Description: the twins take you laser tagging for their new video. Cameras are attached to each of your guys shoulders. You and Grayson end up in a corner where things get a little heated.

Pairing: Grayson x reader, Ethan x platonic!reader

Warnings: cussing, fluff maybe.


The twins were in need of a new video for their random video of the week and being the good friend you are you agreed to help them. You all pulled on the best and smeared black light paint on eachothers faces as you got ready for the intense battle you were about to have.

Cameron and a few of the twins other friends had come along and you all chatted as you waited for your session to begin. You and Grayson stood in the corner together as Ethan mingled with everyone else.

“Who do you think will win?” You whispered to Grayson. He looked down at you from his leaning position on the wall.

“Me duh.”

“ I think I can give you a run for your money.” You fought back.

“Mhmm we’ll see.”


It was halfway into the game and half the players were out. The only people you knew were left for sure were Grayson, Ethan, and Cameron. But that was only three people and there were at least 10 originally which meant there was one more not counting you.

In your opinion the only other person who could be left was Aaron. You and Aaron played paintball with eachother on a weekly basis seeing as he was your brother and you both had paintguns on hand at your shared apartment. You would always ambush eachother for videos.

The lights flashed which meant another person was out. You saw Aaron groan and stand up. He didn’t see you as you poked your head around the wall and watched Ethan run off into the dark room. You snickered at your brothers demise and slyly followed Ethan.

He faced the opposite direction as he crouched down and aimed. The lights flashed and Cameron stood up with a frown on her face. She saw you behind Ethan as you aimed. You winked at her as you took your shot and hit him in the middle of his back. The lights flashed as his vest lights shut off. He looked behind him and scoffed at you as you ran away to find Grayson.

It was like the fact that you two had spoken about who would win before led it to being only you two. You stood in a corner between two cushion which stood up right your lazed gun held up to your chest. You poked your head around the corner and saw Grayson’s back faced towards you. He was walking backwards toward you and you snickered. You ducked back behind the wall and waited.

His back appeared in your line of vision and you yanked him into the corner with you. His back sat pressed into the corner and his gun dangled at his side as he stared at you.

“Hi.” You whispered. Your lips were extremely close together. Closer than they’d ever been before and it clouded Grayson’s mind leaving him to forget about the laser tag game.

Your face inched closer to his and your lips connected. His lips were soft and tasted of the lemonade he’d had before you arrived at the laser tag place. You smiled as your lips moved in sync and you raised your gun to his chest.

You pulled back as you pulled the trigger and the lights went off. His vest shut down as the lights came back on. You smirked at his betrayed expression.

“I win.” You skipped off leaving the boy in shock at what had just happened.

McHanzo Week - Day 7 - The Sea

Rating: Teen

Words: 1012

Synopsis:  Jesse decides to take Hanzo in a date by the sea. Hanzo loves the sea, it’s calming, beautiful and blue, his favorite color. Jesse loves the smile on his boyfriend’s face when he sees the sea. And it’s by the sea he decides to take the next step.

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