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it might not be what you wanted, but at least im honest.

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frat boy harry being proper nervous about having sex with his girl because he's never loved anyone this much and he doesn't want to mess up and he's never really made love with someone to whom he has such a strong emotional connection rip


and he’s tense when he’s lying atop you with your lips moving at the slow pace he creates, you can tell, he’s stiff when he moves and…reluctant? Slow, but lacking…need.  Why would he be so restrained?  You push him back a bit to test him and you expect him to push back, to try and get closer, but he immediately backs off, sitting back on his knees while you lay clueless beneath him.  “M’sorry,” he says immediately, and you cross your arms over your chest defensively.

“What?” Was it another girl? He didn’t feel anything anymore? “What is it Harry?” Your creased brows were never a good sign and coupled with your crossed arms he knew he’d messed up, somehow.  Even though he’d been trying so hard to be so careful.

“What did I do?” he asked, demanding an answer so he can kick himself over it.  Now his brows come together, creasing his forehead, and when you’re silent for a spell longer a hand comes up to quickly run itself through his hair.  That should be your hand right now, you think bitterly. “M’sorry,” he breathes again.

“Am I not pretty enough or something?” you frown.  It was a ridiculous question.

“Wot?” His brows screw even tighter together and this time his jaw’s fell slack. “Angel,” he breathes, then sighs, his features slowly smoothing over as he stares at you longer.  The word hangs there in the air and his intense gaze makes you feel the meaning of the adoring word.  Almost.  There was still hesitation in his voice, in his eyes.  Like you were just out of reach even though you were standing right in front of him.  You shake your head in annoyance.

“You know for saying I’m not your mum, you sure do treat me like her,” you huff as you prop yourself up on your elbows, and he looks down at your bare legs, finding them easier to look at than the hurt riddling your face.  He knows it’s his fault you’re jumping to delusional conclusions.  But how could he…how could he say…?

“You don’t always have to want me,” you say, but your voice is quiet.  And now Harry’s too quiet.  The slight possibility that he might actually not want you suddenly becomes a reality and it already hurts just thinking that-

“I always want you,” he says sternly, meaning it.

“Then what is it? Are you tired? Did something happen today?” Your voice softens and observant eyes search his that suddenly seem sad and thoughtful, always thoughtful.  “Hey,” you say quietly, a hand reaching out to cup the side of his cheek.  He leans into you a bit and your heart melts at the small display of affection, practically soaring at the small sign of adoration in comparison to what the mouth to mouth detached kissing had done to you. “I’m here,” you hush, though you’re not sure why.  And it’s quiet, almost too quiet, but he hears you.  He always does.

“I jus’ really don’t want to mess this up y/n.” You nod, but he stops you. “No, you don’t understand. I’ve literally never wanted to mess something up so badly in my life.  And tha’s what I do.  I mess shit up.  Half the time I like messing shit up,” he scoffs but he falls quiet once more.  Your troubled, sad boy.  You cling yourself to him and it’s sudden, unexpected and you stay there as his hands lay stoic beside him.

“I’m not leaving,” you tell him, voice muffled against his bare chest. “There’s nothing you’re going to do to get me to leave Harry,” you promise.  And he softens, literally, beneath your fingertips, when you speak those words, finally relenting to your pressing hands as he melts inwards.  Your chests and tummies meet and you hum against his neck, a soft spongey kiss landing at the base of his jaw.  His arms wrap around you and the weight of them that squeeze you with assurance is something you think you never, ever want to go without.

“I’m here,” he murmurs, finally.  And it’s so quiet he thinks you don’t hear him, the beat of his heart could be louder. 

But you do. 

You always hear him.


My new canvas painting ⚡️
Gimme Danger ( 2016 )
Acrylics on canvas, varnished with Liquitex Artist Materials gloss ( water resistant, protection against UV damage, glossy) .
Size 18"x24" ( 45,7cm x 70cm ) , 1.3" depth ( 3,3 cm ) 

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New header picture for this blog! This was actually Shuka’s Twitter icon wayyy back in April. She only kept it for a month before switching to her current profile picture… 

Soooo pretty (›´-`‹ ))))

Busy this weekend

Hey guys, sorry for not answering any questions lately, i’ve been busy juggling multiple projects an dealing with cosmic stickies orders. It’s been quite hectic!

In addition, I will announce a surprise to you all on Monday. :) It’s a big project i’ve been working for some time now and it’s almost done. Also, there will be two more spooky comics which will be posted on Sunday evening so look out for those! 

Have a great weekend and a wonderful Halloween!

“What are u thinkin about?”
“Oh u know… Cat stuff…”

Ramses here is pretty special; he hadn’t eaten in days when he arrived. On a body condition score, he was about a 2: visible ribs and lots of loose skin with no visible fat. He still is missing a lot of muscle especially in his back legs.

But he’s very friendly, tolerant of cats, and doing very well. Wish him luck in his recovery!