Generalising about an entire fandom and making them out to be rude/sexist/cheaters/bitches etc is about as ignorant as generalising about entire religions, cultures, countries. A lot of the 5SOS fam have been gracious and sweet about everything, so let’s not go blaming them or starting fights with the ignorant ones.

Besides, awards and accolades don’t equate to anything, they are what they are; happiness and SUCCESS do. With 3 lead singles going 4x platinum, a song in the top 20 on the Hot 100, and all of us being the most supportive fandom in the world, 5H have nothing to complain about, which is exactly why they aren’t complaining.

And neither should you.

(Oh, and let’s not dismiss last year’s VMA win. We DID THAT.)

So congrats, 5SOS. See you next year!

anonymous asked:

lets be clear 5h and 5sos fans have acted like dicks to each other. but photo shopping 5sos to look like they are wearing a meninist shirt or bringingup ashtons dad or saying he should cut again (well we don't really know if he cut himself bc he hasn't really talked about it). is kind of really rude. i'm not saying 5sos fans are pure and don't do anything wrong. they do. they say hateful things. but this beef needs to stop in both ends.

Stop this shit already please.

You always make it sound as if harmonizers were wishing people’s death everyday. We don’t. And I can assure you that not even a 0.0000000000000000001% of us do. We have some respect.

Both fandoms have attacked eachothers idols, okay, same as you have called Lauren fat, we have done with Michael. And I’m not defendin anyone here becase sadly, looks are criticized.

We have both said shit about our music, you don’t like Worth It and we don’t like She’s Kinda Hot, not a big deal. But what most of us were saying was that we thought your song didn’t deserved the nomination, because, and you can check it, it doesn’t have even a posibility to fight the success of Worth It.

But the problem here is how while, as I’ve said before, no more that 10 assholes have wished Ashton’s death, wich I found disgusting btw, your fandom, and when I say your fandom, I mean like 1/3 of it, or even more, have always said things like “Fifth Harmony are slut that are known just because of the amount of dicks they’ve sucked” or “They’re only successful thanks to X Factor. And you cand defend yourself here, because you all do this kind of comments. Yeah you suffer to because people thing 5SOS have fame because of 1D, but that’s not somthing bad, to have help in the music industry is something good, enjoy it.

Is funny how everytime we compete, there’s always one TT about wishing someone in 5SOS’s death. And it’s even more funny when we can show how you do those TT

This is what is fucking disgusting, to try and make a whole fanbase look like assholes and disrespectful people when they are not.

Now you can go support Ashton in the TT your fandom has done to prove how much they love him and protect him of the “harmonizers hate” when yesterday, we were so busy talking about how rigged the voting was that the last thing that cossed our minds was Ashton, if his ugly or if he cut’s himself.

But hey, the difference comes from the idols, there’s people that know how to win, and there’s people that not, same as there’s people that know how to lose and people who doesn’t.

Yeah he’s so woth it, making fun of a whole fanbase just because one call you ugly.

I’m sorry but I don’t remember 5H’s tweets calling 5sosfam about slutshaming and worse things. But yeah, harmonizers are all horrible persons.

“And the song of the summer is…. This song that came out three weeks ago that’s been played on the radio twice!! Screw the song that’s been on the radio since March and just went double platinum! I mean it doesn’t have to actually play during the summer to be a summer song RIGHT?”

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I've been here 4 years and I agree with the anon. Actually, watching Louis change was awful and I can't imagine how was it for him. I think people don't take into account that Louis had to change the way he moves and more. That's traumatic and I actually believe that some part of Louis will never recover from that. The psychological aspect of the obvious media training that Louis went through is something people don't acknowledge.

Actually I see people acknowledge that all the time. 

It just isn’t our PLACE to go and say one of them had it worse, especially because they are together and what affects one undoubtedly has some impact on the other. 

There’s also no need, y’know? Like, what do we get out of saying one of them had it worse? They’ve both been through hell. They’ve both had to shut down huge parts of their sense of self and personality. They both deserve their freedom.

Re: that Judaism post I just reblogged…

Back in the days of sneakernet, when funny memes circulated on paper, there was a Purimshpiel* printout going around my shul that was written as a rabbinic discussion between the crew of DS9.  

I must find this again. It has to be living on the internet somewhere.

*Purimspiel: A document, skit or piece of folk theatre performed or circulated at Purim for the purposes of satire. 

Oh my Gd- I found it. It’s not just DS9 - it’s all Trek. (Which means someone added to it since or this is a rewrite. I definitely don’t remember any of the Enterprise or Voyager jokes, and I moved away in 1997.) 

From this site.

From the First Chapter of Masechet Star Trek

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