Reviewing biology notes on excretion and the kidneys today, excited because I got new pens yesterday and they’re so nice to write with!! Would recommend papermate ink joy for your notes😌

Loving coldplay’s new song I can’t stop listening to it! Thinking of making a study playlist to post on my tumblr because happy songs are the best songs!

Happy Saturday xx

“Homestuck is bad because it actually turned my friend into a maniac who won’t rest until everybody loves Vriska and agrees with everything she says” - anon

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I just thought of something. So I'm pretty sure you've either said or implied that the skelebros don't have much money in the Underground. Now imagine this, due to how much gold is worth in our society, when the skelebros get to the Surface, the little bit of gold they've saved up over the years allows them to live nicely. Not like super rich or anything, but they can live comfortably for once without having to worry about finances.

That would be nice - all the savings Sans made from all his jobs letting them find a house and relax…for a lil while.

Papyrus would rush out to find a job, because he’s Papyrus, he wouldn’t be able to resist going out there to meet the humans. And knowing him, he would be too afraid Sans would get even more lazy, staying in the house. They would end up with jobs anyway XD

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In My Opinion...(Spoiler Warning!)

I think it would have been more heartfelt (and had made me ugly cry even more) if Noctis had kissed Lunafreya on the head or even the cheek in the wedding scene than on the lips.
I don’t think I’m alone when saying that I just didn’t see a “love story” happen between these two. The idea of a wedding seemed forced to me…An attempt to create peace among the feuding kingdoms. (And if you saw Kingsglaive, it was a proposal of Ardyn’s)
There was love, yes, but in a romantic sense? No.
Also, I wish we had seen more of Luna in the game. Her death was so sudden and tragic. A Luna dlc would be nice. Maybe of her journey from Insomnia to Altissia with the ring?

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Please form a protective circle around my laptop, Walter, which will be coming with me to the Apple Store in about an hour to determine whether the fact it can’t find its own hard drive is unfixable.

*vibrates with anxiety*

So that last guy I informed I was asexual literally ghosted me right after I disclosed it. And the guy before started crying (he was drunk, it was new years), and the guy before THAT told me it must be a medical condition.

All around I have not had many good experiences “coming out” as ace. But today I have been talking to this guy via FB who also loves DC comics, and he asked me out on a date. So I told him my little spiel about being ace, and he still wants to go out platonically! 

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you seem very pro liv x gabby on your twitter 😏

ha omg, I’m actually not, I’m just very pro bisexual liv 😏😏😏

(I’ll settle for gay liv BUT) I’ve been wanting this for AGES. I want liv to get a crush on gabby and for her to be bisexual and rob can help her !!! imagine the beautiful bisexual chat with rob and liv !!!!!!!! they’d both be so awkward and they’d help each other become more comfortable with their sexualities? and rob would be so happy that liv’s happy?? and knowing he himself can help someone the way he wanted help???!! I’M IN HEAVEN

but then I think it would be so nice if gabby didn’t return her feelings, and liv told her but she was just like 100% chill about it? liv would be so scared but then they could just carry on as best friends and liv can just be out and proud to be bisexual and WHAT A POSITIVE LITTLE STORY THAT COULD BE

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Omg I know this is random but can you do annoying Mark Andrews would include? Like he's always so nice and giggly I just wonder what are some things that would annoy him. Ok I'm weird bye

Annoying Mark Andrews Would Include

- criticizing his taste in music
- ruffling his hair when he’s angry
- he doesn’t particularly care for it when you drink more than you should
- even though he will take care of you, of course
- he doesn’t hide his annoyance either
- he doesn’t like it when you make him late to the gym
- but he always waits for you anyway
- there are a few remarks made on the way there though
- he doesn’t stay mad for long
- because he’d much rather be happy with you
- because despite everything, you’re his girl

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I really wish they would write the White family out. It was so nice without them. I understand in soaps there has to be certain types of families but they just are so annoying and privileged. They think they can get away with anything. I'm also not a Rebecca fan & I hope they are done making Rob apart of their storylines. Time for him to move on from them and get some real friends. I would miss Ronnie though but what can you do.

