“For a 10 year old kid to go through something like that… Of course his personality’s going to be fucked up…”


“I’m glad it’s you, after all.“ 

Can we just talk about pudgemouthjin‘s guest bio on the ConBravo! website…

Hey y’all

tell me your favourite pony

EDIT 8/9/2016: closing this now, please dont send anymore requests :> last year i was able to open it again a few months later and work on more ponies, so ill try to work hard on these so i can do that again. but for now, please no more requests :)

EDIT 9/24/16: I’ve got a lot of pictures already done, so I’m gonna go ahead and open this up for a little again :)

EDIT 9/27/16: Closed again. Thanks for requesting. :)

I think I’m actually considering talking to someone (not my parents…hell no) about everything (like maybe even a professional). Crazy right…thanks, Jared Padalecki. 

[ENG SUB] BEAST BTS 2014 Awards Season