i hate the su fandom so much like i dont get in drama over the shit that happens but GOD its worse than homestuck. homestuck still has/had the worse cosplayers, but i feel steven universe is gonna reach that low in a few months. like everyone in the fandom is just so fucking pretentious and they treat the show staff like shit and they treat anyone who isnt 100% perfect like shit and they disregard comments the creator of the goddamn show says so they can go on witch hunts

i am only watching this show for the show itself the su fandom makes me want to d e l e t e t h e s o i l b e n e a t h m y f e e t

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legit question: Why do fans want a follow up to Hannibal when the ending was just so perfect the way it was? What would a movie or season for consist of given the death of the 2 main characters? (Not against it, big fan of Fuller's work, just wondering)


1) If it’s indeed the end of the series, Will and Hannibal could be dead…and they still could be alive and live their murder husbands dream together…depends on your own interpretation….and everyone is happy..

2) If NBC had renewed the show/if another network had picked it up, Will and Hannibal did survive the fall. Bryan Fuller said it several times in different interviews [x] (my favorite interview so far). And he had a whole new arc/plotline developped for the two of them. And apparently it begins at Bedelia’s dinner table. Bryan Fuller said we would have seen what happens next and who were the guests (honestly not hard to guess lol)

That’s the amazing thing about that ending…it can be satisfying for a portion of the audience like people got their closure and they can move on with life (how I wonder). And in the other hand it’s a great and very clever conclusion for now. Like if Starz (sounds like our best chance in the future. That’s why it’s vital to watch American Gods. Please people do it.) picks up the show or if we move to the big screen, the story will continue from that point…

I really understand your point of view ^^. But I need more, it’s just can’t be over. Not now. Bryan Fuller had a 7 seasons plan in his mind (well more like 5 now lol). Please let that man finish a show ONCE IN HIS LIFE. He deserves so much more, it drives me fucking insane.

Hannibal wasn’t supposed to end here so I won’t give up without fighting…


Mail day! Finally after a month+! Mail has been so silly slow lately ;3;
Little run down, glass eyes from ebay, boots that are way too huge on my girls from ebay, little yellow rain boots and s hooks (which are also wayy too big) from Mu-doll and stockings from eBay~

Stockings are for Planchette, to match her red n’ white outfit.
Henri got spoiled, the boots are part of an outfit I’m putting together for him and now he has some of his own eyes in the correct colour! They still aren’t perfect though :c The colour is nice but the dome is far too high, and the whites are ever so slightly too small.
So, great colour but a little gap-y in his head.

The boots.. Well they’re massive, so they might go to one of my boys now I suppose!

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I still don’t buy it. Perfection isn’t attainable. Yin and yang doesn’t mean perfectly in sync. A relationship will always have ups and downs. There will always be arguments and contradictions.

Arguments and contradictions are the reasons for any relationship to be both entertainable and worth while. Perfection isn’t flawlessness. 

Puzzle pieces aren’t perfectly square,
and a flower needs both rain and sunshine in order to grow ;)

Eat my metaphors! haha

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I personally think that SA2 was close to the perfect tone for a Sonic plot (even if it took itself too seriously at times). Unleashed was a lot more "soft", but it still worked well. Anything after that was trash. The Archie Comics are also good examples of tone for a Sonic game's story

Sonic Adventure 2 was too dark. It’s also right in the nexus of “Sonic games that take themselves way too seriously.” It’s a little too close to the tone of the Shadow the Hedgehog game.

Like, Sonic Adventure 2′s story is “A grandfather wants to cure his niece’s not-AIDS terminal illness, so he dabbles in genetic mutation, goes insane, and nearly kills every human on earth because the government accidentally murdered his niece in cold blood.”

That’s your perfect tone?

Mine’s Sonic Unleashed. People can grouse about how annoying Chip is (and maybe I won’t disagree with them), but at least it has fun with the end of the world. Nobody dies, even though by rights, cracking the planet open like that should’ve actually already killed everyone. It’s serious without being too serious, and funny without being too funny.

It’s not the greatest story ever told, but tone-wise, I think it’s the closest to what I want.

