When we met I knew you would leave me in pieces and I wouldn’t be able to put myself together again. It was your voice, the sparkle in your eye and your cheeky smile that left me weak. When we were good it was such a high, but I knew it wouldn’t last forever. I saw the end coming a mile away, and I dove in anyway.
—  high // A.H.

“Baby I was afraid before… I’m not afraid anymore …”

Title: Heaven is a Place on Earth

Fandom: Black Mirror, Episode 4 - San Junipero

Song: Heaven is a Place on Earth, Belinda Carlisle

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If you haven’t been living in a hole for the last few days, you know that Netflix’s original series Black Mirror has mended gay lady hearts around the world with episode 4 - San Junipero.  Lesbians.  The 80′s.  Happy endings.  Don’t be the only gay who hasn’t seen it.

As always, if you enjoyed watching, a reblog and/or comment is always much appreciated.  Go get your gay happy ending on.

halfadams    Dear Pretty Little Liars,

Let’s be honest, we’ve had a complicated and pretty long relationship. I’ve known you almost as long as I’ve known @sleepinthegardn (I got the pleasure a few months earlier than you). In that time we’ve definitely had some laughs. you’ve afforded us opportunities I could never have imagined, introduced me to some of the finest cast and crew I’ve ever met and you let me play darts with @ianmharding for an episode while discussing the nuances of the word “statutory”. All good memories. But sometimes we didn’t see eye to eye. Like the countless mornings that @sleepinthegardn had to slink away before sunrise or the painful Sunday nights when she’d have to board a plane and cross the 2516 miles back to your loving arms. We’ve had to share her for so long and the arrangement has been pretty painful because, let’s face it, who would ever want to let her go?

But here we are. The last day. She’s still yours for 13 more hours (maybe more…probably more) and she’s still 2516 miles away from me but today…today I’m not angry. Today I’m not jealous. Today I’m pretty grateful. Because in the last 8 years I’ve watched Troian live and learn and grow more than most people get the chance to in a lifetime. You’ve challenged her, pushed her, asked more of her than she even knew she had and then gave us the gift of being able to celebrate her.
So after a lot of years of swearing at you under my breath I realize now I should be thanking you. Thanking and congratulating you. Because after 7 seasons, 160 episodes and a number of tweets that mathematicians have yet to discover a number to express - you are breathing the rarest of air. You’ve been a best friend and shared experience for millions of young people (and more than a few older ones) and entertained and inspired and terrified a generation with every buried body and surprise text message. @imarleneking you built something that changed countless lives, employed hundreds and will live on long after we’re all gone. You win. Everything.

So #PLL I wish you well and I’m sorry for any disagreements - we both meant well. But now I’m gonna take Troian’s hand back and follow wherever it leads.
pjA  [x]

anonymous asked:

I know that MC is seen as a short/skinny kinda character but I was wondering if you could do the RFA (plus V and Saeran if you want) meeting a super tall and/or a fairly muscular MC? Thanks! ^_^

Hello there, cutie! this is a super cute ask! Did a tall MC already, so I’ll do a muscular MC!! Here’s the tall MC

I also didn’t really do them meeting…but just sort of realizing how muscular MC is! I hope that’s okay! ^^

~Admin MC


  • I don’t want to hate on my little son
  • But he’s not that muscular 
  • Maybe his thumbs from gaming!
  • But when he sees MC, their top is showing off their arms
  • They met online on a gaming website and decided to meet in person
  • Their arms look…shapely af
  • When they see him, they give him a huge hug while smiling
  • Yoosung can FEEL them press him against their chest
  • Like it’s super strong? And he feels the breath come out of his lungs?
  • He feels a tingle down his spine and his face gets super red
  • Tbh Yoosung just wants them to manhandle him and now he has to sit with his legs crossed


  • Tbh whenever he has a free moment while working he’ll try to do some pull ups to release tension and work out a bit
  • (those biceps bABY MMMMM)
  • He’s only seen MC in sweaters or hoodies, so he has no idea what they look like underneath
  • When he starts doing pull ups, he catches MC watching and teasingly says, “You can join if you want.”
  • MC shrugs and says “Okay.” simply. Seven is confused until
  • The hoodie comes off
  • And a muscular ass body is shown??
  • Seven’s mouth falls open as MC reaches up to the pull up bar next to him and starts easily doing push ups next to him
  • He’d swallow if he could but his mouth is too fucking dry
  • After ten pull ups, he has to stop, partly from sexual frustration and partly because his shoulders ache
  • MC keeps going.
  • Seven has to sprint to the kitchen and splash cold water on his face.


