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One of my study partners came up with this for our cardio exam. Since it was about 20% valvular disease, it saved my ass. 

As a brief explanation, A = Aortic valve, P = Pulmonary valve, M = Mitral valve, T = tricuspid valve. It pairs up if a murmur is systolic or diastolic and associated with stenosis or regurgitation of a particular valve.

Happens to work out that Aortic & Pulmonary stenosis are both Systolic Ejection murmurs, Mitral & Tricuspid Regurgitation are both Holosystolic murmurs and both Mitral & Tricuspid Stenosis both can occur as a result of Rheumatic Fever. 

There’s obviously way more to know for each of these conditions, but for someone who was mixing them up as bad as I was this turned out to be immensely helpful. Happy Studying!

June 30th - Hanahaki Disease / Midori 

“Please accept my love. I love you so much… I’ll cough up a whole garden of these special flowers… Just for you~“

Happy Birthday @yanderedev!!!!! Hope you enjoy my special Hanahaki disease drawing for you and that you had a wonderful day!

And about the picture decisions, should I explain it XD? It´s obvious that for Midori the only thing in her head is Yandere Dev so… obviously she had to cough a flower that represents her intense love: “Yandere Dev flower” :v

[Hanahaki Disease explanation and Ayano’s picture] / [Budo’s picture] / [Oka’s picture (+Process)] / [Pippi and Ryuto’s picture] / [Riku and Kokona’s picture] / [Kuu Dere’s picture] / [Osoro’s picture]

From the book Awakenings by Oliver Sacks. Sacks worked with Encephalitis lethargica patients living at the Mt. Carmel chronic hospital where they had been living for decades, largely forgotten about by the outside world.

Intrigued but the bizarre nature of their condition and its mysterious origin, he became convinced these people were not beyond reach. Sacks treated them with high doses of an experimental Parkinson’s drug called L-DOPA. Amazingly, the patients responded by “awakening” from their lost states. They seemed fully aware and seemingly cured.

Unfortunately, the initial positive reactions were marred by increasingly serious side effects. Once the medicine was stopped, as many chose to do, those treated quickly fell back into their statuesque slumber. 

Some, regardless of side effects, were also unable to reconcile the years they lost and the youth that went with them The patient above, Rose, chose to return to her former condition as she found it to hard to live in the present. She had not been well since the 1920′s, when the disease struck her as a young woman. 

NDRV3 Boys With an S/O That Caught the Despair Disease

I tried to make each boy suffer with an S/O that had a different Despair Disease, so hopefully it’s not toooo confusing. Had to take a few liberties with the diseases, especially Momota’s, but I hope it’s good nonetheless! Done by Mod Iruma.


  • He figures out extremely quickly that his S/O is infected; but that doesn’t deter him from spending time with you at all.
  • You’re very grateful when he brings in some homemade tomato soup while you’re stuck in the hospital.
  • Doesn’t stop your heart from breaking when the despair disease forces you to say that you don’t want the soup.
  • At first, Saihara is crestfallen, but seems to scrape together some confidence as he asks again, pushing the soup towards you.
  • The despair disease forces you to sneer that you never thought his homemade soup was good anyway, but you gratefully lap it up despite your words.
  • Saihara’s caught on. He’s not the Ultimate Detective for nothing. If anything, he almost seems… flattered at your words. 
  • You’re glad he knows you’re just Ouma Kokichi-ing for a while now, and you give him a great big smile as you tell him his soup was the absolute worst soup you’ve ever had the displeasure of tasting.
  • He shifts his hat over his face to shadow his blush.

