P L A T H  A C A D E M Y

We lie beneath the STARS at night
Our HANDS gripping each other tight
You keep my SECRETS hope to die
PROMISES swear them to the sky

F O R  T R O U B L E D  T E E N S

Plath Academy is a brand new original character roleplay revolving around a boarding school for teen struggling with emotional or behavioral problems. We encourage multiple characters and highly rely on connections, events and character development!


anonymous asked:

how surprise you be if you found out your mother used to dress you up in dresses when you where an kid since she wanted an daughter?

                  ( ✡ ) — Gyrates around DRAMATICALLY, flipping locks of a spiked
                   ebony in the p r o c e s s as glimmers of an illuminous shine radiate
                   from his body, glaring their dazzling shine into deepest corners of
                   raven hues as lips of the s o f t e s t texture came to part. 

                  ❝ Either way I’m gorgeous, so It doesn’t really matter, don’t you think


“Your men call Val a princess, but to the free folk she is only the sister of their king’s dead wife. If you force her to marry a man she does not want, she is like to slit his throat on their wedding night.” … They are all convinced she is a princess. Val looked the part and rode as if she had been born on horseback. A warrior princess, he decided, not some willowy creature who sits up in a tower, brushing her hair and waiting for some knight to rescue her. (A Dance with Dragons)

asoiaf meme (minor characters): val the wildling (1/10 characters)

marina and diamonds albums according to tumblr

The Family Jewels: never happened
Electra Heart: ♡  I    K N O W     S I X    O F    T H E S E     S O N G S     ♡    I     W I L L    Q U O T E   T H E    S A M E    T H R E E     L Y R I C S    O N     P I C T U R E S    O F     H O U S E S   ♡      I     W I L L     N O T    S T O P    U N T I L    I ’ V E     D O N E     A L L   T H E     H O U S E S    ♡   T H A T   I S   A   L O T   O F    F U C K I N G    H O U S E S    ♡

FROOT: never happened


Mulan fan art finally done! I really love this movie, it’s my most favorite! A courageous girl who pretended to be a boy to save his father and saved the country! 

My first batch of Disney Princess series is done, next theme will be the princess are looking away instead of looking at the viewer. ❤️

I’ll draw Rapunzel, Tiana/Merida and Belle next 💖

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