pet names to call commander lexa- a guide by clarke griffin

• lexa - let’s be honest. my voice is husky as fuck. i know lexa loves the way i say her name, anyway.
• commander - only in public. or in our bedroom. lexa’s not fussy. (neither am i)
• heda - she seems to like this when we’re in bed together. i’m not even ashamed. i like it, too. a lot.
• lexa kom trikru - anything i say in trigedasleng immediately turns her on. i know it. her pupils tell me as much. stop peeking over my shoulder, raven.
• buttercup - what the fuck? lincoln, tell your girlfriend to stay out of my business, okay? this is private information. lexa wouldn’t be caught dead responding to this.
• commander raccoon - ha. i get it raven, that’s funny. must be the warpaint, right? yeah, yeah, laugh it up. i think it suits her. she looks sexy in black. yeah, that’s right, limp away.
• commander hearteyes - well, i mean– that’s not– she doesn’t have– mom?! you’re in on this?! stop laughing at me, this isn’t funny! no, i’m not blushing, it’s just– no, i can’t see it, she looks at me like– no, mother, i don’t ‘encourage her’, it’s just her face– yes, mother, she knows you don’t like her– i– alright, mom, i get it, she’s head over heels. now stop laughing please. and get out!
• alexandria - indra, i don’t think she’d like me calling her by her *full* name. i just don’t think she’d appreciate it, i called her ‘alexa’ once and she almost had an aneurysm– okay, yeah, that’s an exaggerati– fine, she didn’t, she– yeah i know you saw us talking about– no, she didn’t take me to bed after, i– indra, she’s your commander! this is personal! yeah, she is good in bed, but don’t tell– mom! hey! didn’t know you were still here! especially when i told you to leave. please don’t kill her, mom.
• babe - fuck what people think. lexa’s my babe and i’m hers- even if she won’t admit it.
• sweetie - who the fuck wrote this? raven? octavia? who wrote it? will no one tell me? you guys know i’m dating the commander, right? you know, the leader of thirteen clans? ruler of everyone? that commander? yes– fine, alright– i call her sweetie! big deal! she loves it! i only say it to her in the mornings, anyway. before either of us get up. so ha! 
• lex - i think i’m the only person in the entire world that’s allowed to call lexa by a shortened version of her name. shut up, raven, i’m not whipped and neither is she okay, she just– octavia! you too?! she’s not whipped, she just– indra, don’t encourage them! who’s side are you on?! guys! she’s not whipped, i swear, she’s just—well—just– i hate you all.
• daddy - i don’t think lexa actually understand what this means, raven. but if you must know, i’ve taken it upon myself to teach her the meaning. in various positions. ways. methods. techniques. with helpful tips. and guides. and scenarios. and toys. indra, why are you leaving? for the love of god; come back. no– no, don’t tell everyone! no, indra!
• murderer - who the fuck let you in my tent, pike? asshole. titus, please get guards to kindly escort this shit out of here. 
• asshole - honestly, i didn’t think grounders appreciated dirty talk. boy, was i wrong. is it the same for you guys? lincoln? octavia? guys?
• bitch - titus, not that dirty! that’s going too far! it was one time, and i was angry with her, and i just– all is forgiven, okay? she should know that, with the number of times i’ve eaten her ou– mom! you’re still here? could you maybe pretend you didn’t hear that last part? no, no, i don’t want to hear about you and kane, just-
• gal pal - you wish, bellamy. in your dreams.
• sexy lexi - raven, i thought we were never ever ever ever ever ever going to discuss that again? i had too much to drink, okay? i’m never trusting you to be around me when i’m under the influence of alcohol ever again.
• my love, my sweetheart, the prettiest pretty my eyes have ever seen - okay, ha-ha. I DIDN’T KNOW THEY WERE HALLUCINOGENIC MUSHROOMS, OKAY?! come on, guys, who spilled? lincoln? it was you?! come on! you tricked me! monty was just as high and you know it!
• wifey for lifey - i. was. drunk. we aren’t even married. yet. 
• handmaiden - oh my god, raven. stop.
• god - definitely one of lexa’s favorites. especially when i scream it. mostly when she stretches and curls those long, slender fingers– jesus, raven, are you copying this down? that’s fucking sick. oh, and sorry, mom, but it’s your fault you decided to stay in here. just cover your ears, or something.

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May you please make a list of gravity falls blogs you follow/recommend to follow? I'm a newcomer and want to hang out with this fandom for what looks like the last time. Thank you very much.

