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i know you said you were being conscious about the 90s diet coke au posts you put out there, but BUILDING ON THE KAGEHI so kags is super strict and one of those overly-organized people yknow so he takes like 5 minutes at the hole puncher (bc so help him god if those papers are not lined up when he goes to punch them). one day, when he's lining up some papers to go staple them, hina and yams come up in that window thing and all the office workers go check out whats going on and kags is slow on-

LMAO oh god Kags stapling his papers to his tie because he’s distracted. AMAZING. THANK YOU FOR BLESSING ME WITH THIS MENTAL IMAGE!

I’m not sure Kageyama would immediately start lining up at the window, though. I think he would likely just get more and more annoyed that Hinata is so distracting, especially because he’s so used to being efficient at his job and getting things wrong is just…not like him at all. He can’t work out if he’s more annoyed with Hinata or himself, honestly, and he doesn’t quite understand what the hell is wrong with him.

Can you imagine him reaching breaking point and just marching up to the window, banging on it and shouting “THE WATER IS SUPPOSED TO GO ON THE WINDOW, DUMBASS, NOT ALL OVER YOUR BODY >:(” - poor Hinata would have a small heart attack and slop the bucket of water all over himself, causing his t-shirt to entirely become see-through. Kags would probably march back to his desk in that really awkward way he does, with his arms out to the side, and then sit there aggressively drinking coffee and glaring out of the window.

Yama would try desperately not to laugh throughout all of this but he’d have to turn around and face the other way to hide it when he inevitably fails, which would mean he accidentally makes eye-contact with Tsukki, who finds Yama’s laughter absolutely charming. Cue blushy, giggly Yams…


exaltedmagic replied to your post “I feel like the Eeveelutions would grow like a Chao in Sonic Adventure…”

Remember that episode of Pokemon anime where Team Rocket couldn’t decide how to evolve the Eevee they stole so they decided to use three evolution stones at the same time? They got stopped though, sadly :<

Whoa, I forgot about that episode! It would be cool to see how the anime would handle that situtation. Now I kind of want to sketch an Eevee that was exposed to all three… Or at least two of them, then it could be dual typed. That’d be cool to play aroud with!

i just?? care about joshualina a lot

I listened to the freakonomics podcast about why giving up is a good thing but I am now beginning to collect an alarming number of unfinished WIPS

First Order high school AU:

  • Kylo is a smol freshman who wants to fight everybody all the time. He thinks that Phasma and Hux (both seniors) are his cronies, but really they just want to keep him out of trouble.
  • Kylo routinely calls them “mom” and “dad” by accident. Phasma doesn’t mind (and maybe even likes it), but Hux thinks it’s awful. He wants no part in Kylo’s parent issues.
  • Kylo has many enemies as a result of his temper, so Phasma and Hux have to rescue him out of a trash can/locker/broom closet about once a week.
  • Phasma is somehow the captain of every sports team on campus, and Hux spends all of his free time in the library. He has some…interesting opinions regarding notorious historical figures.
  • If you hurt Kylo, Phasma will destroy you. Hux, however, will probably thank you.
  • Kylo gets sad when he thinks about how his friends will be graduating soon, because when they’re no longer around, he won’t have anyone to hug cry on carry out his bidding.