Friend: I’m watching Billy Idol’s music video “Catch My Fall”, it’s pretty amusing.
Me: I actually haven’t seen it yet.
Me: Okay.

Me: !!…Wait wait this has a shower scene?!!


Me: NO!!


Friend: So how’s the video?
Me: You have mentally damaged and embarrassed me, I have crossed into a forbidden land with that chest soaping, it’s your fault
Friend: You’re welcome. Chest hair is always in!

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I guess i have a confession. I'm ace and demiromantic and last night i went on a date with a tinder person who seemed nice. We went to their house and we had sex (oh god i know terrible) and now i feel like shit bc of it. I always just go with the flow even if i'm super uncomfortable bc in the moment i feel like it doesn't matter and it'll be fine. But i felt ill the whole time and i wanted to cry. I just can't believe i didn't say no. I just let it happen and told them we'd meet again.

You do not have to meet this person again. I’m so sorry that this happened. What happened was not your fault. You will be okay, it will take time to feel okay, though. 

If you want here’s a resource that you can utilize:


“I told him it wasn’t his fault, but he won’t listen. Ruby, it’s your turn, you have a huge talent in cheering up people. It should have been some mistake! I’m afraid he’s never going to draw again. He’s so emotional, it could break him.”

“Oh, Tony,” Ruby sighed. “I’m going to try, but it will take time for him to regain this sparkle.”

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I'm going to have nightmares because of your fault.

Always the same victimization just because I am fabulous with my SUPREME quality flip flops. It should be a crime to be that much jazzy, though, I cannot object.

Title : In Case (Kwon Soonyoung)

Number of Words: 2k+

y/f/n stands for Your Full Name

    Soonyoung’s smile was like the sun, and his eyes were the stars. His smile was warm, and reassuring and it could light up even the darkest of places. Seeing him smile was like hot chocolate on a too cold winter day, like being in the warm embrace of your partner.

His eyes were bright and cheerful and held a million words. They sparkled everytime I talked to him, and it drew me to him. These two things never went away – his smile, and the sparkle in his eyes, all bringing the Soonyoung I knew to life. Well, never is wrong. It didn’t go away.

Of course, not until I broke him.

It wasn’t supposed to happen… we were supposed to be happy and together, forever and always. But things changed, and this time, it was my fault.

I peek around the corners, making sure there was no one before rushing down. Class was almost starting, but it was the lesson everyone boycotted. Why? It’s because of the teacher. It’s always the teacher, not really the subject itself. If I wanted to get out of school, I’d have to do so in the next 10 minutes, lest the security guard appeared again.

Those who didn’t want to get out hid in the toilets, locking the doors and laying on the floor while using their phones and eating snacks. I couldn’t stand the idea. The toilets stink anyways. I ran down the stairs, even though it was steep and I could slowly feel myself losing balance.

On the last step – thanks to my gracefulness – I yelped, tripping over my own toes as I fell. To top it off, someone suddenly appeared, let out a very unmanly scream as I came toppling over him, books flying everywhere. I felt my forehead press painfully against the other’s chest, and my joints ached.

I peeled myself off slowly, hearing weird cracks as I moved my fingers. “I am so sorry,” I mutter, running fingers through my hair as I managed to sit up. Now that the pain was easing, the embarassment was clear on my face as my cheeks warmed. I had half a mind to mush my face into the floor and start groaning, but I restrained myself.

The other got off the floor after, rubbing at the back of his neck and letting out a long, “Owwwwww,”. I glanced up at him, notcing his silverish blue hair and his eyes that curved into crescents from the pain. Cute, I instinctively thought, then blushed more.

“You carrying alot there,” He jokes, nodding at my books sprawled all over the place. I duck my head, “Yeah, I was tryna rush out of school but I think you just accidentally interfered with my plan,” I passed him a grin, and his eyes widened in genuine shock and apology. “What?” He splutters, “I’m so sorry, I didn’t realize -”. I shake my head, laughing, “No, it’s fine, don’t worry,”

His eyes narrow for a moment, and I merely watch, waiting for his reaction. “W- wait a second, you’re skipping class?”. I stare unblinkingly, abit more goldfish – like rather than owlish, “Well uhm – Everyone does it and really it’s just-”.

He cracks a smile, “C'mon, classes aren’t that bad,”. I nod, “Sure, but the teacher is,”. He gives an empathatic smile, “What’s your grade on this class?”. At the question, I look down, shuffling my feet as I murmur, “About a C-…”. He grabs my hand suddenly, and I scream, surprised. On instinct, I pull my hand away, and he looks slightly hurt at the gesture, but parts his lips to speak anyways, “I’ll come to class with you,”.

I shake my head, confused. “What?”. “I can’t let a fellow schoolmate fail classes,” He presses his lips in a straight line for awhile, thinking, “I guess,” He adds. “It’s free period for me, so I’ll go with you. At least attend the class, get a C or B-… don’t make your parents worry, yeah?”.

