D: I’m calm. I’m a calm, intelligent youtuber that makes relaxing, sophisticated content.
P: No rage in this video.

D: Just call me Danny, master of space time.

P: Blame your mum.
D: My mum has nothing to do with the filming of this video sir. Plot twist, our mum films-our mum–
P: Our mum.
D: Plot twist!

D: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH– everything’s fine. I did that just to practice the sensation of gravity.

D: You’ve got a while once it pops open.
P: That’s what she said.

D: I found my flow Phil. I got my period.
P: Strong flow.

D: FUCK YOU! That was fucking on the fuck fuck
P: Language Daniel! There’s babies watching this.
*Moments Later* 
P: Oh sh*t.
P: I just swore as well, we need to edit that out.
D: Did you actually just swear? My god.

P: I know how to play Alan.

P: You’re a pelican.

D: Yas, call me- AHHHHHHH MY GOD!

P: Rest in peace herby pants. 
D: Is he resting in peace? I feel like you just span him into oblivion.
P: To hell.

D: Complete floppy dingdong.
D: Oh a floppy dingdong sounds like an appendage it doesn’t sound like an exclamation…

P: In jump. In slide. In- taste it.

P: Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Nostrils. Tonsils.

D: R.I.P headphone users, we just necrophiled all over them.
P: Necrophiled?
D: That’s the amount of respect we have for headphone users. They’re not just dead-
P: Stop. Stop that sentence.

D: Fuck you that was fucking on the fuck fuck.

D: Fuck you fuck you you fucking fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. Sorry.

D: Fucking bullsack. FUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKK!!!!

D: Patreon for our euthanasia.