain.

Rafe looks back at me, his hair hanging down to his face and his skin shining due to the amount of sweat he’s breaking. “You wanted this treasure for months and you’re giving up now?”

“But I’m tired!” I whine, resting my back onto the tree and wiping away the sweat on my forehead.

Rafe sighs and stares at me as I look at him with pleading eyes. Behind us, two representatives from Shoreline catches up with us, heaving for breath. Rafe turns his attention on them as they drink from their flasks. “Oliver, stay with her while I continue searching. Derek, come with me.”

Both of the soldiers salute him, saying, “Yes, sir.” Before doing their duty. Rafe disappears further in the jungle while Derek trails behind him, going out of view. Oliver stands, ready with his gun out and I scoff at him, knowing that a place like this will be in no need of firearms.

I pull my knees up and rest my arms on each. “Why don’t you sit?”

Oliver clears his throat and straightens his back. “With no disrespect, ma'am, but that will be going against my duties.” He says without even looking at me. I giggle at his soldierly manners, finding it quite cute.

“Well, I’m your boss, too. I order you to rest.” I tell him and he glances at me, twitching a smile and I can’t help but give a toothy grin. “It’s been a tiring day. Rafe will understand.” I assure him.

He swallows hard on his saliva and puts the gun to his holster. “Um, t-thank you, ma'am.” He sits down across from me with his leg stretched out while the other is against his chest.

I pull my head back against the tree, silence falling between us. It has come to a complete peace and serenity when you’re just sitting back and relaxing, enjoying the nature that this country has to offer. A small gust of wind brushes against my arm and I let out a breath, cooling down after the amount of hiking that was done.

Being taken out of my trance, I feel something slide out my belt and as I turn my head, a macaque has successfully taken my water bottle, prancing towards a nearby tree. I immediately jump to my feet and chase it, but it has already climbed up, resting himself on a branch while raising his eyebrows as if to tease me.

Scrunching my nose and pressing my brows together, I curse under my breath as he has taken my only source of hydration. Oliver has reached up behind me with a smile on his face, something that I haven’t seen since we have arrived here yesterday. Soon enough, he starts to laugh and I slap him on the shoulder and he quiets down. “Sorry, ma'am, but I haven’t–” He chuckles, “I haven’t seen a woman chase a monkey before.”

Hearing him say that, it is actually quite funny and I can’t help but laugh myself, picturing how dumb I look in his perspective. “How stupid did I look?” I ask him, gradually quieting down.

“Very, very stupid.” He replies, chuckling a little.

Not a minute has gone by since we’ve started to become more comfortable with each other: sharing jokes and stories and our personal lives. Rafe hasn’t been, in any way, pleasant these past few months, that talking to Oliver feels so much different than what I’m used to. There were a few instances that I wanted to rant about him, but Oliver just makes it impossible.

“–So the person goes, blows up the car and the movie ends!” He exclaims, flailing his arms after that mini-rant. “Just there! Can you believe it?” He pushes his back against the tree, giving out a sigh and I giggle.

Someone clears their throat, catching our attention and we see Rafe looking at us. Oliver and I stand and he goes back to his usual soldierly self as I dust the dirt off my thighs. Rafe, who’s currently clenching his jaws, switches his look from me and Oliver. “I found nothing. Let’s go.” He says blandly and we start to descend the mountain. I feel like I’m falling down as I know very well how this will end.

- - - - -

Back at our hotel room, the airconditioner hums loudly in my ears as I sit on the bed, reading a book while Rafe sits on the dining table, looking at papers. We share no conversation and the air between us feels familiar. I look at him from the edge of my book and he notices me. “You know you shouldn’t talk to our employees.” He says, not even caring to look at me.

I sigh and put my book down, ready to defend myself from another of our countless arguments. “You left both of us alone, you only have yourself to blame.” I say calmly.

“You were flirting with him!” He bursts, ignoring my defense and I am taken aback from his accusation.

We have argued about many things in the past, but this is the first where I’m starting to give up and leave, for real. I have given this relationship many chances but I cannot take this anymore. “Really, Rafe?! Do you really think I would do that?” I raise up from the bed and walk heavily towards the door, not even caring about his answer. I slam the door shut behind me while he calls after my name. I ignore him, not wanting to hear any more of his suspicions and false accusations. For the past months, he gets angry at little details of our relationships: saying that I don’t care about us, or about him, or even about what he does.

My footsteps stomps heavily onto the ground the more I think about it and soon enough, I hear the door behind me shut followed by the same hammering footsteps. He calls out my name but I don’t do anything than to continue walking, giving him the time to realize that I have finally given up with our fight and maybe soon enough, our relationship.

Catching me off guard, I feel his chin rest on my shoulders with his arms wrapping me closer to his chest. “I’m sorry…” He whispers and I stop in my tracks, the first time hearing those words come out of his mouth. “I was jealous,” he pulls tighter and I can feel his stubble rough against my cheeks. “I’m sorry…” He says, softly this time, and I can hear from his quivering voice that he’s fighting the urge to cry.

