Air B&E (reader x Bucky)

Characters: reader, Bucky, Natasha, Clint, unnamed Male Target, OFC Jeff. 

Summary: When a mission requires close proximity with your least favorite teammate, you try to make the best of it, but a change in plans adds new challenges and possibly a new opportunity. ( basically Bed Sharing Trope meets Enemies to Lovers Trope. Kinda.  :D )

Warnings: sexual situations? pretty vague.  

Word Count: 2.8k

Tags are at the bottom

A/N: Hey, ya’ll !! I’m back from vacation and the idea for this fic was sparked by my sleeping accommodations. heh. I kinda fell in love with it and even made time to write in the evenings after being super tired from traveling. I hope you enjoy this and any feedback is appreciated! Love you guys!! :)



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“Alright! So here are the keys, the WiFi password is posted on the fridge and let me know if there’s anything you need, anything at all. Okay?” said the overly enthusiastic young man before you.

You accepted the keys with a smile, “Absolutely! Thank you so much, Jeff. It’s even better than the pictures.”  

“I’m so glad,” he grinned. “Well, I’ll leave you to it. It was so nice to meet you both.”

Your eyes flickered to the man beside you, tight smile upon his face. “You, too, man,” he coolly responded.

Resisting the urge to roll your eyes, you clasped the hand of the heavy left arm draped over your shoulders. Technology allowed the metal plates to be shielded with a holographic flesh arm, but it still weighed a ton.

“Bye, Jeff.”

He nodded before stepping out into the hall. The moment the front door lock engaged, you shoved the arm off and put as much space between you two as possible.

“This plan is stupid,” Bucky said with contempt as he collapsed heavily onto the couch.

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The littlest angel - Castiel x Reader

Characters: Castiel, (Y/N), your daughter

Pairing: Cas x Reader

Warnings: Fluff I guess, nothing too much I think

Reader gender: Female

Summary: Castiel with his daughter.. Well just try to imagine the sweetness

Word count: 647 (so short…)

AN: Requested by @bandimagines22

“Good night my sweet little angel,” You whispered while putting your baby daughter to sleep.

Castiel and you had a beautiful baby daughter with the sam blue eyes as Cas’ vessel and your (H/C) hair. She got his nose too and a bit of your lips. She was amazing. A smart girl and incredibly beautiful. Adelaide, that’s what she was called.

Cas wrapped his arms around your waist when you turned around and kissed you softly on the lips, “Now you,” he whispered and led you to the bedroom. You were tired, you had to admit, but you wanted to spent more time with Castiel. Your daughter was finally asleep and that meant some alone time with Cas. But you were too tired, because once your head hit the pillow, you were out cold.

Your dream was nice, your daughter and Cas in an apple life. No hunting, no monsters, just you and the two loves of your life. Sadly enough, that was interrupted by loud crying from the crib near your bed. You sat up and rubbed your eyes before you felt a hand gently push you back to lie down, “I got it,” You heard Cas’ voice whisper in your ear and he kissed your temple before you felt the bed dip down and rise up again.

Cas walked to his daughter and hesitantly looked at her. Of course, he was her dad, but he still didn’t really know how to comfort a baby since they couldn’t talk, so he did what seemed best, he spoke softly, “Please.. Don’t.” He said and took a few steps closer. But Adelaide didn’t stop crying. Cas began to panick a bit and picked her up. Adelaide’s eyes opened and she became quiet when she saw her dad. The ocean blue eyes looking into the other ocean blue ones. Cas smiled softly and began to rock her back and forth while bouncing a bit, “Hey baby girl,” he whispered and kissed her forehead carefully, “We have to stay quiet, okay? Mommy wants to sleep.” He told her and sat down on the bed with Adelaide in his arms. “Did you have a nightmare?” he asked the baby who simply kept her eyes on her father.

The next day you woke up and turned around in bed. You opened your eyes and immediately began to smile. Cas was sitting on the bed next to you, his eyes on Adelaide while she slept. Every now and then, Adelaide smiled in her sleep and it was the sweetest thing you’d ever seen. “Morning Cas,” you muttered and sat up to lie your head on his shoulder and look at your daughter. “Morning (Y/N).” Cas replied and pecked your lips in a goodmorning kiss, “I don’t know what I did, but it seemed to put Adelaide to sleep.” He stated, rather confused himself. You laughed softly and ran a finger over your daughter’s cheek carefully, not wanting to wake her up. “It surely did, you’re an amazing dad, Castiel,” You assured your love. Cas smiled proudly and carefully handed Adelaide to you, “I’ll make you some breakfast,” he said while you took Adelaide in your arms and kissed her head, “I’ll be right back.”

