You deserve to be happy. You deserve to live a life you are excited about. Don’t let others make you forget that.

#Look at his face #Think about it: the first thing he sees when he turns around is Happy #standing in his apartment #dressed in his bath robe #looking content as fuck #and of course he can’t believe it #he’s probably pinching himself so hard #thinking what lucky horse did he bet on to win all of this #honestly he looks the happiest that we have ever seen him

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I finally made it~~ My very first follow forever!
I just reached a milestone, I’ve never thought I would reach when I started this blog.

I joined tumblr on August 2012, I wasn’t very active until the day I created this sideblog on October 2014. Since then, there isn’t a day I don’t visit tumblr. 
I will do my best to grow this blog. I know I don’t make many gifs these days because there are already many great ikon blogs who are doing an amazing job but I’m actually starting to learn using photoshop to make more beautiful gifs than I used to make, like this header ^^ ! This is the first time I try making this kind of gif. It’s not perfect but I really wanted to make something special for this follow forever ^^ I want to learn more and make cool gifs for you ~~
I feel like I don’t deserve to have 5k followers but I really want to thank all of you for following this blog I started only to spread my love for Bobby. 
But most of all, thank you for supporting Bobby and iKON <3 

I also want to thank all the blogs I follow for filling my dash with beautiful gifs, edits etc… of iKON, BIGBANG, KPOP and more! It’s all thanks to you that I hit this milestone <3

And lastly, thanks to everyone who came talk to me because I’m so shy to do the first step >.< I really appreciate talking with you whether it’s long or short.

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Click here to support BAD COFFEE: Mental health drama by Rita Santos
Bad Coffee is a story about two very different and damaged women, Violet “Tuck” Tucker and Ashley Conway, falling in love with each other and having to learn that sometimes love is not enough if it means losing yourself. It is a love story even in its most tragic and heartbreaking moments, but at...

Hey guys! 

You all probably don’t even remember me anymore because I fled from Tumblr all of a sudden. I do still have a few thousand of followers so I thought why not. I’m the editor of this short film called Bad Coffee. 

You can read the full synopsis if you click on the page, but I will tell you this - mental health awareness plus lesbian couple! What else can you ask for really? 

Oh and you know the fanfiction writer, sgtmac7? Writer of Safe, Penance, etc etc? She wrote this. So be ready for pain. :D

In all seriousness now, every donation, small or big, will be greatly appreciated. Help us make this film the best it can. 

Eat like you love yourself. Move like you love yourself. Speak like you love yourself. Act like you love yourself.