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this is a callout post for my third grade teacher who let me read the first 3 twilight books during silent reading and then tried and discuss with me how hot edward was like this isn’t a fucking book club, cindy

Credit to; politicallyincorrectwalrus for an amazing text post.. 😊

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🎵 Paul!

A Guy That I’d Kinda Be Into - Be More Chill

Say there’s this person that you never knew that well
(She is totally into you)
You thought that you had him pegged
But now you can tell he’s gone
From a guy that you’d never be into
Into a guy that you’d kinda be into


Cyn joins John in the studio during the recording of Sgt. Pepper on March 3rd (top two photos) and on March 29th (bottom two photos). You can see Cyn in the top right of the third photo, and John’s arm draped around her in the last as they exit the studio sometime between 2:30 - 3:00 a.m.

Photo Sources: Cynthia Powell Lennon Yahoo Group and the Beatlesneveroutofstyle blog

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Straid of Olaphis/Royal Sorcerer Navlaan, Creighton/Pate, Sweet Shalquoir/The Rat King, and Laddersmith Gilligan/Dame Dmitrea.

7 = I like it, would read a fanfic with them if it was well written.

I have, in fact, already read fics about them. Must be a party juggling between two bfs in the same body, but Straid can do it. They must have a lot of fun in bed <v<

8 = I REALLY like this ship but it wouldn’t work out in canon.

GIMME GIMME. I used to joke that in the Pat family, Pate was that one cousin who denies having a boyfriend but everyone else refers to Cr8 as “the boyfriend”. Tho I gotta lament the fact that we need more bottom!Pate. Just saying.

Sweet Shalquoir/Rat King
8 = I REALLY like this ship but it wouldn’t work out in canon.

They were meant to be. I’m sure the King would be able to woo the Sweet dame with his buttery voice and dignified manners. 

9 = I REALLY like this ship and it should be/is canon!

You know. It took me a second.
Well played, Anon. Well played. I should draw them sometimes. 

Miraculous Ladybug Challenge Day 16

Favourite fic

Do I serioulsy look like I only have one favourite?

Finished Stories:

All that Jazz by midnightstarlightwrites (Tumblr)

Don’t kiss and tell by dolphinandwater 

Chasing the C(h)atwalk by Inkkerfuffle (Tumblr)

Locker Room Chats by KrazyKyStaHatter (Tumblr)

My Last Thoughts are of You by SKayLanphear (Tumblr)

The Consequences of Midnight Makeouts by Faequeen40 

Obsession by KryallaOrchid 

Unfinished Stories:

Smoulder by midnightstarlightwrites (Tumblr)

Serendipitious Fate by SKayLanphear (Tumblr)

You Don’t Know Me by Ferisae (Tumblr)

Water and Wind by LadySerendipitous (Tumblr)