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OMG so after last episode I have this picture of, once they find out, everyone doing that vaguely and/or overtly threatening thing to Percy where they're like "If you hurt her...", like OBVIOUSLY Vax is gonna do that... but then at the very LEAST Keyleth, Scanlan and Pike go to Vex and are like "This boy has been through so much, if you hurt him, we're gonna make sure you never forget what you did for the REST OF YOUR LIFE, and YOU'RE A HALF-ELF, IT'S GONNA BE AWHILE."

YUP CAN CONFIRM brothers are very protective. Vax is like “Look I know I said I was pretty much over the you-got-my-sister-killed thing and I basically am but if you make her cry I’m really gonna not like you, like I’m just gonna get really dagger happy Percy my boy”

Ok but ill take your “Overly Protective Brother Vax” and raise you one “Smug Little Bastard Vax” because lbr that conversation happened b/c of Vax’s prompting and he might still harbor some bad feelings but deep down Vax’ildan is the Champion of Perc’ahlia.

also i just- this isn’t even remotely the same as what you’re saying but I’m sorry i need gentle super supportive friends encouraging vex’ahlia cuz honestly, everyone can see how in love they are with one another except the two of them so here-

Guitar battle!! \m/

*Through the Fire and Flames by DragonForce playing in the background*

(I liked the idea in these tags and I felt like drawing Ibuki too!)

Literally everything about Percy giving Vex the siege arrow. 

Vex: What is this?
Percy: This is an evening of unbridled guilt. 

Percy: [It’s used for] Shattering stone, shattering doors, breaking things- 
Vex: Breaking hearts left and right *winks*
Percy: *flustered* If- if that is what you’re after…

Percy: Never forget that you’re my favorite.
Keyleth again:

we hold truths under our tongues for fear of how they might break us

Kakasaku Week 2016, Day 1: Salty 

The training grounds of Konohagakure are not unused to conflict, but the raw pain and fury seeping out on currents of chakra from one of the most distant and forested areas is enough to warn off any shinobi with the smallest modicum of sense.

The fight is one a long time in coming, built on old hurts and bitterness and too much left unsaid. Kakashi wishes he’d never let it finally come into being. But Sakura had challenged him to a spar with too much fury running through her veins to accept his attempts at brushing her off. She had pushed and pushed and pushed—something almost a snarl on her face—until he’d given in.

When she’d led him far from their usual training ground, it had only served as confirmation that this wasn’t just about a spar.

Kakashi had known that they were reaching a breaking point. Could feel it with every mission where he issued a command for Sakura to stand down, to pull back, to not engage. He just hadn’t quite been expecting this: Sakura like a poison coated blade in the night, all focused intent and fury, all the more dangerous in the hands of an inexperienced novice. He’d half expected her to cut herself to pieces in her rage, but she’s focused razor-sharp and more deadly than he’s ever seen, than he’s ever expected her capable of being, even in his darkest musings.

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I was rereading the chp 221 bc I’ll do one shitpost later and..
I just noticed, and yes, just now I noticed or at least remembered of it, I haven’t read this chp have months ;-;

After the Finder stop Nea and the Earl saw everything, Nea just… 

seems to be…

worried about the finder(s)…?

and here I think that he even didn’t wanted to see the finder being absorbed
bc like, look at his face in the last part

Sometimes I wonder if he really want to be the Earl…