at this point the way that Paulie treats Zakiyah is emotionally manipulative & fucked up and I’m really tired of people defending him and his actions towards her

she literally was crying saying he was “making her feel uncomfortable” and he basically said “no I’m not”, dismissed all of her opinions, didn’t let her get a word in edgewise, and then made it so that in the end Zakiyah was the one apologizing to him

if you support that fuckwit I’m sorry but idk what to tell you beyond the fact that at this point he’s displaying borderline abusive tendencies and even if you hate Z, you should try and have some empathy for her instead of making fun of her for being sucked back in with him all over again

“I’m single, I don’t have children, and I’ve never been married except for three months a long time ago. And that doesn’t matter; It wasn’t a marriage of reality. I live a single woman’s life and yes, I spend a lot of time by myself. I have a few very close friends, most of them I’ve known forever, and I kind of like it. Would I be willing to have a boyfriend? It would be fun if I could find a boyfriend who understood my life and didn’t get his feelings hurt because I’m always a phone call away from having to leave in two hours for New York or a phone call away from having to do interviews all day long. It’s not very much fun to be Mr. Stevie Nicks. In the last 10 years I’ve just said I’m going to follow my muse. If I want to go somewhere I don’t have to worry about anyone being mad at me. I don’t have to make up excuses on the phone about why I’m not coming home. If it were to happen to me I’d be thrilled. But when I’m 90 years old and sitting in a gloriously beautiful beach house somewhere on this planet with five or six Chinese Crested Yorkies, surrounded by all my goddaughters who will at that point be middle-aged, I’ll be just as happy." 

Stevie Nicks, 2014


remember that music school au i posted about at like 2am and then deleted??? it’s here now. and i will not rest until i have drawn the main 4 in a band headbanging or whatever it is rock bands do these days. i am not hip.

that said i still don’t know how to draw instruments so have acapella!link + allen’s heart doing the anime thing + comfy uni kids

(for fun: i was listening to byu vocal point singing ‘nearer my god to thee’ intermittently with the glee warbler’s soundtrack for like 10 hours. both are good stuff, especially when viewed through nostalgia glasses)

Road trip with the Avengers Pt. 2

A road trip with the avengers would include… Pt 2 (Pietro, Peter, Thor, SassyAF!Loki)

  • Tony suggesting it would help everyone get a better understanding of modern/earth life
  • “I already understand…”
  • “Then consider it a vacation,”
  • Packing a year’s worth of books into a RV
  • Tony giving you his credit card
  • “This’ll be fun!”
  • You literally being the only who’s excited to go
  • Everyone feigning excitement for your sake

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Pietro / Quicksilver

  • Stopping every hour or so, because he ‘needs to stretch’ 
  • Snapchat-ing Wanda whenever you stop
  • “I could be out of the city and at our destination by now,”
  • Everyone but thor sighing
  • “Man of iron said we needed to get to know each other”
  • Him eventually calming down enough to sit down and have civilized conversations
  • Using snapchat filters on him when he’s asleep
  • Card games
  • “You’re cheating!”
  • “How would you know, you’ve never played this game before” 
  • Drawing mustaches on Thor and Loki when they fall asleep
  • Falling asleep on one of the couches together
  • Waking up in the middle of the night to loki yelling

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Peter / Spiderman

  • Him being completely awkward around Thor and Loki
  • Pietro pretending to be that weird older brother figure
  • “When i was your age…”
  • “You’re not even ten years older than me!”
  • “Your point?”
  • Peter sneaking his homework onto the RV
  • “Lady (Y/n) peter has snuck his homework onto the Vehicle” 
  • Pietro Throwing his homework out the window
  • Him sulking for about an hour claiming it’s take him hours to redo
  • “What part of vacation do you not understand? For a potential prodigy of tony stark you’re having trouble accepting simple concepts”
  • “Stop being mean loki!”
  • Comforting peter from potential emotional abuse
  • Cuddling in one of the bunks
  • Thor sending pictures of the two of you to the rest of the avengers

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  • Thor wanting to touch every button in sight
  • “Lady (Y/n) what is this,”
  • “Don’t touch that,”
  • “Okay,”
  • *Five mins later* 
  • “Lady (Y/n) what is this,”
  • “Don’t touch that,”
  • “Okay”
  • Him willingly letting you play with his hair
  • Taking pictures of every different way you did his hair
  • Putting the pictures on a blog dedicated to his, Loki’s and Bucky’s hair
  • “Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Maybelline “
  • “Thoreal paris,”
  • *I’m done I promise*
  • Him inevitably falling asleep while you play with his hair