Just realized I haven’t posted this, but I’m joing books-and-cookies #TwilightReadAThon–well, rereadathon for me. I got into Twilight late, was curious about the book that 40 year old women and 10 year girls all loved. There were problems, and I still dislike who Bella’s with by the end…and found the last book dissatisfying. But there is no doubt that I rarely bawl over books like I did New Moon, or felt like someone described what it’s like to feel empty, regardless of the stupid reason, so well before. It has it’s moments of great beauty and stupidity. Bella is boring, the love is so twisted but presented as perfect, and yet I’ve read this series more than once, and some books (looking at you New Moon and Eclipse) something like 5 times cuz I’m weird.

Been about 2-3 years though, so it’s time to pull them down. Plus this goes along great with #AYearAThon’s Banned Books Readathon (8/1 - 8/13) as I remember seeing Twilight at the top of challenged books during the years it was big.

lil about liam

liam was the first person that popped his head in the door. he just kind of…appeared…in the doorway and my eyes got so big because up close he still looks unbelievably perfect and exactly like he does in pictures and video. it’s a little eerie honestly. his voice is exactly the same as well. liam gives good hugs. he smells like cigarette smoke. his eyes get all crinkly and warm. warm is the best way to describe him because he is so soothing and reassuring. when we gave him our birthday cards and batman cupcakes he looked so so so happy and disbelieving. he told us that it was the best birthday party ever and that he can’t believe he’s celebrating it like this. he happily listened to us all sing to him and was so happy to blow out the candles. he jostled around with niall so much and they cuddled my buddy for the longest time “come here darling, let’s have a cuddle.” liam’s fav word is “darling.” he puts everyone immediately at ease and made me feel so much calmer just by the silly singing and dancing he was doing. liam clearly enjoys making people feel good and calm. he is a lovely person

Frederick had never liked birthdays, not one bit. Something about the attention just didn’t appeal to him. Chrom and Lissa had known their knight for six years before they’d managed to suss out his birthday, and since then he’s spent another six years avoiding birthday celebration after birthday celebration to mounting difficulty every year.

Now, with a tactician in their ranks, it has become notoriously hard to avoid any sort of fanfare. He’d thought he had prepared for everything, too, right until Robin had appeared to him barefoot, putting her little brown feet at great risk of injury on stone or stick.

The perfect distraction for a surprise birthday attack.

“Ah, you know me too well,” he’d moaned.

Still, there was no other day in the year where he felt more loved.

IT’S SIR FREDERICK THE WARY’S BIRTHDAY! my surly, bitchy husband. i can’t believe after over a year of playing fe:a i still love this guy so much….. i wanted to draw something way more ambitious. maybe next year <3

beautiful ficlet written by jenn :)

pitch perfect 3 writers discussing the script
  • kay cannon:so i have the finished script here i re-wrote it a few times and i had to tweak it a little but i think it turned out pretty well and--
  • elizabeth banks:how many bechloe scenes are there
  • elizabeth banks:are jesse and beca still together
  • elizabeth banks:are beca's outfits still gay af
  • elizabeth banks:how high on the kinsey scale does it go exactly
  • elizabeth banks:if it's less than four we need it higher
  • elizabeth banks:you know what just forget it go all the way to the top make it a six
  • elizabeth banks:compared to the first two movies
  • elizabeth banks:how gay is it
  • elizabeth banks:we need it to be gayer
  • kay cannon:but you haven't read it yet why don't you read it first and then we'll--
  • elizabeth banks:WE NEED MORE GAY

America Through The Looking Glass

She grew up believing that the United States of America was the greatest country in the history of the world. A land of justice and equal opportunity for all. A beacon of freedom and democracy. Each day at school she pledged allegiance to the flag with hand on heart and star-spangled eyes fixed trustingly on the future.

Of course she wasn’t stupid. She understood that nothing and no-one is ever perfect. However good your intentions, mistakes happen and even good people can accidentally do bad things. This was as true of countries as it was of people. What mattered was that you stuck to your values and tried your best. Even if she sometimes saw things that disturbed her, she still believed (because she was told so every day of her life) that America was the best and always meant well. 

