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What about narry?(I know lots of people hate narry but I feel like it's a parallel of lilo, where they're literally each other's best friend, if that makes sense)

I don’t hate any of the friendships in 1D, to be honest. I quite enjoy Narry’s dynamic. They’re just so endearing and entertaining. Like, I don’t know WHY they do half the things they do, but they just do their thing.  I don’t even think Bill Nye the Science Guy could explain it. NO MATTER what it is, Niall will go along with whatever Harry is doing or encourage it.


音駒温泉 by 100k

When it comes to fanon, roguish, seductive, lord of the night type Kuroo does nothing for me. What I want to see is him acting like a damn fool, and no one does loveable, squealing, Kenma-worshiping Kuroo better than the kuroken goddess 松本/100k!!!!! (*´艸`)♥

This doujin “Nekoma Onsen” is really sweet and absolutely hilarious (Yaku hatches a plan for Kuroo to confess his love to Kenma). It never fails to make me grin like an idiot so I just want to share this happiness with you all!!!!(*´▽`*)

Long post ahead!!

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this is my follow forever! i’ve had this blog for about three (maybe???) months but since i’ve gained a ton of followers over the past week and everyone here is amazing, i wanted to say thank you!

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I’ve Got a Crush

And it’s on all of you. (I mean, J2 too obvs, and also Chris Evans, but MOSTLY on you guys.)

My dash has been a glorious place lately, and I would just like to especially shout out to these amazing people who post such awesome things all the time.


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