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  • His brother preventing him from reading the books he brought with him
  • Him being a asshole to everyone but you
  • “Will you imbeciles shut up”
  • Having him “Attempt” to read to you
  • Thor interrupting every time
  • Him verbally abusing Peter
  • “Stop being such a coward”
  • “If this were asgard you’d be thrown off a cliff by now!”
  • “OMG Loki have some chill”
  • Stopping at a gas station to get painkillers
  • For you not Loki
  • Him reading to you until you fall asleep

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Captain Swan or Millian ? :D

I brought this on myself didn’t I… 

The thing is that Millian informs Captain Swan. Like without Millian Captain Swan is completely different. Because Hook doesn’t learn how to be an amazing half of an equal partnership, he doesn’t lose his love, he doesn’t go down the path of hundreds of years of violence and revenge, he probably never even meets Emma but just becomes a footnote in history that she will never read because she didn’t grow up in the LWM. So loving Millian is an extension of my love of Killian Jones and Captain Swan! 

SO really if I choose Captain Swan I am kind of also choosing Millian too! 


It’s Captain Swan. OF COURSE. They own my soul.

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Make me choose between: historical figures, ships, eras,mythological characters, artists, or  musicians


Author’s Note: this was asked as a T’Challa imagine but just for the fun of it I added in more Avengers x Reader. Hope you like!

Summary: Loki decided to have a little fun with T’Challa until he turns him into an actual Black Panther.

Originally posted by haildorito

YOU DID WHAT?!” You yelled out angrily while walking towards Loki. He looked down at you with a mischievous smile.

“I didn’t do anything.”


He shrugged, “Ever heard of having a little fun?” He said while patting you on the shoulder. You gave Loki a look that could kill as you quickly threw his hand off your shoulder.

You kicked him sharply to the ground, he grunted while trying to get you off him. You brought your hands up to his neck, strangling the mess out of him. His eyes widened as he tried gasping for air.

Thor’s eyes widened as well when he noticed what you were doing to his brother. He quickly rushed beside you and tried getting your grip off of Loki. Tony huffed in annoyance, not wanting Thor to break up the great moment that was happening.

“What’s going on-WHY THE HELL IS THERE A BLACK PANTHER IN THE LIVING ROOM?” Sam yelled as he ran to jump on the couch, hiding from the panther. Bucky came in after Sam, his eyes widened while jumping on the couch too with Sam.

“GET THAT THING AWAY” Bucky yelled while pointing into the direction of the panther. T'Challa simply lied down in his panther body, licking his paws.

Natasha rolled her eyes, “Will you guys quit? Loki turned T'Challa into an actual black panther.” She said.

Sam immediately sighed of relief, jumping off of the couch. “Loki, you the man!” He said while pumping his fist in the air.

Tony walked closer towards Thor, Loki and you, not wanting the hysterical moment to end. “Oh come on, Thor! You always have to ruin the fun.” He rolled his eyes.

Thor scoffed, “He is my brother!”

“He killed hundreds of people!” Sam yelled.

Thor’s angered expression softened once he realized the true fact about his brother. He stood back up and walked away from you strangling Loki, letting you harm him after all. Within a minute later, Clint came into the living room with a camera recorder.

“This is too great!” He said with excitement while trying to get the camera closer to the scene between Loki and you. Loki’s face was suddenly turning blue, he kept throwing his arms around while you were still choking him.

Steve joined along into the living room, his eyes widened once he realized what you were doing to Loki. He looked around at everyone and noticed no one was even doing anything about it. Steve quickly rushed beside you and tried pushing you off of Loki.

“PISS OFF, ROGERS.” You yelled.

He gripped on to your hands, “Y/N HE’S TURNING BLUE. LET GO OF HIM.”


Steve sighed while rolling his eyes, “WHAT DID HE DO TO DESERVE THIS?”


Sam shook his head, “AND HE KILLED HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE.” He added.


Finally Steve was able to get your grip off of Loki’s neck, Loki immediately gasped for air while holding on to his neck.

Loki glared at you, “You s-sick monster!”

You scoffed, “Oh I’m the monster? Look who’s talking!” You yelled as you tried to run after him once again but Steve held you back by your arms.

Tony placed his hands on his hips, “Loki, turn T'Challa back into his normal human form.” He huffed.

