Nine to Five (Part 3)

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

A/N: The response to Part 2 was absolutely out of this world. I couldn’t believe it, I’m so happy that people are loving this as much as I am writing it. Enjoy Part 3; Just a reminder that this is a drabble series so I’m not trying to make each part 2k long, this part is only 905 words so don’t bombard me with “why is it so short” drabble series

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Over a month has passed, the most amazing and exciting month of your life. Accepting the job to be Rosie’s nanny was definitely the best thing you’ve ever done. She was a wonderful, adoring little girl that deserved the best in life, and you were determined to give it to her; along with the help from Stiles, who you would willingly give the award for Best Father within a beat of the heart. He had so much time for his daughter even with working a full time job, he never came home grumpy or too tired to spend time with her. Every time you left the house in the evening, he had her cooped in his arms.

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I think Nikandros and Nicaise would’ve been the best of friends. Nik and Nic. Nick! Nick-bros!!

-       There would be simultaneous sighs of suffering when Laurent and Damen get flirty with each other at inappropriate times.

-       Nicaise, being a brat he was is, would be making snarky remarks to Laurent about his giant of a hubby, and Nikandros would be giggling and trying to cover it as a cough.

-       When Laurent is educating his little fosterling and giving him a lecture, Nik will be interfering with “oh come on, your highness, give him a break”. Or even taking blame for Nicaise.

-       When Nic takes it too far with teasing somebody, Nik will be just picking him up and carrying him away

-       Nik stealing treats for Nicaise from kitchen.

-       Laurent catching him doing so and being so surprised he can’t even find anything teasing to say.

-       Nikandros teaching Nicaise to wrestle.

-       Nicaise giving Nikandros tips on what to say to Laurent to make him blush and shut up and telling him embarrassing stories from Laurent’s life in Vere

-       If someone tries to make a move on Nicaise, then Nikandros, Damen, and Laurent all glare at this person like three over-protective fathers, and if the person keeps annoying him, they just grind te bastard into a pulp in every way possible.

-       Nikandros letting Nic hide from his teachers in his room when he does not want to study math or whatever. And telling the servants he hadn’t seen him. Until Laurent himself comes, looking very cross and strict, and they can no longer lie.

-       So as a punishment, Nikandros has to go to a math lesson with him.

-       Nicaise likes to run away into the city , and Nikandros being too worried for him to let him go alone, so he sneaks out of the palace with him.

-       Once or twice they run into “Charles and Lamen” who are doing the same sneaking-out thing, and have a very awkward encounter.

Got7 Reaction to their childhood friend/secret crush getting dressed in front of them

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Scenario: You’ve been friends since you were kids and are having a sleepover, as you usually would. You decide to change into your PJ’s quickly before watching a movie with them. 


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*dying slowly* He would try his best to keep quiet and laugh into a pillow. He would be too shy to look and afterwards, while the movie played, he would have a huge smile on his face. 


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“Think holy thoughts…” He would try not to get awkward and play it off cool. Probably being real slick, putting his arm around you halfway through the movie. 


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He would be the quickest to say something. “Damn guuurl you fine” Something along those lines lol. Low key flirting but acting like he’s joking. Wouldn’t look away because he’s enjoying it too much. 


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This little ray of sunshine would be shook to the bone. “What are you doing?…Should I leave?” Laughing and looking at his phone just in case he sees too much. 


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He’d be shy and kinda nervous, looking away and smiling. When the movie starts he’d be a bit more confident, sitting close to you and resting his head on your shoulder. 


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“You look good babe” After this he would take the risk and be honest with you. He would sit close to you during the movie, hand on your thigh, pulling some fuckboi shit lmao 


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Thinks of every way he could make himself feel less awkward and asks what your favorite kind of bread is. Laughs 1000 times. Stares at a wall. After you’re dressed he would play the movie and stare at you in awe. 


Original #13: I Didn’t Mean To Kill Stan

Length: Short

Note: This story includes sensitive adult themes. 

I really didn’t. Why would I? Stan was my best mate. We’d been friends since high school.