AMAMI RANTAROU (Pain/Pleasure Swap Disease)

  • You have to appreciate your boyfriend’s sense of humor, despite the situation. He’s been walking with you around the hospital the whole day, almost babying you.
  • “S/O, you okay? You need anything? Hey, don’t go banging into the wall, c’mon. We’ll be late for lunch—”
  • He figures out what your disease does when he lovingly gives you a headpat and you wince in pain.
  • The second the whimper leaves your mouth he jerks his hand back and starts to sheepishly apologize.
  • You shake your head and say that it wasn’t his fault, he shouldn’t be sorry, you should be the one sorry…
  • But then he crosses his arms and says he should’ve been more observant, he’s a bad boyfriend…
  • The incredibly weird argument continues until Amami accidentally steps on your foot, and you let out a sigh of complete bliss.
  • There’s a pause, and the two of you stare at one another.
  • The argument over who should be apologizing continues anew (even if the two of you come to an agreement to keep touching to a minimum until the disease is cured).

OUMA KOKICHI (Gullible Disease)

  • When you’re forced into the hospital for catching the disease, Ouma’s already in your hospital room before you are.
  • He bombards you with questions about your condition, sneaking a few unrelated questions in there, until you’re tired enough you stop responding.
  • “Ugh, with that personality, you’ve gotta be the Ultimate Emo Teenager.”
  • “I see, Ouma-kun! I didn’t even know that about myself!”
  • He blinks, but then explodes in laughter after he realizes what your disease is.
  • Even though the disease is clouding your mind, you’re already filled with such utter despair when you realize what’s going to happen next.
  • After an hour passes, you’re 1000% confident that you were born on Mars and came to this planet to serve Ouma Kokichi by making him breakfast every morning and also giving Momota a wedgie whenever he walked by, and also, whenever Ouma snaps his fingers you drop down onto the floor and do the worm because you were descended from them.
  • Even after the despair disease passes, some of what Ouma made you believe still exists in remnants. You shiver every time Ouma’s fingers look like they’re about to snap.

MOMOTA KAITO (Supervillain Disease)

  • He’s very confused when he barges into your room, intending to ask where his jacket is, and he finds it immediately.
  • Because you’re using it as a flag for your evil fort that you made.
  • “Nishishishi! I’m the evil supervillain, Poison Ghost!”
  • At first, he starts screaming for Ouma to show himself. But when you poke your head out, face all flushed from the despair disease, he… sort of understands.
  • You think he does, at least. Because he starts screaming that a ghost possessed you and made you a supervillain.
  • You wave a stick at him and tell him to begone, lest you destroy him using your dastardly supervillain powers!
  • He meekly nods and tip-toes over to the flag, but your stick hits him in time.
  • “Fool…! That’s the flag for the Ghost Gorge, my evil fort! Don’t take it!”
  • He splutters something about how unfair you’re being, and you want to agree and get out of this fort. Unfortunately, the despair disease is the boss of you right now.
  • …disease-you and normal-you seem to come to some sort of agreement, and say that Momota can have his jacket back if he joins the ranks of the Poison Ghost’s evil army!
  • Now, Momota can deal with many things. He can deal with bullies. He can deal with punching bags. He can evil deal with you.
  • But he can’t deal with ghosts, so he shrieks out a yes and tumbles into the fort. You’re pleased.
  • He doesn’t seem to be too pleased after he notices that Saihara and Iruma are both tied up in the back of the fort, duct tape over their mouths.

HOSHI RYOMA (Oblivious Disease)

  • He figured you had the despair disease after he caught you when you accidentally walked off a roof.
  • When he was giving you a lecture on why you have to be careful because you got the Oblivious Disease, you almost got impaled on a ceremonial sword before Hoshi jerked you away.
  • He let out a discontented sigh, but resigned himself to sticking with you so you don’t “go and kill yourself out of stupidity”.
  • You don’t mind him being your personal bodyguard; he’s saved you from certain death about 30 times now
  • Even when the two of you rest in the hospital bed for the night, you can still tell he’s awake, ready to prevent you from trying to die in your sleep
  • -”Hoshi-kun… why are you so determined to protect me?”
  • He chuckles and pats your back.
  • “You’ve already saved my life by giving it meaning, kiddo. I’m just returning the favor.”