“Yeah man, as much as I don’t really like T'Challa, he don’t deserve this.” Sam mentioned.

Bucky raised his eyebrow at Sam, “A few minutes ago you just said-”

Sam covered his mouth, “Wow would you look at the time, better go put this sucker back in the freezer.” He innocently smiled while dragging Bucky away to not make you even more angry.

Loki huffed in annoyance, “Fine. I’ll turn your precious King back into his normal form.” He rolled his eyes while walking towards T'Challa’s animal form, he rubbed his hands together as he turned T'Challa back into his human self.

T'Challa’s eyes widened while inspecting his hands, “Am I human now?” He said. Your angered expression swept away as you ran towards T'Challa, squeezing him tightly.

“You’re back!” You said excitedly while being held once again in T'Challa’s arms. He looked down at you and chuckled.

Tony sighed, “Man, I was hoping Loki would’ve died today.”

Loki turned his gaze at Tony while giving him an annoyed look, “Do you want to be turned into an animal too, Mr. Stark?” He said sarcastically while tilting his head.

Tony put his hands up in surrender, “I’m good.”

Side Note: for some reason, when Steve walked in i pictured it happening something kind of like this:

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Hundreds turn out for P.E.I.'s 'largest yet' Pride parade
'Having all of this, you know, someone out there can say it's OK to be gay'

Hundreds of people lined the streets of Charlottetown on Saturday for what organizers are calling P.E.I.’s largest Pride parade yet.

There were about 40 floats. Churches, community groups and all three political parties participated.

“We have so many new floats today,” said Tyler Murnaghan of Pride PEI. “I mean, even the fire department is here, the navy, the military. I’m blown away with the incredible people that have showed up.”  

Zak Court said while the parade is about having fun, it’s also an opportunity to tackle some of the challenges that still face the LGBT community.

“Coming from P.E.I., we are more of a rural setting, and discrimination and prejudice shows a little more on the surface and it’s really good to come together and show solidarity where people who maybe haven’t come out of the closet or teens can come and have a safe place to talk and be themselves.”

Jocelyn Claybourne said the large turnout is a sign of how far things have come.

“Whenever I was closeted, I didn’t have anyone saying it’s not OK to be gay, but I didn’t have anyone saying ‘it’s OK to be gay’,” she said. “Having all of this, you know, someone out there can say it’s OK to be gay.”

Murnaghan hopes the momentum from Pride Week continues in the future.

“This is our largest festival yet, so I mean, next year it’s got to be even bigger.”

Taylor vs Tom - Lip Sync Battle

A/N: got this idea when i saw an ask from @taylorswift-fanfiction. This fic is redonkulous. lots of PDA and married & dorky af parents Hiddleswift.

LL Cool J walks out to the stage with mic in hand while Tom and Taylor look at each other.

“I am so nervous.” She said.

“Why are you nervous love? You do this for a living?”

“Yeah but I’m doing one of Selena’s song and you are singing one of mine and I don’t want backlash,” she said running her hands through her hair.

“We’ll both be fine and we’re having fun. We need to have fun and just be the embarrassing parents to our six month old.” He told her kissing her forehead.

Their daughter, Juliet was already the light of her parents’ eyes. She had blonde curls like both of them and her mother’s blue eyes. Tom swore he could sink looking into Taylor’s eyes and she would tell him the same thing.

When it came to them walking out on the stage they playfully nudged each other before giving each other a kiss; which got a great reaction from the crowd and a few wolf whistles.

“Alright you know how we do lip sync battle. Two songs per contestant and you two have experience dancing and singing don’t you?” LL asked them.

“Oh yeah, we’re always dancing around with our six month old.” Taylor told him. “And this one does a great Hank Williams so I hope he can handle doing whatever he plans on doing tonight. Are you up for it Hiddleston?”

“Oh yeah I can handle it but can you Mrs. Hiddleston Swift?”

The audience oohs as she playfully flips her hair back and Tom just smirks at his wife.

Chrissy Teigen points at the couple before adding. “Ok this is already going to be an epic lip sync battle. Look at the competitiveness already happening.”

“Yeah is it like this at home?” LL asks them.

“Oh yeah. Scrabble and Trivia quizzes are crazy at our house. I’m married to a Thesaurus. He knows so much Latin meaning for words it crazy.” Taylor said and winked at her husband.

“Alright we’ll let you both out and get ready for the first round.”

They both walk out and go into their separate dressing rooms.

