“For a 10 year old kid to go through something like that… Of course his personality’s going to be fucked up…”

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IS this a tg blog or a furry blog 👎

Its my personal blog/tg but notice the little “hiatus” thing i got going on in the description? Im taking a small break which means my personal life posts (which i have made often in the past) arent spaced out between weird shitposts so they are a lot more visible.

If you would like you can blacklist my “not a shitpost” tag and they wont show up as i tag them accordingly (though the last few were left out due to me being on mobile).

And if that doesnt work for you, unfollow 🙂 im not here to please anyone, this blog was for me to enjoy myself in the first place so like??? Whatever ill post what i want??


“I’m glad it’s you, after all.“ 

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what's ur opinion on how riverdale is portraying archieronnie?

Not enough give me more! I also love archievalerie though and I know thats going to be canon this season…though knowing teen dramas that wont last forever so archieronnie best rise when they breakup!

Hey y’all

tell me your favourite pony

EDIT 8/9/2016: closing this now, please dont send anymore requests :> last year i was able to open it again a few months later and work on more ponies, so ill try to work hard on these so i can do that again. but for now, please no more requests :)

EDIT 9/24/16: I’ve got a lot of pictures already done, so I’m gonna go ahead and open this up for a little again :)

EDIT 9/27/16: Closed again. Thanks for requesting. :)

I think I’m actually considering talking to someone (not my parents…hell no) about everything (like maybe even a professional). Crazy right…thanks, Jared Padalecki.