Happy birthday to me~ Happy birthday to Taeyang but most importantly happy birthday to me haha ahhh yes I turned 21 today and I still feel like a child so lets just leave it as that for awhile lol I thought a follow forever would be nice since I haven’t done one since new years^^ I’ve been on tumblr for like 3 years now, so that’s 3 birthday’s I have shared on here and the experience have been cray. My list of groups that I listen to had grown and now it has shrunk because Bangtan rules everything in my life otl

And happy birthday to Yongbae~ Big Bang was the first group that got me real into kpop and they will forever be number 1 in my heart so bless, I hope he had a great day and alsdfjksldkjfld his solo jfc don’t get me started ok bye

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The Music of Harvey Beaks

Last night, on the eve of the premiere of my cartoon series Harvey Beaks, I found myself walking down Vermont Blvd. in Silverlake looking for nice stationary. I walked in to this hip home decor store and happened to cross paths with one of my favorite living composers, Jon Brion! We greeted each other, sat down across from one another on two of the modern display couches, and spoke for almost two hours about the challenges we face as composers, the orchestral recording process, and Harvey Beaks! (We probably would have been there longer, but we were eventually asked to leave the store!)

I shared with him my experience on Harvey and how lucky I felt to have been able to record my music with a 40 piece orchestra. (Harvey Beaks is the first Nickelodeon show ever recorded with an orchestra!) I told Jon how much I appreciated the network for taking such a bold risk on me.

While I had only seen this as a personal victory, Jon said, “What you’ve done with Nickelodeon is a victory for our community.” He explained that this type of thing elevates the medium of animation on television, and can potentially influence other programs to take a similar route. An “investment in quality” as opposed to finding the cheapest way to get things done.

I left our chance meeting feeling inspired, enthusiastic & hopeful about the future of cartoon music. Although I love knowing that I’m responsible for one of the only orchestral animated shows on television (besides the billion dollar empires of Seth MacFarlane and Matt Groening), it’s nice to think we could be at the beginning of a new age of cartoon music– following in the traditions of Carl Stalling from Warner Bros.’ golden age. I’m so proud of this show and I think C.H. Greenblatt is an amazing talent to whom I owe my gratitude for believing in my musical vision for his show.

I’m going to try and share either a music track or video every week starting with this little promo from our first orchestral recording session which features the music heard on this week’s episode: PEE-CHOO!

Ego Plum


Yesterday I had the privilege of meeting Niomi! She was genuinely the loveliest person & as you can see gorgeous as well! The whole experience was so nice , it was calm, everyone was in a great mood & it didn’t feel rushed at all ! I feel so grateful to have been able to meet her ! Her influence inspired me to become healthy & start losing weight & actually stick to it ! & She is the only person that has ever actually been able to make me stick to it! Her influence has not only changed my views on a healthy lifestyle & what to eat etc but it’s also benefitted my life in so many other ways. Before I never wanted to leave the house , I hated myself & I hated seeing other people as I felt that I was judged by my appearance as the fat shy girl that no one would want to be around. But here I am 2st down , & with only another 2st to my goal! I have so much more confidence & I go out and socialise regularly now & im starting to wear clothes that I never thought I would be able to before. Thank you so much Niomi , I cannot wait to start using the cookbook , I’ve been so excited too start trying more of your recipes ! ❤️❤️❤️