I find myself ‘Ooooh'ing at his answer. He’s right. My parents had paid alot just to get me into this school – and was I exactly appreciative? Partly, partly not, mostly because this school was way too stressful for fragile little old me. “You won’t go if there wasn’t anyone else, right?” He cocks his head, all knowing as his brown eyes pierce into mine. I find myself swallowing, something in my stomach stirring.

“Mhmm,” I hum, and he grins, eyes turning into crescents. “W- wait!” I shout, and he stumbles backwards in surprise. I clamp a hand over my mouth, “I – uh, never got your name,”. “Soonyoung,” He tells me, “Kwon Soonyoung,”.

“y/f/n,” I reply, his name already registering in my mind. “Okay y/n,” Soonyoung grabs a couple of textbooks from my arms, “Lead the way?”.

“I – I guess,” I stammer at the sudden gesture, before going back the way I came, with him trailing beside me.  When we get back to class – we were late, and the teacher gave us an earful but still… - he took the seat beside me, pulling out an empty exercise book and grinning at me. If the classroom was dim before, with Soonyoung in it, it surely wasn’t anymore… “Okay?” He asks, and I look down at my textbooks, cheeks warming up again. “Okay,”.

Luckily, the teacher didn’t know anyone in the class to realize Soonyoung was never a part of it.

“Hey, it’s you!” Soonyoung sends me a wave, and I just about choke on my egg sandwich. “Oh god,” I mutter, wiping at the sides of my mouth as he pats me on the back. “A little warning next time?” I plead, and he laughs, letting out a small 'Sorry~’. He slides in the seat beside me, casually, like I wasn’t just enjoying time alone or anything.

But again, his prescene never really bothered me… I guess. “I never got your phone number,” He says after some time. I quirk an eyebrow, “You never asked,”. Soonyoung flicks me on my temple, and I pull away, scrunching my nose at him. Sure, he went with me everytime now to that one class, and we were friends… I’m sure. “Smart,” He comments, before fishing out his phone. “I know,” I joke, and he bursts out in chuckles. I take his unlocked phone before pressing my number in.

I set the contact name as 'y/n’ and he looks over at it, brows furrowing. “Aw,” He says, “Can’t it be something more creative?”. I laugh, pushing him back as he leans over my shoulder, “Like what?”. “Add an emoji,” Soonyoung suggests, and I open the emoji box, “Smiley face,” He tells me before I could even say anything. I let out a high pitched, “What?”.

He shrugs, “You make me smile,” And god he said it so casually, how did he even…. Okay, so maybe I may or may not have a small growing ( very much in denial ) crush on Kwon Soonyoung. I just got to know him better everyday, started looking forward to the class, for god’s sake. “Ok…” I try to take in a deep breath, calming my stuttering heart. I pick the emoji he points at, and saves it.

“Great!” Soonyoung exclaims, getting his phone back. As he gets up to leave, I see him typing on his phone. He’s halfway up the stairs when I get a sudden beep on my phone.

Soonyoung :3 : So, I’ll see you at 8?

I blink rapidly at my screen.

User: Huh?

Soonyoung :3 : As friends, campus cafeteria at 8?

It takes me a moment to reply.

User: O – okay.

Soonyoung :3 : Great, I’ll pick you up.

I look up to face Soonyoung, only to see his smile as he runs up backwards on the staircase (don’t ask me how he did that). It’s then I realized the warmth of his smile.

It’s been half a year since I met Soonyoung, and yes the first time he asked me out was probably the cheesiest, most cliche way ever, but heck if I wasn’t absolutely head over heels for him. He’d asked me out, after promptly toppling over me with his arms extended and his nose just brushing mine as we lay sprawled on the floor. Ok, maybe not so cliche and not so cheesy, but it felt that way honestly. And it was just so Soonyoung to have pecked me so suddenly on the cheek right after I’d said a breathy 'yes’ before pulling me up off the ground.

My face was burning, and my every nerves were on fire. But he was grinning, looking happier than I’d ever seen him. And his eyes were shining, sparkling like a thousand fireworks and that’s the first time I noticed how much I loved his eyes.

People always said eyes were the window to your soul, and it made my heart quicken at the pure happiness etched in his eyes.

“I’m cold,” I sniffle, rubbing my arms and Soonyoung glances over quickly at me. We were walking along the Han River in the middle of the night – just one of Soonyoung’s crazy ideas, and it was peaceful, calming… and extremely cold. Another gust of wind blew past, and I shuddered.

I half expected him to shrug off his jacket and drape it over me, but instead, he pulls me into an embrace, warm arms wrapping around me. My heart pounds against my chest at the sudden action, and I relax into the familiar feeling of his arms. “So cheesy, Soonyoung – ah,” I grin into his chest, snuggling closer and he only tightens his grip. “You like it,” He teases, poking me in the small of my back, “Don’t deny it,”.

I let out a, “No!” And he laughs, and I don’t struggle against his hold, laughing along with him. Our voices blend together in the night sky, and I just felt so at ease with him right now. I was probably a saint in my past life to have been able to get someone like Soonyoung to fall for me. “y/n…” He whispers into my hair, and I hum back in response.

“I have to tell you something,” Soonyoung says, a little more solemnly this time, and I tear myself away from him just the slightest to look up into his eyes. They’re piercing, intense and this time, my stomach flops uncomfortably. “W- what is it?” It couldn’t be anything bad… right?

