Sin from thy lips? O trespass sweetly urged! Give me my sin again

The Signs at the Beach
  • Aries:It's too hot and sandy and wet. Lies in the shade until someone finally pulls them into the water. Actually has some fun competing with the harsh waves. Gets in way over their head.
  • Taurus:Builds a sand KINGDOM. Creates the most impressive group of sandcastles anyone has ever seen. Starts employing random beach children to help add on to the sandy masterpiece.
  • Gemini:Climbs up the lifeguard chair for fun, finding a hot lifeguard at the top (surprise surprise). Almost gets in trouble for climbing up but starts flirting with the lifeguard instead. Way to distract Aries' only chance at survival.
  • Cancer:Actually thought ahead and brought snorkel goggles. Explores reefs with Pisces.
  • Leo:Sunbathes, asking nearby hotties to help apply tanning lotion before getting bored and starting an intense volleyball game with said hotties.
  • Virgo:On a lounge chair under an umbrella, reading a book, snacking and taking time to ignore yo bullshit for once.
  • Libra:Is the hot lifeguard surprised by Gemini. Forgets their duties as soon as Gemini starts hitting on them.
  • Scorpio:Goes cliff diving, to the terror of all their friends.
  • Sagittarius:Brings the booze and food, causing a beach cocktail party with fellow beach goers.
  • Capricorn:Tries to keep track of everyone "Sagittarius, stop mingling with trench coat guy! Taurus, don't talk to children! Aries?! Where's Aries? Scorpio, nooooo!" Before giving up and going to get ice cream at the ice cream truck.
  • Aquarius:Brings a friggin bong as a contribution to Sagittarius' already shady cocktail party. Tries seducing people with their... er... philosophy?
  • Pisces:Explores reefs with Cancer and pretends to be a mermaid because it's the ocean goddammit.
Liam Dunbar - Too Hot

Request: An imagine where the reader plays too hot with Liam?

“Liam,” You shouted out your boyfriends name. It was a typical Saturday night in. You were bored and wanted to do something fun. “Yes?” He said, coming out with a towel around his 360, and sat next to you. “You’re hair smells good,” You complimented him and he chuckled and leaned in for a kiss. You’re eyes widened and you broke up the kiss. “What?” He gave in a perplexed look. “That just reminded me something!” You exclaimed and Liam was still sitting there, confused. “Let’s play Too Hot!” You suggested with a smirk on your face. Liam chuckled, “Babe, that’s an easy win for me..” You crossed your arms, “Oh really? You think I can’t beat you?” You said, and he smiled. “You can try.. but you won’t win anyway.” Liam said, and you playfully punch him in his arm. “Well, let’s play and see..” You winked at him, giving him a challenge. “Seriously?” Liam questioned you and you nodded your head, yes. Few seconds later, You pressed your lips against his, clenching your fists in an effort to keep them by your sides. Liam’s lips pressed gently nibbling your bottom lip. You gasped, and his tongue slid against yours. He fisted the cushion beneath him, trying so hard to not give in, to touch you. As his tongue swirled wet against yours, your breathing became heavier, as well as his, you caved, your hands tangling into his hair, trailing over his body, pulling him closer to her. “Liam..” You moaned, and he smirked. “I told you I’d win,” He smirked and you rolled your eyes. “And oh, it does mention the winner gets to do whatever he wants to the loser..”

Part Two? Lmk (let me know)!

Dog Days of Summer

An Outlaw Queen 4th of July story. Happy Independence Day to my American followers (and to everyone else, happy Saturday)! Enjoy the holiday, and make sure to keep track of your furry friends during the fireworks celebrations! Hope you enjoy this little story. :)

July 2, 9:30 PM

“I swear to God, if the neighbors don’t stop setting off those fireworks, I’m going to call the police,” Regina mumbled to herself, rubbing her temples.

“I think it’s fun,” Henry said loudly, standing on tiptoes to try to see the display out the window.

“It’s dangerous and irresponsible, and someone could get hurt. Not to mention stupid. Who wastes money on something like that? Those idiots don’t know what they’re doing. Fireworks should be set off by professionals. On the actual 4thof July. It’s not even legal to set them off this early, technically. Plus,” Regina continued, hearing whining and scratching coming from one of the back bedrooms, “you know that Luna doesn’t like them.”

“Yeah…but can’t we still go out onto the deck and look at them?”

“Someone has to make sure that Luna doesn’t get too scared and hurt herself. Plus, they’re not as good as the fireworks the city is going to put on on Saturday. Wouldn’t you rather wait for those?”


Regina sighed, and Henry shot her a grin, his eyes bright and pleading. “Fine. You can go out and watch for ten minutes, and then you’re coming inside. And if they’re still going off by your bedtime, then I am calling the cops. The kids of this neighborhood shouldn’t have to be kept up at night just so some hillbillies down the block can light off rockets.”

