If a song was a movie:

“I use to be the sweetest boy ever ‘till I found out being the baddest boy was better.”

- Jung Jaehyun

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S/O has an awful nightmare and goes to the DR1 boys for comfort, pretty please?

The struggle is real guys! Nightmares are no fun! So lets make it fluffy, yes? Thank you for requesting darling!

DR1 Boys Comfort S/O From an Awful Nightmare

Makoto Naegi

  • You were dealing with a lot of stress starting a new job and it seemed to be sneaking into your sleep
  • The feelings of failure caused you to wake up panting and as close to tears as it came
  • Makoto shot up at the same time as you
  • ‘S/O, are you ok?!’
  • You barely are able to breathe while trying to talk to him
  • He pulls you into his side while you try desperately to be coherant
  • For some reason, he tells you to breathe
  • Helps you for a few rounds of in and out
  • You were able to regulate and he hugged onto you
  • Stroking your hair and letting you lay your head on his shoulder
  • Asks if he can do anything for you at all
  • Grabs you a glass of water and reminds you to sip on it slowly so you don’t get hiccups
  • how did you get this lucky?

Leon Kuwata

  • You shouted and talked in your sleep for some reason tonight
  • and him thinking something was wrong was talking back
  • not even realizing you weren’t awake yet
  • He sits up and runs his hands through your hair when you gasp out loud, now wide awake
  • yelps loud as fuck
  • ‘L-Leon?’
  • You pull yourself against his arm and start sobbing
  • He lays back down, pulling you into his chest while singing to you gently
  • you manage to somehow control yourself in his arms
  • He started to ask you questions as your breathing regulated again
  • Told him that you dreamed your mother was dying and you weren’t able to get to her before she was gone
  • He was almost completely brokenhearted and told you that you should call her right now
  • He would stay with you awake until you were ok
  • Calling her and just talking to her helped as he stroked your back
  • He can be full of such good ideas
  • Kisses your head and tells you he loves you as he puts you back to bed

Mondo Owada

  • He was fast asleep but suddenly you must have wailed back and hit him in his sleep
  • And his sudden grunt of pain shot you awake
  • You were shocked as hell that you did that yourself
  • ‘WHAT THE HELL, S/O?!’
  • and with that you were absolutely hysterically sobbing
  • oh my god
  • oh god no
  • He tried to get back into bed with you but you curled up not wanting him to touch you
  • He apologizes and manages to get close to you
  • Holding your face in his hand and thumbing away your big tears
  • Kisses you gently and asks what happened
  • As you explained he was leaving you for someone else and said he never loved you, he kissed your head several times
  • Tells you all the reasons he loves you and promises you will never ever be alone 
  • He thinks you are his world
  • And you fall back asleep as he continues to remind you

Kiyotaka Ishimaru

  • He felt the tiniest twitch of irregularity from you in the middle of the night
  • Rolled over hastily to see you shaking
  • Awkwardly touched your arm to see if you were awake and you grabbed at him by reflex
  • panic mode was activated
  • might or might not have let out a high pitched scream
  • Your eyes shot open and you held onto his hand in panic
  • ‘S/O, are you awake?!’
  • He was unconvinced until you told him you loved him so much multiple times and was so sorry to hurt him
  • Confusion?
  • You only realized then he didn’t know what happened
  • seems you were slightly disoriented and asked him if he caught you cheating
  • what?
  • You suddenly had a long explanation and the conversation was….
  • super awkward
  • You hugged onto him after explaining that you were asleep and you thought all this was so real
  • Told you he trusted you 100%
  • Knowing you loved him so much and would never leave him behind
  • Thank goodness he is trusting as hell

Chihiro Fujisaki

  • You jumped out of bed and turned on the lights in such a flash
  • ‘Morning already, S/O?’
  • He saw the time being 3am and saw you in a flustered and panicked state
  • You fall against the door and start breaking down
  • Just as quickly he is out of bed and holding onto you super tight
  • So tight for a tiny little thing
  • ‘So, there was no fire?’
  • You had a nightmare that the house caught fire and he was hurting from losing all his computers and belongings
  • He immediately gets up to check everything in the house. ever room to see how everything plugged in looks
  • checks every wire for fraying and outlet for issues
  • Hes not much of an electrician, but he would rather give you peace of mind
  • Comes back and helps you back into bed
  • Tells you everything is ok and he will check all the appliances again tomorrow morning to make sure
  • Touches his forehead to yours to remind you that everything will be ok
  • Makes sure to check everything regularly to make sure you never get scared by it again