He breaks into a smile, and something warm washes over me, seeping into my bones. His smile, was like home… And then he leans down, nuzzling his nose against mine and I almost giggle again because Cheesy.  “I love you y/f/n,” He murmurs, slowly closing his eyes as he rests his forehead against mine. Everything comes crashing down then, my affection for him, memories of our days spent together, everything, and I feel myself unable to hold back the grin creeping on my face.

There’s a warmness (I use that word alot, but it suited Soonyoung, so well. Warm, on a cold day. Warm, after a cold shower.) that spreads through my chest, all the way to the tip of my toes, and it’s not a breath – taking, stunning moment. It’s just easy, peaceful, small flutters in the chest and the sudden euphoria you can’t seem to hide. The sudden pink in your cheeks from just the three words, the sudden buzz in the air you seem to feel, awakening your every senses. I sigh, closing my eyes as well.

“I love you too, Kwon Soonyoung,”.

“I told you we’d make it!” He hollers, running towards me with his arms spread wide. He looks a little ridiculous in black robes and his graduation hat balancing precariously on his head, but that doesn’t matter. I practically fling myself into his arms, and he spins me around for awhile. “Told you we’d make it to graduation!”.

“Of course we would,” I laugh, “We’re not quitters,” I trail off slightly, “Well… I was, until I met you,”. The affection in his eyes makes my heart race – even after all this time, he still has this effect on me, the acceleration of my heartbeat, the lingering feeling of his touches, the butterflies in the stomach… “What’d you get for that subject?” He asks, and I hit him gently in the chest, “An A,”. Soonyoung chuckles, throwing his head back as he did so.

He leans forward, pressing a small kiss to my forehead. “Told you,” Soonyoung says jokingly, and I nod rolling my eyes mockingly as I press my lips against him. He smiles against the kiss, and again, I can’t help but smile back.

Things were fine a few years after graduation. We remained the same as always. But I should’ve known that things don’t always last. And maybe it would’ve. Our love was still a bright flame but I put it out in one single puff.

“Let’s break up,” I mutter, one night, cliche total drama – scene. Soonyoung, who had been walking along with me through a daisy field (it was our anniversary, and I guess it was cruel for me to have chosen this day, but I couldn’t, couldn’t see him suffer anymore, because he knew, my love for him had faded).

The corners of his lips tug up a little in a sad smile, and I gulp, not wanting to look at him. “I – uhm,” He starts, tripping over his own words. We’re not walking anymore, just swaying on the spot as we stared into the distance – not daring to look at each other. “You’ve found someone new?” He asks, and his voice breaks at the last word. My heart squeezes, the ache making tears sting the back of my eyes.

I’m so sorry. “Yeah,” I nod, clenching my fists. My nails dug into my palms, and I didn’t need to see Soonyoung to be able to tell the tears wetting his cheeks. It was crazy, how at this moment I remembered everything from years ago. Our first meeting, his smile, our first kiss, our first date, his ridiculous jokes and spontaneous dates, the sparkle in his eyes.

“Was – was I not good enough?” He chokes on his sobs, and I want to pull him into my arms, to apologise profusely… but no, that wouldn’t take away the pain that was cutting through his heart right now.  Nothing could take away such a pain, at least… not now. “God no,” My voice wobbles dangerously, and the first tear hits my cheeks, “You were… perfect Soonyoung, I’m just -,” I take in a shaky breath, shutting my eyes. “I’m so so sorry,” My voice was barely a whisper, and the words echoed around us.

“If it makes you happy,” He starts slowly… and I can tell how hard he’s trying not to break down. His body trembles at every word, and at that moment, we both turn to face each other, eyes locked. My breath gets taken away, at that very moment, the moment I see the broken light in his eyes, the pain etched in those brown orbs that I loved, “If it makes you happy to leave, then… it’s fine…”. His eyes begged me to stay, and I felt a stab of pain course through me.

I never thought there’d be a day I’d break his heart. But as I looked into his brown eyes, I could see the shatter in them, the stars in his eyes slowly fading. “I – I’m sorry,” I repeat, tears spilling uncontrollably down now. He takes a step forward, reaching up to wipe the tears away. His voice was soft, gentle, soothing as he said,

“In case, y/n,” He murmurs, pressing a soft kiss to my right temple, “In case you don’t find what you’re looking for,”.

“In case, you’re missing, what we had before,” He continues, shakily as his fingers intertwine with mine. He feels so fragile in my touch, like he might just break if I squeezed his hand. “I’ll be happy if you’re happy, alright?” He reassures, tracing circles into my palm, “But I just want to say that in case… you change your mind…”

He drops my hand, wrapping both his arms around my waist, and I shake as I cry in his arms, my face buried into his shoulder, making his sleeve wet. “In case you just want to come home,” He whispers, and I tremble harder. If heartache was real, this surely was what it felt like. I never thought I’d ever experience it… at least not with Soonyoung. “I’ll be here,” He finishes, and suddenly, the roles have changed.