Nothing leaves my mouth as I’m taken aback from his effort of making things work. He never does this and I just stare blankly onto the never ending hallway.

“I have never met a woman like you who is as accepting, patient and understanding,” He says, starting to move in front of me. “And believe me, I’m trying to be the man you’ve always wanted.” I am touched by his gesture and cannot help but smile slyly. Seeing my lips curling, he smiles himself and pulls me closer to him once again.

“Rafe,” I manage to say, but the rising lump in my throat makes it even harder to spit out anything. “Y-You can be a complete asshole, but you still manage to come back.” I sob softly in his chest, soaking his shirt.

“Am I forgiven?” He asks, his chest rumbling deep as he talked. I nod my head and I feel him hug me tighter, not wanting to let go of our embrace.

I made a promise to myself years ago after breaking off from a bad relationship to never fall in love again. It broke me to pieces when I saw my past boyfriend sleeping with another girl; I loved him and put all my trust into him that finding out that he didn’t feel the same, it ruined me. Rafe suddenly came into my life, picking up the broken pieces of my heart and slowly gluing them back together. I thanked him for saving me and I’m thanking him now for saving us.


Is it still AFAD someplace in the world? I’m posting this anyway.

Alam ‘kong may pribilehiyo ang pagmumukhang mestiza, at hindi ako ang nasa pinakatamang lugar para magsalita tungkol dito, pero sa sobrang kaunti ng mga nagsasalita tungkol dito at sa mga nakakaintindi ng isyu na ito, isusulat ko ang masasabi ko. (Hindi ako nagpapabebe. Sa karamihan, mayabang pakinggan kapag sinabi ‘kong maputi ang balat ko at mataas ang ilong ko, pero ‘yun - ang pagpapahalaga ng pagmumukhang mestiza - na nga ang sinasabing utak kolonyal.)

Tigilan ang pagpuri sa maputing balat at matangos na ilong. Parati tayong nagsasabi na “Proud to be Pinoy” pero pinagtatawanan natin kapag maitim ang balat at pango ang ilong. “It’s more fun in the Philippines” pero bahala na kung hindi siguradong ligtas ang mga glutathione pills na kahit sa Instagram lang binili basta’t pumuti? Nakaka-buwisit nang makarinig ng paghalaga sa mas maputing balat at makakita ng ads ng mga produktong pampaputi kahit saan ako magpunta. Tigilan ang pag-alipusta sa maitim na balat at pango na ilong. Ganito ang itsura ng ating mga katutubo, at napakaimportante ang pananatili ng kulturang nabuo ng ating mga ninuno bago tayo sinakop. Matagal mawawala sa ating pag-iisip ang utak kolonyal, kahit ako ay nagtatanggal parin ng ganung pag-iisip sa sarili, pero pwede at kaya at dapat tanggalin ang Eurocentrism hindi lang sa ating konsepto ng kagandahan, pero sa kabuohan ng ating pag-iisip.

I acknowledge the privilege I get for having more prominent Spanish features/looking mestiza. Because of this, I’m not the best one to speak out on these issues but given the scarcity of Pilipinx actually voicing out against colonial mentality, I’m here to say what I can.

Let’s stop praising white skin/light skin and tall, slim noses. I always hear Pilipinx saying “Proud to be Pinoy” and then turn around to ridicule dark skin and flat noses. There’s also “It’s more fun in the Philippines” but fuck it if these glutathione pills that I bought over Instagram are toxic, as long as my skin looks three shades lighter! It’s so tiring and frustrating to hear people say that and to see skin whitening ads wherever I go. Let’s stop mocking and degrading brown skin and flat noses – not only are those the physical features of our indigenous peoples and the majority of Pilipinx all over the world, but these features are beautiful and let no one with their head up their ass tell you otherwise.
It’s hard to unlearn the white supremacist bullshit we’ve been fed with since the day we were born, I have only recently realized how prevalent and dangerous colonial mentality is and I still have a long way to go, but we can and should remove all Eurocentric ideas from our thinking.


Hi Ben!

I doubt I’ll be able to top off the wonderful messages and gifts that have preceded me, but I can’t just let your special day slide. So here goes.