  • Shinguuji figured something was amiss when you complained the temperature was wayyy too hot.
  • He furrowed his brow and looked at the thermometer. It’s below freezing outside.
  • Despite your clear delusionalness, Shinguuji sighs and grabs a fan from the other room.
  • A paper fan.
  • Unfortunately, Shinguuji’s impressive paper fan skills do nothing to cool you down.
  • “Hey, Shinguuji-kun… could you turn on the air conditioner?”
  • His eyes practically bulge out
  • “No, no. I’m positive… you’ll cool down with this fan…”
  • You try to tell him that maybe a mechanical fan would be better, but he doesn’t care.
  • You spend the entire day dying of heat, pouring freezing water all over yourself, as Korekiyo lazily fans you and tells you stories about arctic voyages.
  • …You still wish he turned on the air conditioning, though.

GOKUHARA GONTA (Horny Disease)

  • “S/O…? Are you okay? Gonta’s worried.”
  • You nodded as you continued to sit in Gonta’s lap and play with his shirt, tugging at it.
  • Gonta giggled and took it and his vest off, but before you could pounce (as the disease wanted you to), he put them on you.
  • You looked at Gonta with a deadpan expression. He was just happy that you liked his shirt enough that the two of you could share!
  • Whatever. You just leaned into his chest, purring at the muscles. He happily laughed and patted you on the back.
  • “I think that shirt looks very good on you! It’s a little big, though…”
  • An idea comes to mind. You smirk.
  • “Hey, Gonta-kun… y’know… I think your pants would look even BETTER on me!”
  • Gonta actually flushes at that., and does his best to deter you by saying it would be very ungentlemanly for his pants to be off! He loves you, but he can’t just take it OFF!
  • You pout, and resign yourself to rubbing against Gonta’s legs and chest. He doesn’t notice.


  • Kiibo learns about your despair disease when you suddenly start shrieking from the other room about the gloriousness of despair.
  • He runs into the room to find the room half destroyed, the window smashed, and his S/O laughing hysterically on the unmade bed.
  • Kiibo screams in horror and jumps on you, using his “strong-old-man” strength to pin you onto the bed. You’re still raving mad.
  • “S/O, this is clearly not you…! Please, snap out of it!”
  • The despair disease forces you to scream out a negative and begin ranting about how you’re going to kill everyone.
  • Kiibo tries to stop you, but the despair disease pushes your strength beyond a strong old man and you begin to make a dash towards the door, knife in hand.
  • “W-W-W-WAIT…!! Instead of killing anyone, um, how about you just… talk bad about me for a few hours…?”
  • You pause and look back at him. He’s trembling. You smile.
  • Akamatsu finds you two five hours later, you slinging pretty awful insults at him about being a robot the entire time
  • (You can’t apologize to Kiibo enough after. He’s just happy that you didn’t go out and murder anyone.)

I don’t know if the requests are open are not. If not, please ignore. But you know how in Danganronpa 2 there was something called the “Despair Fever? ” How do you think the NDRV3 boys would react if their S/O had caught it? Sorry if it seems like a stupid idea. But if you do write headcannons for it, thank you! And good luck with the page! <3

Thank you so much!!

This is a very interesting idea! I literally made up almost every single disease the s/o catches, so I hope this is what you want!

Excuse the awful disease names

-Mod Kaito

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Hi! Can I have a scenario of chan? When his s/o got a serious fight with him and he didn't know that his s/o have a heart disease. Make it fluff in the end. Tysm 😘