“Thanks, Mom!” Henry turned and ran out the sliding door almost before Regina could blink, making it to the deck just as the sky over the backyard exploded in a shower of green sparks. Luna continued to whine and howl, and Regina sighed once again.

“I’m coming, baby, it’s okay.”

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He Wants To Try For A Baby- Nate Maloley Imagine.

Request by: Anon.

Originally posted by silkynaloley

You was sitting on the couch on your phone when you heard the door slam shut, and Nate walked in with a grin on his face. “Hey babe, how you doing?” he said sitting beside you, pulling you onto his lap. “I’m doing great, you?” you said giving him a kiss, “I’m good” he said. “How was work?” you asked, “ It was fun, one of the stylist’s had her baby girl of almost one year with her, she was so cute” he said smiling like a little child “I have a picture, here” he said letting you see the picture of the little girl on his phone. “Aww, she’s so cute” you said, “Y/N, I was thinking…” “about what Nate?” “ I really want a baby and I know we are both busy with our carriers but our moms can babysit sometimes, right?” he said looking at you, you was surprised but happy at the same time.   “ I really want a baby with you too Nate” you said, Nate walked up to you and grabbed your hand and dragged you to you guys’ bed room.

- One week later-

“Nate come here for a sec” you said, you just took a pregnancy test and guess what?; it’s positive!! “yeah whats up babe” he said walking into the bathroom. You gave him the pregnancy test and smiled, “Yes! we did it!, I’m so happy” he said running up to you and hugged you tight.

A/N: Sorry it’s so short but I hope you liked it! I did! I think Nate would be a awesome dad tbh, he seems like a fuckboy but I think he would be a great and cool dad. :). I actually laughed at that sentence omg.

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This is the Amazing Person Award! Once you are given this award you are supposed to paste it in the ask of eight different people, who, in your opinion, deserve it. If you break the chain nothing will happen, but it's sweet to know someone thinks you're amazing inside and outside. (you're still Persephone btw, dont forget that :D )

Thank you so much, darling! And yes, once Persephone, always Persephone lol!

Recently the bright camera flashes interrupted Kris Jenner youngest daughter’s Fourth of July while she was trying to watch the fireworks near their home.
“I texted Kylie and I said ‘Hey Kylie are you having fun? Mommy is on her way’ and she wrote back ‘No, I’m crying’ Jenner said. I said ‘Why Honey?’ And she said 'The paparazzi are everywhere – I just want to be a kid one day’. That broke my heart. It is very, very tricky… and it is a choice that I made.
The Signs as Annoying High Schooler Phrases
  • Taurus:none of these bitches be real no more smh
  • Gemini:OOO she said you got no nipples!
  • Cancer:I can't even omg
  • Leo:Literally me rn
  • Virgo:word nigga
  • Libra:chill fam chill
  • Scorpio:your shits about to get rocked
  • Sagittarius:fuckin lit as hell
  • Capricorn:na i aint fuckin witchu
  • Pisces:bae got me feelin some type of way
Admit it.

“You’ve fallen for the guy that you promised yourself you would never fall for.”


“C’mon Y/N, this party will be fun! Plus you can use this party as a distraction to forget about that jerk!” Taehyung said.

“But… I’m just not in the mood to dress up… and I’m 100% sure he will be at the party Tae… I’m not sure if I’m ready to see him yet…” you replied with a frown on your face.

“Well, I’m pretty sure you can use some drinks to forget about him! C’mon Y/N! I really think this party will be fun!” Taehyung persuaded you. He even tried doing aegyo.

You finally gave in and replied, “Fine! I’ll go but I’ll stay only for a while.”

Taehyung nodded excitedly while flashing you his infamous rectangular smile.


“Yah Taehyung-ah, how do I look?” you asked Taehyung who was seating at the edge of your bed.

“On point!” he exclaimed.

You chuckled and headed to your dressing table where you started to put on your make-up. Honestly, you would prefer to wear your sweatshirt to the party but that would have made you feel embarrassed considering your ‘date’ of the night, Taehyung, was handsomely dressed. He was even wearing a leather jacket.

“Okay… I’m done Tae,” you said to Taehyung who was fiddling with him shirt as he waited for you to finish doing your make-up.

Upon hearing that you were ready, he smiled at you and escorted you out.



You sighed at the sight of the crowded party.

“Kim Taehyung, you owe me big time for making me go to this party,” you glared at him.

He chuckled, “We’ll see… because I’m pretty sure you’ll end up enjoying yourself here Y/N.”

You headed to the bar as soon as you reached the party and plopped yourself on one of the seats.

“Can I just get something light please,” you to the bartender who nodded at your request.

