Dan’s YouNow 9/2/2016 general commentary of quotes and actions*SPOILERS OF RECENT VIDEOS*

“Huddle up”

*talks about his mega filled pancakes*

“look at this shit” *made his bed*

*asks if others like bananas*

“The piano is tuned. I am not playing it. You want me to move?”

*tries to work out what the best way to die is*

*talks about world chef and him giving up because others’ restaurants were better*

*talks about Undertale and asks if he is more like Papyrus or Sans*

*relveals they’ve filmed a new Sims and Undertale video*

*talks about being ill* “which cheeky buggar infected me?”

*says learning can be fun*

*talks about US and Europe TATINOF tour dates*

*says about Phil’s birthday meals*

“He actually didn’t drop any. Actually”

“The sniffing” *sniffs louder*

*talks about new Danisnotonfire video and how he sang Barbie Girl*

“and he said move your hips boy and I wanted to stab myself”

*said about blonde haired Dan*

*the tree part of his video*

*Yeezy sweater from Kanye West that he did not pay for*

“You could wear potato sacks all the time. Why do people care about fashion?”

*talks more fashion*

*reveals he is wearing an Alexander McQueen suit to the BRITS and has Kanye West shoes to go with it*

“Kanye trash. Danye”

*talks more about the jumper*

*trolling Grandma*

“Was some good flipping action right there”

“was full on flipping Pooh bear child”

*calls the Superbowl half time average except for Uptown Funk*

*says Katy Perry’s Superbowl half time was incredible last year*

*asked for a fave song from an album and talks about the band*

*talks about radioshow*

“pancakes the majority of my interior right now”

*named a cat dog*

*talks about documentary*

*says he would for Padme*

*explains his way of working is uber meticulous in comparison to the documentary team*

*talks about anime*

*going on holiday with his grandma next week*

*talks about Deadpool* 

*tells us he has filmed ”like 4 videos” with Louise*

*contrasting BBC iplayer with Youtube Red and similar worldwide things*

“Tow Shour”

*talks about videos with PJ*

*talks about Pillowtalk comapring to Muse and then the problems about over produced vocals and the video*

*talks baout catching up with music*

*says about having too many mugs*

“Have a wonderful enjoyable week. Stay calm. See you next time”

we’re almost done watching the first season of the x-files and gosh just autistic lesbian mulder, okay? :D

  • her obvious special interest in the unexplained.
  • her disregard for doing things by the book and general disinterest in conventional methods because she sees things differently.
  • her constant use of sarcasm and jokes as a coping mechanism for lack of social skills.
  • her dogged pursuit of and unerring belief in what she believes to be the truth due to hyperfixation and strong morals.
  • her black and white thinking boxing her in at times even though she strives to keep an open mind.
  • her being made fun of by neurotypical coworkers because of her special interest and beliefs. (”spooky mulder”)
  • her giftedness that people now say she “wasted” or how they had “such high expectations” of her before.
  • her naivety and ability to be easily strung along.
  • her networking with other social outcasts, seeing them as people and treating them with respect.
  • her flat affect and minimal range of facial expressions.
  • her empathizing with some of the nonhumans she encounters better than the humans.
  • her paranoia due to being treated so poorly by the people around her.
  • her disregard for how people think of her because she doesn’t care what they think, she just cares about the truth.
The Wisdom of an Older Man.

An older man approached an attractive younger woman at a shopping mall. “Excuse me; I can’t seem to find my wife. Can you talk to me for a couple of minutes?” The woman, feeling a bit of compassion for the old fellow, said, “Of course, sir. Do you know where your wife might be?” “I have no idea, but every time I talk to a pretty woman, she seems to appear out of nowhere.”


Heroes of Olympus | Cabin Study

Aphrodite } Cabin 10

“Not knowing is half the fun,” Aphrodite said, “Exquisitely painful, isn’t it? Not being sure who you love and who loves you? Oh, you kids! It’s so cute I’m going to cry!”