I hadn’t meant to kill him. I just wanted him to shut up. All I did was tap him on the head with my hockey stick, for crying out loud. And then down he went, making a mess along the way. Crashing into stuff, grabbing onto furniture. Do you have any idea how long it’ll take me to clean up all that blood?

Anyway, like I said. Stan was my man. He was my homie, my bromie, my Steve Buscemi. I trusted him with my life. But just now, when I left my room to get a drink, I come back and what the hell do I see? Stan was messing around my laptop. Just clicking on shit and looking at my personal stuff. So right there, it was clear that Stan was in the wrong.

And then what happens? He goes absolutely insane. He starts yelling and calling me names and demanding explanations about some pictures I got on my laptop. In my own house! I tell him to calm down but he wasn’t having any of it. So I did what I gotta do. I shut him up. Maybe a tad too enthusiastically, but it was an honest mistake. Killing him, I mean.

I know what you’re wondering about right now. What pictures?

I’ll come clean, alright? They were pictures of Stan’s sister, Stephanie.  

But, look – it’s not weird. I’m dating her. I’m her boyfriend. So naturally, I’m going to have some pictures of her in my laptop. But Stan doesn’t understand. He’s a great guy, but we don’t see eye to eye on some things. Like Steph.

I first met Steph a year ago. I was at Stan’s crib, just hanging and chatting when this absolute babe walked past the living room. I mean, she was so sexy. Va-va-vroom and all that. The way she moved, the way she carried herself, she had such an air of confidence that impressed me right away.

I knew I had to have her.

But I knew I had to take it slow. I had to gain her trust. Turn on the charm, make her fall back in love with me. So that was exactly what I did. Whenever I was at Stan’s place, I would drop in to Steph’s room and say hello. Gradually she become more comfortable around me, and our conversations grew longer. I learned about her hobbies, her favorite music, her favorite TV shows, and all that.

I also learned that she loved ice-cream. So on our very first date, I brought her out to this really classy ice cream parlour downtown. Bought her her favorite flavour – chocolate chip, in case you’re wondering. After that, we went to the theatre and watched this movie that she had really been looking forward to. It was a great date.

But here’s the thing about Steph. She’s a lovely lady, but she’s very conservative. She doesn’t like, shall I say, the hanky panky business that relationships usually entail. I tried to cop a feel one time on one of our dates and she didn’t go for that at all. Said she wasn’t comfortable.

Here’s what you gotta know about me. I’m a gentleman. If my lady is no ready, then I’ll do the waity. I respected her preferences and our dates remained purely verbal. No tactile movements at all.

But here’s another thing you gotta know about me. I’m a dude. I have needs and desires. So if my lady wasn’t gonna give me action, I gotta get them from somewhere else. But I didn’t wanna cheat on Steph too, so I couldn’t go messing around with other girls.

So I compromised. I went to the hardware store and bought a couple of surveillance cameras. You know, the sort that you can hide in corners and on top shelves to watch people. And they were the good kinds, too. With a click of a button from my laptop, I could take pictures from the livestreaming videos. What can I say? Only the best for my lady. Then one day while Steph was using the loo, I installed them in her room. Easy peasy. One on the top shelf facing her bed, and one on another shelf, facing her closet.

It was all going great. I had tons of fantastic pictures and videos of Steph.

And then Stan had to step in. Almost threw a wrench in my plans, what with all the yelling and hollering. Luckily, there was no one else in my house. I would have hated to remove the cameras from Steph’s room!

So anyway, that’s that. I just wanted to get this off my chest. Stan thought that I’m a bad guy, but I really am not. I truly, truly, love Stephanie from the bottom of my heart.

Speaking of Steph, I really should get going. This entire thing with Stan almost threw my A-game off. I’d almost forgotten that we’ve got tickets to go see Steph’s third grade dance recital. I would have hated to miss that!

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Do you do reactions? And if you do, could you pls do an exo reaction to you giving them a boner in public? I LOVE YOUR BLOG 😅😍😍😍😍

Hey Anon,

I’ll give it a go. I hope you enjoy. Also I’m sorry for how long this took to do, hopefully it was worth it.