“Here you go Miss,” He said as he handed you your drink.

You took a sip of it and felt the burning sensation in your throat.

You didn’t hate the taste of Vodka. It made you feel better actually.

Soon, you realized that you were on your fourth cup and you were starting to feel a little tipsy.

You tried scanning the place to look for Taehyung when something, or rather someone, caught your attention.

You saw your ex (that you broke up with 5 days ago) kissing some girl at a corner.

You could feel your blood boiling and you weren’t sure why but you found yourself walking towards his direction.

Just as you were about to reach him, you were stopped by Taehyung.

“Y/N-ah, are you drunk? Where are you heading to?” Taehyung asked you worriedly.

“Am not drunk and look over there,” you replied him as you pointed towards your ex’s direction.

Taehyung turned his head to take a glance and realized what was happening.

“How is it possible for him to move on so easily? I mean it’s only been 5 days since the break-up… How could he? Well, two can play a game. If he can just throw himself at other girls then so can I!” you practically screamed out.

“What? Y/N-ah, you’re drunk let’s go home,” Taehyung said.

But it was too late, everyone was already staring at you. They probably heard your scream. All eyes was fixated on you. Then, you saw your ex looking at you. He was staring at you as if you seemed familiar and gasped the minute he realized it was you.

You didn’t know if it was the alcohol that made you brave but you just wanted to show him that you’ve moved on.

Unknowingly you put your arms around Taehyung’s neck and pulled him into a kiss.

Taehyung was too shocked to even move and his eyes was wide open.

You suddenly realized what you did and pulled away.

“Oh my god Tae… I didn’t mean to…” you stuttered only to realize that Taehyung had grabbed your waist and pulled you closer to him.

The distance between the both of you was so close that you could feel him breathing down at your neck.

“What are you…” you managed to say but was in stopped Taehyung’s lips collided with yours.

You were so shocked and wanted to break away but an unknown invisible force seemed to stop you. You soon gave up and melted under his kiss.

Taehyung was the first to break off the kiss and he placed his forehead on yours. The both of you were breathless after the kiss. You could feel your heart beating a million times faster than ever and your stomach was doing flips.

That’s when the realization hit you…

Oh my god… What have I done?


Hello! XD

Well, I wanted to make a second attempt at writing a scenario after my Jungkook scenario.

I’m still really new at this and I would really appreciate comments :)

Also, do tell me if you want a Part 2 :)Thank you for reading! Have a nice day ahead!


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What were PCTS!Stiles' and Derek's reactions to national marriage equality? (I know they weren't together then, but like, what were each of them thinking? Did Stiles go out for drinks with Scott and Lydia? Was Smokes playing a show that night? Did Derek celebrate with his sisters? Did they tweet about it? Was it bittersweet because neither of them were with the person they wanted to be with when this happened?)

i answered this SO EXTENSIVELY in my head that I forgot I never actually answered it OOPS LOL.

So what’s FUN about considering PCTS ‘verse~ in these terms is that like, the action of it happens in 2015 as it is (starting in August, in the middle of a July-Sept tour). I have a super extensive timeline for the entire band’s history (lol) that would put them in pre-tour rehearsals around the end of June, aka when this thing happened.

Anyway that being said, the band accounts would post something (probably something with a smack of PR because the new album, but still cute u know what i mean) and Lydia, Scott and Isaac would say something on twitter, RT some things, etc. But then Stiles wouldn’t tweet a single thing, post a single post, favorite anything, nothing. If asked about it, he’d be like “wow I was doing some vocal conditioning all day haha lost track of my phone *shrug* crazy lol” but would otherwise not comment.

And I say this because i feeeel as though he’d know that if he let himself think about it beyond a passing “wow yay cool good for us, everyone” he’d be bitter as hell because the only dude he would ever want to marry walked out on him, you know? So he doesn’t think about it because he doesn’t want to be bitter  about marriage equality.

(And of course fans would be like HMMM INTERESTING about him not commenting on it lolol)

As for Derek, I think he’d be sorta similar but his sisters and mom prod at him to be excited and celebrate and he’s definitely not here for celebrating this thing that (he feels) doesn’t affect him whatsoever. Like I could see some snapping from him like “What’s the point of celebrating? It was already legal here?? I’m not getting married ever anyway so???”


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Mark, Bob, Wade and Jack are in a group Skype video call to discuss something before recording a game. Bob's explaining something important, but neither Jack or Mark realize when he's done. They're caught up staring at each other like the love-struck goobers they are. Wade snaps them out of it. How is up to you!

ooo this was fun to write :p

“Okay, so which corners are going to be our face cam areas?” Bob asked.

“I claim the top left!” Mark declared.

“Bottom left!” Jack screeched.

“I guess I’ll be top right.” Wade said.

