The morning after (Calum)


Anonymous said: “I don’t know if you accept requests, but I would appreciate it if you wrote an imagine about the morning after with Calum and the boys making fun of your scratches/hickeys??”

Sure, hope you like it, love! x


“Good morning.” You whisper, carefully stroking a strand of hair out of his forehead.

Calum breathes in loudly and twists his head, “nope, not yet.” he mumbles, “come here.” 

You shake your head but can’t help but smile, “It’s almost noon, Cal.” You say, but you still let him pull you closer until you are lying chest to chest again, his face nuzzled into your neck. 

The sun is shining through the windows, casting a golden glow across your naked upper bodies that aren’t covered by the sheets. Faint, red and purple marks are visible on his neck and collar bones. You trace your fingers over them and memories from the night before come flashing back, a smug grin taking its place on your face. 

He is breathing heavily, eyes closed and lips parted. His fingers are creating random shapes on your lower back and his toes are lazily poking at your ankles, and you know he isn’t asleep. 

“Caluum…” You say, dragging out his name as you smile down at him, his breath fanning against your skin. “It’s time to wake up now, we haven’t even had breakfast yet.”

You can both feel and hear his stomach respond you with a hungry growl, making you both let out a small laugh. 

“But I’m so comfy,” he whines, gripping you tighter, “and you smell so good, Jesus christ…”

“Stop smelling me, creep.” You laugh, jokingly shoving at his shoulder.

“Never.” He laughs, burying his face further into your neck and breathing in loudly. 

“You’re crazy.” You laugh, shaking your head.

He ‘hmm’s out a response before he mumbles, “crazy for you.”

Neither of you can help but laugh at that, cringing at how cheesy he is. 

“I haven’t even showered or brushed my teeth yet, or gotten dressed. I smell disgusting.” You point out, trying to get out of his grip, but he protests quickly.

“No, you smell lovely. I want you, all of you. Even with messy hair, no makeup and morning breath. I love everything about you,” he says, placing a kiss on your chest before adding with a smirk on his lips, “especially when you haven’t gotten dressed yet.” He laughs and presses even closer to you.

“You’re such an idiot…” You laugh, shaking your head once again before you lean down to quickly press your lips to his, “You’re lucky I love you too, then.”

After another ten minutes of Calum trying to get you to stay in bed as long as possible and you trying to get him out of bed, you are finally on your way downstairs. You had to threaten with no back rubs for a while week for him to finally get moving. It took even more to get him to out on a pair of underwear, it’s not that you mind seeing him naked, not at all, it’s just for the sake of the other three boys in the house you made him cover up.

You had pulled on an old pair of sweats and a tank top, refusing to go to the kitchen in just one of Calum’s t-shirts which he had insisted on. 

“You want a piggy back?” He looks at you and asks at the top of the stairs.

You nod, grateful for anything that will keep you from using your legs more than needed. You are sore from last night, which Calum had so happily made sure of. 

“Well, well, well, isn’t it the love birds! It was about time, we were almost thinking of making some lunch.” Ashton says, spotting you from the kitchen island where he’s sitting propped with a cup of coffee when you get down.

“They’re awake already? That must be a new record!” Michael says, joining you in the room, Luke following closely behind. 

Calum shakes his head at them and bends down so you can slide off of his back easily and land on the floor. 

“Wow, looks like you two had it going pretty rough last night!” Ashton exclaims and they all laugh loudly. 

“Yeah, look at that, can’t imagine you got any sleep at all.”

“Try sleeping in the room next to them, don’t think I slept more than a few hours. I can still hear it in my head, fuck! harder, more! and you’re driving ma crazy, princess, Jesus christ!” Michael says, doing a very bad imitation of your so called moaning from last night, making all of them erupt in laughter once again. You occupy yourself with taking out bowls and some cereal, feeling your cheeks heat up.

“Your back is a mess, mate. Don’t know what you did to your girlfriend to make her turn into a freaking tiger, man.”

“Yeah, and good luck covering those bruises up. They won’t go away for at least a week.”

“Don’t listen to them, they’re just jealous,” Calum says into your ear but loud enough for them to hear too, coming up behind you with his hands on your hips. “You were amazing, it was amazing.”

