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Do you think you'll retake your throne as the Princessing Queen when you return?

EH. I dunno if I’d go back to my old company now that I’ve ~seen the light~ of running my own business. Dunno if I’ll establish my company again when I move because where I’m moving is already pretty oversaturated in princesses. I’ll probably just do charity / look into volunteering at hospitals or something to make use of the costumes I already have!

Just in case you don't already know

It’s ok fail.

Really it is.

I know it seems weird, and failing is obviously bad, but it’s ok.

Failure gives you the option to learn, and you should seize that opportunity. Failing is not the end all be all, okay?

Take it from your most recent failure, cuz even the most unlikely fail sometimes too.

Carisi-centric thoughts on Ep 18x16

not really lol he was barely there

Overall Thoughts

It’s always nice to see Fin and Sonny working together. Even when they’re not exchanging actual words. And I also enjoy the Liv/Amanda dynamic, but again they didn’t really interact much in this episode, they were just standing next to each other while talking to other people. In other words, typical S18.

Daddy Dodds Thoughts

Peter Gallagher’s hair is amazing. Almost as amazing as he is. I swear, in this entire season so far, Dodds Sr. is the only character that felt consistent, and I feel that’s because of Peter Gallagher’s talent. And also because he’s only appeared a handful of times, so the terrible writing hasn’t worn him down to the point of phoning in every performance :D

Which brings me to: (👀)

Liv Thoughts

This episode made me realize that I miss having someone on the show who’s in a position of power over Liv. I feel she’s at her best when she has to defy the odds, when she’s the underdog, when she’s being stonewalled and she needs to figure out a way to prevail. When everybody just does everything she wants, there’s no conflict, and she comes off as not just right but self-righteous.

Also, that scene of Dodds apologizing? That was Mariska’s best acting all season. End of story.

Her worst acting? Or, rather, Liv’s worst acting? When she tried to act like she misses Mike too, and she still thinks she’s going to see him sitting at his desk every morning. Sis, who are you trying to fool? You were probably like “Mike who?” when his dad mentioned him.

Barba Thoughts

Did Barba get a haircut literally while he was watching those depositions? Cool.

Seriously though, I appreciated that scene of watching all those victims talking about their harrowing experiences. It was a nice taste of how hard his job must be. That’s a part of his job we don’t normally see, and I feel it really informed the audience about his daily routine. That’s what Barba has to do. For hours at a time. That can’t be easy. I liked that we got to see it.

Stray Thoughts

Remember when Sonny used to have a personality?

Did Liv actually storm out of a victim’s home because the poor woman wasn’t ready to press charges? Um.

Did they actually put poor Peter Gallagher in a courtroom scene, just to look on sternly and hotly? I’m sure he has better things to do with his time.

Benson’s leather jacket slayed me.

Very good acting from all the guest stars. But the case was as forgettable as it was repetitive.

There were 2 (count them 2!!!) whole sentences about Barba’s suspension! Like, over a dozen words! Continuity, thy name is SVU.

Oh and

The Barisi Corner

Sonny totally texted Barba in that courtroom :D