- you have a heart condition
- it’s nothing too serious, but it does keep you from doing certain activities and you do have to monitor your heart every now and then
- you’ve kept this a secret ever since you were young in fear of worrying others
- you just hate the thought of everyone treating you differently
- but the person you’re trying to hide it from the most is your boyfriend lee chan
- you’re afraid of his reaction and the last thing you want is for him to treat you like a baby because of it
- you know you shouldn’t assume things but just the tiny possibility of that keeps you from telling him all about your condition
- you managed to keep it a secret up until now, but it gets harder and harder to hide it now that you both moved in together and now that you require more follow-up appointments
- you really do believe chan has no clue about it
- but he’s a lot more observant than you think
- too observant to the point that he starts getting really suspicious…..
- you’re monitoring your heart rate as usual and only seconds after you’re done, you hear the door to your apartment suddenly open
- your panic rises as you hear your boyfriend’s footsteps getting louder, and his voice increasing in volume as he calls your name
- you quickly throw the monitor back into your bag and kick it under the bed right before the door swings open
- he asks “oh there you are!! didn’t you hear me calling you??”
- you quickly think of an excuse and say “o-oh! no i didn’t because….. i was listening to music!! this new group i’ve been following for a while now just debuted”
- chan asks “which group?” and you start sweating and go like “….you wouldn’t know, don’t worry about it”
- he doesn’t push it but his suspicion definitely increased….
- each day, you almost get caught monitoring your heart rate and it starts to stress you out
- you’re thinking of just telling him but your sad thoughts just keep holding you back
- sometimes you have to go see the doctor and when chan asks you where you’re going, you always make up some last minute excuse that keeps him wondering where you’re going
- sometimes you get phone calls from the doctor and you always tell him it’s your parents asking you if you’re all right
- he’s clearly never convinced by your excuses but chan chooses to ignore it because he trusts you
- but one day you realize you accidentally scheduled an appointment on the same day you were supposed to go out with your boyfriend
- when chan goes home, he’s super happy and excited for your date and you’re really nervous to tell him you have to cancel
- but you can’t miss this appointment….. it’s just a follow-up of your condition and all but it’s still really important for your health
- chan runs up to you and exclaims “(name)!! are you ready to go?”
- you look up at him and frown, and his smile fades in an instant and he asks “….what’s wrong?”
- you tell him “i….. can’t go out tonight….. i have someplace to be”
- chan asks “where?” and you say “uhhh this old friend of mine is in town and i have to go see them”
- he says “oh really? can i come along, i’d actually like to meet them” and you scream “NO” half a second after he told you
- you nervously laugh and say “my friend has slight social phobia…. they’re not really comfortable around new people”
- chan just nods his head and looks down, and your stomach drops when you see the sadness in his eyes
- you say “i’m sorry chan…. i promise i’ll make this up to you”
- when you walk past him, he asks “are you cheating on me?”
- your eyes widen at the question
- you turn to him and ask “what?”
- with his back still facing you, he repeats “are you cheating on me?”
- you say “chan, i’d never cheat on you—” and he turns around with the saddest expression you’ve ever seen him make
- he says “i never wanted to think this but these past few days, you’ve been so secretive i don’t know what else to think. am i a bad boyfriend? am i…… not good enough?”
- you run up to him and say “i’m not cheating on you, chan—it’s just—i can’t tell you”
- he asks “why not? how bad is this secret for you to keep it from me?”
- your phone suddenly starts ringing, and chan eyes your phone when you take it out of your bag
- and then he does something regretful
- he snatches the phone out of your hand
- you scream “CHAN GIVE THAT BACK TO ME” and he says “NO WAY I’M TALKING TO THIS GUY AND GIVING HIM A PIECE OF MY MIND—” but he looks at the caller id on your phone
- “hospital…?”
- you grab the phone out of his hand and answer it, confirming that yes, you’ll be there for your appointment
- when you hang up, you look at chan whose eyes are wide in shock
- he asks “why did the hospital call?” and you look down and sigh because this is it you’re finally going to tell him
- you say “chan, i have a heart disease”
- it’s quiet until he asks “why didn’t you tell me?”
- and you tell him everything; that you were afraid that he’d treat you differently, that he’d think of you differently because your heart is so “fragile”
- when you’re done explaining everything, you don’t even realize that tears formed in your eyes and you hastily wipe them away
- while you’re doing so, chan pulls you in for a hug
- he tells you “i’m sorry for doubting you” and you just smile as you hug him back and say “i’m sorry i didn’t tell you sooner”
- after making up, chan offers to walk you to the hospital and you accept
- when you both get there, chan is asked to wait outside the room for you
- he politely tells them he understands and tells you he’ll be sitting on the bench right outside the room
- when the nurse closes the door, she tells you “you’re lucky to have such a caring boyfriend”
- you smile and say “yeah… i am.”