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Xiumin would have the best poker face out of everyone tbh. You’d been watching movies and hanging out at the dorm with all of the members and had been sitting next to Xiumin, sharing a blanket. Your legs would continuously brush against each other and you’d lean into each other during the movie. All the soft touches affecting both of you. Eventually he’d pull you onto his lap and you’d feel just how affected he was. He’d play if off to the others as the best way to share the blanket and keep the two of you warm while rolling his hips into yours underneath the blanket. It was his way of paying you back for arousing him so easily. His arms would be holding your hips in place so you couldn’t shift out of the way and when you would look at him, pleading him to stop until you were in a more private setting, he’s just raise an eyebrow at you and pretend like nothing was going on.

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Luhan would be another who would tease you, knowing you were as horny as he was. You had been shopping with the boys any they kept getting you to try things on and model for them. You kept catching Luhan’s gaze and knew when he liked what outfit you were in. He’d abruptly suggest going to a movie in the hopes that the others would decline and keep shopping but most of them decided to tag along. When you entered the cinema he dragged you to a different spot and refused to sit with everyone else, once the lights dimmed you worked out why. Hidden from view you’d lower your head down to his lap to help alleviate the strain in his pants while he tried to keep quiet and not draw attention to the two of you.

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Kris would try to play it off as though nothing was going on but he’d be dying to run off with you asap. He’d had to shoot a bedroom scene with you and you could tell from how tense he was that the closeness between the two of you and the constant touching was affecting him. Your palm glanced across his crotch and you heard the quick intake of breath before you asked if he needed a break. He refused, adamant to finish the scene, desperate to maintain a professional work ethic in front of the director and crew. As soon as you finished the scene however, he’d drag you off to his trailer.

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Suho would try to keep his composure and act like nothing was happening but he’d start to fidget and his voice would crack. The group dinner had been going well but there was only so much chit chat you could take. You were getting bored and when you got bored you got playful. Suho felt your fingers trailing up his thigh and glanced at you, trying to tell you to behave with just a look. You ignored him and leant in closer so that you could join the conversation his was having. When you were closer you started to palm him through his pants and he had to cough to suppress a moan. You kept going, eager to see how far he’d let you take this before he stopped you. He was having trouble articulating in the conversation and maintaining eye contact with anyone. When his voice started to crack while talking that was his breaking point. He’d turn to you and tell you to stop or else there would be no fun to be had later.

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Lay would get shy and blush, he’d try to hide from view and ignore the whole situation. You’d fallen asleep with your head in his lap on the flight over to China. Lay, however, had not slept because every time you shifted, your head would nuzzle his lap like it was a pillow. In embarrassment he’d covered both of you in a blanket and he alternated between staring at the ceiling and putting his head in his hands to hide his blush. When you finally woke up you decided to reward him for enduring all of your movement while you were sleeping, plus you were both already covered by the blanket so who would know? And you only had to turn your head…

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Baekhyun would get flustered and really talkative to try and distract himself from what you’d done to him. He’d make 1000 excuses to try and leave to go home, each one sounding more ridiculous than the last. He’d been hosting an awards show with two other MC’s: yourself and another male idol. During the breaks between emceeing you’d all be sat together. Baekhyun, being so used to sitting with his members, would forget and drape his hand over your exposed thigh. As soon as his hand touched you he’d realise what he’d done and quickly apologise. You had told him not to worry about it and to try and make him less embarrassed by his mistake you sporadically gripped his thigh. He’d cough to mask a gasp every time you did this and then he’d start to speak really quickly before finding a reason to run off and check on something. Eventually you grew worried at how often he would run off so you followed him. You cornered him to see if he was ok but he’d keep making excuses about why he needed to leave, it was only when you stepped in front of him to stop him running off and he ran into you that you felt why he was so worked up.

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Chen would be a teasing little shit which surprises no one. He’d be the life of the party, suggesting games, blasting music, dancing and drinking the night away. A game of spin the bottle was getting further and further out of hand as the night progressed and he’d keep pulling you to him, rubbing circles on  your lower back and placing kisses on your neck. Then as soon as you let on that you were enjoying it, he’d run off to do something else. Fighting to get your own back on the tease you’d pull him to the dance floor and grind your hips into his. Out of his depth, he’d try to keep up but you could tell he was getting flustered and you could feel what your dancing was doing to him. Eventually he’d drag you off to the closest bathroom to relieve some stress.

