Sebastian's and Anthony's Panel at Chicago Comic Con
  • Girl asking a question:Hi, so I have a question for both Sebastian and Anthony, umm, so as you both may know Chris Evans has this thing where he grabs people's left boobs-
  • Audience:*screaming and laughing*
  • Anthony and interviewer:what
  • Anthony:where on earth did you get that?!
  • Sebastian:*turning to Anthony* yeah he does that when he gets too excited
  • Audience:*laughter and screaming increases*
  • Teacher:this is in Korean, does anybody know Korean? Laura! You know Korean right?
  • Me:um, no?
  • Teacher:oh yeah you do, come read this for us
  • Me:um, okay..? *internally thinking* wtf am I supposed to do? Idk Korean?.....
  • Teacher:well?
  • Me:*looks @ it confused af* Yeogi buteora
  • Teacher:you really do know Korean!
  • Me:bultaoreune
The signs as things Josh Ramsay said at my concert

Aries: “if you’re the front man of a band your job is to fucking talk”
Taurus: “i don’t know many things about anything really”
Gemini: “if you need advice on wearing leather pants or guys wearing makeup, I’m your fucking guy”
Cancer: “I want some alone time with you guys, I get jealous with those other assholes”
Leo: “I can only have so many fucking hand drawn pictures of myself before I start to look like an asshole”
Virgo: “as a performer sometimes we do this thing called acting maybe you’ve heard of it”
Capricorn: “I have never been at a concert and been like man I could really use a fucking omelet right now”
Sagittarius: “I break hearts not laws honey”
Scorpio: “man I could use some fucking alcohol right now, please don’t buy me drinks”
Libra: “this Canadian to American translation must be off”
Aquarius: *messes up the verses* “man you guys know my songs better than me why don’t you be the fucking lead singer”
Pieces: “it’s hot in here so I’m just gonna take my shirt off because I’m a fucking slut”

I was talking to my dad about troyler and...
  • Me:What's the last video Troye and Tyler made?
  • Dad:with the balloons? The one you were showing me?
  • Me:No that was with Marcus
  • Dad:MARCUS who does he think he is
  • Dad:I came here for troyler and what do I get MARCUS
  • Dad:Marcus better get himself away from Tyler or else