As he was supporting me just now, now, I handled his weight as he cried, arms tight around me, not wanting to let go… and for a moment, I didn’t want to. But then I remembered, that we always expected this… over time, things between us just changed, we knew it’d happen sooner or later. We all hoped it’d be later. But I crushed that hope. Crushed it.

“I – I love you y/n,” Soonyoung says, and I know, as my heart gives a sharp pang… that it’d be the last chance he’d ever get to say these words.

Christ, like I know technology has advanced and gaming systems are a lot more complex than what they use to be but holy shit its like every time I turn on my stupid fucking Xbox One it needs a goddamn update. 
And like it is always some really basic shit, but it takes like two fucking hours to do while im just sitting around with my thumb up my ass.

i mean its not like I WANTED to play videogames or anything, like fuck me right???

Like holy shit, you use to just press the power button and holy shit your playing fucking Fable or some shit now your living in a constant loop of updates that never seem to end and there is still a shit ton of problems with your system like the connectivity bullshit that you KNOW isnt your internets fault because here you are typing a big ass rant on and posting it while your shitty console refuses to connect and insists its your goddamn fault and to check the router 

fucking feel like a goddamn old man yelling at his commodore piece of shit that he hates technology but seriously fuck the new gen consoles they are just actual pieces of trash why didnt i become a pc gamer 

People always fall in love with the most perfect aspects of each other’s personalities. Who wouldn’t? Anybody can love the most wonderful parts of another person. But that’s not the clever trick. The really clever trick is this: Can you accept the flaws? Can you look at your partner’s faults honestly and say, ‘I can work around that. I can make something out of it.’? Because the good stuff is always going to be there, and it’s always going to pretty and sparkly, but the crap underneath can ruin you.
—  Elizabeth Gilbert, Committed: A Skeptic Makes Peace with Marriage
signs of an abusive partner

-cuts you off from your family and friends
-no regard for your feelings
-belittles your problems (ex: “its not that bad, i have it much worse. get over it”)
-“if you really loved me you would…”
-doesnt respect your boundaries
-stalks through your phone/social media obsessively
-emotionally manipulative, whether it is intentional or not(some people dont realize theyre being manipulative, but its still their fault.)
-physically abusive
-makes you feel guilty for something that isnt your fault (“i wouldnt have hurt you if you

always remember being a abused is NEVER your fault. and remember ANYONE can be an abuser. REGARDLESS OF GENDER.

Stay safe please.

I admit it; it’s my fault for asking you out. It’s my fault for wanting to dig deeper, to solve the puzzles and fill the missing pieces. For trying to understand your expressions, to figure out the truth of your emotions. For having the urge to make things right, to ensure you’ll always have a good night. For having the need to remember every little detail, to have you by my side. But I don’t get to choose if I were to fall for you. I could’ve done the same for another and still not feel the same with you. It’s not my fault for loving you.
—  kaelenhoon, Different Choice
Darling, you don’t need to blame yourself for trusting the wrong people. It happens and sometimes you didn’t even know how to distinguish those people who tell the truth and who lie in front of you. Sometimes people wear so many layers that you can never see what they’re hiding beneath their words and their actions. Do not put the weight of their mistakes and their wrong intentions on your shoulder. You always have the right to break free from the past and move forward. But the next time they ask you to believe them again, always remember the biggest reason why you shouldn’t.
—  ma.c.a // It’s Not Always Your Fault

Okay bit of a personal note here but I want to share this because maybe it will resonate with other people too?  The ending chapters of The Wee Free Men hit me harder this time than previous readings, because I realized something.

“‘You, especially, dream all the time.  Your picture of the world is a landscape with you in the middle of it, isn’t it?  Wonderful.  Look at you, in that rather horrible dress and those clumpy boots.’“

The Elf Queen…

“‘I expect it’s not your fault you’re so cold and heartless.

‘I think you should be proud of not being worse than just deeply introverted and socially maladjusted.’“

…sure sounds an awful lot like…

“‘It’s so sad,’ she continued.  ‘You dream that you are strong, sensible, logical…the kind of person who always has a bit of string.   But that’s just your excuse for not being really, properly human.   You’re just a brain, no heart at all.’“

…the voice in my head when I’m having A Bad Brain Time™.  Not exactly the same words because I’m not Tiffany, but the same general tone.

And Tiffany’s initial response to it…

“She should have been better organized, she thought dully.  She shouldn’t have relied on dreams.  Or…perhaps I should have been a real human being.  More…feeling.  But I couldn’t help not crying!  It just wouldn’t come!  And how can I stop thinking?  And thinking about thinking?  And even thinking about thinking about thinking?

She saw the smile in the Queen’s eyes, and thought: Which one of all those people doing all that thinking is ME?

Is there really any ME at all?”

…sure also sounds like the part of me that accepts all of what the first voice says, with barely a fight.  A part of Tiffany is screaming at her that these thoughts and feelings are only the Queen’s voice working on her, that none of it is true, but it takes her a moment to shake that off.

But she DOES shake it off.  She does, and BRILLIANTLY stands up for herself and defeats the Queen.  Tiffany, a female YA protagonist, listens to someone who points out the flaws she knows she has, the ones that eat away at her when she lets them, and then says no, YOU shut up and go away.