Same, I honestly don’t understand what the point if them anymore is. I even forgot they were real because it’s been that nice without them and what do we go back to the same old boring shit with Chrissie. *waits for someone to blow home farm up with them all in it*

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How do Viking Norway and Denmark treat their Country s/o?

Both of them would treat their s/o with respect and kindness. Even during the Viking ages when they were not so nice, Denmark and Norway would go out of their way to give up their tough Viking act and turn into some of the sweetest people ever whenever they were with their s/o.

I am so pissed. Some racist ass bitch people came into work right. Dad and I and another guy who works there we’re cleaning and they were a group of seven or eight guys with one girl. They came up and they’re like “oh can we have an onion?” (cause we had a bag of onions sitting outside, my parents own a few restaurants btw that’s why there were onions).
We didn’t know why they needed them but like why be rude and say no. So my dad said to them “how many would you like?” wE WERE BEING NICE OKAY.
So then the guy replied with “oh about four will do us” and the guy who works with us passed them four onions and the group of people were like “ah thanks mate! appreciate the help!” and we’re all smiles and waved and said thanks and they walked off. But they went behind a the wall of the building and fucking threw the onions on top of our roof and our wall making them fucking shatter into tiny as fuck pieces and they walked off. I feel like I heard laughing as they walked off too so like…I bet they talked shit about us after the walked off and called us all this racist crap and all these horrible things. I just know they did.
All I can say is that there is no way that could have been some sort of joke or whatever, it’s a lowkey (maybe highkey) form of mocking or maybe even racism? Like what the actual fuck?
Then they walked off right and the girl that was with them walked pass the front of our restaurant about five or six minutes later while looking into the shop and I caught her looking and I told dad and he’s like “just let it go.” So I did, uNTIL the group of guys walked passed again and were like “cheers mate!” and smiled at my dad as well as waving and walked by our shop and that exact same time they walked passed, the girl that was with them drove past in a car at the back of the restaurant. I’m so furious like what the actual fuck? Is that some sort of way to make fun of us? All we were trying to do was be good humans and be nice so we fucking gave away those onions like??? I don’t fucking understand why people think it’s fucking funny or even remotely okay to go to someone who’s of a different race and fuck around with them.
(but on a side note, the girl that was with them was hiding behind my dad’s car when we first passed them the onions right, and you could clearly see she was trying too see if it was open or not because finger prints were on two of the car handles).
Honestly loosing hope in humanity more and more now. I hate people like this. I fucking can’t stand that shit. I hate being a person of colour because of this bullshit we need to go through but I love being a person of colour because it’s who I am and I am proud.
(anyway i just needed to get that out of my system, lmao it’s so long I bet no one even read all of this useless deal) NOW, GOODBYE Y'ALL. IM HEADING TO SLEEP ✌🏼

Update on the wedding

So, given my fiancees unexpected influx of guests, it will be put off till Tuesday. Not that we’re unhappy to see y’all of course, the more the merrier!

On another note, once it comes to my part……well, I finally made a personal sideblog. Check out @rifcringes for my wedding responses.

You can unfollow after the wedding if you want, but I’ll be continuing to run this blog with some of my musings, cool shit I found, maybe some fanfiction. I can’t guarantee it’ll be Undertale, even fandom content the whole time, but some of you appear to be taking issue with non-headcanon content that gets uploaded here, so I thought this would be a nice little thing. Follow if you’re interested at all in what perks up this weird little brain, be happy to have y’all.

See you guys soon, and be back to posting headcanons soon, I promise!

i’m changing up my icons but i can’t decide on the format so some feedback would be nice?

the first column is my current psd i used for my daredevil icons, the second one is another psd i had played around with a while back but never used


chris made vik promise to take him for a ride asap (i will NEVER be over that pink car, it’s too much))


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