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ok this might be more of a crack fic but could you do one where holtz follows the reader around with something that looks like a pke meter but it only goes off around the reader? and the reader finally asks what it is and holtz says it's her gaydar

A/n: Had waaaaay too much fun with this one.

“Good god what has Jillian created now.” You said, taking a drink from your tea as you leaned against the side of Abby’s desk, you were both watching as Jillian fiddled with something that looked similar to a PKE meter.

“Strange, I thought she already had the upgrade finished.” You said, squinting as you tried to get a look at the small device.

“Yeah, I thought so too? Maybe it’s just a remake or she wasn’t happy with the current upgrade?” Abby suggest, leaning her chin in her hand.

“That could be it, I’ll just have to ask then.” You said, placing your mug on your desk before you walked over to her, folding your arms so your hands could warm up against your sweater.

“Heya Holtzy, whatcha working on.” You said, leaning your forearms on one of her shelves as you peered down at her.

Jillian hummed, fiddling with set of multicolored wires in the back of the black box. “Just a lil’ experiment, think it’s gonna prove pretty useful.” She said, not taking her eyes off of it.

You nodded. “Can’t wait to hear all about it.”

Jillian’s head shot up and she turned to meet your eyes. “Don’t worry, you’ll be the first to hear.”

You smiled. “Don’t let me interrupt your work.” You said softly, walking away to tackle the work on your desk.

About an hour or so later, the girls had gone to get out some food but you were still behind on your work and Jillian refused to leave her new machine.

You finished typing your sentence before you fell back in your chair as you momentarily removed your glasses to rub at your eyes. When you could finally see again your gaze went right to Holtzmann who was turning the PKE meter in various directions.

You smiled, getting off your chair and sauntering over to her. “Looks like you finished, Hotshot.”

The moment you walked over you heard a distinct ‘bing’ come from the meter, causing you to tilt your head in confusion.

Jillian on the other hand had the biggest smile on her face as she looked at you. “Here help me test it out.” She said, holding it close to you and simultaneously causing it to go off at rapid speed.

“What’s happening? Last time I checked I still had a pulse.”

If possible the smile grew on Jillian face and she got this glassy sparkle in her eyes. “It’s my fully functioning gaydar, I tried using it on the other girls but you’re the first person to make it go off this much.” She said, a lighter tone to her voice.

Instantly you felt the heat crawl on the back of your neck as you instinctively backed away ever so slightly. “I-I have no idea what you’re talking about…”

Jillian immediately jumped up from her chair and nearly tackled you to the ground as her lips attached themselves to yours.

Several minutes later the front doors opened and you’re eyes shot open to see the overly shocked looks on the girl’s faces.

“Woah! I told y'all these too would get at it.” Patty said as a huge grin adorned her face.

“Well it’s about time.” Abby said with an overly pleased expression.

You quickly detangled yourself from Jillian while she was distracted. “I’m just gonna lock myself in the bathroom for several hours.” You declared spriting off.

“I’ll join you!” Jillian sang, instantly chasing after you.

Patty looked down at the food in her hands. “They better eat these breadsticks before they get cold.”

“I mean it would be a real shame if they went to waste, and I don’t think they’ll back for a long while.” Erin said smoothly.

“Hint taken.” Patty said handing the bag to a now satisfied Erin.

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Can I request for a 3 sentence fic of sugakookie when Yoongi likes to put his arm on jungkooks shoulder despite the height difference? thank you!

YES -Grey

Jeongguk felt a familiar weight on his shoulder and sighed slightly, a half-smile creeping onto his face as he looked to his left at a much shorter mint-haired boy, reaching awkwardly to rest his elbow on Jeongguk’s shoulder - “hyung, isn’t that uncomfortable?”

“Yes,” Yoongi grumbled, and instead of just laughing Jeongguk bent down, lowering his height closer to Yoongi’s, so they’re eye to eye, and Yoongi couldn’t help but let out a slight chuckle at Jeongguk’s deadpan look - “You’re a brat; I’m not that short.” 

“You are,” Jeongguk said playfully, giving Yoongi a short poke, and the older man glared without malice, but Jeongguk continued, “why do you do that all the time? It can’t be fun for you, it looks like it feels awkward,” to which Yoongi replied, 

“It does - but it lets you know I’m here.” 

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waackxx_xy: Ten, you worked hard~~~~ I’ve said it before, but your hard working appearance is cool~~👍👍 It was so fun and also a lot of sacrifice ㅎㅎ This time also.due to walking (dance) .worked hard ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Ill oppa Joongi oppa Moonoo Oppa worked soso hard ㅎㅎ Good memories~~✨✨✨✨✨ TEN💕PREPIX . . #hitthestage #hitthestageten #TEN #tencrew #waackxxxy #prepixjoony #prepix_ill #rhythmgate

Translation: Venus @ NCTINFO | Source: Jeong SiYeon (Prepix Crew) IG

— Please take out with full credits.

