When Anne was recruiting spies in Port Royal, she met a man with an estate in the wilderness, north of Spanish Florida. A reform-minded man who uses convicts as laborers. Convicts he solicits from prisons in England where their treatment is far less humane. This man, we were told, found it profitable to offer his services to wealthy families, some of the most prominent in London on occasion, with a need to make troublesome family members disappear. Cared for, tended to, but never to be seen or heard from again. 


Greg Lestrade is the high-powered producer of the most popular quiz show on television and is determined to continue its success, despite the highly-unexpected contestant, Mycroft Holmes, who seems as determined to drain every bit of the prize money budget and, further, make the show, the host, the writers and producer look like fools.  Unfortunately, this troublesome contestant also does very wicked things to Lestrade’s libido and Mycroft is very well aware of that every time they have a meeting about the show.  When Mycroft finally gives his conditions for making a graceful exit from the program, Lestrade is both shocked and aroused since Mycroft’s condition is… him.

X vs Magma Dragoon (Key Animation Test)

The first in a series of Megaman X4 animations that I’m going to make..
This is just a key animation/layout test. It’s still going to need some more in-betweens and should be longer.

It was a bit troublesome getting this below 2 MB. XD

High Quality Video here:

2pm & Got7 Reaction: Accidentally touching their crotch

Okay this were two different requests so I’m doing it in one post.
I hope you enjoy it :)


JB: *getting instant boner* Trying to look at you and make you understand what you had just triggered. “That’s really troublesome now, you know…”

Mark: He would let it pass with just a faint smile while avoiding to look at you as if he didn’t notice it. It was an accident after all, right?

Jackson: Instantly jumps away from your hand as if the sudden touch scared the hell out of him. “Hey! Do you have any idea how dangerous it is to enter that zone?”

Jinyoung: *gif*

Youngjae: It was quite an unexpected touch and he wouldn’t know what should he do. Pretending like nothing happened or telling you that you “accidentally” did that? Not deciding at all, he would just froze for a good couple of seconds.

BamBam: *gif*

Yugyeom: He would try being manly about it and controlling himself with not much success whatsoever so he would eventually turn red and being awkward.


Jun K: “That didn’t seem so accidental to me. Should I be worried?”

Nickhun: Not actually expressing himself but the face he’d deliver may seem like enjoying the new feeling.

Taecyeon: He wouldn’t be much different from Nickhun. But he’d try communicate with you with his eyes to understand if this was actually an accident or meant more.

Wooyoung: Another speechless boy fretting over what should he do in this situation. Sure he’s quite startled but all he can do is lick his lips, gulp and waiting for you to say anything.

Junho: “Can you please be a little more careful? We’re in public. You can do anything you want by the time we go back home”

Chansung: “Are you giving me a hint? Cause I’m kinda into it now…”

Requests open! Feel free to ask anything :)

Fangirl/You: *forcibly making them meet up*

Shuu: “Oi, human, stop this.”

Yuma: “Oi, let go! The fuck are you trying to make me bump into the NEET for?! FUCK, STOP IT!” *collides with Shuu*

Shuu: *grunts and partly falls on Yuma* “How troublesome…”

Yuma: “TCH, YOU FATASS NEET, GET OFF! Oh hell no, I’m out.” *flees*

Shuu: *yawns and falls asleep on the floor*


Haikyuu!! Week 2016: Day 4: Burdens

↳ Favorite Character Development : Ennoshita Chikara“There’s no way I can beat Daichi-san in technique right now…But now that I’m standing here, there’s no point in running away by making excuses like that. Not to mention…I already know that I’d just make things troublesome later if I run away.BRING IT!

non-whitewashed korra gif coloring tutorial

i’ve noticed way too often that many legend of korra gif makers constantly whitewash korra and frankly its gross and needs to stop (and this also goes for other darker skinned characters in the avatarverse like katara and sokka) im making this tutorialsh thing on how to color even the most troublesome scenes without whitewashing our beautiful protagonist

please feel free to message me with any questions u may have! i’m happy to help anyone w/ coloring whatever scene if it means i get to stop seeing a whitewashed version of korra every 2 minutes

wow just look at that beautiful skin tone :o

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“Whoa, what are you guys doing?” Sam scrambled out of the Impala, looking at the baby in Dean’s arms.
“Baby girl here lost her parents,” Dean smiled down at you as you squealed and giggled, flailing your arms. “We’re not leaving her behind, Sammy,” he chastised his younger brother as he looked ready to argue. Cas smiled next to him and Sam held back a remark, focusing instead on the fact that they were all basically going to adopt a baby. 
A few months later and you had become a part of their little makeshift family. Although sometimes troublesome, you never failed to make them laugh and even Sam had warmed up to you. But you always preferred Dean. It was in his bed that you slept and his arms which you needed to cradle you to sleep. Cas always made you giggle, but Dean’s smile was the one that made you squeal in endless peals of laughter. Calling him ‘dada’ were your first words. 

Gif credit goes to owners. 

How they react when their gf breaks up with them, causing a scene

Ohhhh good question :D This is probably going to be fun to make!

Here goes~


Totally offended by her baviour

‘’Excuse me? How can you say it’s my fault when everyone here clearly sees that you’re the one being troublesome. Get your facts straight!’’


Being taken aback

Can only stare at her causing a scene, because he’s too busy figuring out why she would break up with him.

‘’Wh-what do you mean you’re breaking up with me? Why?’’ 


Totally fed up with her behaviour

‘’Could you please stop acting like a child and causing a scene. It’s really embarrassing you know.’’


Doesn’t know how to react

‘’Why’s she being like that? Why not talk about it? This is so embarrassing and frustrating at the same time. Aish I’m gonna kill that girl, when this is over.’’



‘’Ya why are you doing this in front of all those people?’’


Feels like crying

‘’What do you mean you’re breaking up with me? Why? You’re not even explaining yourself, tell me the reason first before you make a ruckus.’’


Is crying

‘’W-what do you me-mean you want to break up? Why? What did I do that makes you not want to be in a relationship with me anymore?’’ 

Don’t that to him pls 


Gets angry

‘’Fine be that way, but don’t come back later!’’


Being indifferent, but secretly being in denial

‘’Whatever it’s not like I wanted to be together with you anyways.’’


Humilated and confused

‘’What are you doing in front of all those people? What do you mean you’re breaking up? Why?’’


Being sassy but in denial

‘’What do you mean you’re breaking up with me? I’M breaking up with YOU! I’m over with you. YOU HEAR THAT?!’’


Embarrassed, but plays it cool

‘’Just stop talking, there isn’t anything good coming out of your mouth right now and you’re also making a clown out of yourself in front of all those people.

 Let’s talk about it first, before making a commotion, how’s that?’’

Okaaaaaay I did it!~ Sorry for the long wait anon! ^_^ I hope you like it!