Case open, case shut /  But you could pay to close it like a casket… (x)

In light of the recent upd8, I went back to re-read some stuff and

I don’t think Meenah left (Vriska) just because (Vriska) is vulnerable and she’s afraid to hurt her.

I think Meenah is also running away from (Vriska) because (Vriska) makes her feel vulnerable.

my hopes for the blooper reel in terms of evelyne moments:

  • 03x09 filming evelyne sits on the bahtub opens the tap reaches for the blade in her shoe her face goes blank “guys i can’t find it DID I LOSE A RAZOR IN MY SHOE” cut to evelyne removing her shoe and turning it upside down shaking it be like “IT’S NOT IN HERE GUYS HAS ANYONE SEEN MY RAZOR”


  • *channeling her accent* take one: NO WAIT TOO FRENCH take two: NO WAIT NOT FRENCH ENOUGH
  • camera’s on her back scrren only showing tats face and tats hardcore acting and then suddenly shes cracking the fuck up and she’s like SHE [EVELYNE] MADE A FACE DON’T BLAME ME
  • the crew chillin’ in their chairs between takes and eve A) laughing uncontrollably B) PEACE SIGN C) almost falling off her chair bc das my fave
  • “evelyne? evelyne… [this is where you should say your line, woman]” “OH RIGHT, SORRY”
  • some serious heavy scene being filmed and she can’t help it but suddenly go all OMG [LOL] bc she was the first notice someone fucking something up in the background like tripping over a cable
  • bts thugvelyne #swag moments
  • tatiana rapping and evelyne nodding her head to that sick beat
  • the scene where krystal slaps her and she does the dramatic french turn having to be filmed 345783459835 times bc the entire crew is laughing so hard
  • also when she gets up from the slap shock they have to do 347823 takes bc her hair keeps getting in her mouth

give me at least one of these or give me death

ectopastries asked:

HEARD YOU WANTED JOHNDAVE HEADCANONS/AUS? I HAVE AU. i;m calling it soccer mom!john au but what it actually entails of is single dad john has a single daughter on a soccer team and this one other guy (dave woah whoda thunk) shows up sometimes and he's like "shit this guys hot" but john is very aggressively for his daughter's team and Dave's kid (idk who that is yet) is on their rival team so most of their conversations are kind of snappy but john thinks it's all in good fun but dave is [1/2]

[2/?] all like baby no pls love me . also john has been kicked off the field for telling casey to “FUCKING KICK THEIR ASSES, BABY” because he gets v excited. eventually when the season ends john calms tf down and he and dave start really talking and john is like “shit youre cute when i don’t –hate your kid’s soccer team” and dave’s like??? im always cute wttf. and then dates happen and then boyfriends and then husbandos maybe?? but casey and dave’s kid are still on other teams so–

[3/3] that can be a little awkward. imagine going to a soccer game with your fiance and cheering for different teams oh no. but yeah thats my au i came up with it to day because i am a n e rd

i am so glad we managed to get this whOLE THING SENT TO ME AFTER LIKE AN HOUR OM F G

i present to u emeline wentsporta’s first ever follow forever!

with van gogh painting banner for the aesthetic

this follow forever was created both because today i reached one thousand followers and yesterday my absolute unwavering all-time fave pete wentz followed me! i follow a lot of amazing people here on and i’ve made some really incredible friends and fallen even deeper into bandom hell in the eleven months i’ve had this blog and today we celebrate with shitposts and follow forevers. faves/friends are bolded. 

(i’m mutuals with a lot of people so if i forgot you and you feel like you should be on here send me an ask about it)

here we go

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it is so NICE of billboard to namecheck Liam FIVE (5) times in their ‘100 days without zayn in 1d’ article.

and to conveniently linked liam’s emotional moment in their south africa concert. and linked as well his 'our brother zayn’ shout out in billboard.

it is such a nice subtle way reminding the Billboard readers that Liam is the one emotionally impacted by zayn’s absence.

Dear Irving,

I like this Wattpad Ziam fanfic. Please continue.



Lucy Vallely– Crave
Teen Female Best Dancer Dance-Off