Seasons may change, winter to spring…
But I love you until the end of time.

Didn’t film a haul so here you go, friends 😍 💆🏽jasmine & henna fluff eaze hair treatment (it coo - not my favorite hair mask, but coo. Doesn’t leave any greasy feeling behind. Curly hair still bounces 😛) 💩 cup o’ coffee face mask (YASSS bitch- maybe I just like coffee too much? I love this) 💧 Breath of fresh air toner (it nice! I need to use longer to give accurate review) 🌊 Ocean salt face and body scrub (my FAV!!!!! and it’s cute looking too- I love salt scrubs) 🙈Ultrabland facial cleanser (takes off my makeup really well) ⛄️ body conditioner (not my fav smell to be honest idk..I’m weird about scents.. And the lid won’t seal shut so it was hard to travel with 😭) Ps. What was the name of that one holiday edition lush lotion I loved so much?? I totally forgot!!

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There’s a thing some people on the Internet do - I’ve only now started noticing it - where they bootstrap their way into being famous and influential. They take a really nice professional looking photo of themselves, start a really nice professional looking blog with a name like Tech Trends From John Smith, start a Twitter account with accompanying bio like “This is John Smith, from Tech Trends From John Smith”, and then once they have a few followers they start a webzine with a cool name, and the webzine says “Edited by the author of Tech Trends From John Smith”, and Tech Trends From John Smith says “Written by the editor of COOL NAME WEBZINE”. And then they publish a few essays on something that sounds hard to publish to but actually isn’t, like Daily Kos where anybody can publish their own personal Daily Kos blog, and they interlink that with everything else.

And this always works, because nobody can possibly keep up with all of the mildly famous people on the Internet, so if somebody presents themselves as a mildly famous person, you just assume that they’re right.

I’ve only just now started checking how many of the people I assume are mildly famous could get exactly the web presence they in fact have by doing this.

EDIT: I think part of the reason this works on me is my feeling that you’ve got to be really official to use your real name on the Internet instead of using nicks and pseudonyms like the rest of us.

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do you have any pictures of bare-faced xiumin? ;A;

Um it’s really hard to find some in my folders tbh because baby bun wears BB cream (or face masks and sunglasses) like pretty much all the time (huhuhu during mama era he had a constant foundation line because it was kinda the wrong shade heh aww). And the fansites are nice and edits everyone’s tiny flaws most of the time. But here’s a few where you can kinda make out what he looks like bare faced.

(the next one’s are hd, but still with bb cream, so zoom in or something?)

and this one (don’t give him shit for having bad skin please, he has to wear makeup all the time and probably gets very little sleep and stresses a lot, you’d get bad skin too I promise)

Sorry I don’t have more :// Minseok is so beautiful, I’d love to see him bare faced more often… but I wear BB cream all the time, myself, so I get it hahaha. Enjoy(?)