When Cas came back, he saw you playing with Adelaide and in that very moment, he knew why he chose you over Heaven. You were the love of his life and you’ve granted him the perfect life. Well almost perfect, hunting was still a part of your lives but other than that, it was perfect. You gave him this beautiful daughter who he loved dearly and you brought him so much happiness. His smile wasn’t shy or modest, it was bright and proud when he watched you and your daughter laugh, hug and cuddle. Cas knew, you and Adelaide were his everything and he wouldn’t trade you for anything.

anonymous asked:

how would they act when their tough looking female s/o becomes a whimpering and moaning sub whenever they do the do?

2p!America: Loves it. Yes, he’d love to make his s/o beg for him~

2p!Canada: he’d be slightly surprised but he wouldn’t show it. He was planning to dominate anyways

2p!England: Surprised. He was not expecting this at all but he’ll top and take control

2p!France: Shocked but like James, he was planning to dominate anyways. A slight ego boost though.

2p!China: Huge Ego boost. He is proud to be able to make you like this. He’d love to see every reaction you make

2p!Russia: Surprised but not a lot. This side of you may or may not be his favorite thing

2p!Italy: He’ll make a little joke about how he was planning to let you too before taking control

2p!Germany: He finds it hot and he’ll easily switch from bottom to top

2p!Prussia: He’ll start blushing being curious as to what he’s doing to make them like this but he wouldn’t mind topping

2p!Japan: Ego boost. He would might make a small remark about how good he must be or how he wants to see more of this.

2p!Romano: He’d be completely shocked. He thought he’d found the perfect top. Oh well. He’d still bottom but just be on top while doing so

2p!Spain: Loves it. He’ll tease them endlessly until he actually wanted to finish

The last couple weeks had been a blur. He and Blaine had found and moved into an amazing apartment, no big bads had been terrorizing the city, and it was all just…well, perfect. Their apartment was still rather empty (pretty much only decorated with just the basics they needed), but it was starting to feel like a real home. Barry and Blaine had agreed to let themselves just wake up on their own that weekend, something Barry was extremely thankful for after the late night they’d had the night before. As he turned over in his sleep, he stirred himself a bit too much, causing him to wake up. He groaned slightly as his eyes blinked open, but his tired expression shifted into more confusion as he moved to wrap his arms around his boyfriend only to find him missing. “Blaine?” He yawned as he looked around for the other.

The Great Pie Debate

Requested by: Anonymous

Author: Not moose

Character: Dean

Warnings: Fluff

Reader gender: Neutral

“Sam. Sam. Sammy. Sam boney. SAMMMMM!” You plead like a little child when they want attention.

“Oh my god. WHAT?” Sam yells back getting seriously pissed. You have been following him around the bunker almost all day.

“I’m bored. There is no case and I have no friends except for you and Dean. I want you to entertain me! Please Sammy. Pleaseeeee?” You break out the pout and puppy eyes but Sam doesn’t fall for it. He is the master at puppy eyes after all.

“Go bake something. And leave me alone for a few hours.” He responded rubbing his face and walking away to find some peace and quiet.

You grumbled about how Sam never wants to do anything fun while looking through the kitchen to figure out what you want to bake.

“PIE!! I’m makin’ me some good old apple pie!” You exclaim excitedly. You love pie just as much as Dean and your mouth was watering at the thought of the sweet cinnamon taste engulfing your taste buds.

As you get the last ingredient from the fridge you hear the clamor of heavy boots behind you. You perk up thinking Sam changed his mind about hanging out with you,but deflate when you realize it was Dean instead.

“Look who finally decided to come out of his room.” You say getting back to the task at hand.

“Yeah well I know how you get when we have days off. You won’t leave Sammy or I alone. But I heard something about pie, so I had to come out.” He takes a slice of apple and you smack his hand away giving him a glare.