thank you for your request!! ^^

// Might be late to this bandwagon, but I absolutely love this application. Have been using it for 5 months and it’s helped me stay organized + productive (two favorite words, mmm). It can be useful in so many ways for almost anyone, but I specifically use it as a “lab encyclopedia”.

Why I Use It:

After reading so many articles about very specific methods / results, I realized I couldn’t remember them all and I needed to summarize - but I wanted a depot for all the summaries so it would be useful for me. I also wanted to keep track of the theory behind some of the research I do, like why certain proteins aren’t present in rat liver naturally, or how to take care of certain cell lines I use.

How I Keep It:

Within the notebook “Lab Encyclopedia” (I’ve got other notebooks that I use with my supervisor and we share experimental plans and debriefing of meetings on it), I’ve got 10 tabs/chapters

  1. Project (list of experiments do to for all the projects I’m working on)
  2. Pathology (theory behind the disease(s) I’m focused on)
  3. Organs (theory on how disease affects the organ, what we already know)
  4. Organelles (articles on the disease + particular organelles play a role)
  5. Proteins (known proteins involved in particular disease/metabolism)
  6. Methods (theory behind experimental methods (not actual procedure))
  7. Cell Lines (information on all the cell lines I work on)
  8. Pathways (protein signalling pathways in articles that seem intriguing)
  9. Possible Antibodies (narrowed-down list of proteins to look at, and where to find them in stores + reason they’re interesting)
  10. UB (R code for programming for bioinformatic analysis for a project)

*Within these tabs, I’ve got specific pages for each section. For example, under “General Pathology”, there are 3 pages: “Fatty Liver Disease”, “Obesity”, “Insulin Resistance”.

How I Use It:

I started the encyclopedia off by taking a review article that combined info from a lot of good articles, and jotted down the main ideas. Whenever I got to terms that I wanted to remember, like “nonalcoholic fatty liver disease” versus “nonaslcoholic steatohepatitis”, I wrote them down and found simple definitions for them and highlighted the word (like a dictionary). When I want to talk about a good article and their results, I put them all under a heading like “fatty liver disease and insulin resistance”, include the link (displaying the name and authors instead of the link), and then a nice little summary.

Some of these pages I share with my supervisor (like the antibodies page), but I actually have a separate notebook that I share completely with him that includes all meeting details so that we’re on the same page when I leave a meeting with him.

On my phone, I use the OneNote app, and it comes with a list feature. I included a list of all the experiments I need to do for each of the projects I work on (my thesis + collaboration projects) - down to the specific trial number so that I can get some satisfaction after spending 3 days on a trial.

I’m sorry this was a long description for something that not many people are going to use it for, but I thought if I described it, someone might be inspired to use it in a different and personalized way as well!

There's not enough stuff about Midas!Gavin so I'm gonna add this:

Once upon a time, he had everything.

He had a rich kingdom, a luxurious life, and a beloved daughter who meant the world to him. He could’ve lived and died like everyone else in his kingdom a happy man, surrounded by his gold and with his daughter by his side to leave everything to, his late wife waiting for him with open arms beyond his final breath.

When a satyr bearing the insignia of Dionysius found himself in the royal garden, he invited him to stay until his master came for him. In gratitude, Dionysius granted him one wish, and he wished for everything he touched to turn to gold. And so began his curse.

He was elated with his gift, until he turned his beloved daughter to gold and discovered he could no longer eat or drink. He lay in his bed, heart heavy with guilt over his daughter, waiting to die of hunger and thirst.

