[when someone recognises him] “It’s obviously strange when it happens but the other side of it is that’s nobody’s coming up and throwing an egg in your face, people are always very nice!” — Colin Morgan // Hunger Magazine, May 2015.

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Draco and his wand though. Do you ever think of Draco after Harry returns his wand to him? As we know, a wand is the most intimate object a wizard can ever own. And then there's Draco, looking at his good old wand, only to realize it's not the same anymore. It's a wand Harry used to clutch and twist between his fingers, it's something that helped him rob Gringotts, it kept him safe, Harry ended THE WAR with it. And then it's Draco's again. Only that now it carries a presence with it. Harry's.

Okay, I’m going to try and be short about this but if I ramble I’m sorry. I received non6ix’s wonderful book yesterday, started reading it and actually had to close it after a certain page because I was laughing so hard. It takes a lot for my cold soul to actually laugh out loud at something I read and this just hit all the marks. If you’ve ever come across non6ix’s drawings on here, you know everything is pure gold. Thank you non6ix for being so super amazing and hilarious and talented!!! (my own mini-Bilbo enjoys the book and charm too!! :D )

Are you ready? There’s no such thing as perfection
Sweet, sweet soul of the ultimate grade
Do it, do it as simple as it is
Make a blast as we’re moving now! Moving now!
Are you ready? Even when we face disasters
It’s a sweet, sweet sign of “yes, let’s go”
Do it, do it without feeling ashamed
Go forward as we’re moving now! Moving now!
—  Troublemaker - [ Arashi ]