Sebastian Stan Request

Hey love!! Can you please write an imagine where the reader and Sebastian Stan are dating, and they go stargazing on one of their first dates (cuz they’re both huge space nerds)?? Love your blog!!

“Um,” you laughed, “when did you get a truck?” Sebastian had just pulled into your driveway to pick you up for your 3rd date in a car you had never seen.

“I borrowed it from a friend,” he smiled. “Come on, I’ve got a fun night planned,” he opened the door for you and you hopped in the passenger seat.

“I’ve never seen any of this in my life,” you said watching as the dark countryside passed by you from the window. “Where are we going?”

“I can’t tell you,” he smirked.

“Are you taking me out here to murder me,” you joked.

“How’d you know?”

“Ha ha ha, I forgot you were funny.” A few minutes later Sebastian was pulling over in the middle of an empty field. “What are you doing,” you asked as he opened his door and grabbed a bag of stuff from behind the seat.

“Getting our date ready,” he grinned and disappeared behind the truck.

You followed him out and to the back of the truck and looked at the tons of blankets and pillows he situated in the bed of the truck. “Come on,” he said hopping into the truck bed. He extended a hand to you and helped you up.

“What gave you this idea?”

“Look up,” he smiled and pulled you down into his chest. You tilted your head and looked up. The black night sky was littered with thousands of stars that you didn’t get to see from the city.

“This is beautiful,” you awed. “Look, there’s the big dipper.”

“And there’s the little dipper. And, there’s Hercules,” he pointed.

“This is awesome, Seb. Thank you,” you snuggled into him among the blankets.

“I’m just happy you’re happy. That and that you like to nerd out over space with me.”

“Maybe for our next date we can go to the Science Center’s space attraction.”

“Next date, huh? Does that mean this date went good?”

“It does,” you smirked.

This is a message for someone.

 I don’t mind you reading it I guess (it’d be better if you didn’t but eh, it’s super long and I doubt you’ll read it so ye). I’d really appreciate though, if you didn’t reblog it. 

Thank you in advance.

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Me: I like Gabriel Reyes for what he is– a quote on quote villain. I can a appreciate the fact the Gabriel is a complex character and also appreciate looking at Gabriel through different lenses and not making every completely black or white. It’s fun to make memes about him. However, this does not mean I condone all things he has done from blowing up a base over a job, almost killing his friend and putting the rest of overwatch in a dangerous situation.
Someone: So what you’re saying is you’re excusing his actions because you like his character? Don’t justify his wrong doings. He’s abusive and evil.
Me:…Did you hear anything I said, you dumb pineapple?

hey loves!! im beyond grateful for everyone who applied for this drarry net. thank you so much for giving me a hard time choosing members. i had soooo much fun reading all your apps tbh and im super excited to get this going! unfortunately, i couldnt pick everyone as members. also high key sorry it took v long to get this out, school is being a Pain aha

without further ado, here are the M E M B E R S arranged alphabetically. dude i know i said 10-12 ppl but everyone here is amazing ok

@aaronminyxrd || @actuallydrarry || @dracovmalfoy || @ginnyweaslly || @gryffindro || @harryjvmes || @johnslupin || @kingscorbus || @pristineparkinson || @reichanbach || @scorpiusmilfoy || @siriusblacc || @steverohers || @wadamaximoff

members, please keep reading for important info!

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Hey guys. Just thought I’d get this off my chest rather than just letting it suddenly happen. 

When I joined Ringside Confessions as an admin, I just expected a fun page that would go maybe a month or two and just sorta die out. We have been here for almost 4 years (which is crazy wtfff). In those four years, I did a lot of growing up. I started working, became an adult, starting to have different opinions, almost fucking died at one point, rehabbed, started becoming stronger. After I had my hemorrhage, I started to realize that there is so much more to life than a random tumblr confession page. There is more to life than getting so worked up over said confession page that you threaten to find one of the admins and kill their family. There is so much more to life than finding the Facebook pages of family members of the admins and then sending harassing messages. There is just so much more to life than bitching about if Alexa Bliss is copying Harley Quinn or not. There is more to life than slandering the admins and spreading false rumors about them because they say they dislike Roman Reigns. There is so much more to life than this. 