What changed her mind was something that happened with her bedroom mirror. For a long time she had noticed strange, dark shadows there. Disturbing images that made no sense to her. One night she became so curious that she decided to climb through the mirror to investigate. After a bit of a tussle (because it was quite a small mirror) she managed to wriggle through and landed with a bump on the other side. It was a very strange place indeed. There was a large sign that said ‘Reality’ in flickering neon script. At first it seemed like the America she knew, but when she looked more closely it was quite different.

People in the mirror-world seemed to exist in a mental haze of distraction and misinformation. There were loud babblers and bloviators on television and radio who ranted and squabbled in a brain-churning cacophony of contrived conflict, generating vast amounts of heat but remarkably little light. Those who listened to them would become agitated and argue furiously among themselves about things they had been told were important, but really weren’t.

Instead of being a land of freedom and equal opportunity for all it was plain to the girl that here a tiny privileged elite lived in obscene luxury while very many went hungry and homeless. Just to get an education could put you in debt for the rest of your life and on the streets black people were being shot by racist, killer cops who rarely suffered any consequences for the executions.

The peace-loving, well-meaning country she believed in was nowhere to be seen and in it’s place was a rogue nation, born out of genocide and built on slavery, that had been at war with someone or other for nearly the whole of it’s existence. It’s vast military empire spanned the globe and enforced it’s ruthless self-interest. While it portrayed itself as a victim of terrorism, it’s own CIA was the biggest, best funded, and most bloody terrorist organization on earth.

The girl saw a nation that, alone in the world, had used nuclear weapons to massacre civilians, that had also supported brutal dictators, overthrown many democracies, embraced torture, and been responsible for millions of deaths since the end of WW11. A place that locked up more of it’s own people, for longer, for more trivial offenses, than anywhere else on earth. She saw a ‘justice’ system’ that operated to preserve privilege and a callous disregard for the sick and poor. A ‘Christian’ nation that did not practice Christianity.

And there was fear in the air. The most massive, over-reaching state surveillance apparatus the world had ever seen spied upon the population 24/7. Any desire for privacy was treated as suspicious. Knowing they were being constantly watched, people were docile and compliant. Public figures who threatened the status quo had been assassinated and whistle-blowers who told the truth were hounded, jailed, and crushed. Relentless propaganda and scare-mongering had frightened people into giving up civil rights in exchange for an illusory ‘security’.

She watched in disbelief as an absurd political theater played out, a cynical illusion of democracy where the only ‘choice’ was between two right-of-center parties that both offered a broadly similar corporate-friendly agenda and it took over a billion dollars to be elected President. Big-business lobbyists swarmed over Washington like flies on a dung-heap buying influence from corrupt politicians and the wishes of the people had long since ceased to matter.

“Bloody Hell !!” .. she muttered .. “if this is reality it sucks”. It was, in truth, bizarre and terrifying beyond anything she could have imagined. This was nothing like the America she loved. Nothing like the comforting stories she had grown up with and the things she had been taught to believe at school. Nobody in their right mind could ever think this was alright.

But once she had seen it all, she couldn’t unsee it. She couldn’t go back to how she was before. So she’s still trapped in there, through that looking glass, a lost girl looking for a way out to something better. Be careful with mirrors, and with reality too. They can both show you things you may not want to see.

Internet Writer

(cartoon by Joe Heller)


Everything is going wrong, but we’re so happy!

I feel like this song is the perfect anthem for One Piece. It just fits so well to me, so much that I was compelled to do something I have never done before and make an AMV.

I’m not making AMVs anymore.

Still, I hope people enjoy this.




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look, catalystguardian! here’s the thing!

this is a little simplified (well, i mean, y’know, as simple as i think i could do) version of the trueform of gabriel! FOR REASONS

front/back aren’t perfect layovers of each other, but i did it in a bit of a rush. still like it though! this is the first one i’ve shown a semblance of a color scheme for, but i’d really like to do detailed schemes for all of them! 