After the first round of him doing Bare Necessities from the Jungle Book and her doing Hey Good Looking she was the winner which made her so happy and she playfully rubbed it in her husband’s face.

She put on a black corset and a black mini skirt with a white sheer robe on and when she got out of her room and she laughs as she sees the manikin with Tom’s face on it. And Tom was standing next to it, in full Loki costume, was laughing hysterically as he saw it.

“This is hilarious baby. Oh god I hope this gets gif’d so bad.”

“Yeah I might have gone a little nutty I guess I could use our six month old and general lack of sleep as an excuse for me being extra.”

“This is nothing compared to the many pictures of Avengers and Doctor Strange for my little set design.”

She giggles as she sees it. She might have some competition for the final round. They kiss and she gets ready to go back on stage.

Hands to Myself starts playing and as she lip syncs she caresses the Tom manikin and when she would get to some of the lyrics she would walk away and then go back to touching the manikin. As she gets to the last hook of the last verse she turns her head and looks at the audience.

“Oh, I, I want it all/ I want it all, I want it all/ Can’t keep my hands to myself/ I mean I could, but why would I want to?”

As she finishes her selection she sees that Tom was on his way out to do his selection and everyone screamed when they saw he was going out as Loki and she just kisses him fully on the lips which got the audience really wild.

She stands next to LL and as Blank Space started playing and he was lip syncing she was dancing to the beat. He was being really animated like at home when he was playing with their daughter. He would point to the Avengers in their picture frames.

“You’re the king baby and I’m the queen” he lip syncs as he points to Taylor which made the audience scream.

“Darling I’m a nightmare, dressed like a daydream.” He winks and blows a kiss at the camera which made everyone laugh.

As he finishes the song he was smirking and then dropped the mic. He laughs as he looks at his wife and she clapped. She walks out with LL and hugs her husband.

“Alright who won that battle? Taylor?” People screamed. “Or Tom?” The applause and screams were louder for him. “I guess Tom’s the winner of this round. Taylor took the first round and Tom has the second. Is a tie going to an issue at your house?”

“Maybe for like a week but when you have a six month old at home you tend to not hold onto that many grudges. Also he killed it. I thought for a second we were still at home and he was doing this to entertain Jules and I but no he did it in front of all these people. My husband the dork.” She said with a smirk and then kissed him again.

“Alright try to keep it PG we don’t need the world to see you two make out. How will the fans handle that.” LL playfully asks the audience.

“Well you’ve seen my husband. He’s pretty sexy.”

Tom just smiles and has his arms wrapped around his wife’s waist.

When they got home that night they went into their daughter’s nursery at their LA mansion and they both kissed her head goodnight.

here’s some gifs too.

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the post going around where someone explains why they’re triggered by popsicles, jello, and soup broth has a good message about how people with triggers aren’t obligated to give reasoning/explain themselves to other people but i am not fond of how it was executed? like? i really cannot blame people for thinking they were making fun of triggers initially when their wording sounded vaguely (but hard to tell if it truly was) sarcastic. ie “i never joke about popsicles, jello, and soup broth…” just. given how many other people on this site make fun of triggers using similar phrasing. and then blaming those people for being wary of that? idk. they could’ve just said in their initial post “my triggers are this and i’m not being sarcastic about it jic you can’t tell” and the whole thing could’ve been avoided and every (decent) person would’ve taken them seriously

i’m not mad at op by any means but i don’t like that people are being painted as being ridiculous for not immediately believing them when sooo many other nasty people on this site make fun of triggers by using similar could-be-interpreted-as-sarcastic phrasing

Be my Nidoqueen? -Stiles Stilinski Imagine

Originally posted by gabalecki

Request:  Stiles x reader both of them are nerds so stiles asks the reader to go pokemon hunting with him (a date) and just stiles being a sarcasstic nerd and lots of fluff (but no i love yous pls i always feel as if theyre moving to fast)

Pairing: Reader x Stiles Stilinski

Word Count: 1456

Warnings: FLUFF, maybe one bad word

A/N: Thanks for the request! This was fun to write :) 

Pick up lines found here x x x x x

“Look Lydia, it’s a rare pokémon!” Y/N said pointing right at Stiles, who was sitting next to Scott on one of the benches outside school. 

“You have to catch it” Lydia said. “But hurry before it leaves” She picked up a piece of paper from her bag and made it into a ball which she threw at him. 

“Got it!” she laughed when it hit him in the head.