One day.

Two days.

A month.

A year.

His death never came.

Dionysius explained to him in a dream that he would not die until he proved to the gods he had left his greed behind.

So he left his golden bed, and his golden castle, and his golden kingdom, and he never looked back at the wretched color his daughter had become.

Oh, how he hated gold.

He lived in pure agony for almost 1,000 years, always hungry but never able to eat, surrounded by the thing he hated most of all. When gloves were invented he nearly wept with the prospect of being able to eat and have control over what his golden touch.

His throat had gone dry from lack of water, his skin hung off his bones from lack of food. He took a knife to his wrists everyday, hoping against hope that the gods would finally find him worthy to die.

The first time he tasted a grape in a millennium he did actually cry, but only after he drank enough water to make himself sick.

He learned to speak again, he learned to eat again, he learned to live again. Gloves were the best thing that had ever happened to him, behind his daughter.

Around 600 years later he was in England, exploring the world while he tried to prove himself worthy. He came across a woman in the street. Her red hair reminded him of his own daughters copper locks that she had received from his mother. She was skin and bones as he had been. He couldn’t just leave her. He took off his gloves, pulled some coins out of his pockets, and gave her enough gold to last a lifetime.

He hadn’t counted in someone seeing it.

He and the girl burned together. She told him her name on her last breath: Gavinia.

In memory of her, he chose the name Gavin, and kept that name forever.

He met the fakes at the dawn of the 21st century. Geoff, who died in the 1200’s of disease. Jack, a noblewoman from the French Revolution who reminded him of his mother. Ryan, a gladiator from the Roman Empire. Ray, who died as an Aztec sacrifice. And Michael, who died in Scotland of the Black Plague. Gavin told them he died in the 1500’s in a witch burning, and became the little brother of the group.

He wondered what they’d say if they discovered he was the oldest of them all.

They thought he was young. They thought he loved gold enough to surround himself in it. They all assumed he was a germaphobe because of his gloves and hesitance to touch anyone.

Wrong on all accounts.

He became the hacker, never out in the field, helping from afar. As far away from the danger as he could possibly be, and in as little danger of being discovered as he could be.

They gave him golden presents, and he acted like he lived them all the while trying to figure out how to tell them he hated gold with everything he had in a way that made sense.

He was Midas, the Golden King.

He was Gavin, the Golden Heir.

Oh, how he hated gold.

The bucket list 2/? (Chris Evans x Reader series)

Summary of the chapter: Y/N wakes up after she passed out in the car. Chris is next to her side waiting for the doctor 

Warnings: Angst and cursing

Originally posted by forchrisevans

Your whole body was aching as you could not manage to  open your eyes properly because it was way too light in the room. You had never felt so much pain in your life before which someone could compare to your lungs being on fire and as soon as you realized that Chris was sitting next to you and you were in a hospital you tried to push yourself up with your arms but a wave of nausea caused you to stop but luckily Chris was right on time to hold a little plastic bowl under your mouth where you threw up in. It was a disgusting taste mixed with blood which caused you to throw up even more and this completely drained you out so much that you had you lay back in your bed and felt tears forming in your eyes. 

“Shh it´s okay y/n I´m here. Don´t worry. The Doctor is currently checking your blood results and the nurse already warned me you might throw up when you wake up. You need to drink something.” He held your head with his large hand lifting it a little bit up and placing the glass of water against your lips so that you could take a zip of it, which immediately cooled your burning throat down. “Chris what is going on?”

Your voice was still raspy as he signed and threw the plastic container away, and placed the glass of water on the table next to him so he could take your hand and give it a soft kiss. “You fainted and we brought you here. You almost caused me to have a heart attack, I was so freaking worried.” You could hear how scared he was and placed your hand on his cheek slowly caressing it with your thumb. “Don’t worry. It´s probably just the stress.” The fact that you handled this situation way to easy caused Chris to almost freak out but before he could even say something there was a knock at the door and a woman which introduced herself as doctor May stepped inside with a serious look on her face and a stack of papers in her hands.  

