Roommate AU where everyone assumes Jesse and Genji are dating. They’ll casually wear each other’s clothes (Genji fits in pretty much all of Jesse’s stuff, but Jesse can only steal his hoodies cause Genji buys always buys them one or two sizes up) and share a bed when they can’t afford heating in the winter. Genji gets invited to a lot of parties around campus, but he says that Friday nights are reserved for Jesse’s shitty old westerns and delivery pizza. Likewise, Jesse stops going to the saloon-themed bar on Saturdays cause he promised Genji that they’d play video games and watch anime together as payment for the “bad” westerns (he’s mildly offended but he actually really likes spending time with Genji).

They live in a small apartment off-campus with one bedroom, a living room, bathroom, and small kitchen. The bedroom technically has two twin-sized beds, but they pushed them together one winter to keep warm and never bothered to pull them apart. An old couch and coffee table in the living room are remnants of the old tenants. Since there’s no dining room, dinner is eaten on said couch and coffee table. Neither of them are particularly good cooks, but they take turns making simple recipes. Genji, as a result of his privileged upbringing, is worse off than Jesse, who fended for himself before Gabe took him in.

Contrary to popular belief, Jesse is the morning person of the duo. He’ll wake up to his roommate sprawled on his chest most days. Genji’s a heavy sleeper, at least around Jesse, so he doesn’t move when Jesse repositions him so he can go make his morning coffee. Sometimes he’ll make Genji a cup of tea if he looks inclined to get out of bed. Otherwise, Genji will slip in and out sleep until at least 10.

Just. Really close roommates that don’t realize they’re catching f e e l i n g s until it’s Too Late

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There's this blog called fit2K17, and it just bodyshames plus-size people, and I checked it out, and it just made me feel really bad about being plus-size. I hate blogs on tumblr that just reblog and post stuff that say that plus size people are 'gross', 'unhealthy', 'lazy', and 'a waste of space.'

It’s an issue with a lot of blogs that focus on fitness is that they focus on fatphobia and fat shaming, and all sorts of body shaming. If you want to find some fitness blogs that don’t do that then @fatfitness is one. 

It’s not just blogs. it’s people that are the problem, i’ve been told to die because i’m fat and that’s just the unfortunate nature of some nasty people who take their problems and insecurities out on others. None of it is right…but unfortunately it’s not changing quickly, it’s taking time. 

Focus on finding body positive blogs whether they’re body positive fitness blogs or just general, don’t wast your time looking at negative, fat shaming blogs x


Hello again and sorry for the wait! I just started my freshman year of college so things have been a little nuts. But, while we’re all waiting for me to land back on my feet, I wanted to share with you all my prom dresses from various years of high school.

Prom is always a stressful time, especially for plus sized girls, as the pressure to fit in with normalized beauty standards of thinness is tenfold.This is then made even worse by the fact that plus sized dresses are almost never carried in department stores, and the ones from designer shops who do make them are often 300+ dollars before tailoring.

The first year I went to a prom, when I was a freshman, I fell into the crazy-overpriced dress trap. It was a bit last minute, and we didn’t have time to shop around or look online. But, I loved my dress and I felt really beautiful in it, which was a really nice moment for 15 year old me who was still SUPER insecure about her body.

Two years later I was going again, this time at another school, and due to a more advanced notice we were able to shop around. We ended up finding one in the 150 range in the clearance section of a bridal shop, which I would highly suggest for people who are on a bit of a budget and hate shopping online due to the fact that you can’t see how the dress looks on your body.

Then senior year I made a decision that I wish I had done the first time around. I had my mother make my dress. Not only did I not have to deal with the frustrating and often discouraging experience of trying dress after dress on, but I was able to work with my lovely mom to design and make something really special. It was so amazing and unique, and all of the materials only cost 50$! If you have someone close to you who is willing, or know how to sew yourself, I really REALLY recommend making your own.


usagi is fat! she’s short and chubby, as it is written in canon. she’s not small, she can’t fit into clothes that are below a size 12. she has a lot of troubles with her weight and the way she looks, even though she tells no one, it still bothers her a lot. when her friends go out shopping she never tries on clothes, she doesn’t bother looking in for anything. she would never eat food in front of people because she thought they would think she’s gross… 

she was like that for awhile, but after she got a little older she felt better about her weight and frankly doesn’t care all that much about if she can fit into a size 2 or 12. she’s grown to like the way she looks, after a long time of hating it.


Dancewear, patchwork, and vests, oh my! Everything on sale now at Suite M Sewing on Etsy!