“Y’know, I feel like your technique gets better every single time.” You panted lightly, looking dazedly up at the ceiling with a lazy smile on your features. Every single time. Every time you said you wouldn’t fall and spiral into this rabbit hole, you found yourself lying naked next to Harry two hours later. How typical of you! It really wasn’t your fault, though.. Harry was gorgeous, and he was amazing in bed. He knew all the right places to touch, he knew where you liked being kissed - and he always let you stay for the night. 

“Mm, wha’ can I say, right?” He teased, propping himself up on his shoulder and running a hand through his damp curls. “I’m gonna go get in the shower. I don’ think I’ve sweated this much after fuckin’ yeh.” 

“Language!” You scolded, hearing Harry pad around the room to grab some fresh clothes. 

“Oh, please. Says the person who called me ‘daddy’ in bed a mere ten minutes ago-” 

“Point taken!” You cut Harry off quickly, cheeks already burning slightly from his calling you out. (You got a little cheeky in bed, sometimes. Not to mention the fact that you liked seeing Harry’s reactions to when you said something totally out of character.) “I’m just going to.. Lay here..” You sighed, spreading yourself out on the bed. You felt like you were floating on cloud nine. Harry had told you he’d give you more than three orgasms tonight and it was safe to say he surpassed that goal. (He had given you five. You couldn’t feel your legs, but it was totally worth it.) 

“..You alright?” Harry asked cautiously, turning around to glance at you with a small smile. “You’re actin’ like you’re on drugs, you loonie.” 

“Your love is my drug.” You snorted - Seriously, post-orgasm Y/N was a little loopy sometimes. 

“Was I jus’ tha’ good?” Harry purred, strolling back over to you before leaning down and giving you a quick peck. “Did yeh wanna join daddy in the shower?” 

“You’re never going to let that go, are you?” 


gifs aren’t mine!

I hope I’m loving you right. I know I’m reckless and hard to love because I’m a disaster, but I don’t want to do anything that will ruin your heart. All my life, people are always there to tell me that I’m wrong, that I’m always messing things up. And I grew up believing their words, thinking that every single thing that falls apart around me is my fault no matter how careful I always try to be. I don’t want to end up destroying what we have. I just want to love you with all the love I have in me, but look at me. I told you that I will never do anything to hurt you, and yet that promise breaks more and more each day with every apology that comes from me. Look at me, always hurting you. I’m sorry, my love. I’m sorry for what I’m doing to you. How many times have you heard the words “I’m sorry” from me? It’s always present whenever we’re talking. But you always tell me that you will love me no matter what, and for that you’ve won me over. My love, I have never loved like this before. But it’s hard when you’re always seeing me at my worst even if I want to be at my best for you, because I love you so much. Maybe I should love myself first, but that is impossible because I will never learn how to do that. I don’t know. Maybe it’s best if I should just apologize for everything in advance.
Dialogue Prompts

1) “Please … Don’t lie to me.” 

2) “I thought we were more than this.” “You thought wrong.” 

3) “I’m here to protect you, always.” 

4) “I’m so sorry for your loss.” “Funny, seeing as it’s your fault.” 

5) “What happened to you two? You were like the dream couple, the ideal relationship, what changed?” 

6) “Stop it, this isn’t how it works! You don’t just wake up one day and not love someone!” “Have you considered that maybe I never loved you?” 

7) “You see that constellation? It was mom’s favorite.” 

8) “Stop this, you aren’t this person, this isn’t you.” “Oh stop acting like you know me.” 

9) “Stay here, don’t say a word, don’t make a sound, don’t let them see you. I’ll be back soon.” 

10) “I didn’t come to make amends, I don’t want to fix things with any of you. But I can’t stay on their side, which doesn’t mean I’m on yours, not entirely. But you’re the better option.” 

11) “I’m so sorry.” “What are you apologizing for?” “What I’m about to do.” 

12) “I can’t stay, I’m sorry.” 

13) “I went to visit him earlier.” “What did he say?” “Nothing. He never says anything though, so no surprise there.” 

14) “You came back.” “No.” 

15) “So, five years? What’s changed.” “What hasn’t?” 

16) “I heard what happened.” “Leave me alone.” 

17) “So this is it?” “This is it.” 

18) “Goodbye.” “Don’t say that, it makes it sound like you’re never coming back.” 

19) “Leave me be.” “You know I can’t do that.” 

20) “I think … I think I love her.” 

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Prompt: ferris wheel

“This is all your fault.”

“Oh really?”



“Bad things always happen when you’re around. Ask anybody.”

“Oh, fuck off.”

“Trust me, I would—if we weren’t STUCK ON A FUCKING FERRIS WHEEL.”

They stare at each other, eyes narrowed to a near-squint. Simon can feel the distaste rolling off Baz in waves.

They’re sitting across from each other in their compartment, so close that their knees bump together every time one of them attempts to change position. Wire fencing surrounds them, caging them in.

They’ve been here for nearly an hour, and Simon’s about to lose it.