“I see that you’re awake Ms. L/N. How are you feeling?” She walked around the bed and started to check your breathing and your pulse to see if everything was normal as you sat up and crossed your arms over your chest trying to hide the immense pain. “I´m fine. It´s just the stress nothing more.” Now Chris reached the point where he stood up and looked at you with such an angry look you have never seen before on him and it scared you like crazy.

“She is not fine! She just threw up and there was blood! You can’t tell me this is just stress Y/N so just shut up because I want to fucking know what is going on with you” 

You were shocked by Chris behavior but kept quiet because you were afraid you might bring him to scream at you which could simply cause you to burst out into tears if you continued to push away how you really felt at the moment. You knew that something was really wrong with your body and judging by the facial expression of Doctor May she knew it as well and as she asked Chris to sit down your whole body started to shake. 

“Stress can have a huge impact on the body causing it to protest at some point but I´m sorry to say that this is way more serious than simple stress. We´ve let your doctor send us the results from your last check 6 months ago and since then you have lost quite some amount of weight but also had a lot of problems with breathing and coughing. It might have been some sort of virus but after we did a MRI tomography we found a tumor on your lung and it seems like it´s already terminal cancer.” 

     terminal cancer

It were two simple words that caused your body to go into shock. You were not able to do anything or say anything but only see yourself hanging over a cliff with a small thread that could tear apart any second. You were only 27 years old, had finished college to become a professional photographer, living together with your soon to be husband in that house you always dreamed of building with children running around in the back garden chasing your dogs and now everything should be over? 

“This..This can´t be possible…s..something must have gone wrong… can not be terminal already!” Tears were streaming down Chris face as he was standing again with his hands made into fists. 

“It happens a lot that cancer is not found at the right time to be healed. Especially with your Fiancés health results a few years ago. She used to be in a perfect health state where no one even thought that anything serious might happen but cancer can affect anyone no matter age, gender or the previous way of living. Someone who smokes 1 pack of cigarettes a day can be lucky and never get cancer or someone who never smoked once, like your fiancé, might get it all of the sudden. It´s a disease you can´t control.” 

Chris sank back into the chair burying his face into his hands as you kept staring at the doctor tears now streaming down your own face. “How long?” was all you managed to choke out as Doctor May walked closer and held the papers in front of her body. 

“About 6 months. We don’t know if any treatments will help because your cancer is already in it´s final stage. Maybe we´ll find a therapy that allows us to expand this time period up to 10 years.” Everything you could do was nod as she walked closer and placed her hands on your shoulder giving you a soft smile full of pity which was the last thing you needed. everything you needed was some sort of therapy that managed to heal this fucking cancer and give you back your normal life. 

After a few moments Doctor May left you and Chris alone and as soon as she closed the door behind her,Chris stood up and kicked the chair against the wall with a scream full of pain echoing through the whole room. He sank to his knees and started to sob as you climbed out of the bed and kneeled down in front of him pulling him closer as he hugged you tightly and  both of you cried into each others shoulder. 

“Hey. It´s going to be okay. They´re going to find some sort of treatment and we´re going to continue where we left. We´ll get married, get kids, build a house everything that we have planned.” He placed his hands on your cheek wiping away your tears and kissed you softly. 

But was this really something you wanted to do? Try treatment after treatment not knowing if one of them is going to help you in some sort of way or kill you even earlier. Was it really worth it?

part 1

A/N: Okay guys I had never cancer myself and no one in my family who did so please don´t be mad if I get anything wrong. 

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What would Tsuna do if his s/o died from a disease that the vongola didn't have a cure for, but then her counterpart from another dimension arrives with no way to go back ? Bonus if she's pregnant with her Tsuna ?