How are you? I hope not too busy, you don’t wanna suffer from burnout eventually. Not only do you have lots of projects to work on to please your fans, but you have much more birthdays to celebrate. I mean, just look at all the people gathering here to honor you! It’s mind blowing how technology has allowed this encounter of like minded souls. Persons from so many places like the US, Germany, Netherlands, Philippines or Mexico, like it’s my case, all to conmemorate you, a fun and creative guy from Australia. Believe me, now that Rogue One placed you in so many radars this will become a tradition so you better get used to it. As the rest here have stated, I’m grateful for the impressive body of work you have displayed and continue to do so throughout the years. It’s a pleasure as a film fan to see a talented professional breathe new life into the acting world. The only thing competing with your skill may be your dedication. We all read of the doubts you had at a certain point in your life, doubts I’m sure we all have had concerning our own careers. You didn’t give up and kept going forward, and it has paid off. Now both you and us are enjoying the rewards of your effort and drive. To say that it’s inspiring is an understatement. Also, we can see you take your job very seriously, yet you seem to enjoy life and all it has to offer. You radiate so much life it’s contagious. In fact I’ll type it in Spanish: “tienes mucho angel”; it’s the Mexican way of saying you’re charming, sweet, adorable and charismatic. Not that you needed a reminder. *wink*

So anyway, here was my birthday message. I wish you every blessing in all aspect. It would be amazing if I could tell you all this in person but oh well, can’t have everything. Oh, by the way, the video at the beginning is my other gift for you: it’s the Mexican Happy Birthday song. I hope you like it. Lots of love and birthday hugs for you all the way from the other side of the world.

Happy Birthday!!!

Melissa Knight
Tampico, Mexico


(( Holy shit I’ve wanted to do something related to it for a long time <3

[ Here is the video this is referring to ]

“My Name Is Panama” is an adored Panamanian tourism campaign commercial from the 80s. It was as a campaign should be - promoting Panama as a tropical, friendly, inexpensive place to vacation or live. The campaign itself was Panama’s Tourism Authority’s very first and it was surprisingly good despite being incredibly cheesy with the lyrics of the song.
The campaign has turned into an identity in Panamanian society. The video is the ideal Panama - The Panama everyone is supposed to know. “My Name is Panama” shirts are like the equivalent of “I <3 NY” shirts.

I noticed many countries have favourite tourism campaigns, its rather cute - like “Its more fun in the Philippines”, or the Romanian campaign which just  throws shade on EnglanD LMAO, endless amounts. ))

MITAM sounds like...

A cohesive album of songs, not specifically written for stadium shows, but by a team of writers and a band that know each other, know each other’s influences and knew exactly where they wanted to take this album.

The songs sound like…

Hey Angel: The Verve, Oasis (Bittersweet Symphony/Champagne Supernova)

End of the Day: Fun. (We Are Young/Carry On), Queen guitar solo at the end

If I Could Fly: Who the fuck knows? Larry with a backing track of me sobbing?

Long Way Down: A progression from Fools’ Gold (no one’s mentioned this but all the footage shown was from the Philippines show right after Zayn left so… you know)

Never Enough: A more serious progression from Act My Age, though still very fun and upbeat, something slightly tribal to the backing vocals. It also sounds like that muffled clip of a song heard through the door of Julian’s hotel room… because it was….

Olivia: Straight-up Sgt. Pepper’s era Beatles, with cinematic strings, the bridge is very reminiscent of “Pure Imagination”  from Willy Wonka

What a Feeling: Fleetwood Mac, a more rounded, fleshed out version of Fireproof, and because I’m actually insane the chorus line “What a feeling…” sounds melodically similar to the “How lucky we are to be alive right now…” motif from the new Broadway musical Hamilton. BYE.

Love You Goodbye: Break-up sex

I Want To Write You A Song: Plain White T’s, The Fray, very simple guitar

History: Also from a similar vein of Act My Age, kind of a drinking song? 

Temporary Fix: The band Poison, definitely has a sleazy 80s rock feel

Walking in the Wind: Holy Paul Simon, Harry! Definitely references “Call Me Al” but also the guitar sounds are very debut album Vampire Weekend 

Wolves: My attention was elsewhere after Walking in the Wind (because it was my fav) for now all I can think about is Maroon 5′s ‘Animal’… but this doesn’t sound like that at all. Sorry.

A.M.: I don’t remember but it’s good. 

My favs: Hey Angel, If I Could Fly, Olivia, I Want to Write You a Song, History, Walking in the Wind

It’ll grow on me: End of The Day, Never Enough, What A Feeling, Temporary Fix, A.M.

Ambivalent: Long Way Down, Love You Goodbye, Wolves


“And 138 shows later, we’re here in Manila. It’s been a long way and we are so grateful every night that this our job, that we get to come share and celebrate music with you guys and entertain you and hopefully you have fun. Hopefully you leave here feeling uplifted, hopefully you have a little bit more joy than you had when you came. And it’s not always been easy, look, we’ve never cancelled a show but some of us have been sick, some of us have been tired, some of us have been lonely and some of us have been homesick, but we know how important it is to show up..Because we said we would, so we’re gonna show up every single time.. And you’re gonna have to take me out on a stretcher before I quit!” 

- Katy Perry on the 1st Year Anniversary of Prismatic World Tour

May 7, 2015 - Manila, Philippines (Philippine Arena)