“Very funny Y/N. Litterally dying from laughter” Stiles replied sarcastically but he had a small smile on his face. Scott chuckled. 

“It was nice talking to you. But I believe I’m late for class.” Y/N continued, looking at the boys. 

“I’ll see you all at lunch” she said before saying goodbye to the three. Stiles watched her leave and smiled. She was wearing a black skirt matched with a red long sleeve crop top and a pair of flats. He had basically known her his whole life but it wasn’t until a few years ago that he noticed how pretty she was. He had always thought of her just as his friend but something had changed, he didn’t know what it was. Y/N was smart, she was funny and she had the most adorable laugh ever. He couldn’t help but have a crush on her. Scott knew of course and he took every opportunity to tease him about it. 

“There she goes again. When are you going to grow a pair and ask her out?” Scott asked, shaking his head. 

“I can’t believe she doesn’t see it. You were basically drooling” Lydia added.

“Hey! I was not drooling okay? She’s just so- she’s”

“God she’s got you wrapped around her finger doesn’t she?” 

“Shut up” 

“I really need to hatch these eggs, what if there’s a pikachu in one of them?” Y/N said at lunch, staring at the small screen. 

“You’re so obsessed Y/N. Can’t you just put away your phone for a moment?” Lydia asked, looking at her friend.

“But there’s an Evee here! I have to catch it” Y/N argued, which caused Stiles to put down his fork and grab his own phone.

“There’s an Evee here?” he asked, his eyes growing big.

“I can’t believe you two. Have fun with your game, I’ll go look for Malia” Lydia rolled her eyes and got out of her seat, picking up her tray. Neither Y/N or Stiles noticed. 

“Yeah, I think I’ll go too. Kira told me to meet her at the library” Scott excused himself and walked off, leaving the pair alone at the table.

“Yes! I got it” Y/N squealed. “Now I can get a Flareon!” 

“I got it too” Stiles smiled in victory. He looked up from his phone and realized that everyone else had left. He looked at Y/N, the butterflies turning in his stomach. Maybe this was his chance. 

“You know, maybe if you wanted to, we could uh go pokémon hunting sometime” 

“Really? That would be awesome Stiles. You free tonight?” she asked, looking up from her phone with a smile on her face.

“Tonight?” he echoed. “Yeah, I’m totally free. No plans” he stuttered, a slight blushing appearing on his cheeks. 

“Great.” Y/N grinned. “It’s a date then” 

Stiles parked outside Y/N’s house and took a deep breath. His heart was racing like crazy and his stomach was filled with butterflies. He was nervous about meeting a girl he’d known as long as he could remember. Stiles walked the familiar steps up to the front door and knocked, waiting for Y/N to open. A few seconds later she did and smiled at the sight of him.

“Oh hi Stiles.“ she greeted. She was dressed in a pair of shorts and a blue tank top, her shoulders covered by a thin cardigan. Her hair was in a high ponytail and he couldn’t help but admire her. Just everything about her was perfect.

“Hi Y/N. You ready to go?” he asked. 

“Yeah, let me just get my shoes” she replied and left the door open while she grabbed her shoes and stepped into them. With her phone in her hand she made her way out through the door. 

“Let’s go catch em’ all” she grinned and placed her fist into the air excitedly which caused Stiles to chuckle.

The pair began walking down the streets, searching for pokémon. As they walked they talked about school and a few other things, including the game they were currently playing. 

“Oh look there’s a Lickitung nearby!” Y/N exclimed. “I really want one of those” 

“Let’s see if we can find it” Stiles agreed. The two of them walked towards the park in silence until Y/N suddenly screamed. 

“I found it! It’s right there!” she swiped her finger across the screen and seconds later she started jumping up and down in excitement. 

“I got it!” Stiles chuckled at her reaction. She was so damn cute.

After a while they decided to sit down for a moment to rest. Y/N placed her phone down on the lawn next to her while Stiles did the same. 

“Do you want to hear a pick up line?” he asked.

“Alright” she replied. 

“If CP stood for cute points you’d have well over 1000″ Y/N giggled at his words.

“My map says there’s a hottie nearby, and the footprints led me right to you.”

“Those were good” Y/N laughed. “I’ve got one too” she said .

“I must be a Pokemon because you’ve lured me in.“ This caused Stiles to chuckle.

“That one was good too”

“Thank you”” she smiled just as her phone buzzed. Picking it up she saw that there was a horsea nearby.

“Let’s go” Stiles said who had also seen the pokémon.