You turn around and meet their eyes with a small smile playing on your lips before you look to Calum, “ready for round two after breakfast, babe?

people saying there’s no reason to like steve.. he has a very likable + genuine personality, he knows the game inside out, he was pretty much ostracized/ignored/made fun of for the first days of live feeds, then he won and rly killed the first veto of the season with a 12 point word, he just recently won botb, and now is using this week to start forming new/more solid relationships with hgs.
so stop saying he’s a useless white boy who doesn’t deserve supporters/fans when basically every other male in the house is significantly less likable than him :~)

Kkbox: I am not imagining things. this is exactly what happened. Hyuk was talking about how after ten years he would probably have children and a family, with his exact words “like how a normal person would be”. Tbh I don’t normally look at hae in interviews because I’m too focused on someone else :P, but as hyuk was talking about that future, donghae’s face caught my attention because it seemed a bit off. It wasn’t his normal neutral expression, and he was frowning. He looked really uncomfortable as he fidgeted in his seat, and even fell into an awkward silence after hyukjae finished.

They Tweet a Picture of You and Your Friend

Matt: “ Come they said, It’ll be fun they said. @Y/T/N @Y/F/T/N”

Swazz: “@Y/T/N and @Y/F/T/N finally done their hair. Pretty good if I say so myself, pretty good”

Dillon: “Thinking I’m their photographer @Y/T/N @Y/F/T/N”

Carter: “Pour it up, pour it up @Y/T/N @Y/F/T/N”

Shawn: “I’m so proud of @Y/T/N and @Y/F/T/N built a fire all by themselves”

Nash: “@Y/T/N But noticeeee meee. @Y/F/T/N”

Taylor: “@Y/T/N why can’t we cuddle instead of @Y/F/T/N?”

Hayes: “Y/T/N @Y/F/T/N Why don’t they like pictures?”

Aaron: “@Y/T/N So cute. @Y/F/T/N”

Sammy; “Third Wheeling isn’t fun @Y/T/n @Y/F/T/N”

Nate: “@Y/F/T/N taking my baby @Y/T/N away from me for the day”

Cam: “Looks like I’m not the only one that can kiss @Y/T/N. @Y/F/T/N”

Johnson: @Y/T/N and @Y/F/T/N may suck at bowling but as long as they’re having fun”

Gilinsky: “They swear they cute @Y/T/N @Y/F/T/N”


All CG belongs to

[Disclaimer: Translated from my cracking Japanese, and please credits.]

王子様のプロポーズ II

Be My Princess Season 2 For Mobage

イベント[event]:2人きりのパラダイスSummer(Summer paradise for the two of us)


Henry A. Spencer

『 口は災いの元!?
『 Out of the mouth comes evil?!』

「 俺をからかおうなんていい度胸だね、ラッシー 」

「You’re quite brave for making fun of me, Lassi 」

Note: As I might said before, but Henry call MC with his dog’s name, because he think that MC like his dog. Though he stated that it’s because he think of his dog as an important person in his life.

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Signal Boost

There is a person on here who has turned roleplaying into a toxic environment. They are harassing people, pushing them to into roleplays and telling them they shouldn’t roleplay with others. They send hate anons and judge your interpretation of your character. They say terrible hateful things and push people to the point of serious depression.

Roleplaying should be fun and stress free. I hate that there has to be drama and hurtful things said on here. Please reblog this so that people know to be careful when dealing with this person.

Please, for your happiness stay way from her. They will appear to be innocent. But like a demon they look fair but feel foul. A demon will want to draw you in, make you think they are good then turn around and stab you in your back.

I’m not saying to unfollow or block them, but I am terribly sick of them hurting the people I care about.

Many of you have come out since my shout out about them, so I know I’m not the only one that feels this way.

Please please reblog this

knightlyoath and shxroba (this are the only two blogs I know, but she has more, please add them or tell me and I will) 

So everything lets us down, including curiosity and honesty and what we love best. Yes, said the voice, but cheer up, it’s fun in the end.
—  Roberto Bolaño, 2666

Anonymous submitted:

Did you see the video of the boy at a pride parade in Brazil? He’s like 8-10 years old and in nothing but short shorts twerking and grinding on the pavement while grown men cheer him on. Seems like pedophilia is already accepted in Brazil, won’t be long before it comes to the US. The comments I read said “he’s just having fun” and “he’s just having a good time and expressing himself”.