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Chanyeol would get embarrassed and try to awkwardly brush it off. Chanyeol would be mixing in the studio and there wasn’t enough space for everyone so you would sit on his lap whenever one of the guys finished in the recording booth. You kept turning around to chat to everyone and the constant movement in his lap was driving him insane. He’d try to hold you still without making it obvious to everyone that you were giving him a boner but you just kept moving. At one point you went to get up but Chanyeol held you in place, preventing you from moving. He pulled you further into his lap and you realised why you weren’t allowed to get up. He would be fighting his blush and if anyone asked or teased him about how much he was blushing he’d yell at them and tell them they were just jealous that they didn’t have you sitting in their lap.

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D.O. would get embarrassed but he’d try to hide it, and he’d succeed pretty well. It had been a long day at the photo shoot, and D.O. had become more and more frustrated as the hours went by. Having to pose with you draped over him or with you leaning on him, sitting in his lap or sleeping across him were doing his composure no favours. He’d grown tense and quiet as the day went on. Sensing something was amiss you asked what was wrong. He merely glanced down towards his crotch and when your eyes followed you quickly worked out the problem. He would ask you to fetch him an oversized hoodie, like one that Xiumin would wear, and bring it to him. He’d blush while asking this of you but he needed a way out of his predicament and you were the only solution he could think of.

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Tao would whine at you for doing this to him in public. You’d been sightseeing with Tao all day. You’d run off and drag Tao with you only to stop suddenly, causing him to run into you a few times. You’d keep leaning across him to point out something behind him. All of these actions coupled with the cute sundress you were wearing was driving Tao crazy. He’d keep whining at you for being to attractive and he’d be begging to return to the hotel, you’d have no idea why until he eventually pulled you into a hug and pressed himself into you that you realised. He’d beg you to go back to the hotel again and this time you’d concede.

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Kai would be impatient and would want everyone to be gone asap. Dance practice had run long tonight, with everyone learning new dance choreo. You’d been helping teach, filling in the role of the girls that would be partnered with each member. Kai had to stand back and watch you dance with all of his members and he was not enjoying it. He was jealous because you were his dance partner not theirs. When it came time for him to demonstrate the full dance with you he went all out for it, putting in 100%. You could tell the closeness of the dance was taking its toll on him. After the demonstration he told everyone they were free to leave for the night and that practice would resume tomorrow unless they wanted to stay but the look he gave any members who didn’t look like they were leaving suggested they change their minds immediately. When everyone eventually left he’d pin you to the wall and work on relieving his frustrations.

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Sehun would be easily frustrated and you could use that to your advantage. Everyone piled into the van to get back to the dorms after a long day of shooting. To fit, you had to sit on Sehun’s lap. The van was loud with music and people chatting away about the day so no one except you noticed the groan that came from Sehun’s mouth after the van went over a few bumps. You had both hands pressed against the roof of the van to make sure you didn’t hit your head when it went over a bump but this made you push down harder into Sehun’s lap whenever you hit a bump. You could feel him through his jeans and when you glanced at him he had a slight blush on his cheeks and was biting his lip. When you went over a few more bumps you made sure to ground your hips into his. By this stage he’d caught onto what you were doing but he was powerless to do anything about it. He’d be the last out of the van when you got back but he’d proceed to lock you in his room with him to resolve his situation.

You once again try to be Doc Scratch, and fail spectacularly. You can’t be him no matter how hard you try. It is impossible. 

Still not happenin’

[In fact, I think it would be for the best if I commandeered the narrative completely for a while. I trust you won’t mind if I speak in white. It’s not actually negotiable, but as a courtesy I will enclose my words between a pair of visually audible brackets. 

I am doing this because I can.]

The story is out of Hussie’s hands now.


Facial marking maps of all the cows of the Herd. I was supposed to do all of them in the brown, but the raw silk copic marker died on me, so only Cross Horn got colors, the rest have to work in grayscale.

