Owari no Seraph || Chapter 35 || Shinoa Squad protecting Mika
↳ If you’re Yuichirou’s family…then that makes you our family too! If you die… Yuichirou would be mad at us when he wakes up. Family takes care of family.

I have a confession

I really liked Gordon first.  Like Im all John now like hes so beautiful but Gordon was my first love bc in that first episode he’s got his squid sense and he’s impulsive and he’s just a little boy desperate to figure out what happened to his dad and Im a huge suckers for characters who cover up their heart with jokes and sarcasm so it was basically love at first sight but then JOHN and EOS and Skyhook and now im just a mess in general bc my heart says that John and I are one in the same but also Gordon was my first love and I’ll never get over him, but John is so much more fun to write except Gordon is also really fun to write and IDK GUYS.  IM A FRAUD.  I AM A FRAUD.


“Um, I usually post these on facebook, but then Gleeson was all like ‘you should make a youtube account’. And I was like ‘I don’t know how’. Then he started having goes at me, then I started you know- things got a little bit intense. Anyway, I hope he’s okay, haven’t seen him since. Um, and thank you for making the youtube channel, I really appreciate it!”

I’ve talked about this a few times already, but how awesome would it be to have a Tal-Vashoth or full Vashoth companion for the next game?

Along with a city elf and surface dwarf. Give me all of the outcasts!