Mr. Virgata and I are casually house shopping right now. He is really in love with a particular house outside of my desired radius. One of the features it has, inexplicably, is an indoor wood - fired pizza oven. I cook and bake a lot, so he has latched onto this as a selling point for me.

Me: It’s really far from work. And the kids’ school. I just don’t know…

Him: Look at that oven though! LOOK AT IT.

Me: It IS cool, but also probably a messy pain in the ass.

Him: There’s loads of wine shelving in the basement too. Think of the elegant murder parties you could have, Bedelia.

Real Estate Agent: [silence]

Real Estate Agent: [more silence]

Real Estate Agent: I thought your name was [Aloysia.]

You’re perfect.
What a cliche thing to say, I know. Believe me, I know.
I’m not saying you don’t have flaws and I’m not saying you don’t make mistakes. But how could I say they’re imperfections when they’re a part of you and make you, well you.
People have broken you more times than once. And you’ve managed to gather up the broken pieces and put yourself back together. But some pieces are still missing, so your sharp edges poke out like thorns. But I’m not scared to be cut by them, darling. Show me your rough edges, show me your dark thoughts, show me the worst in you- I’ll still be standing here saying you’re perfect by the end.
Your hearts guarded as if it’s been put inside a box and the box is locked and the key was thrown in the ocean for the one person willing to dive deep to find it. I’m the diver and if the key is buried a hundred feet under sand and rocks, I’ll dig.
Your arms feel more like home than my little house filled with my belongings. I sleep more soundly on your chest listening to the rhythm of your beating heart than I do in my own bed. I feel safer with your fingers wrapped around mine than I would in a room guarded with a million armed men. Your apologies scream sincerity. Your soul speaks of forgiveness. Your words calm the panic inside my mind. Your love is entire. As is mine for you.
Blacows, Tokyo Station, Tokyo

Last week I was happy to report that my favorite Tokyo ramen shop had opened a second location, and this week I can share similar news about the city’s best burger joint, Blacows…

Truth be told, I think Blacows makes the best burger in the world. And now you can try one right inside Tokyo Station…

Blacows has opened a take-out shop just inside the Daimaru department store, very close to the entrance to the Shinkansen, which makes it quite convenient to grab a bite for your ride on the bullet train…

Just be sure you leave yourself at least 20 minutes because, just like they do at their original shop, these butchers turned burger makers are still grinding all the meat inhouse for every order…

They smoke all their own bacon as well…

Now I’m not usually a fan of BBQ sauce on burgers, but I’ll always get a side of Blacows’, usually for my fries…

A Blacows burger and a beer, the perfect lunch or dinner to take back to your hotel or to enjoy as you speed across the Japanese countryside…


Daimaru Department Store

Tokyo Station

1-9-1 Marunouchi, B1F

Chiyoda, Tokyo

Sam Wilkinson - Sleeping beauty

Request:  Something hella cute with Sammy boy? Idc what just something with him 🙏🏼


It was hot as fuck outside and we decided to not do anything all day. The temperature in our room was perfect, so there was no chance we would go outside.

“Good morning princess,” Sam murmured into my ears snaking his arms around my waist. He pulled me close to him and I looked up at him smiling.

“It’s already good, because you are here,” I said, my voice was still hoarse a bit and probably I looked like a mess, but it didn’t matter. Sam had been away for a couple of weeks and he got home yesterday. I slept so well next to him, I loved the feeling of his body next to mine in our king sized bed.

“And how I missed my sleeping beauty,” he sighed kissing my cheek. “What do you want to do today?”

“Can we just stay in bed? I want to cuddle my boyfriend all day.” I run my fingertips through his face feeling every inch of his skin. I missed touching him and being touched by him.

“Anything you want baby,” he smiled at me kissing my forehead. “I’ll go and make some breakfast, you just stay here,” he said getting out of the bed.

I heard him shuffle around in our kitchen, and after a while he appeared in our room with a tray in his hands.

“I tried my best, but we don’t have too much food.” His laugh was the cutest.

“It’s okay, I will go grocery shopping later.” He set the tray down to the bed and then sat next to me. There were some toasts, butter, ham and some veggies, a bowl of cereal, milk and orange juice.