Birthday-present for @kernezelda: a small sequel of sorts to her adorable little modern-day Steve and Bucky and Erik and Charles professors AU. You don’t necessarily have to’ve read hers first–I think mine makes sense regardless–but it might be more fun if you do, and I’m using all the world-building she set up, like which departments they’re each in and so on.

Have some Stucky and Cherik fun with Bucky playing matchmaker.


Bucky, Steve realized very quickly, was not above playing matchmaker.

This was a rather impressive heretofore undiscovered talent. Bucky approached Professors Xavier and Lehnsherr with the singleminded determination he generally applied to watching Steve’s back or thorny issues involving neural feedback and biomechanical sensor attachments or mastery of Steve’s mother’s best rainy-day stew. Steve was in awe, and a little terrified.

“They’re perfect together,” Bucky said after dinner. Erik Lehnsherr had spent half the evening glaring at Charles Xavier for the suggestion that perhaps he had not sufficiently considered the human reaction to being told, at a clinical trial of nano-particle powered neural interface technology, that the volunteer subjects should be proud to don suspiciously phallic helmets. He’d spent the other half reluctantly asking Charles aggressive questions about molecular biology and the ways in which the brain might adapt to new sources of information, passionately devouring Bucky’s first-ever attempt at a kosher meal, and gazing at Charles as if plotting the best way to eat him for dessert.

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the world-weary fan’s guide to glee: queer babies edition

ink, who made her own chicken noises,: anyway gabe if you really want to klaine i can give you an episode list but i don’t recommend it because
ink, who made her own chicken noises,: of slippery slopes.
ink, who made her own chicken noises,: they’re cute though.

for @ourlightsinvain​ and any other innocent travelers who may happen upon it. this guide is “klaine”-centric but i have starred episodes where “brittana” appears. also seriously don’t watch the whole episodes just fast-forward until you find the relevant scenes

if i haven’t indicated otherwise just watch all scenes with the two of them, fast-forwarding through group numbers where they don’t actually do anything.

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• I keep refreshing @politico’s website showing the primary numbers. It’s been at 1% reporting for what seems like forever, but is probably only like half an hour.

• My officemate is sick as balls and hasn’t been in yesterday or today. She said she’s gonna try for tomorrow, but I told her not to bother if she was still unwell. I’ll just make Cookie do more work, and watch his hatred for me balloon in front of my eyes. It’ll be fun.

• I decided that I was going to give up meat and dairy. I do not require that anyone else in my house follow suit. I mean, I don’t cook meat myself, but if Josh wants something he can make or get whatever he wants. I’m not all judgy about someone eating in a different way than I have chosen to. But he went and made me a vegan shepherds pie anyway, and it was fucking amazing. (He ate it too) I’m fickle as shit, and he just rolls with it. That’s nice.

• It’s really funny when you see two sides of a story, and see that one person is totally delusional. It amuses me. This is about work. Not here. Although it’s funny here, too, but no one tells me shit here, so I’m always in the dark about drama. 😒 Rude.

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I was in the same position as you about two weeks ago. Worrying about school, working a shit job, living at home, and forever single (though I'm slightly younger at 20). Like the other anon said, it sometimes just falls into place. A girl I had basically crushed on for 8 years hit me up and it's been a fun few weeks. Worry about school, worry about you man. The good times will come. And for the record, you are attractive (more than me) so I don't want to hear that shit nigga u beautiful.

Don’t u tell me I’m beautiful 😂

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Prompt Set #680: 1- I want it on the record that it wasn’t my plan. Anders and Fenris.

“Venhedis!” Fenris spat, stopping short as they rounded the corner to find the exact same corridor they had already passed through three times.

“I knew you were lost,” the abomination said. The despair and gloom that had slowly overtaken Anders over the years seemed momentarily lifted, replaced by a trace of the old cheekiness that, given their current circumstances, went very much unappreciated.

“You choose now to gloat?” Fenris demanded, and when Anders chuckled and lifted his hands in mock surrender, he knew, sharply, that he was being made fun of.