Thanks for asking, anon! (and don’t worry, I’m sure the fandom will live on for quite some time after the finale, considering there’s Journal 3 coming out this summer; also Alex doesn’t mind the idea of making a special in the future c:)

Anyway! Here’s a list of my favorite Gravity Falls blogs/blogs I recommend:

@gravi-teamfalls - the blog of the GF creative team
@fuckyeahgravityfalls - a major multi-content blog for all your GF needs
@alternatefalls - if you’re into AUs, this blog is for you

Artist blogs:

Hope you’ll find it useful! :)

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Clint's reaction to you showing up at home one day with a puppy. Not the cliche lab or anything like that, but a total mutt you found in the pound and fell in love with because "He gives the sweetest kisses!!!"

He’d greeted you the same way he always did when you walked into the small apartment. Until he saw the dog. He was some kind of small terrier, a scraggly mutt that stuck close to you and was eyeing him warily. “Who’s is that?” he asked. “Ours,” you replied and he scoffed. “Since when?” “Since twenty minutes ago,” you retorted with a sweet smile. “You went out to get a pizza…and brought back a dog?” he questioned, eyebrows raised, anticipating your answer. “I was walking past the pound and they were having adoption day,” you explained, “if this little guy didn’t get adopted by tonight, they were going to put him down.” He still didn’t look convinced. “Can we even take care of a dog? We’re gone for months at a time..” “We’re saving a life, Clint, we’ve got to keep him,” you pleaded. To your surprise, he patted his leg and the dog cautiously made his way toward Clint. After a minute of gentle petting, the dog was comfortable enough to let Clint hold him. “He gives the sweetest kisses,” you announced as the dog licked Clint’s face without mercy. Slowly, he looked up at you. “If this little guy is staying with us, he needs a name,” Clint concluded, and a smile brightened your face. You both thought for a minute, until you remembered the pizza you forgot, and it just clicked. “Let’s call him Pizza Dog.” Clint smiled up at you while scratching the dog’s ears, “I love it. Welcome to the Barton apartment, little guy.”

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6. Tenderness On The Block

Saturday (13th) Undercover Couple

Tenderness On The Block - Warren Zevon

Also on AO3 here

It started out as a joke. Of course, like everything in a hunter’s life, it ended up dead serious. Dean had dropped out of school three states ago, but he’d pick Sam up from every school every afternoon, leaning against the side of the Impala and grinning.

His mere presence made the girls whisper to each other and the boys turn loud and boisterous. Dean would spread his arms and Sam would hasten towards him, fuck what people thought of them, and hug Dean and smell him just for a second and be grateful that the schooldays was over.

“What’re they whisperin’ about, Sammy?” Dean asked one afternoon after Sam had walked around the hood of the car to climb in the shotgun seat.

Sam snorted. “They think you’re my boyfriend.”

Dean laughed. “They think that? The hell?”

“It’s actually kinda awesome,” Sam said, eyes trained on the footwell. “All the boys respect me and the girls all want to hang out with me because everyone’s got a crush on you.”

“Everyone?” Dean laughed a bit more, wiggled his eyebrows.

The next day when Dean picked Sam up from school, he picked his brother off the ground, pushed him against the door of the car and kissed him on the mouth. That was the way it started; as a joke, maybe. But as soon as Sam started kissing back and opened his mouth a little to let Dean in, it became dead serious.

Songs I Will Always Sing(All Time Faves Vol.1)

  1. The Olivia Tremor Control - Green Typewriters
  2. Ween - Doctor Rock
  3. Gary Numan - Cars
  4. The Monks - Shut Up
  5. Tears For Fears - Head Over Heels
  6. The Cars - Just What I Needed
  7. Ty Segall - Finger
  8. ABBA - Lay All Your Love on Me
  9. The Manson Family - I’ll Never Say Never To Always
  10. The Wipers - Is This Real?
  11. Jay Reatard - My Shadow
  12. The Sonics - Strychnine
  13. The Rolling Stones - I Am Waiting
  14. Lana Del Rey - Ride
  15. The Black Angels - 18 Years
  16. The Pixies - I Bleed
  17. Serge Gainsbourg & Brigitte Bardot - Bonnie & Clyde
  18. Iggy Pop - Some Weird Sin
  19. The Ballroom - Would You Like To Go
  20. Brian Eno - Needle in the Camel’s Eye
  21. Neil Young - Heart of Gold
  22. Os Mutantes - Le Premier Bonheur du Jour
  23. Screamin’ Jay Hawkins - I Put A Spell On You
  24. The Byrds - Eight Miles High
  25. Devo - Gut Feeling
  26. Psychic TV - Just Like Arcadia
  27. The Velvet Underground - After Hours