Also pondering names, again. Do you think Cross Horn would be best to describe the way that frill horn curves over itself? Ash Foot is also tentative, I couldn’t make up anything smart from the face alone, so I decided she has white sock markings on her front feet. I wouldn’t mind feedback on that.

Monsta X Opinion/Scenario| What Type of Person (M & F) They Would Look Best W/ a Small Scenario

Shownu- For a female I think he would look cutest with a girl who is fit. That is the type of girl he would go for. He would want a girl to work out with and honestly, I’m sure he would want the motivation to impress her. Can you imagine the hard work he would put in if his girlfriend had better stamina or something. He would shit himself with impressed feelings!

“Jagi! When did you get so strong?! I can barely keep up!” He would exclaim in shock and slight disappointment in himself. She would smile and keep running, looking un-phased and ready for more. Shownu would stop for a minute to catch his breath and watch her run the track. With sweat dripping down his body he would inhale deeply before taking off again after her. He would refuse to be second and refuse to lose! End Goals: Win to impress Jagi!

As for a guy I think he would want the opposite! He is so dominant and I feel like if he was with a chubbier guy he would feel the need to work harder. He would want to impress his boyfriend obviously, but he would also like the balance it created. He would like being the more manly one.

“You look so cute today!” is usually how Shownu would start every morning with his boyfriend. He would ask his boyfriend if he wanted to help Shownu work out. He would be embarrassed and Shownu would love the blush that would creep across his chubby cheeks. It would be a lot of Shownu staring at the boy as opposed to him actually working out.

“AISH! How am I supposed to focus when you look so cute?!”

Hyungwon- For a female I think Hyungwon-ie would look good with a chubby/fat girl. I know he says his ideal type is thinner, but c’mon! Lie to me and tell me this boy wouldn’t look absolutely precious walking down the street with a bigger girl.

Imagine him telling her over and over again how beautiful she is, when they lay down for bed at night. He would wrap his arms around her and squeeze her tight loving the stretch marks and extra fat! She would try and pry his hands away from her skin, feeling insecure and he would roll so he hovering over her. A frown decorating his face.

“Jagiya! Stop! Let me touch you. I love this.” he says planting one kiss. “And this. And this.” he would continue kissing her body until she was giggling lightly.

“You’re so beautiful!” He would exclaim before rolling off of her and laying back down beside her. Pulling her back into him.

As for a guy we are back at with a thin guy! Just an average guy, ya know? Not a guy with abs, just a normal human being! His relationship with this boy would be an average one. They would do stuff just adventurous enough to never be boring, but nothing extremely special either. I honestly think Hyungwon would be the most awkward with his boyfriend.

Hyungwon slowly reaches for the boys hand. Hoping that he will want to hold his hand too. Knowing Hyungwon he would be taking too long so his boyfriend would reach for his hand to speed up the process. Hyungwon would laugh nervously.

“We have been dating for 8 months!’

“I know, but you’re so great! It still comes a shock to me!!”

Changkyun- For a girl Changkyun would want a fit girl. Not necessarily abs fit, but one that is the type to get a salad on the first date because she is afraid of coming off as fat. He would want to pick her up a lot and brag about her. They would also share mad banter!

“Hyung, this is my new girlfriend. How perfect is she?”

“Hush! I will fight you! I might not win, but I’ll do it!”

“Woah, you look good! Ready to have a fun time baby”“

For a guy it is so hard to pick that out! He and Hyungwon are so hard to imagine with guys! I feel like their relationships would be similar except instead of awkwardness, IM would feel the constant need to be aggressive to assert his dominance.

“Was I or was I not talking?”

“You know better than to interrupt people. Especially me.”


THESE TWO ARE MY FAVOURITES!! I REFUSE TO BELIEVE THAT THEY  ARE ANYTHING BUT CHUBBY CHASERS! NO MATTER MALE OR FEMALE!! They love them some plus size people and that thrills me. Yes put your “fat” in the hands of some real men. They will worship the chubby bodies. They will support you in all endeavours. And god forbid their partner tell them they felt ugly or fat… For Kihyun’s partner they wouldn’t be able to walk the next day for Minhyuk’s they would drown in kisses and compliments and snuggles.