  • Tsuna is conflicted at first because he just lost his S/O but gained her again but its not really her. Then there’s the whole issue of her being pregnant with not-really-but-technically-is his child.
  • He’ll be super intense for the first few weeks of the alternate’s stay as his scientists try to find a way to send her back. He wants to send her back because he knows what its like to lose someone and if he can, he’d like the child to grow up with their proper dad
  • Time passes and Tsuna kind of warms up to the alternate. He eventually stops referring to them as the Other and calls them by name
  • The pain of losing his S/O has been filled but it kind of feels wrong to him. He knows that his original S/O would want him to move on but does this really count as moving on?
  • The day his scientists and even Verde confirm that there is no way back, he gets drunk. Like completely smashed.
  • He looks himself away in his room and refuses to come out for the rest of the night. Tsuna doesn’t want to hear the other woman’s crying for what she lost.
  • They come to an agreement. There’s not real difference between the two dimensions after all. She died in this one but became pregnant in the other one.
  • Tsuna and the counterpart get married, but live in different bedrooms. When the child is born, their origins is one of the more carefully guarded secrets of the Vongola.
  • He does his best to be the father of the child, wanting to make up for what his counterpart is missing. At the same time, he is filled with glee.
  • He has an heir. He has a wife to court once more. He has everything he needs to continue the Vongola. Time has passed where he can comfortably move on from his original S/O’s death and begins actively pursuing the counterpart.

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Something similar to the deformed inbred pit bulls can also be seen in certain lines of halter bred quarter horses(horses bred for aesthetics rather than performance), where they literally breed for a disease called HYPP that causes seizures other dangerous symptoms but also gives them tons of extra muscle mass which is a major part of halter breeding. Horse's with the disease can't be registered, but carriers (who have milder symptoms but keep the extra muscle) can be. (1/2)

The gene can be traced back to a horse named “Impressive”. The over exaggerated muscle mass is made worse by being bred to be downhill (short front legs meaning they carry much more weight there), very thin and straight legs, and tiny hooves. Their bodies can barely support their bodies and they break down very quickly despite not being ridden. Look up sir cool skip, he’s probably the worst I’ve seen. Quarters horse’s are ridiculously athletic horses, too, there’s no need for this crap (2/2)

I am actually a little familiar with quarter Horses.

The Augusta Futurity is an annual barrel event in Augusta Ga. that at least used to take place in the James Brown Arena, where Quarter Horses are the beloved favorite breed.

I know *exactly* how athletic and agile they are.

A happy Quarter Horse is poetry in motion!

For example:

Here is another American Quarter Horse.

This is a lovely individual typical of the performers I’m familiar with. (Possibly a hair down hill?)

This one is a little more downhill

Here is a Halterbred Quarter Horse

There is a LOT more muscle, especially on the legs of this animal.

But am I correct in assuming that THIS

Is what you meant?

Jesus, look at this guy!

Look how far downhill this horse is! That canNOT be good for its back!

When I go to sleep,
I often wish it was for the last time.
Because I don’t feel like going around town,
picturing myself falling from skyscrapers, bloody on the ground.

In my Dreams I often am fine.
All my friends are still here.
No one’s haunted by memories.
No one’s running from disease.
Laughter is for everyone,
not for a chosen few.

If I stay for them,
will someone stay with me?
If I claim nothing but the truth,
would all of us be liars?
Perhaps finding death on the hot tub will hurt less.
Perhaps spreading it with words will be for the best.

These days, Death has been more of a friend.
My persuading partner in crime.
Death always gives me cover,
walks with a peace offering,
bittersweet escape in the hands.

I don’t belong in the world,
and I don’t belong with anyone.
But what friend could Death possibly be?
And what certainty is there in a Dream?
But if I’m not meant to be here,
and you won’t take care of me,
I’ll kiss you goodbye and go to sleep.

Dream or Death;
I don’t know if I’m suicidal,
or just nostalgic.
It feels pretty much the same to me.

—  “Dream or Death” ( @fucking-sad-eyes )