“I’ll go this way and you go that way. Shout if you see it” Stiles spoke.

“Alright” Y/N nodded and began walking next to the the lake. After a few minutes she heard Stiles shouting behind her and she quickly turned around and began running in his direction. As she came closer she saw him with his nose buried in his phone, walking dangerously close to the edge of the lake.  

“It should be right here. I think If I just take a few steps back-” he began and before Y/N could warn him he had fallen backwards down into the water. She screamed out in surprise and ran over to the edge just as he came up to the surface.

“I found it!” he said with a huge smile on his face.

“Gosh I hate you” Y/N muttered before breaking into a fit of giggles.

“Thanks for tonight” Y/N smiled as they were standing outside her house. The moon was visible on the night sky and the air had become chilly.

“No problem, I had fun. And you got your Snorlax” Stiles replied, his shoes still wet from his swim in the lake.

“Thanks to you. I had fun as well” He looked down at the ground for a moment, wanting so desperately to ask her to be his girlfriend. He decided to just spit it out and hope for the best.

“I stopped noticing every other girl once I got a Peek-at-choo.” He said which caused Y/N to blush while giggling.

“I’ve got eight gym badges, but what does it mean? Nidokings useless without Nidoqueen. Will you be my Nidoqueen Y/N?” 

“You’re such a nerd. But yes, I’ll be your Nidoqueen” Y/N smiled pulling him in for a quick kiss.

“I see you’ve reached the stage where you share clothes” Lydia stated, eyeing Y/N’s outfit. She was wearing a pair of lightblue skinny jeans matched with one of Stiles’ red flannels and a beanie.

“Yeah you know, just wait until he comes to school in one of my skirts”

“Let’s hope that never happens” Lydia laughed.


“Are you talking about me again?” Stiles asked, sneaking an arm around his girlfriend before pecking her on the cheek.

“We were just saying that we hope you’ll never come to school wearing one of my skirts” Y/N giggled which caused Stiles to frown.

“What? I was planning on doing that tomorrow. You’ve totally ruined my whole day” He teased which caused Y/N to laugh and Lydia to roll her eyes.

“You guys really are cute but I should be going now.”

“Oh you’re just jealous because you don’t have a nidoqueen as pretty as I do.”

“Whatever floats your boat” Lydia winked before walkíng off.

“You know, pokemon wasn’t the only thing I catched that night a few weeks ago.”


“I got the girl too”


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T o o E a r l y

Pairing: reader x jimin

Genre: fluff, boyfriend!jimin

Word Count: 530

Warnings: light touching at most

Summary: You don’t want to get up, so Jimin decides to torture you for some early morning fun. To put it simply, your boyfriend is a cheeky little ass.


The whisper penetrated the silence of the early morning, jolting you from your dreams. An arm lazily wrapped itself around your waist as a warm body slid itself against your side. Huffs of breath played over the surface of your skin, followed by another whisper.

“[Y/N],” it said. “Wake up.” You didn’t even bother to offer him a twitch. It was much too early for him to start pulling a stunt like this.

You could tell that Jimin was getting agitated at the lack of sufficient reaction, mostly judging from the loud, exasperated groans that followed his words. He deftly flipped you over onto your back, climbing on top of you like an abandoned puppy. Tucking his arms around your smaller frame, he rocked both of your bodies back and forth across the covers. Carefully, he placed his forehead on top of yours. “Jagi,” he mumbled against the tip of your nose. “Wakey wakey.” It was a pain not to smile.  

Jimin proceeded to shake you, whining and complaining as the bed jostled and trembled. You remained limp as a doll, refusing to lose any precious beauty sleep. He stopped with a dissatisfied grunt, choosing instead to just lay on top of you, crushing your body into the mattress with his weight.

Suddenly, he nuzzled his head into the crook between your neck and shoulder, his hair tickling against your jawline. Slowly, he leaned his nose into your neck, inhaling your scent. His arms tightened around you.

“Babe…” he drawled. His hot breath fanned over the expanse of your neck, and you shivered a bit. He caught on.

He placed his lips flush onto your neck, kissing and biting at your skin as his hands roamed your waist. You gasped as his lips traveled upwards, attaching themselves on your jawline in light butterfly kisses. He only smiled briefly at your response before continuing his ministrations.

Soon enough, he had moved your arms above your head with his own and his lips were mere centimeters from yours. Your eyes were wide open now, staring straight into his.