  • Honestly I headcanon Jaehee as muscular too?
  • So when Jaehee is moving out of her office at Jumin’s company, MC offers to help her
  • Touched by the offer, Jaehee allows them and watches in awe as MC manages to pick up as many boxes as Jaehee was carrying
  • And Jaehee could bench 200 pounds?
  • When she managed to catch a glimpse at MC’s back, she noticed the prominant back muscles barely straining
  • As they walked out of the room, MC EASILY carrying the heavy boxes, Jaehee vaguely wonders if MC would be able to hold her up against a wall
  • She trips a little bit and drops a few papers from the top of her boxes when she thinks that
  • (Later, she does, indeed find out that MC can hold her up against a wall)


  • Zen overworks himself and sometimes, he gets hurt
  • MC worries about him a lot because of it, but he tries not to do it when MC is around, so he gets away with it
  • One day, he trips and twists his ankle while trying to do a complicated move he wasn’t comfortable with yet right as MC walks into the room
  • They immediately run to him, concerned
  • Without even asking if Zen can walk, MC scoops him up bridal style
  • Easily
  • As if he weighed nothing
  • Blinking, Zen realized he could feel MC’s pecs and biceps very keenly against his body
  • They were…really muscular?
  • “Well, well, MC…I didn’t know you worked out as often as I do~” Zen purred, placing his hand on one of MC’s biceps
  • MC gave Zen a confused look
  • “I don’t.”
  • Zen pouted on the couch for thirty minutes.


  • Because Elizabeth 3rd is spoiled af, Jumin gets her a giant cat tree
  • The box comes and the delivery man struggles getting it up the steps
  • He leaves before Jumin can ask him to carry it to a different room and Jumin looks so salty jfc
  • MC’s like “Chill, babe, I got it”
  • Leans down
  • And hefts the box up like it’s no big deal
  • Jumin almost wheezes
  • With the box cradled in their arms, MC says, with their voice clear and not strained at all, “Where do you want this?”
  • Unable to actually speak, Jumin just points to the other room
  • MC carries it there while Jumin stands in the middle of the room, rethinking everything about his got damn life 
  • He has to go make out with MC to understand everything that’s happening
  • (He buys a pair of shitty handcuffs to see if MC can break through them. they can. He almost passes out.)

      ◈ ║ YOUR GOD HAS SPOKEN:               Lately the RP community has been filled with a lot of toxic behavior. Listen, at the end of the day? I do not care how good your graphics are, or about how stellar your writing is, RP is about having fun- && no one, NO ONE, has the right to take that away from you. Whether you dislike someones blog, or the mun, or their portrayal of their muse, it does not give you the initiative to harass them. It is sickening to me, just how ruthlessly petty, some people have been acting as of late; we are all here to have a good time, to inspire one another, we all have a common love for this series. This kind of behavior is unacceptable, if you don’t like someone? By all means. But do not vague post about it.  A nasty attitude leads to nasty outcomes, don’t be rude to others. Go out of your way to be kind to people in the RP community, don’t ostracize them. Nothing good comes out of romanticizing elitism, especially when at the end of the day, we are all sitting behind a computer screen writing as anime characters. For Christ’s sake.

All of the Star Wars mini Tsum Tsums currently out.

The Original Trilogy set, The Force Awakens set, The Phantom Menace set, the Tatooine set, and the recently released Attack of the Clones set.

Can’t wait for the Revenge of the Sith and Rogue One sets <3

I just want Jason Todd to be happy. I want him to be able to smile easily and laugh. I want him to slip into the Manor’s windows because it’s comfortable and fun not because he’s afraid of who he might run into. I want Jason to be able to make his own decisions in the field and Bruce to trust him for it. I want late night conversations between him and Tim. And him and Dick. I want Damian and Jason to team up and take out their once dead, still trying to live up to everyones ideas feelings out on some scumbags and bond. I want Jason and Alfred interactions. Let Jason attempt to cook alongside Alfred and get flour in his hair. Let’s see some more Jason picking on Dami’s pets in an annoying big brother way. I want him to come home to more than a tire and a picture. But a mantle full of pictures, and small gifts from Dick. Mementos from Damian. Techno junk he’s stolen from Tim. I just really really want Jason to be happy.