“What do you want?” I asked tugging my hair behind my ears.

“Just eat whatever you want, I’m good with the rest.”

I ate the cereal and took a slice of toast, while Sam ate everything else.

“You are a good chef,” I said grinning at him.

“Woah, can you say it in a video? I want everyone to know how well I treat you,” he laughed grabbing his phone from the nightstand. He opened his Snapchat, while I run my fingers through my hair to make it less messy.

“Okay, go,” he said holding up his phone.

“Hey people, I’ll let all of you know that Sam is the best chef ever, he made me toast!” I held up my slice and then took a bite pretending like I was eating the best food in the world.”

“I’m saving this, you look so hot in my shirt baby.”

“I’m glad, because I got used to wear them.” I grinned at him. While he was away I started to wear his shirts at home, it helped me when I was missing him so badly.

“You can take as many as you want baby,” he said kissing me.

When we were finished he took the tray down. I lay down on the bed making myself comfortable in the sheets.

“And this is a sneak peek of my beautiful girlfriend cuddling in our bed,” Sam said as he came inside recording me with his phone probably for Snapchat. “Do you have anything to say baby?”

“No, I’m sleeping,” I said smiling, with my eyes closed.

“And you will just ignore me then?”

“Yes, stop recording and I will acknowledge you.”

I heard him laugh but I was so damn sure he was still recording me.

“Baby, wakey wakey, I need you!” he sang in an adorable voice, I couldn’t help but smile.

“Put your phone away Sammy,” I said laughing and finally opened my eyes. He was kneeling besides me still filming me.

“No,” he stated.

“Why? I have bed hair and swollen eyes, why would you want to film me like that?” I asked laughing and hiding my face in my hands, but he took them off.

“Because you are so beautiful, and everyone should know that you are gorgeous in the morning, daytime and in the evening.”

“Aw, that’s sweet, but I still want you to stop filming me.” I raised my eyebrows at him waiting for him to do what I asked for.

“Just one more video, I won’t post it, I just need it for myself.” He looked at me with his puppy eyes and I couldn’t say no.

“What do you want?” I asked sighing and rolling my eyes.

“You to give me a kiss,” he said grinning at me, getting his face closer to mine.

“Promise you won’t post it anywhere?” I asked before our lips could meet, he was already recording, holding his phone away from us turning the camera towards us.

“I promise, I just need it when I’m away and miss you. Because I can’t wear your clothes.”

I laughed at his reason, and then he took my lower lip between his teeth.

“You are such an idiot,” I mumbled still laughing and then kissed him.

“But you love me, don’t you?” he asked speaking into my lips.

“Yes I do,” I answered him smiling.

“Good, I love you too,” he sais and then kissed me again.

I took his face in my hands and held him in place. Our tongue met and my heart beating fastened immediately. Our kiss became more and more heated in every second, we couldn’t get enough of each other. But then I remembered he was recording it, and slowly pulled away.

“Are you happy now?” I asked looking into his eyes biting my lower lip.

“Can I have another kiss like that?” he asked staring down at my lips.

“Put down your phone and you can have even more.”

“Deal.” He threw his phone away, I heard it smashing to the floor, but he didn’t care about it, he immediately attacked my lips and this time I happily gave him what he wanted.

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ok so I have been assuming that Cheedo is Māori since I first watched it (her actress is) but what if she learnt her pepeha as a small child, and only remembers a little bit of it, and then when she meets the Vuvalini she meets one who is Māori and finds out that they share an iwi, so the Vuvalini woman teaches her about her whakapapa and maybe starts teaching her a little bit of te reo?

I AM SORRY FOR ANSWERING THIS LATE; truth be told i have been sitting on it greedily and absorbing it b/c it is utterly perfect

imagining cheedo introducing herself when they arrive, and one vuvalini in particular feels her heart still, tears welling at the corners of her eyes in recognition. she approaches cheedo later, after night has fallen, to talk. she takes the pounamu from around her neck, and passes it along. they murmur in hushed voices, huddled together at the edge of the sands overlooking the plains of silence. cheedo learns about her family!! it’s too good, katie. i’ll cry now