“Ok! I’ll be bottom right, thats sorted. Now on to the next discussion. We’re going to be playing prop hunt, the first game is going to be a Five Nights at Freddy’s map, while…” Bob rambled on.

 Jack had gotten out of his seat to go get a glass of water, when he returned, he sat there drinking his water, when he lowered his glass, he had noticed Mark was staring at him, seeming not to pay attention either.

He couldn’t help but lock eyes with him, Jack could notice his pupils dilated, and Mark grinned.

Jack’s heart melted, his cheek’s felt hot, he knew they must be at least pink.

Mark’s cheeks also had slightly gone red. 

“Jack? Mark?” the voice sounded faint at first, but then when Wade said it again, it was loud and clear.

“Jesus Christ you guys were eyeing up each other for like 10 minutes.” Bob said, “Did you catch ANYTHING that I said?”

“N-No…” Mark admitted.

“Ugh, it’s fine, let’s just get on with the video.”

“Okay, let’s do it!” Jack stuttered out.

Jack had gone clicked a chat that had him and Mark added to, and typed out

Jack: Your pupils dilated

Mark: That could only mean one thing ;)

Mark: I love you.

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Prompt idea where Beca and Chloe are attempting to teach little Emily to ride a bike without training wheels.

“Beca, what do you think you’re doing?” Chloe asks sternly when she walks out to the garage and finds her wife toying around with Emily’s bike.

“I’m taking off Em’s training wheels,” Beca shrugs like its the most obvious thing in the world.

“Can I ask why you think that’s a good idea?” Chloe places her hands on her hips, and Beca grunts as she unscrews one of the training wheels successfully.

“She asked during breakfast today if we could teach her how to ride a real bike, and frankly, I don’t want our daughter to be that one kid who everyone makes fun of for uses training wheels until they’re 13, so I said yes.”

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This is a happy story. The store I work at is really into customer service and empowers its employees to do what they need to (within reason) to take care of our customers. It's awesome. It actually makes my job a lot easier, I get to have fun with people a lot and make their day. Once I was checking out a customer and their blueberries didn't scan. Instead of wasting time doing a price check I said "Meh, a dollar" and my customer was so happy. I made their day in about 30 seconds it was great!

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why can't Tom and Nicole have the personalities of Orlando and Lyndie?? Sometimes I wish they were the leads. They have chemistry too and at least we'd get some fun twitter action.

I have no problem with Tom and Nicole’s personalities. I find them both to be lovable, adorable, fluffy dorks with just a hint of sass, sarcasm and perfection. Have I mentioned I love them??? Nor do I have a problem with them being the leads on the show.

I think (or at least I assume) you’re referring to fan interaction. In that respect, again, I don’t want Tom and Nicole to be anyone other than themselves. That being said, I do believe that they need some sort of crash course in fandom. There in lies the biggest issue. You can be private, relatively quiet people and still interact with your fanbase.  

Tom is a virtual hermit when it comes to social media and when he does pop up, he literally tweets EXACTLY what I imagine Crane would! I’ll give Nicole this, when she does go on a social media binge, it’s filled with golden nuggets that we all cling too. But when you’re on a show that was initially a break out hit, and you have people clamoring for you, rooting for you, going after racist twits for you and generally doing the only promotion that tends to exist for the show, some love at least once a week or something wouldn’t kill you.

This is even more important during a hiatus where you show is being retooled and any and all appearances you were supposed to have have been canceled. Give us a little poptart to chew on every once in a while. This even goes beyond T&N. Writers, producers: don’t act like you haven’t seen the scripts or the storyboards. Take a pic of something as a teaser but not spoilery and tweet that shit out. Literally EVERY other show I watch (especially genre shows) does this. What is the disconnect with ya’ll over in Sleepy Hollow Land?

Maybe Lyndie and OJ could sit Tom and Nicole down in a classroom somewhere and explain how it all works. Gillian and David are on Fox too. Call them up and ask how it’s done. They’ve been rocking the whole fandom thing before fandom knew it was fandom! Fix it Jesus!

My 3x05 Prediction: I think the show is going to MAKE you think that Callie is pregnant, the way she came into B’s room - she kinda looked like she REALLY REALLY needed to do something (an abortion) but that doesn’t make sense … I think Callie just wanted to go to have fun. I think the whole, I can’t do it in Cali - its illegal thing is just a scare tactic + she didn’t say yes. He assumed it was and got hella scared but

I think we’re all over thinking it. I think she just wanted to spend the day with B. Period. And hes going to be jelly about AJ and shes going to get mad like, BRUH, THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE OUR DAY! He apologizes cause hes whipped, they go around doing crazy shit (running through cars and hanging off cliffs like they said) then they go home and stop talking to each other again cause this show is evil like that.