Yes, Anon, I heard about this. I will say I am disgusted but I am also not surprised. I fully support the choice to express yourself and your opinions. I do not support the choice to sexualize children and encourage them to dance provocatively. I am repulsed.

Reasons Not to Train with Bucky Barnes

Title: Reasons Not to Train with Bucky Barnes
Summary: Request- Can you write a Bucky x Reader one shot where they are sparring and one of them gets pinned to the mat and they kiss? Fluff with a bit of teasing? (Maybe from the other avengers?)
Warnings: FLUFF MUCH FLUFF, fighting
Word Count: 1001

omg thanks to the anon who requested this it was so fun to write.

Reasons not to Train with Bucky Barnes:

(1) He’ll make you warm up for like four hours (forty-five minutes) beforehand.

Y/N could not remember why she ever agreed to spar with Bucky. He was the Winter Soldier, expert at hand-to-hand combat. He had a goddamn metal arm. He was extremely ripped (to see him shirtless was a send from the gods).

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suwilde said: PRIVATE: Why the Hell would I want to participate in anything that has to do with blowing up fireworks and “Jesus juice” (which totes sounds like something wanky and something I’ll have to talk about in my confession on Sunday).

Private: Come on. Jesus would want you to have some fun. Right? Come to me, princess.



Hey guys! So thanks to the amazing response to my Crystal Goddess series and because of popular demand, I’ve put the prints up for sale on RedBubble!

Make sure to click on “Postcard” on the purchase screen. It’s kinda annoying how I can’t just sell them as postcards. Oh well.

Much love and thanks to all the nice messages and likes and reblogs from everyone. Making paintings is all fun and great, but having my hard work acknowledged by you wonderful people really makes it worth it. It totally makes my life.

That being said, please reblog this post if you can! Lots of people have shown interest in buying these prints, and I certainly aim to deliver. It would mean a lot to me. 

And once again, thank you so much! <3



Y/N: during your… frozen time, many things were invented, many of them incredible, and you know nothing of them -you started with a little smiled- so, Steve Rogers, - you mentioned to the aforementioned, who had a big smile. You didn’t know if it was for pleasure or for fun from you.-get ready for live the last decades in a few days.
Steve: I think that it is right…so, with what we start?
You bit your lip; you’ve planned what you would do but not in an order.
Y/N: Uhm, I don’t…Oh, well, I know! How we don’t have anything to do, we’ll have a Star Was’s marathon, with popcorns, candys and Doritos! -you said happy, knowing that Steve wouldn’t forget that experience never.
Steve: Doritos?
Y/N: What?! -you exclaimed- I can’t believe this! You are goint to see Star Wars and eat Doritos for the first time…and I can’t believe neither I’m the person who is going to teach them…I’m so proud of my self.
Steve laughed.
Steve: Then we must prepare all for that Star Wars’s marathon.

You have prepared the popcorns, the candys and the Doritos, of course; Steve was preparing the Blu-Ray.

Steve: Uhm, (Y/N) -he called you- can you help me, please?
Y/N: Sure! -you did it- Don’t worry Steve, with me you will learn everything that you haven’t done.
Steve sat at the sofa with you and you played the movie.
Y/N: First of all -you said looking for between all the food ultill you found it- Doritos!
You give it to Steve.
Y/N: What are you waiting? C’mon taste it.
Steve: Okay…
You didn’t knew if it was that Steve was eating Doritos for the first time, the Star Wars’s soundtrack, or all of them, bu that moment was magic. In that moment, you knew that Star Wars’s marathon eith Doritos would be a custom.
Steve: Oh my god…-he said after eat a Dorito and suck his fingers.
Fury: Rogers, in this mission you will go with Romanoff and (L/N)
Steve: Okay.
You take your bow and guns, and when you where ready you met with Steve and Natasha.

Y/N: Ready for this mission, Captain Doritos? -you asked with a smirked.

Natasha: Captain Doritos? -Natasha asked confused.

Y/N: Simply, he loves Doritos.

anonymous asked:

how do you pronounce Melbourne? I've always said it like mell-born but my brother recently went there and he says its pronounced mel-bin (i think?) idk help pls miss austrailian

Your bro is right. We kinda make fun of ppl who say “Mel-born” tbh lmao