“Hands off Winchester. I need that to make the apple pie.” You give him one last glare before turning your back on him to grab a bowl.

“Seriously apple. Come on. We both know the best flavor of pie is pecan.” He whines. You roll your eyes and start poring the ingredients in the giant red bowl for the crust, your grandpas recipe.

“I know I just heard you wrong. You can’t possibly think PECAN is better than APPLE pie. That’s just wrong. Could you hand me the butter. Nope to your right.” You ask while tying on the apron you forgot to put on before mixing.

“Here. And yeah that’s what I’m saying. Apple is great but pecan is just, I don’t even have words for it Y/N. It’s the pie to end all pies.” He says jumping up onto the counter next to you.

“Mix this. I have to pre heat the oven. And pecan is good but apple is a classic. The right amount of sweet and gooey. The perfect pie.”

“Well I still think pecan is best.” He huffs while pouring the dough into a pie pan and shaping it, not before trying some for himself. He hums pleased at the taste that dances across his tongue.

He turns around only to be hit with a handful of flour in the face. You laugh at his ‘I’m and so done’ look before speaking

“Make your own pie next time then. Or if you hung out with me I would’ve let you have a say. That’s what you get for ignoring me.” You smile and walk past him to get a rag to clean up the mess.

When you face Dean again you are met with an egg sliding down your head and onto the side of your face. Dean give his full body laugh at your disgusted look and almost falls over.

“Hope your apple pie is worth that” He smirks.

“Oh. It’s sooo on mister.” You whisper to him and reach for the nearest ingredient you could find.

“Bring it.”

Sam finally emerges a few hours after telling you to leave him alone and follows the sound of hysterical laughter. We he reaches the kitchen his eyes nearly bug out of his head when he sees the mess you and Dean made while ‘baking’.

“THIS.” He gestures to the room that is almost unrecognizable as a kitchen. “Is not baking Y/N! What the hell?” He is fuming by now and is giving you a hard core bitch face.

“Well he was saying pecan pie was better than apple and I couldn’t just stand for it Sammy. It’s a sin.” You fake the hurt in your words and put your hand over your heart to really make it dramatic.

“Clean it up. Just clean the room up.” He says defeated. He walks out of the room and decided that coming out of his hiding place was in fact, NOT a good idea.

You and Dean just laugh and continue eating the pie you did eventually make after the epic food fight.

“Come on Dean, you can’t seriously tell me pecan is better than this amazing specimen before you. Ready to admit apple pie is better?” You question giving him a flirty smile.

Dean stops eating for a second and turns to you with a very serious expression. Before you could even ask what’s wrong his lips are on yours. There soft and warm and you melt instantly. You card your fingers through his hair, only to come back with butter. You chuckle lightly. You two must be a sight. Dean smiles into the kiss before pulling away.

“I think I can be persuaded.” He answers. You smile and lean in to kiss him again.

Shit Spinel says

More RP snippets because my friends are all demanding Spinel for some reason


Snorting laughter, “Those ones are the ones I like to call filthy pigs, no need for the formalities. They’re all pricks. But hey, I’m at least putting their money to better use right? Hah~”

 “Bullshit, it’s all bullshit! It’s the only language they speak, just flat out bullshit! Well frankly I’m through with the bullshittery. If you want to cram it down their throats then fine, but I just can’t swallow any more. I do my job and I do it damn well without the fucking formalities and that’s just too godamn bad for them because they aren’t going to find a better paid fuck in their rotten lives!”

(context: He was asked if anything could be done to take his mind off of things)

Sarcastically, “Yeah, maybe a nice back massage. And then blow me. While you’re at it why don’t you make me a fucking pie while doing an erotic dance simultaneously and then garnish it off with a piles of more ‘sirs’.”

“.. If I decided to smack you right in the jaw what would you do?”

“Hah… Fucking smart ass…” he gave a gruff grunt, reaching up to give a light smack to the side of his jewel’s face before his expression dropped flat. “You’re just as bullshit as the rest of them.”

“… Just shut up and put your mouth to work, I’m… Tired of listening to you right now.”

“You don’t like that? Not being perfect? Well too fucking bad, I’ve never in my life met a pony who was aside from myself and it took most of my life to get to that point, you’d never understand that.”