To be fair, Simon should have known that this was a mistake from the beginning. He was supposed to ride with Penny, but she had switched with Agatha at the last minute, leaving Simon to ride with whoever was next in line—which so happened to be Baz. At the time Baz had smirked, raising a single elegant eyebrow as if in a challenge, and Simon had stepped inside the compartment without a moment to spare. Simon Snow was not one to shy away from a challenge, especially not one issued by Baz. But now he’s regretting it big time.

Baz is looking away from him, out through the wire fencing. He props his chin on his palm. Simon doesn’t think he’s ever seen him do that before. And that’s when he realizes that there’s a lot about Baz that he doesn’t know, despite rooming with him for six years.

“What are you thinking about?” asks Simon suddenly.

Baz glances over at him but doesn’t turn his head.

“I’m thinking about how nice it would be to throw you out of this compartment,” he says tonelessly.

“No, really,” insists Simon. He’s not sure why he’s asking, or why he wants to know. But they’re stuck here, and Simon figures he should use the situation to his advantage.

Baz glances at him again, his gaze lingering a second or two longer than before.

“Nothing,” he says.

“You’re thinking about nothing?” repeats Simon. He gives a disbelieving laugh.

Baz turns back toward him. “Yes, Snow,” he says. “Believe it or not, but some people can actually go more than a few seconds without thinking about—I don’t know…fucking sour cherry scones or whatever the hell goes on in that head of yours.”

Simon feels his anger begin to prickle around his ears, but refuses to take the bait.

“Baz, let me ask you another question.”


“Why do you—”

“Shut up—”

“—hate me?”

Baz blinks. “What?”

Simon crosses his arms. “Why do you hate me,” he says again.

Baz shifts in his seat slightly. He looks like he wants to be anywhere else.

“I don’t hate you,” he says finally.

Simon doesn’t quite understand this answer. “Wait, you don’t?”

Baz shakes his head.

“Then why did you throw me down a flight of stairs?”

“That was one time.”

“Two times.”

“You’re just…”



Simon laughs again.

“What about me is annoying?”

Baz looks at him, really looks at him, and Simon resists the urge to shiver. He feels as if those gray eyes are pulling him apart.

“Everything about you is annoying,” says Baz, with what sounds like resignation. He leans against the side of the compartment. There’s an odd look on his face.

“I can’t be that annoying,” says Simon.

Baz looks pained. “Trust me,” he says. “You are.”

Silence stretches between them. The compartment sways gently.

“I don’t hate you either,” says Simon, a little quieter this time. It’s his turn to look outward.

Baz stays quiet, and Simon keeps talking.

“You just…make me nervous. Because I can never tell what you’re thinking. And you always seemed to hate me so much.”

“I make you nervous?” says Baz incredulously. “Says the fucking time bomb.”

Simon laughs, actually laughs, and Baz joins in. For a moment everything feels a little lighter.

“I never wanted to be your enemy,” says Simon.

“Me neither,” says Baz, meeting his eyes. The stony gray has softened ever so slightly, but it’s still impossible to tell what he’s really feeling.

“We should have had this talk before you threw me down that flight of stairs,” says Simon.

“I probably still would have thrown you down a flight of stairs,” says Baz. “It’s oddly cathartic.”

Simon rolls his eyes. “Whatever.”

The ferris wheel starts up again shortly after. And as they leave the compartment, something has changed between them—something Simon couldn’t hope to put into words.

Baz doesn’t hate me, he thinks as they part ways. It’s not much, but it’s a start.

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24 with luke

I heard you like crazy girls. + best friend!Luke

Luke walks into the diner with his sunglasses perched on his nose and his hands tucked into his pockets, his lips pressed into a fine line. His eye hurt like hell, and he was hoping you wouldn’t tell him to take his sunglasses off. He had fucked up bigger than ever before, but technically it wasn’t his fault this time. The fault was in lack of communication. He probably shouldn’t have made any assumptions—but this still wasn’t his fault. 

Luke was a good kid. He wouldn’t harm anyone on purpose. He knew that once you found out what happened, though, he was going to get an ear full. “You’re such a fucking idiot,” you’d probably tell him. “God, how do you even survive on your own?” He wasn’t denying that he probably deserved one of your lectures. You always had been the one who kept him grounded, kept him from making stupid-ass decisions. But you couldn’t be there all the time to hold his hand and guide him, so sometimes Luke does idiotic things like every twenty year old does at some point. So far this had been the only thing worth your “I swear to God I might actually tie you to the bed so you can’t fuck anything up” kind of lectures. But this wasn’t totally his fault, so maybe you’d go easy on him. 

You always have had a soft spot for Luke. He is your best friend after all, and no matter what he’s always been the only person in your heart. You only lecture him because you care. The people who have noticed this tell you that you two act more like an old married couple than the Johnson’s do, and they’ve been married for forty-seven years. You suppose it’s not a bad thing, but Luke never looks at you like Mr. Johnson looks at Mrs. Johnson. And he’s never looking at you when you stare up at him like he’s the brightest star in the sky. That’s okay, though, because you were always told people admire art from afar. Luke was the Starry Night, and you always have been in love with Van Gogh’s paintings. 