They were a deep chocolate, slightly darker from lust. His eyelids were partly closed, eyelashes forming slivers of shadows on his cheekbones. He peered up at you through his lashes as a lazed smirk graced his plump, kissable lips.

Slowly, he leaned his lips closer, ever closer, until-

He pulled away with a fond chuckle, and you gasped at the sudden withdrawal, shaken with the intensity of the situation. You stared up at him in disbelief as he chortled at the dumbfounded expression on your face. “You didn’t give me my kiss,” you complained, and he laughed at your childishness.

“[Y/N], I was just trying to get you to wake up,” he cackled. With that, he jumped off of your body, rolled off the side of the bed, and landed gracefully on the wooden floor. “See you at breakfast,” he said cheekily and skipped out the bedroom like the toddler that he was.

All you could do was sit gaping openmouthedly at the empty doorway with the blankets pooling around your now heated body. What a way to start the day.

Ten Songs I Have to Play at My Wedding :

Earth Angel- Temptations Cover 

The Tip of My Tongue- The Civil Wars

My Girl - The Temptations

XO- Beyonce 

So This is Love- Cinderella Soundtrack

Nature Feels - Frank Ocean

Love on Top - Beyonce 

Crazy in Love (Both versions)- Beyonce 

ABC - The Jackson 5 

Never Tear Us Apart- Paloma Faith

I thought this would be super cute and fun to see what everyone said ! I tag @pompomearrings @bratzdall @whitenectarines @afropunkwimminism @suffering2k16 @bedpartymakeover @babiecarrot @cait-marie  @bethnya @neonzombie7 @wildheartmotel @ilovejacksonok @silkblend literally anyone who want to do it i wanna know lol @ me in it 


“This isn’t too bad,” Peter grinned, wrapping his arms around your shoulders. A few minutes ago, he had proposed the idea of you giving him a piggyback. Not wanting to spoil his fun, you had agreed, but now you were seriously starting to regret your decision.

“For you, maybe,” you groaned, stumbling a little. “I’m dying down here. What the hell do you eat?”

Peter laughed, ruffling your hair. “Hey, I’m not that heavy. Maybe you’re just not as strong as I am,” he said jokingly.

“I’ve beaten you in an arm wrestle before, so shut up,” you sniped back, your arm beginning to ache from your boyfriend’s weight.

“Yeah, well- Ow!” Peter yelled, as he crashed down on the floor. You had tripped over your own feet (Being the clumsy idiot you were), and had dropped Peter very painfully to the ground. You two now lay down on the ground, groaning in pain. 

“Ok, maybe that wasn’t such a great idea,” Peter relented, rubbing his face. “No more piggybacks?”

“No more piggybacks,” you agreed.

calarie  asked:

H/C for Marco, Luffy, Zoro, and Shanks with an s/o who's a competitive and passionate athlete that wants to teach them how to play tennis? 🎾✨ (This would probably only work in a modern AU..? xD)


oh damn yes here we go!


  • Marco thinks that their passion for sport is pretty cute
  • He always willingly will watch sports competitions with them while doing his paper work
  • Also always cheering for them when they’re in a competition themself
  • When his s/o suggests teaching them tennis, he agrees without fuss 
  • Marco is not the best player, but he’s pretty willing to improve with his s/o’s
  • He thinks it’s kinda cute how they try to show him the moves of how to hit the ball the right way 


  • Luffy is happy that his s/o is active and fun loving and sporty because Lu is like that himself
  • That said he won’t give a damn if his s/o wants to teach him anything, he’s quite rude with this, he’s not gonna pay any attention and won’t be playing tennis, if he doesn’t enjoy it himself
  • But if his s/o gets Luffy to let them teach him…
  • Luffy hits way way too hard
  • Beware he’s gonna hit the ball so hard if they don’t watch out carefull he’S gonna hit the ball into his s/o’s face


  • He doesn’t really like tennis
  • He finds it pretty boring but keeps his mouth shut as much as possible because his s/o obviously likes tennis
  • His s/o would need a bit luck when they try to teach him tennis, and Zoro would probably agree if his s/o agrees on live watching a weight-lifting competition with
  • He does everything wrong
  • Marimo hits to hard and he doesn’t follow the rules


  • Depending on the physical condition he’s either not gonna play it at all or be a little lazy about it xD
  • Let’s say he’s in a decent condition that allows him to play
  • He prefers watching the professional tennis players together with  his s/o
  • Well he’s a bit unwilling at first, but gets the hang of it pretty quickly
  • Whenever he’s doing something right he gets quite joyful
  • Thinks his s/o is a really great teacher
  • Overall even tho he was lazy about it a first, he’s gonna enjoy it a bunch