I’d like to personally thank WestAllen for being a breath of fresh air in a toxic sea of trash television including the death of Glenn Rhee, Valerie Vale being shot, Jimmy and Kara still being broken up for no damn reason, the sinking feeling that Maggie Sawyer will be killed off to fuel white angst because look at what network we’re dealing with here…

WestAllen is the warmth of a heated blanket in a freezing cold room, the empowerment from my favourite bold lipstick, and the giddiness of an up-coming convention. Thank you, WestAllen.

Demisexual Yuuri is canon in my heart and soul oh my god

  • Does NOT like anyone pushing him before he’s emotionally ready
  • Does NOT like getting touchy feely with someone he’s not comfortable with AT ALL
  • He’s slow to warm up to people but once he is, he loves them to death
  • He’s able to access his emotions really well, but only for a certain few
  • Honestly he sees people in either a familial or platonic sense and has, so far, only seen VICTOR in a sexual sense

like….. I don’t make the rules friendos………….. Demi!Yuuri


Jeller season 2 OTP tags [1/?]

anonymous asked:

Hi! Do you now any Kara Danvers/Lena Luthor fic?

i haven’t read any yet but i can sure find you some! i’ll probably read some of these later myself (so if you have a specific one i should read gimme names!)

Open Your Eyes by Cerberus_Spectre  [On-going]

When Kara admitted that she was jealous of James and Lucy….not because they were together, but because of what that meant. They had someone to come home to, to kiss, to hold…a shoulder to cry on, to cuddle with…to vent with. To love.

Kara’s only family, blood related family, is in a coma or floating off in dark space. And seeing what Lena Luthor was going through felt like an out of body experience, as if she were just replaying her own life in just 48 hours. She’s never felt more alone in her life, and it’s almost mind consuming. That is until Supergirl is invited by Lena Luthor herself to dinner as a ‘Thank You’ for saving her life, and unknowingly saving Kara’s in the process.

A drink, coffee, dinner or something? by UltimateGryffindork  [One-shot]

After the fourth time in a week that Lena wants to talk to Kara about her article, Kara begins to suspect that something else is going on…

In which Lena attempts to ask Kara out on a date.

Headline: Luthor Shoots Down Supergirl, Just Not in the Way You’d Expect by SorceressOfTheHighestExCalibur  [One-shot]

Kara scrolls through post after post about the incident she’s since deemed It, each a variation of - or simply just - “Supergirl is fucking dead.”

She feels like crawling under a rock and dying for real.

Trust? by LadyJessYU  [Finished]

Lena’s reluctant to believe Supergirl or reluctant to believe she would look past the Luthor name.

First Assignment by anamatics  [On-going]

Snapper’s first assignment to Kara is a teaching moment: one he considers vital needs if she wants to be a journalist. It seems simple, write about L-Corp’s new green initiative, get a few quotes, write something semi-decent. But as Kara starts to dig in, she finds herself at the center of L-Corp’s new CEO’s attention…for better or for worse.

Oblivious by MarvelDC31  [One-shot]

Prompt from H0lygabz: Lena pops in unannounced and visits Kara at CatCo, where a jealous Cat sees them flirting. Bam Kara has two ladies fighting over her while she is just oblivious to everything. Bonus points if you can fit Alex into all of this.

The Power in Encouraging Sentiment by AzureLightningEmeraldCloud  [On-going]

A Lena and Kara story, taking place post- S2 premier.

Keep reading

Bones and Flowers

He walked into the room meant to be his Queen’s. The flames of the torch dimmed as the Queen of his heart drifts off to slumber on her bed of bones and flowers. The bed was made of dried bones, covered with the flowers from above. An absurd combination but true to the couple it belonged to. The cold blooded, feared by all messenger of death, Hades, and the delicate as flowers, bright as the sun, daughter of Spring, Persephone. 

She lay there barren but the blanket of flowers pulled up to her bosom. Her face glowing under the light of the torch, flowers stuck in her hair. She was personified beauty. Everything warm and soft, she was. 

He sat beside her, leaning over his sleeping Queen as he traced her face with his long, cold, skinny finger. He will never cease to admire her beauty. But the cold touch to her warm skin stirred her. He frowned frustrated at himself, at the many differences that marked them apart. She turned to look up him, eyes slited, shining with the reflection of the flames, with a smile playing on her lips as she saw her husband watching her sleep. The smile on her lips eased the frown as he leaned forward to press a kiss, which is neither soft nor warm, on her forehead which despite everything else doesn’t fail to spread a wave of heat within her as she loops her arms around his neck to pull him in with her, in their bed of bones and flowers.


Pulsar Arena: Meet Danny!