Spotting Luke in the corner of your eye, you finish taking the customers order and walk over the kitchen window to give the order to the chef. You hear Michael’s snickers as Luke tells him something, and then he’s saying, “I heard you like crazy girls, Hemmings.” You roll your eyes at the comment before making your way over to Luke.

“Sunglasses off, you know Perry’s rules.” You nod towards the frames on his face and cross your arms. “I don’t want my ass on the line again, Luke.” 

“Aw, c’mon babe,” Michael laughs, gently nudging your side with his elbow. “He had a crazy night last night. He really needs to do a background check on these girls before he brings them to bed, right Luke?” 

Luke flips Michael off subtly, fully aware Perry is probably watching him from afar on the security cameras. He turns to you and even though you get see his eyes that clearly, you know he’s giving you his puppy eye look. “Please, (Y/N), just let me wear—”

“Take them off or get out,” you mumble. Sure, it was a stupid rule your boss had but he was as strict as they come. Last time you let Luke do something Perry didn’t agree with, you had dish duty for two weeks—and the washing machine ‘accidentally’ broke the second day. He was an asshole, but you couldn’t lose the job. 

Luke knows this, so he lets out a sigh before sliding off his glasses. You gasp as you see the bruise that surrounded his eye. “Who the fuck punched you?!” You whispered loudly. 

“Little Lukey ran into to trouble with the Boomers,” Michael laughs, which earns a punch to the arm from you. 

“Tony or Stink?” You ask, grabbing Luke’s hand to take him to the employee bathroom so you can put ice on his eye. 

“Both,” he mumbles. “I didn’t know the girl from last night was…with Stink, so Tony saw me with her and they decided to ‘teach me a lesson’.” 

You enter the bathroom with your best friend in tow, and you make him sit on counter. “Any more injuries?” You ask with a sigh. 

“Just the eye, Ashton and Cal saw them come after me so they weren’t able to do any real damage.”

“I’ll be right back,” you mumble, walking out the door to get ice. Luke sits patiently on the counter and lets out an annoyed groan. He hated how you always had to be the one to clean up his messes, but that’s just how the two of you worked. He would fuck something up, and you would be the one who made everything better. He knew you got tired of it though. Luke wouldn’t tell anyone the reason he always acted this way was to get attention from you. It was stupid, he knows that. You’re his best friend, of course you give him attention, but he wanted more. He really, really wanted more. 

But as far as he knew, you didn’t. 

Such a shame that he couldn’t read your mind. Because then maybe he could stop getting himself hurt. 

You enter the bathroom again with an ice pack, a water bottle, and pain killers in hand. You gently place the ice pack against his eye, making him hold it there, while giving him the medicine. He swallows it without the water, making you cringe. “I still have no idea how you can do that.” 

He shrugs. “Secret talent.” 

“No,” you say with a hint of harshness in your voice. “Your secret talent is getting hurt. This is the fifth time you’ve gotten cornered by the Boomer Clan, Luke. You know how dangerous they are but you can’t stay away, can you?” 

“I’m sorry,” he whispers. A few seconds of silence goes by before he reaches out for your hand. “Are you going to give me one of your lectures?” 

You shake your head, squeezing his hand. “No. I know you know you screwed up,” you close your eyes and sigh. “I just worry about you Luke.”

Luke pulls you closer to him and rests a hand on your waist. It’s something he always done, and it shoots butterflies through your stomach. He places the ice pack down, despite your protests, and places his head on your shoulder. You let him stay like this as you rub his back. He kisses your clothed shoulder, and you have to bite down on your lip. Sometimes there are moments in your friendship where it screams there’s something more, but it always gets drowned out by your thoughts. Best friends, you tell yourself. Nothing more. 

“I’m really sorry,” his mumble gets muffled by your shoulder. 

“Don’t be,” you reassure. “I’m angry the Boomers think they own everyone in this goddamn town.” 

He leans up and takes one hand to cup your face. It’s more than a friendly action. “Don’t let it bother you, okay bub?” He mummers, his thumb stroking over your cheek. “I’ll stay away from them, I promise.” 

Nodding, you smile weakly. “I’ve got to get back to my shift, stay until I get off?” 

“Of course.” 

And then Luke is left alone in the bathroom, his eye hurting like hell, and his heart aching because the universe sucks. He knew he shouldn’t treat you like this, like you’re more than just his best friend, but he hopes that if he keeps the act up for long enough maybe it’ll come true. Little does he know, you hope the same thing.

  • Neil:You know, I get it. Being raised as a superstar must be really, really difficult for you. Always a commodity, never a human being, not a single person in your family thinking you're worth a damn off the court-yeah, sounds rough. Kevin & I talk about your intricate & endless daddy issues all the time. I know it's not entirely your fault that you are mentally unbalanced & infected with these delusions of grandeur, & I know you're physically incapable of holding a decent conversation with anyone like every other normal human being can, but I don't think any of us should have to put up with this much of your bullshit. Pity only gets you so many concessions, & you used yours up about six insults ago. So please, please, just shut the fuck up & leave us alone.
  • Riko:...
  • Riko:I came out to have a good time &i'm honestly feeling so attacked right now.