  • Oh child, you didn’t know that Sabo is a bomb ass tennis player himself did you?
  • He would act like he didn’t know how to play tennis because he thinks it’s so cute how his s/o wants to teach him
  • On the field he’s then showing off his skills
  • He’s a little pretentious and wants to impress his s/o 
  • I’m pretty sure out of the bunch he has the most fun

stydiastartoftime  asked:

Still doing excerpt requests? The slippery as waterweed scene after the fight with the Grants please!

“Only a raid, Sassenach. I’ve been doin’ that since I was fourteen. It’s only in fun, ye see; it’s different when you’re up against someone who really means to kill ye.”
“Fun,” I said, a little faintly. “Yes, quite.”
His arms tightened around me, and one of the stroking hands dipped lower, beginning to inch my skirt upward. Clearly the thrill of the fight was being transmuted into a different kind of excitement.
“Jamie! Not here!” I said, squirming away and pushing my skirt down again.
“Are ye tired, Sassenach?” he asked with concern. “Dinna worry, I won’t take long.”
“Now both hands were at it, rucking the heavy fabric up in front.
“No!” I replied, all too mindful of the twenty men lying a few feet away. “I’m not tired, it’s just—” I gasped as his groping hand found its way between my legs.
“Lord,” he said softly. “It’s slippery as waterweed.”
“Jamie! There are twenty men sleeping right next to us!” I shouted in a whisper.
“They wilna be sleeping long, if you keep talking.” He rolled on top of me, pinning me to the rock. His knee wedged between my thighs and began to work gently back and forth. Despite myself, my legs were beginning to loosen. Twenty-seven years of propriety were no match for several hundred thousand years of instinct. While my mind might object to being taken on a bare rock next to several sleeping soldiers, my body plainly considered itself the spoils of war and was eager to complete the formalities of surrender. He kissed me, long and deep, his tongue sweet and restless in my mouth.
“Jamie,” I panted. He pushed his kilt out of the way and pressed my hand against him.
“Bloody Christ,” I said, impressed despite myself. My sense of propriety slipped another notch.
“Fighting gives ye a terrible cockstand, after. Ye want me, do ye no?” he said, pulling back a little to look at me. It seemed pointless to deny it, what with all the evidence to hand. He was hard as a brass rod against my bared thigh.
He took a firm grip on my shoulders with both hands.
“Be quiet, Sassenach,” he said with authority. “It isna going to take verra long.”
It didn’t. I began to climax with the first powerful thrust, in long, racking spasms. I dug my fingers hard into his back and held on, biting the fabric of his shirt to muffle any sounds. In less than a dozen strokes, I felt his testicles contract, tight against his body, and the warm flood of his own release. He lowered himself slowly to the side and lay trembling.
The blood was still beating heavily in my ears, echoing the fading pulse between my legs. Jamie’s hand lay on my breast, limp and heavy. Turning my head, I could see the dim figure of the sentry, leaning against a rock on the far side. He had his back tactfully turned. I was mildly shocked to realize that I was not even embarrassed. I wondered rather dimly whether I would be in the morning, and then wondered no more.

To the anons going to every blog claiming Kate McKinnon is transphobic.

At least give some evidence to back up your statement. Tumblr is so quick to judge people and I know I used to do it all the time. We should be celebrating people not tearing them down for something we don’t know is factual. You could single handedly ruin someone’s reputation this way and they might not deserve it. I encourage everyone to look into what is being said and form your own opinions and to repeat when people have different ones. In one interview (the roundtable with other women in comedy) Kate McKinnon stated that the reason she doesn’t have social media is out of fear that she will misrepresent her true feelings. So before we attack someone let’s actually give them a chance.

My personal opinion is that comedy is always offensive to an extent. It is making fun of something. I don’t see anything wrong with the content she has been apart of. We put her down for saying she is not sexually attracted to dick because it is offensive to women who have one. We celebrate sexuality and then ruin someone if it isn’t inclusive enough? When is that okay? For a place that claims to be so accepting and open we sure do shit on anyone who isn’t “all inclusive”. I may be attracted to both men and women but I still have a specific type and that’s okay. I just ask that we not ruin a role model for a lot of people when we aren’t even sure if she is transphobic.