KIHYUN- “C’mere baby. Let me fuck some sense into that pretty little head of yours.”

“Even if you think your fat just remember I don’t fuck skinny girls, I don’t fuck any other girl except for you. I wouldn’t want to. I’d be missing out.”

MINHYUK- “Princess! How could you such silly things! You are so gorgeous! And if you think you are fat then i guess I only like fat girls because I’ve never seen anyone as perfect as you?”

“I happen to love your stretch marks!” He would say as he kissed each and everyone of them. 


Jooheon- For a girl Jooheon would literally want the most model like girl. I feel like Joohoney is all about aesthetic. He would want a Victoria’s Secret Model. He would think so far ahead before picking a girl. Everything from how he would look holding her hand to how she would look underneath his stern hand in bed. But he also so picky. He would want a girl with a sense of humor and who could make him smile everyday. A girl who was a certain height and stuff like that.

“C’mere Kitten,we got shit to do.”

“Tell me I’m cute! But then tell me I’m hip hop okay? I have to stay manly! I have pride to protect!”

He grip her waist a lot, easily wrapping his hands around it. That in itself would make him smile.

“Damn girl, you look good today.”

For a guy it would be just a mutually cutesie relationship. A lot of stupid cliches.

“No you hang-up first.”

“You’re cuter!”

“I love you the most!”

Wonho- For a girl Wonho is how Hyungwon/Changkyun are for guys. I find it so hard to imagine him with a girlfriend sometimes. He would definitely be one for cuddles and a lot of kisses.

Laying on the couch watch a movie turned into Wonho on top of her tickling her until she couldn’t breathe.

“Tell me how much you love me and I’ll stop!” He would exclaim smiling happily. After she told him how much she loved him, he would shower her in kisses. Just because he could.

Wonho would want a guy who is a lot like Shownu-Oppa. Muscular, dominant, quiet and funny. The relationship would honestly be adorable. Wonho would be very submissive and not even in a sexual way! Wonho is the type to ask for his male partner to do something just because.

“Oppa, can you come lift this box for me please?” Wonho would ask sweetly. When his boyfriend came to grab the box from the closet he would look at Wonho confused telling him it wasn’t even that heavy and that he could have easily lifted it.

“I know… I just wanted to watch you bend over and grab it.” he would reply laughing.

I hope you enjoyed this! I thought I’d add a little more group diversity here! So have some Monsta X!


it’s very interesting to see the relationship between Jimmy and his dad, and Nacho and his dad. Jimmy never really liked how his dad was such a pushover because he didn’t want his dads niceness being taken advantage of so he wanted his dad to bend the rules a bit sometimes, while Nacho doesn’t want his dad to be near anything that would corrupt him and tries his best to keep his dad on a narrow path. I feel like Jimmy would never be able to tell his dad anything because he would want jimmy to do the good and right thing while Jimmy thought that that wasn’t how the world worked but while with Nacho and his father Nacho wants his dad to believe that he is living a perfect, simple life and that nothing bad will ever happen. Their fathers are the same but their sons have different perspectives on how their father should be

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hey there im a huge fan of your animatics! i have a quick question, that being what canvas size do you make your animatic images? i use sai as well so i was wondering what would be the best size for my upcoming birthday animatic

i keep youtube video resolution in mind, so my canvases are 1920x1080 :0

I was tagged by @mylasagnaisraw to do this tag to design my own ‘sides’ (thanks!) and this was honestly lots of fun to do. I also have a picture of my sides at the end :D Let’s get started!

(This is a super long post so it’s under a read more!)