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Does Juzo love Kyosuke or Chisa I'm confused.

It’s meant to be ambiguous (at least at the moment), so I can see why you would be confused. Though, Danganronpa has very few confirmed relationships anyway.

I would also like to point out that Sakakura may not have romantic feelings for either of them. You can love people in different ways. It doesn’t always have to be romantic.

Do you love your best friends? Would you do anything for your best friends?

   I definitely won’t fault anyone whether they choose to think Sakakura has feelings for Yukizome or Munakata, but I personally choose to believe he has feelings for Munakata–and here’s why:

From the very beginning, even before Danganronpa 3 came out and we just had a bunch of vague character descriptions–Munakata has been set up as the centerpiece of the group.

I say “centerpiece” as in the unifying factor. The one character that the remaining two characters are willing to fall all over themselves in order to impress. To give a really blatant example, Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket:

She’s the centerpiece, and Yuki and Kyo Sohma are the characters who are vying for her attention.

Yukizome was never set up as that centerpiece. Munakata has his eyes on her–but Sakakura doesn’t react in anywhere near of a similar way.

But both Yukizome and Sakakura act the same way towards Munakata: undying loyalty and respect. They want to help him achieve his goals. They’re willing to do anything for him.

It’s the central part of their character.

   Sakakura’s loyalty reaches far past the levels of someone who just wants to use Munakata as an excuse to be unnecessarily violent to people. He’s there for Munakata and nothing else.

  At the beginning, Sakakura asks him “what’s the plan.” That implies to me that he would have changed his answer accordingly to whatever Munakata wanted to do.

Munakata could have completely flipped the situation on its head, said “I want to help Naegi” and Sakakura would have gone along with it. Because he doesn’t actually care about Munakata’s ideals, he just cares that Munakata achieves his goals.

To quote Yukizome, who thinks similarly: To be honest, I don’t really care about that. But if I can be useful to Munakata, then…

To quote Sakakura: I’ll eliminate anyone who gets in Munakata’s way. That’s the vow I swore.

Sakakura makes it very clear that he’s willing to do anything for Munakata, and will follow his orders no matter what.

Lastly, I just wanted to point out this scene.

Sakakura states in Danganronpa Gaiden: Killer Killer that he hates Naegi. Absolutely cannot stand him. (He has the SHSL Makeup Artist create a fake corpse of him just so he can blow it up.)

But he stops himself mid-chase and is willing to let Naegi go just to help Munakata. Also, it could just be a messily drawn frame, but I swear that he looks concerned in that moment he turns to notice Munakata: 

When Munakata tells him “no, I’m fine,” he hesitates. He made the promise to protect him at the very beginning and seemed very set on keeping that promise. But his loyalty outweighs his protectiveness, so he chose to listen.

I’ve mentioned this in a previous post I’ve made about Sakakura’s possible feelings–but he obviously has strong feelings for both Yukizome and Munakata.

You could make pretty solid case for whichever you choose–or you could group them all together into an OT3.

This is just my personal stance based off of what I’ve been able to catch from Sakakura’s body language/general mindset.

How They React To You Becoming Withdrawn (BTS)

Requested by a lovely anon <3

Feel free to send in requests guys! We do Reactions, Preferences, Fake Texts, and Scenarios! Just tell us who you want, what you want, and how you want it! <3  (MalexFemale, MalexMale, FemalexFemale)

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Author: Taebaby

NAMJOON: It would really upset him. One of the things he loved about you was how you were always so energetic and but now its rare to see a smile on your face. He would drive himself crazy trying to understand why, mainly thinking it was somehow his fault 

YOONGI: You may not think he’d notice because he’s so casual with shit, but he’d definitely notice. It would worry him sick to see you basically fading in front of his eyes, but I think he wouldn’t let it go on for long and would confront you about it

HOSEOK: I feel like it would cause him to become somewhat withdrawn as well, being as close an connected to you as he was and taking it personally. But he wouldn’t be selfish, putting aside his kinda pouty feelings and just talk to you about it, because he couldn’t bare it any longer

SEOKJIN: He’d call you out on it right away (not like meanly but like ‘why? whats up babe? you ok?’) He’s so caring that he wouldn’t get off your case until you were back to normal (or at least feeling a little better)

JIMIN: As sweet as he is, I think he’d get a little frustrated. He’d be so accustomed to being really close to you and the two of you telling each other everything, so when you started becoming withdrawn out of nowhwere and didn’t tell him why, it would make him kinda mad (and would hurt his feelings). He’d prob snap at one point, begging you to tell him whats wrong

TAEHYUNG: This kid won’t even ask you why you’ve started becoming withdrawn, he’d jump hop straight into the part where he tries to male you feel better, wanting nothing more than your usually happy self back

JUNGKOOK: This is another situation where I don’t think he’d really know what to do. He’d try his hardest (bless his soul) to figure out what was going on with you, but he’d end up stumped. Another call for guidance from his older members (’JUST TALK TO HER YOU FUCKWIT’ - Seokjin and Hoseok simultaneously)