My love for WWE is gone. I don’t watch it at all anymore. When I found out that one of my favorite wrestlers is leaving for WWE in November, I was beside myself because I never watch WWE anymore. Someone could legit send a confession about random nonsense, say it happened on Raw, and I would believe it.  (yanoface)

Due to a number of reasons, I am leaving Ringside Confessions as of November 1st. Not on hiatus like last time or anything like that. Just for good this time. I love everyone either associated with the page or who has ever sent a confession, or sent me fucking hate mail for that fact. It’s just one of those things you need to move on from to grow up. It had been a large reason why I had my brain hemorrhage. The stress from the page (admins leaving randomly, trying to keep the page updated, etc) was too much for me prior to the hemorrhage. That mixed with the stresses of work and my work injury caused it to happen. Just like Akira Tozawa moving on from Dragon Gate, I am moving on from here.  (yanoface sup wooo)

Admin Taeil will be taking the page over/be pushed to Lead Admin starting on the 1st. Admin Hideaki will be back around that time as well. (Who ever thought this page would be ran by two dudes when it started lmfao) 

You are all amazing. Thank you for everything the past four years. I love you all so much. 

Things that have happened whilst writing the lobster boy Grataire fic with @desmoulinx that we’re posting tonight

- Both of us feeling bad for hurting our smol sons

- Jules looked up how mermaids make babies “for science”

- I read the article he found about it and it was great

- This conversation:

- Also this one:

- Jules said “LET THEM HAVE THE AGNST” so blame him for having the idea and me for writing it

- Jules want to call it “lobsters’ butts” I am refusing

- “Darling, sweet lobster, won’t you help me to recover
Darling, sweet lobster, one day this will all be oveeeeer”

- Practically this was a lot of fun and I’m so happy that I wrote it with Jules

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good luck! moving can suck, even more so with pets. got me curious where overseas are you headed?

My general rule of thumb is that I don’t like to name the place specifically, because I don’t want to be searchable under it. That said, I try to drop plenty of hints and clues because I don’t actually mind people knowing. (My paranoia is very hypocritical.) This is partially because I’m not going for just a few weeks’ visit: we’re going to actually live there for 2-3 years while my husband works at the US Embassy. (Though in this case, we’ll be at a Consulate. That’s clue #1, btw.)

Usually I call a place Undisclosed Location (or the UL). This time, I’m having a little more fun and calling it the LoL, which is short for Land of Lawrence, not Laugh Out Loud. (That’s clue #2.)

When we went to Egypt four years ago, I kept my destination a secret until about four days after we arrived, and then as a way of telling my followers that I was okay, plus where I was, I posted a picture of me on a camel in front of the pyramids. I mean, it doesn’t get much more obvious than that! (Incidentally, I never want to ride a camel again.) This time, though, there’s really no iconic picture I can take to show you. And actually, the only iconic picture I could take of this place (or near it) is one I’m not only not allowed to take, I’m not even allowed to approach. (I have too much respect for the location in general and the reason for the rule to push back on it. Also, that’s clue #3.)

If you figure it out, feel free to shoot me an ask and I’ll let you know if you’re right. I’ve had a few people get it in one, but mostly I seem to be stumping everyone, so don’t worry if you don’t get it immediately. I do ask that everyone refrains from saying publicly where I am. Thanks!


[TRANS] Baekhyun’s classmate become a debut fan of EXO because of him “Be quiet. She’s pretty”

“Yes, I do remember EXO’s Byun Baekhyun. During that time I was 80kg, when my classmates were making fun of me, Baekhyun said, "Be quiet. She’s pretty.” I can’t forget this even few years have passed. I was going to find you as I become an adult but you were already a member of EXO. I became an EXO’s debut fan because of you. I’m going to say this with a bright smile when I meet you at the fansign, “Baekhyun-ah, I am now 54kg”


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Do you happen to know if there is a Dragon age met up again this year :3?

I was trying to plan one, but no one has said they are coming to con this year! I miiight be bringing out the Dagna costume Thursday (maybe) but am wearing my big ghostbusters cosplay the other days (that doesn’t preclude the meetup from happening then, though!!)

So yeah, anyone else going to cosplay Dragon Age at NYCC this year? Or we could just plan a fandom meetup in general for one of the days, that would be fun, too :) 

Anyone have any suggestions??

It took me weeks to convince myself and I’m (still) not ready to post an actual selfie so… this is the best I can do now.

  1. Fam photobombed me last summer and … I think I had a fun moment looking at the flip flops.
  2. This is my beach hair. 
  3. Always on the lookout for the perfect green dress.

You don’t have to post anything but I’m going to tag @blyedeeks @bisexualbellamyblake @bellarkespread @ginalou16 @julibernardo . I thought you might be interested …

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