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Yugyeom As Your Boyfriend

Yugyeom As Your Boyfriend

Request: Yugyeom as your boyfriend please😄

*warning: this is just my opinion. obviously, i have never met got7, but this is an evaluation based on mere observation of their personalities. your opinion may vary, and that’s okay. we all think differently. so please enjoy, and no hate. just love.*

•he’s tall–like really tall, so i feel like there would be a ton of teasing. like he would call you “little” all the time or “shorty”.
•i feel like he would be the type to ask you to reach something on a high shelf, just to be a little shit. but then he’d come to your aid if he saw you were having trouble.
•this is considering you were shorter than him–because i think he would like shorter girls–wearing his sweatshirts/shirts would be the best because they’d be so big on you and you would wrap yourself in them comfortably. he absolutely wouldn’t mind.
•takinf pictures with him ALL THE TIME, and he’d post them on social media talking about how great you are and how much he loves you.
•he would love taking care of you and even sometimes giving you piggy back rides when you’re out together.
•when he back hugs you, he’d probably purposefully use the top of your head to rest his chin on.
•the other boys in the group will probably tease him(!) telling embarrassing stories when you’re around. he’d be so embarrassed, begging them to stop and you’d just laugh.
•a great listener and someone who can easily offer you comfort. like, it wouldn’t be a burden if you wanted to talk to him for hours about your day.
•he would hold you when you were feeling upset, and it would tear him apart to see you cry.
•leaving little text message on your phone throughout the day when he knows you’re busy, maybe even throwing in some silly selfies for you to have a nice laugh.
•is really shy around you, whenever he isn’t being a little shit(!) teasing you.
•he would praise you for literally everything
•"jagi, these eggs are delicious!” *eats happily*
•"yeom, i burnt them…”
•"well, still.”

please don’t take these too seriously, i don’t know got7 personally and this is just my opinion. so i hope you enjoyed this and please submit requests of the members you want to see next.

thank you!


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What do you,,, think of me,,??

Aww Pierre you know I love you but here we go
General Opinion: I love you!!! A lot!!!
Hotness Level: gorgeous but in a really cute way to be quite honest
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw I would say
Best Quality: You’re so sweet and you make me feel better when I’m not doing too well
Worst Quality: All the drinking,,, please stop it’s not good to drink that much :(
Ship them with: hoo boy. Well with myself and I kinda lowkey ship you with Anatole but shh
Brotp them with: Myself! Anatole! Same as the ships!
Needs to Stay Away From: Helénè, possibly Anatole, an excessive amount of alcohol
Misc. Thoughts: I love you so much Pierre! And guys,,, as far as I know he doesn’t fuck bears so let’s stop accusing him of that please. He’s trying his best.

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How many children do you think Ecthelion would have? What kind of father do you think he would be?

I think Ecthelion would have two so they would be best friends and have each other unlike his childhood. He was an only child and found himself lonely at times. 

He would be a hands on father and very loving but he would also be a tough-love parent. He wants his children to be the best that they can be but he also wants them to do what they want to do, not what he wants. Ecthelion has accomplished what he wants in his life, he would really encourage his children to do the same. He would allow them to do anything they wanted and wouldn’t project his own opinions and worries onto them- therefore holding them back. I think all he wants is their happiness within reasoning. He’s very realistic and sometimes its a little too much but he just wants them to know that they can’t do everything and somethings they just aren’t good at. It’s that simple. 

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Hey are u sure Hansol is still a SM trainee ?

yeah!! ok so heres why i think this:

  • the ig account is a publicity stunt to get his name around the fandom
    • just like what kai did with the exo pathcodes and stuff
    • bc theres a japan unit coming up
    • new stans (like ones who joined in cherry bomb era or limitless era) might not know him
      • its working tho bc all this buzz is created abt him leaving sm
  • he just posted a vid dance on his ig (he deleted it rip BUT @ prepix_ill on ig has it reposted)
    • its the same room that yixing posted a dance vid in (same sm room)
    • the dance instructor taught ten the dance for dream in a dream
  • plus hes such a good dancer uk like why would sm loose one of their best dancers that can bring money for nct
  • and he already has old stans waiting for him ready to fork over money to sm (album and merch wise) if even just one of hansol’s hair stand is seen

but yeah thats all i have

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Heyo I was wondering if you could help me out? Am in desperate need to read some serious Hiccup!whump... drabble or one-shot please? (No adult content would be best thanks!) :-D

Hey, I don’t have any recs, but I still have your request to fill. I’ve just been really focused on working on my multichapter fic, Infernal Fascination, so I haven’t gotten to it yet. Fear not! It’ll happen!