Just a selection of some of the awesome stuff majorly reduced in price on our etsy shop so that we can hopefully keep the shop open for another month. Summer is rough for our business, and a string of bad luck has put us in a bad spot. So, everything is on sale so everything must go! (Or, you know, as much as we can sell must go.) These are all one of kind, handmade pieces made with love. And pretty much all of these are adjustable to fit multiple sizes, so don’t let the small mannequin and my tiny butt being dragged into modeling fool you into thinking these definitely won’t fit. (There are measurements in the listings.)

dear clothing manufacturers:

  • make sleeves go all the way to the wrist
  • stop putting shelf bras in everything
  • make jeans for short people with big butts
  • make shirts out of anything more substantial than gossamer
  • stop putting hanger straps on everything, they’re fn annoying and we’re disasters who don’t use them anyway
  • fake pockets???!!? FAKE POCKETS??!!?
  • put pockets on everything i am serious
  • charge less than half what you’re currently charging for shorts
  • end ‘one size fits all’ forever
  • size women’s clothing the way you size men’s clothing: with MEASUREMENTS
  • basically stop everything you’re doing and start over completely and don’t be rude dusty dongs this time

Happy International Women’s Day! Shoutout to some of the amazing girls in the show and their badass akumatized counterparts.

okay but one of my favorite things is when Stan puts his fez on Soos because like

okay the fez is normal sized right here right?

but when Stan takes it off to put it on Soos, it fucking SHRINKS IN HIS HANDS



i choose to believe that this is in fact a magic fez

this will never not amuse me

So apparently I’ve been “misleading”

It has come to my attention that I am not a good representation of a person interested in fitness because I am “thick” and “bigger.” So at the risk of misleading more people, here’s a disclaimer:

- I am not skinny

- I’m not petite 

- “One-size-fits-all” clothing does not look flattering on me 

- I don’t have a low body fat percentage 

- I have rolls when I sit down, a lot more than I would like too 

- I don’t have a thigh gap 

- I’m not “ripped” or “shredded” or “lean” 

- My BMI is considered overweight 

- I won’t wear a sports bra and spandex in public because I don’t have the ideal body type to do so

But here’s what I am:

- a competitive soccer player of over 12 years. I won several titles, was MVP, played every position under the sun and worked harder than anyone on my team 

- Without experience playing basketball, I made my JV team in high school. by the end of the first season, I was moved up to varisty and was a starter within the year

- Never rowing in my entire life, I tried out for my college crew team. Within two months I was practicing and in the lineup for a D1 NCAA rowing team. 

- I’m a runner. I run on a weekly and daily basis. I’m signed up for my first half marathon this spring and I’m both excited and terrified. 

If my size is the determining factor in how fit I am then I am ashamed of what this world is coming to because I have more talent, work ethic, and determination in my thick leg than most people have in their body. I’ve never been the smallest on any of my teams but surprisingly that never stopped me from being one of the most successful. I’m so sick of this culture emphasizing thin as the key determinant for health and fitness level. I have my body and my body kicks fucking ass so you can take your “misleadings” and shove them up yours. There’s nothing wrong with being lean and shredded and impressively muscular. But those aren’t the only ways to be in shape and more people need to understand and accept that.


1. angles do magical things
2. it’s all about the pose
3. no it’s not photoshopped, i hope you can tell it’s real by now (and by the size of my thunder legs)
4. but there are a lot of photoshopped fitness photos that float around and pretend to be real to sell programs
5. don’t be one of those people
6. don’t compare yourself to those people
7. put the work in instead of using an app for 2 seconds to pretend you did

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“Her tumor was the size of a grapefruit. I don’t even know how it fit in her body. There’s no protocol for neuroblastoma. Everything is experimental. Different doctors have different opinions, so I have to make choices that you couldn’t imagine. Horrible choices. She’s had several rounds of chemo, antibody therapy, a stem cell transplant, and a twelve-hour surgery. The surgery was risky. One doctor tried to talk me out of it. I don’t understand this stuff but I still have to make these decisions. I think I’ve made all the right choices so far but the next one could be the wrong one. It’s so stressful. You know that feeling you have when you’re waiting for a call back from a job interview? That’s all the time for me. Except it’s not a job. It’s my kid’s life. I push all the emotional stuff to the back burner. I feel like the only way to keep moving is to stay numb. My only therapy is talking to the other moms here. We’re all going through the same thing. So that helps. But then again we lose a lot of our friends here. Her best friend’s cancer just spread to the brain. So that’s scary as shit.”

Just a few days left in our fundraiser to help Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center fight pediatric cancer. Nearly 28,000 people have donated so far and we’ve raised over $1,000,000. This money will be used to help develop innovative treatments for the rare childhood cancers that MSK helps fight. If you’ve been inspired by the stories of these patients, doctors, and nurses, please consider being counted in our effort to support them: