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Something for the guys this time. I hope you like them. A revival from my wip folder and I have another couple in store. As always, thank you for your support family!

Two Versions
6 Swatches
All LODs
Hat Compatible
Disallowed for Random
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Mesh - Kings@IMVU
@estrojans​ for the awesome hairbase on v2

Thank you to all the cc creators used in this post! Your content makes my game so beautiful

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Oh it’s you again.

Yes it is, and I’m here to announce the return of SPIRITER WEEK, the yearly Baten Kaitos free-for-all on this here tumbler dot com. The goal of this event is, as it was the previous years, to post daily Baten Kaitos content between the 10th and 16th of October.

I can’t post every day, man! I got other stuff to do!

It’s perfectly fine, friend, the daily thing isn’t mandatory. Just have fun and make some BK content! Since people seemed to like it last year, we’re gonna have a catch-up week between the 24th and 30th of October, for people who were too busy during the initial week or couldn’t finish their stuff in time.

Wow, you completely changed the graphics for the banner.

2016 marks the 10th anniversary of Baten Kaitos Origins, so I figured I’d so something special. It was a lot of copy&paste and tears.

I’m not much of an artist or writer, can I still join in the fun?

Hey, we’re not elitists in here! Just make whatever you can/want to make, we’ll be happy all the same. Make edits! Spark a discussion! Spread the word of our lord and savior Malpercio to everyone you know! … … … Ok, maybe not that last one.

Same tags as always?

Yep, good ol’ #spiriter week. And generic baten kaitos tags. And all the funny tags you can make.

oh boy is it hat time yet

mmm, something’s not quite right here

anonymous asked:

I'm going to make my own yeti Ice Quartz creature without crediting you because guess what you don't own the concept of yetis, that belongs to ancient Himalayan culture, you don't own Steven Universe, that's Rebecca Sugar's, and any human being on the planet can combine two concepts and make their own without having to credit the people who have discovered an identical design fusion in the past. Lmao you're like TheFineBros trying to make the word 'reaction' their own intellectual property.

okay cool except I’m not claiming copyright or forcing people to do so if they make a fluffy gem. Have fun doing that just to “prove a point” even though you did undeniably just now get that idea from me


gems and their gemstones

[inspired by this post]

[the Yellow Diamond fan art]


Round round round the world ~

I’m opening these as 2-inch acrylic charm pre-orders until the 20/10/2016!

Bonus Jaehee: