Fanfic writers.

Fanfic is the only thing keeping me dying from the feels. Like I’m rereading all the works of particular people cos they are amazing and i love them so much.
Honestly, you guys are so amazing and talented at writing. I just can’t. I actually love you guys.
You know who you guys are, i comment all the chapters of your Melizabeth stuff. Im too shy to directly tell you but anagrams(not the right word i cant think straight) to your tumblr handles are in the tags.
Also sorry this turned into a paragraph of appreciation that probably has a billion spelling and grammatical errors. But i just👏need👏you👏to👏know👏how👏incredible 👏you👏are👏♥️♥️♥️

lawchan89  asked:

I just wanted to say I was having a really bad night until I read your Starco Soulmate AU fic and it really brightened my spirits. It was so beautiful and sad and well done, thank you :)

oh my god????? thank you so much!!!!! you’re my favorite starco writer (especially the mewni monarchs series i’m dying) and this just means so much i’m glad i could help!!


New Friends and Foes + Steven Universe: Wanted

My little monbebe heart :(( this is the best thing that has ever happened