Byakuya Togami

  • You never worried about anything with him
  • He was protected very well
  • But tonight you dreamed of him getting assassinated in the middle of a business meeting
  • you were so scared you screamed his name as you woke up
  • He was jarred awake so quickly that you didn’t even know it happened
  • ‘Darling, what happened? Are you alright?’
  • Immediately explained the anxiety you had from the nightmare
  • He never usually smiled like a caring person
  • it was a lovely look on him though
  • held onto your hands and told him that you never had to worry about that
  • He loved and appreciated you for worrying
  • But if anyone tried to take him away from his darling S/O….
  • they would be living real nightmares
  • He kisses you deeply and asked if you needed anything to sleep again
  • You tell him just to spoon you to sleep for now
  • no questions from this boy
  • how often does that happen?

Hifumi Yamada

  • He was still up when you went to bed writing and drawing
  • but you grabbed onto him randomly in the early hours of the morning
  • Turned to see you crying in just your underwear 
  • Asked him how long he would be awake for
  • He puts everything down and turns on a funny video for you to watch to calm you down a bit
  • As you stopped crying, he asked what kept you awake?
  • Not so much kept you awake…
  • just woke you up
  • Told him about the nightmare that you had
  • He was going to jail for a life sentence and you didn’t know why
  • was he?
  • He told you he hadn’t done anything at all and wasn’t going anywhere
  • You asked him a million questions to make sure
  • And he was unusually calm for this and answered everything
  • Hugged you like an actually good boyfriend for once
  • So weird
  • but never complain when he does this ever

Yasahiro Hagakure

  • You always wanted his predictions to have something good behind them
  • and dreaming about the end of the world was an absolutely awful one
  • You were so sad thinking about losing everything
  • And was rubbing your arms as you woke up
  • He looked you in the eyes
  • ‘Did something happen in your dreams?’
  • How did he-
  • actually nevermind
  • You explained that you worried about the end of the world happening because of his predictions
  • He kinda laughed at it and you were worried about that
  • Kisses til you were calm
  • ‘My predictions don’t cause distasters!’
  • that could be complete bullshit
  • He told you that there was nothing to be afraid of for the future and what you 2 could accomplish together in the time you had
  • It was weirdly negative and yet very positive at the same time
  • He was smiling and telling you about what he wanted for his future
  • what he wanted his kids to look like
  • what he wanted to do with his career
  • And asked the same from you until you forgot about the nightmare all together
  • that derailment was actually quite a blessing
  • but he literally just didn’t want to jinx it

I̠̹͖ͫ̊̏́̅̚͘ ̪̰̞̥̳̖ͬ̍̃ͣ̎̅a̘lͥ̇̊ś̸͉̫̼͖̰̾ͭ̈͗o̤̖̱̰͔̮̝ ̤̹͓̭̺̳̪̉̃̑̃ͣͯŗ̭̯̞ͥ̋ͫͨͭ͋ę̼͙̳̞͚̇́̈̽̓̚a̼͍̿͑̈́̇͛̂l͇͛̂̽ͥ̀l̶̬̻̻̤̖̱̅̒̊̔͑y̷͇̺̳͕̠̳̓͌̿͂ͯ̌ ͚̥̺͇͓͎̿ḷ͈̣̝̲̮̑̍i̚͏̯̰̟k̽̔ͯ̉̓͆̌҉̱͓͙͈̝̻e̱̱̰̭͎̦̒̂ͬͦ̽̊͟ ̢̹̞͖̰̩̤͉ͯ̓ͪ̂͛ͪA̸͇̜̳̼͋͗̃̓̈́́̚ͅn̯̈́̀̋̎̽͠ẗ̲̯̫̥̠́̂ͦͮi̲s͈̺͂́͂̎͡e͖ͮ̎̈̿ͥ̓p̴t̝͕̖͓̯̫̮i̢͉̗̔͑͌c̜͔̬e̟͙͇̤ͪ̕y̬͍̟̦͋ͥe̎̑ͫͭͣ̇

Happy Halloween, you ghouls!

We found some ghosts. Unfortunately, they are much too cute. Proceed at your own risk.

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Wow! No. This ghost dog is too cute. We are not off to a great start here. How dare a ghost be this adorable? 

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This nyan ghost is having so much fun. They’re really making the most of a moment. Frankly, it’s upsetting. 

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An entire jar of precious Boos? No THANK you. Too cute. 

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Hauntingly adorable. Whom can we arrest for the grave injustice of making this ghost extremely cute? 

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This ghost is so pure. NO.


Midoriya Izuku ⟺ Bakugou Katsuki color scheme swap (insp.)

— dedicated to & suggested by Aaron (@yaboymidoriya)