“I have plenty of Jewels you know, what makes you think you’re so special? Huh?”

“Every life is unique, but that doesn’t make you special now, does it? Uniqueness is a dime a dozen. Being exceptional is rare, and being perfect rarer still.”

“Well you do make a perfect bitch, I’ll give you that point.” He looked down with a snobby scowl, not seeming entirely impressed by this statement. “But that’s practically factory cut.”

“You do everything you’re supposed to. To the book if there was a book. Great mouth, tongue with lots of uses. And you beg just right. I get that you have to put up a face for the clients, disgusting pigs that they can be. But… For some reason they really like you, some quirky thing you have maybe. But I sure as hell aint seeing it, myself. You’re perfect for them. But do you want to know what would make you perfect for me? If you could manage to make me give a shit enough to want you again and again. That’s how.”

“If it was so easy to make a perfect polish for myself then don’t you think I’d have my jewel by now? It’s not up to me, just my shit luck, right? Hahahaha.”

He frowned, heavily disappointed. No one could ever see it. He kicked himself inwardly for even remotely thinking this one could. “I don’t think I’m perfect because I don’t have flaws, how stupid do you think I am?” He was glaring daggers at this point. “We’re all unique because we all have flaws.”

“Money talks. Money talks far louder than the truth and it’s even better at hiding it.”

"Hey don’t worry I don’t judge a man for his kinks. AHAHAHAHA!”

“Mares aren’t interested in that sort of thing, they prefer stallions with experience but stallions? Dirty bastards would do anything to pop a virgin. Mare or stallion.”

“Oh glad you noticed. Yes, yes, you see, it’s my business. Except without all the nasty risks out there, no, no. You see, I cooould.. Hm, how do I put this? If you like, we can make a little deal and I could give you the know how while keeping that little treasure in tact.” He quirked a brow suggestively, “And we can see who the highest bidder is~”

Spinel was a lot more lax than before. He had cleared some chairs out of the way in favor of a long fake grass strip with which he appeared to be magically playing golf with. There was a petit mare at the end sitting spread-eagle in front of the hole, dressed in nothing but a collar. He glanced up at the client with a grin and an eyebrow quirk. “Back for more, eh? How was she? Good, right?” He looked down at the ball, concentrated, then hit it. The ball bounced off the mare’s thigh and went in to the hole, and she responded with a soft giggle.
“Hole in one!” she commented chipperly, getting up and picking up the ball. “Should I wait in the jaccuzzi, Spinny?”
He chuckled and put the golf club to the side, “That would be just fine, dear~”

“So, the same deal or would you rather spice things up a little? Also if you like her enough we could discuss future scheduling for you, maybe even a discount if you buy in bulk~”

“Let’s see, now if you work with her available dates that should be no problem. Howeverrr…” he chewed on the tip of the feather, “If you want to book dates where she’s reserved, you would have to pay triple her usual cost as I would have to refund the client who ordered her. The reason it’s triple and not double is because it’s also, let’s say, insurance to keep her slot exclusive to you. No pony else can replace her schedule after that.”

“If all continues to go well I might even be willing to send her to you instead, but that’s only if  you behave, and for house visits I require all Jewels to have an escort…”

Perfect characters don’t exi--

“Well, I still think you’re pretty great.”

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Hello! So this is a little thing I wrote up for someone on tumblr, inspired by a dream that I had a couple of months ago. For some reason, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it lately. Anyways, I decided that I might as well go ahead and share it with you lovely people as well. Please listen to this while you read. It’ll help set the tone/mood better :) (I’ll be listing a couple of song titles, so you can even flip ahead (or behind) in the playlist when I mention them to listen to those songs as you read those parts) I hope you enjoy! :)

It was early December. Having spent the majority of the day walking around London and window shopping with Tom, you were both enjoying the warmth and tranquility of a night in. It was snowing outside and had been for most of the day, making London look absolutely breathtaking as everything slowly became covered in a blanket of white. Large fluffy snowflakes gently floated past the window as Tom started the fireplace while you put on a record. Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians - The Sweetest Waltzes This Side Of Heaven was your choice for the night. It was so beautiful and peaceful. You found the record at a thrift shop one day and decided to take a chance and buy it on a whim. It easily became one of your favourites from the very first moment you listened to it.

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