“I simply want it on record that this wasn’t my plan.”

Fenris snarled, turning back in the direction they’d come to retrace their steps.

His heart was in his throat, and he knew he wasn’t thinking with the clarity he should. Chateau Haine had hardly been built with the same maze-like complexity of many of the buildings of the Imperium, and yet it seemed they would never find their way.

He never should have left Hawke’s side.

I found out about cosplay through my friends when I went to high school. My friends Brittanie and Mat invited me to stay with them at Anime Expo 2006. I had barely watched anime at that time, just whatever popped up on Adult Swim. Needless to say my knowledge was very minimal. Brittanie had already decided to be Freya from Chobits and said I could be Chii. I just went along with it because it seemed fun even though I didn’t know the anime. We got clothes together, but only one set of Chobit ears. We decided to buy them at the con, but with our luck they weren’t selling them. Brittanie was kind though and let me use the ears. 

The experience was amazing. I was asked to take pictures and do poses. I felt completely lost, but beautiful. Even though I had no idea what I was doing, I fell in love with seeing the possibilities of different cosplay all around me. The satisfaction you see in a cosplayer’s face when they show their finished work. I decided I wanted to do this and really try my best.

It’s funny because I’ve been crafting ever since I was little, is what my mom likes to tell me. I was always a new character everyday, though most of my costumes and props were made out of paper. My mom always likes to tell the story of how I would come out with petals around my face and say I was a flower. Then change into a dress and say was someone like Dorothy from Wizard of OZ. Then change again with paper triangles on my forehead and chin saying I was a buffalo. When I do look back to my childhood, I remember that I wanted each day to be an adventure. And I wanted to embody the characters that took part in that adventure. My imagination from my childhood is what helps me today. I believe that any cosplay is possible. Whatever tools are required are just something I need to learn along the way. Hopefully, I can be a jack of all trades one day.

Of course there are things I don’t particularly enjoy. The rude people mainly. I’ve had people say pretty mean things. At one meet-up, a cosplayer said something very rude to me and walk away. The only good part was my cosplay made it hard for me to understand what he was saying. It was something along the lines of, “you think you’re so good”. Whatever it was, since I couldn’t understand him quite, it didn’t put much of a damper on my day.

I also don’t enjoy when people decide they can touch me. I was in a cosplay that covered everything but my face and yet someone still decided to grab me. A guy and his friends asked me to take a picture with him. He put his arm around me, which I expect when taking pictures in cosplay, but his arm very suddenly went lower. My smile disappeared and told him to please remove his hand. His hand moved up, we took the picture, and I walked away. I understand that people are going look at you. You can’t control that. But when they cross the line of personal boundaries just because I am in cosplay is inexcusable. But still, after dealing with rude people, I still love cosplay. The good people and the self achievement are worth so much more than the distraction of a few ill-behaved individuals.

 A lot of people think that time is the biggest problem with cosplay, but not for me. If I want to make a cosplay, I make the time (many a sleepless night). Difficulties with cosplay and day to day life can filter down to just one thing for me. Money. It takes a good amount of money to make things possible. Even regular arts and crafts supplies can add up very quickly. And if you want to get the specialized materials that can really open doors for your projects, they will make your cosplay bill ridiculous. Hence, my boyfriend, Devin, and I recycle anything that can be used.

Also, you have to plan for more than just your cosplay. Hotel, food, travel, etc. also have to be included in your plans. If money was no object, cosplay and cons would be amazing! But it’s like that with everyone. Hence, I can go only one big time a year.

Babychwan (Anaheim, CA)

I get really sad and angry when I see fans making fun of Hyoyeon and saying she’s not worthy of having a style book because she “can’t dress herself”. First of all, fashion goes WAY beyond your personal taste of clothing and second of all the book IS NOT about “how to dress like Hyoyeon”. Hyoyeon said that getting into this fashion and make up world helped her to love and know herself more and she wants to help young girls to raise their self confidence by getting to know their visual strengths.

-Edited by Marina (tanahi)